Sadie or Sally? puzzleprincess 9/9/2018 36 Sadie
Miranda or Amanda? puzzleprincess 9/9/2018 34 Miranda
Jake or Jack? puzzleprincess 9/9/2018 38 Jack
Surname for a family of vampires solros 9/9/2018 27 Aldebrand
Feminine middle Name for my baby! Carina Eathe 9/9/2018 32 Helen
Masculine Middle names Carina Eathe 9/9/2018 26 Hart
Which name for a female empathetic character with the surname Malfeyt? Lynxosophy 9/9/2018 29 Linette
Ismene Juliet Wordsmith 9/9/2018 27 Even
Aludra Emmeline Wordsmith 9/9/2018 25 I dislike it.
Thinking of changing my whole name when I get married. My current name is Vy Doan. Doantu082191 9/9/2018 32 Ivy Warounthorn
Boy names (current favorites, updated) KylieLocke 9/8/2018 35 James
My Albanian quintuplet OC's names; which do you like? thezenithofnadir 9/8/2018 25 Mirela
Which girl's name is best? Emma_Katherine 9/8/2018 41 Elizabeth
Which boy's name is best? Emma_Katherine 9/8/2018 42 Daniel
In your accent, does I'll sound more like... Dracotorix 9/8/2018 34 isle
Esther Analucia glaucous 9/8/2018 24 Like it
Do you like any of these for a boy? Babochka 9/8/2018 44 James
What do you think of my name? (Ellerie Rose) Femmesia 9/8/2018 33 Like Rose, not Ellerie
Names I find ugly-pick the ugliest(girls)part 13 kayisforkeen 9/8/2018 32 Topsy
Isabel, Liliana, Emilia & .... Cristi-es 9/8/2018 38 Even
Anthea? LittleWolf 9/8/2018 30 Anthea Florence nn Thea
This or that? Rigatoni 9/8/2018 38 Casimir
What do you think of my name, Alexandra Violet? (Seen some of these going around) alexandraviolet 9/8/2018 36 Yes
My Favorite Virtue Names Ranked (M) Higuma Kanora 9/8/2018 29 Merritt
My Favorite Virtue Names Ranked (F) Higuma Kanora 9/8/2018 39 Even
MIddle name for Eloise? (Select all the ones you like) cw138 9/8/2018 33 Even
Which of these randomly generated Albanian girl names do you like best? Select up to two. Femmesia 9/8/2018 28 Vera
Anthea Clarice Wordsmith 9/8/2018 32 Even
Final 6 Frozten 9/8/2018 33 Theodor / Theodore
Part 6: names of girls to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: childfund.org) Kinola 9/8/2018 28 Natalia