Interactive Polls

which s name for a girl? prayforpeace Jul/19/2014 35 Sarah
Micah Nathaniel BBH Jul/19/2014 30 love
Jane Evangeline BBH Jul/19/2014 31 like
Henry Daniel BBH Jul/19/2014 28 like
Theodore Silas BBH Jul/19/2014 27 like
Emmeline Ruth BBH Jul/19/2014 27 like
Which of these unusual girl combos do you like? lizwashere72 Jul/19/2014 28 Livia Kate.
Best pairs for g/g twins poetgirl Jul/19/2014 40 Alice and Celia
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Jul/19/2014 29 Lara Florence
Which pair is better for b/b twins? poetgirl Jul/19/2014 32 Nathan and Noah
Some names used in Norway: GibsonGirl Jul/18/2014 38 Astrid
Nicolaas Gordon vs Nicolaas Eugene avaunt_garde Jul/18/2014 29 Nicolaas Gordon (Kai)
Cassandra (multi question poll) mirfak Jul/18/2014 40 ^best nickname is Cassie
Nina, Mina, Mila or Lila? avaname Jul/18/2014 40 Nina
Best combinations Ali Hassan Jul/18/2014 25 Aminah Sumayya (soo-mye-ah)
Nicolaas Gordon John, Nicolaas John Gordon, Nicolaas Gordon, Nicolaas John or Nicolaas Eugene. avaunt_garde Jul/18/2014 28 Nicolaas John
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/18/2014 62 Nicholas
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/18/2014 64 Genevieve
Boys combos. Pick your favourites. maladies Jul/18/2014 37 Christopher Joseph
Girls combos. Pick your favourites maladies Jul/18/2014 37 Eleonora Caroline
Pick your favorite SugarSwiirlz Jul/18/2014 42 Caroline
Favorite male Macedonian name? Kinola Jul/18/2014 34 Even
Names for male homo sapiens majfoalbkeopaza Jul/18/2014 31 Thomas
Names for female homo sapiens majfoalbkeopaza Jul/18/2014 38 Alice
Please pick one of each! Clytemnestra1992 Jul/18/2014 38 1. Lavinia Catherine
Which names go best with Conrad & Emmerich? essie Jul/18/2014 36 Benedict
Best name(s) amt8705 Jul/18/2014 36 Elizabeth
Pick all you like amt8705 Jul/18/2014 36 James
Which name do you prefer? amt8705 Jul/18/2014 30 Even
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Jul/18/2014 38 Eleanor Hope