Who will be the twin brother of Leilani? cutenose Sep/17/2016 20 Kaleo
The parents names are Sten and Regina, what will there daughter's name be? cutenose Sep/17/2016 19 Even
Vittoria, Rosanna or Pina lilolaf Sep/17/2016 21 Rosanna
Favorite Obsure V Name! lakin5 Sep/17/2016 21 Vidalia
Which middle name for "Thomas"? peacedancer Sep/17/2016 25 Thomas Nathaniel/Nathanael
Updated: Which of my favorites is your favorite? peacedancer Sep/17/2016 34 Even
Which of my favorites do you like? peacedancer Sep/17/2016 26 Rochelle
Best surname for my D&D character Yael, a monk spy Kaesy Sep/17/2016 17 Krey
Battle of the Best: Male C Pt 5: 1 Per # LMS Sep/17/2016 25 1- Callum
Which botherset? FictionPrincess31415 Sep/17/2016 16 Augustus, Hugo, Leroy & Tobias
Which Juliette combo? brimariiee Sep/17/2016 21 Juliette Aurora
Which Josie combo? brimariiee Sep/17/2016 21 Josie Meredith
Finish this siblingset Travis, Susan &... FictionPrincess31415 Sep/17/2016 22 Dr. Eric Kramer
Favorite Zodiac Symbols As Names? lakin5 Sep/17/2016 22 Leo
WDYT about this Brother\sister set: Travis & Susan (Adults) does it work?? FictionPrincess31415 Sep/17/2016 19 Don't care for those names but they sound good together & make a believable older sibset
Joan Falls-Aella, married to Ryder Stone-Orion, should go by... ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/17/2016 13 Joan Falls-Orion
Help me decide on a good choice between the following middle names for Kyle. Add any suggestions if you don't like the options Salazar Sep/17/2016 28 Kyle Lucas Ortiz
Is Aurora "Rory" Huxley-Williams Too Similar To Rory Williams From Doctor Who? lakin5 Sep/17/2016 14 No!
Do Joshua "Josh" Hernandez And Aurora "Rory" Huxley-Williams Sound Good Togther For A Couple? lakin5 Sep/17/2016 14 Yes!
Which is best? Sadie-Janae Sep/17/2016 33 Cecilia
Ryoichi or Ichiro lilolaf Sep/17/2016 24 Even
Rate Apollonios lilolaf Sep/17/2016 21 3
Andrew or Ryan strengthcartel Sep/17/2016 33 Andrew
Siblings are Christopher and Katie. What should their sister's name be? KatieS Sep/17/2016 30 Sarah
Fav girl A name 30lehner03 Sep/17/2016 37 Ariana
Yrsa BBH Sep/17/2016 26 Dislike.
Which do you prefer? Katarina.L Sep/17/2016 32 Geneviève
Ivar, Otho, or Uriah? BBH Sep/17/2016 32 Ivar Benjamin
Cicely, Fern, or Iris? BBH Sep/17/2016 38 Iris Mary
Katherine "Kit" or just Kit (f)? ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/17/2016 31 Katherine "Kit"