Names of Battle Girl trainers from the Pokémon games; choose all your favorites! (Part 1) Kinola Sep/27/2015 20 Helen
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N boys BellBell Sep/27/2015 30 Nathaniel
Which? BBH Sep/27/2015 29 Magdalene Ruth
Which? BBH Sep/27/2015 26 Guinevere Louise
Cathal (m) Bear Sep/27/2015 26 Hate it
Acacia vs. Aradia vs. Azalea - Which Are Best? AnonymousUser Sep/27/2015 22 Azalea
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Celandine Martha Wordsmith Sep/26/2015 25 * I prefer Celandine Maria.
Hedy as a nickname for Henrietta Wordsmith Sep/26/2015 29 * I prefer Hettie.
Edeline Virginia Wordsmith Sep/26/2015 26 Even
Peony Clarissa Wordsmith Sep/26/2015 25 I dislike it.
Minna BBH Sep/26/2015 27 Dislike.
Posy BBH Sep/26/2015 37 Hate!
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