Interactive Polls

Edelmira Bear Sep/2/2014 31 Like it with the nn Mira
Iphigenia Bear Sep/2/2014 34 "if-i-JEEN-ee-uh"
Olympia Bear Sep/2/2014 31 Love it
Ursula Bear Sep/2/2014 32 Even
Which MN for first name Adeline? Surname is Daniels. bopperlynn Sep/2/2014 29 Even
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Sep/2/2014 30 Iris Elizabeth
Which is better? round 2 (first ended in tie) Ali Hassan Sep/2/2014 24 Nicholas Mohammed
Which girl name combo do you like best? ghoulina25 Sep/2/2014 23 Lenora Frances Claire
Boy name of the Day SofiaSweden Sep/2/2014 24 Knox Gabriel
Girl name of the Day SofiaSweden Sep/2/2014 24 Even
Which letter nicknames do you like for boys? (not sure what to make them stand for yet) lizwashere72 Sep/2/2014 24 TJ.
I'm due in 2 weeks and we can't decide on a name! Help Please! (shea is a family name so it's definitly going to be the middle name). ms1234 Sep/2/2014 29 Maya Shea
Which? BBH Sep/2/2014 28 Thomas Andrew
Which? BBH Sep/2/2014 29 Peter Nicholas
Which? BBH Sep/2/2014 26 Samuel Peter
Which? BBH Sep/2/2014 26 Benjamin Arthur
Which? BBH Sep/2/2014 28 Isaac James
Which middle name? essie Sep/2/2014 27 Jesse Clark/Clarke
Names from 2012 British horror film: The Woman in Black Felie Sep/2/2014 29 Elisabeth
My Top Ten [Girls] ImSorryIfILoveYou96 Sep/2/2014 36 Rose
My Top Ten [Boys] ImSorryIfILoveYou96 Sep/2/2014 36 Even
Pick all you like. 15HourNap Sep/1/2014 37 Even
Pick all you like. 15HourNap Sep/1/2014 37 Helena Clare
This or that middles: choose 1 per symbol HarderToBreathe Sep/1/2014 22 $Lydia Scarlett
For a girl from that last poll (Adam's for the boy) Belle123 Sep/1/2014 29 Lucinda
Which one Boo-Boo2133 Sep/1/2014 19 Emmalee
current favourites (1-10 girls, 11-20 boys) irishrocker Sep/1/2014 29 Seamus
Which variation of this name is your favorite? lizwashere72 Sep/1/2014 27 Caroline (ending said like line)
Which combo(s) for Katara [kə-TAHR-ə] (g)? SakiHeart Sep/1/2014 24 Katara Hazel
Even more 'S' names for a kitten. Mirrorland Sep/1/2014 24 Sonnet