I love the sound of the birds a singing on a Springtime evening , what song by birds do you like to please your ears with the most ? BonVoyage 5/7/2018 13 Wake Me Up Before You Crow Crow.
Palmer Ulysses Wordsmith 5/7/2018 27 It's okay.
A suitable name for a poor baby to make it sound posher ? BonVoyage 5/7/2018 25 Basil.
Avis Marguerite Wordsmith 5/7/2018 24 I like it.
Name your fave coloured snooker ball ! BonVoyage 5/7/2018 8 Blue.
My wife has just had a baby , and it’s so tricky deciding on a name that it’ll like , so we read some names out to it and whichever it gurgled at we would use , it gurgled at a few , which one is best BonVoyage 5/7/2018 39 Mathias.
Names I've grown into part 2 - WDYT of them? EliceBerlynn 5/7/2018 39 dislike it
Names I liked but don't anymore - WDYT of them? EliceBerlynn 5/7/2018 43 dislike it
Names that I've grown into - WDYT of them? EliceBerlynn 5/7/2018 40 like it
Opinions on Anna-Elizabeth Cate Elliot? Full name idea, I'm pretty sure at this point in the game this is the one I want to go with Violet_Rose 5/7/2018 31 Cate!
female B names - pick all you like Vera 5/7/2018 40 Bryony
Disney Names for girls Skylar S 5/7/2018 43 Adelaide
"Ora" Names PT 2 Skylar S 5/7/2018 34 Nora
"Ora" Names PT 1 Skylar S 5/7/2018 33 Even
Which hero name do you like better? tniai 5/6/2018 21 I don't like either of them
Harper (f) or Piper (f)? x_Chaser of Dreams_x 5/6/2018 30 Piper
Which of these Georg- names do you like? Mistawis 5/6/2018 38 Georgia (f)
Which of these unusual Greek mythology names are usable irl? Bitey 5/6/2018 41 Astraea
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka 5/6/2018 53 Even
Brother to Vivian lusia 5/6/2018 39 Spencer
Masculine "S" names from "100,001+ Best Baby Names: The Complete Book of Baby Names"; pick all the ones you like! Kinola 5/6/2018 23 Solomon
Names of girls from Idaho's Wednesday Child; choose your favorite! Kinola 5/6/2018 31 Alyssa
Names of boys from Idaho's Wednesday Child; choose your favorite! Kinola 5/6/2018 32 James
I originally liked the name Phoenix for my son but I'm torn now because I really like Gérard. I prefer the French pronunciation. Our last name is French so I think it will look ok. anniefrances 5/6/2018 35 Gérard
Full name for the nn Deenie / Deanie Bear 5/6/2018 35 Nadine
Still wondering about Isildée pronunciation... Flokoflo 5/6/2018 23 Isildée is wearable in an English speaking country
Esme vs. Esmée Oceaneyes22 5/6/2018 38 Esme
Esme Alora vs Esme Athena Oceaneyes22 5/6/2018 25 Esme Athena
Della ? Langer (Lane-GRR) LV51sfan91 5/6/2018 26 Della Katherine Langer
Audrey ? (Lane-GRR) LV51sfan91 5/6/2018 27 Audrey Claire Langer