Best Name for Baby Girl? lvni May/10/2015 47 Rosalie
Current Name Crushes (or potential crushes) AshleyJuliette May/10/2015 50 Gwen
Anna vs. Lilly Person11 May/10/2015 41 Anna
This, That or the Other? Mirrorland May/10/2015 54 Jane
Martin or Martine? Mirrorland May/10/2015 27 Martin
This, That or the Other? Mirrorland May/10/2015 45 Jeremy
Which spelling? Mirrorland May/10/2015 40 Rain
Hektor or Sasha? IsabelArcher79 May/10/2015 35 Sasha
Which spelling? Mirrorland May/10/2015 36 Una
Which of these would you most likely name your son? village May/10/2015 49 Oliver
New PNL names pick all you like twlightblack11 May/10/2015 44 Iris
Names from British tv series: Downton Abbey Felie May/10/2015 31 Josephine
Some Names Felie May/10/2015 39 Mary
Names from 2013 American period drama tv series: Reign Felie May/10/2015 31 James
British Names Felie May/10/2015 34 Even
Italian Names Felie May/10/2015 37 Stella
Jordanna Olivia Gabrielle jordannn May/10/2015 28 To much
Jordan Olivia jordannn May/10/2015 34 No
Bailee Breanne jordannn May/10/2015 31 No
Girls chloesaffie May/10/2015 39 Elise
Boys chloesaffie May/10/2015 30 Abel
Name for a gentle, nurturing, patient women who recently adopted a young emotionally fragile girl? AshleyJuliette May/10/2015 34 Theresa
Girls Names - Choose Your Favorites :) Maeva Wintercress May/10/2015 44 Violet
Which would you rather use: Lalage May/10/2015 29 Matt (short for Matthew)
Which would you rather use: Lalage May/10/2015 22 Matt (short for Matthew)
Combos with Émilie Erme Ioainna May/10/2015 29 Émilie Vivienne
Zelda?? Augy May/10/2015 36 Yes
Girl Name? Due In August. Augy May/10/2015 37 Clara Enid Lorraine
Which of these palindrome names do you like? yasmine May/10/2015 40 Eve
Which of these sibsets do you like the most? Barrantt May/9/2015 35 Lucy and Owen