Interactive Polls

Lillian vs. Lilith vs. Lolita GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 42 Lillian wins
Lucy vs. Lola vs. Lily GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 38 Lily wins
Diana vs. Artemis GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 39 Artemis wins
Zachary vs. Nicholas GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 35 Nicholas wins
Danielle vs. Margo GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 32 Margo wins
Which girl name is best? Unknown123 Nov/27/2014 39 Anne
Which sister set Part 2 Ali Hassan Nov/27/2014 36 Josephine and Alexandra
Random Names Felie Nov/27/2014 40 Eleanor
Random Names Felie Nov/27/2014 35 Lydia
Random Names Felie Nov/27/2014 31 Patrick
X| Which combos with Xanthe (f) do you like? astronomicon Nov/27/2014 24 Xanthe Cordelia
Y| Which combos with Yuri (m) do you like? astronomicon Nov/27/2014 18 Yuri Alexander
Y| Which combos with Ysabel (f) do you like? astronomicon Nov/27/2014 19 Ysabel Claudia
Names du Jour Wordsmith Nov/27/2014 30 Roxana / Ruxandra
A names Unknown123 Nov/27/2014 34 Alice
Unpopular names Unknown123 Nov/27/2014 37 Athena
Pick one per symbol Babochka Nov/26/2014 39 &Abigail
Elizabeth Daisy? Lumiereslove Nov/26/2014 31 yes
Are Kaylee and Calliope (likely nn Callie) too close for cousins? Laura W Nov/26/2014 29 No
Dashiell vs. Dash Laura W Nov/26/2014 21 Dashiell
Which middle name for Daisy? Lumiereslove Nov/26/2014 27 Daisy Elizabeth
Virginia, Elizabeth or Daisy? Lumiereslove Nov/26/2014 31 Elizabeth
My PNL Part 7 Ali Hassan Nov/26/2014 27 Gabriel
Which first name for a 42 year-old nun in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Von Grimmelhausen. (von grim-mul-how-zin) Round 10 gabbymac94 Nov/26/2014 23 Helga
Which first name for a 44 year-old nun in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Corcran. Round 10 gabbymac94 Nov/26/2014 19 Eileen
Best Nickname For Alexandra Rainya Nov/26/2014 33 Alex
best girl name for a 16 year old hunter? MazzyieRose Nov/26/2014 31 Katerina
US Citizens: Would you support government funding for dashcams and body cameras for police officers? LMS Nov/26/2014 29 Yes! It can prevent both police and citizen's deaths and prosecute deaths that do occur.
Battle of the Combos-Classic. Choose one girl and one boy combo you like. SofiaSweden Nov/26/2014 31 Even
Boys names pick one Zina Nov/26/2014 29 Oliver