Madeleine Kristine (MAD-ə-line) Fictionlover94Audrey Feb/10/2017 16 4: Like
Marikka or Shira? highexpectasians Feb/10/2017 11 Shira
Dean Alexander or Dean Lawrence or Dean Jacob? Fictionlover94Audrey Feb/10/2017 19 Dean Alexander
Cole Emerson, Lydia Faye & ___(Finish this sibling Set) Fictionlover94Audrey Feb/10/2017 19 Alice Kristine
Which one? Lumiereslove Feb/10/2017 26 Daisy
Which name for the secret sister of Keys and Hearthstone Idony? ThatOneAuthorGirl Feb/10/2017 12 Sevastiana Idony-Zima
This, this, or this? Arista, Aludra, or Adhara... thezenithofnadir Feb/10/2017 21 Arista!
Best way to name a fictional pretty, historic town? paperback Feb/10/2017 17 The name should be uncommon yet normal to heighten the sense of reality
Good name for a weak, ineffectual mother aged in her 50s? paperback Feb/10/2017 19 Jeanette
Good name for a harsh, critical father aged in his 50s? paperback Feb/10/2017 16 Brant
Feminine "I" names from "100,001+ Best Baby Names: The Complete Book of Baby Names"; pick all the ones you like! Kinola Feb/10/2017 20 Imogen
Favorite feminine Welsh name? Kinola Feb/10/2017 21 Wynne
Favorite masculine Welsh name? Kinola Feb/10/2017 20 Griffith
Rate Frederick (FRED-ə-rik, FRED-rik) lilolaf Feb/10/2017 20 5 (I like it)
Sibling of Brielle lilolaf Feb/10/2017 17 Carson
Name of a Muslim arsonist/ explosives expert Eruchalu2015 Feb/10/2017 16 Ramir
Names of girls from the Wisconsin Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families; choose your favorite! Kinola Feb/10/2017 14 Sarah
Names of boys from the Wisconsin Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families; choose your favorite! Kinola Feb/10/2017 15 Nathaniel
WDYTO Shayla? JesikaJayne Feb/10/2017 17 Dislike.
Florimond or Florimund - which is the better one? Lucille Feb/9/2017 14 Florimund
Kyoya or Ren? cutenose Feb/9/2017 21 Ren
Who will be the twin sister of Arisha? cutenose Feb/9/2017 18 Marina
Which Name Suits A Caring Person? cutenose Feb/9/2017 18 Katya
This or That? sweetasjam Feb/9/2017 29 Annabel
Name this person, Japanese, male, 78 years old, is a chemist, enjoys gardening, tries to keep the enviroment clean, is logical and hates selfish people cutenose Feb/9/2017 18 Ichiro
The parents names are Pétur and Fríða, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose Feb/9/2017 16 Even
Which spellings? sweetasjam Feb/9/2017 22 Fern or
Which spelling? sweetasjam Feb/9/2017 26 Emmett
Which spellings? sweetasjam Feb/9/2017 24 Even
Adam or Justin Bruce? Lumiereslove Feb/9/2017 17 Adam Bruce