Interactive Polls

On my Howrse account, my mare Lumi is having a colt. What should I name him? (Note: all names are Vietnamese) Kinola Aug/11/2014 16 Thao ("courteous")
Choose all you like! (Girls) amt8705 Aug/11/2014 40 Anna
Pick all you like. amt8705 Aug/11/2014 31 Catherine
Icelandic girl names smukkesandy Aug/11/2014 34 Lilja
Nicholas or Gabriel Ali Hassan Aug/11/2014 35 Gabriel
Cadha (first name for a girl) cfmt2013 Aug/11/2014 21 dislike it
Rate Wyatt Hayes smukkesandy Aug/11/2014 28 5 - Alright
Thaddeus BBH Aug/11/2014 27 Thaddeus Peter
Ianto (YAN-toh) - English, w/ strong Welsh heritage Ottilie Aug/11/2014 25 I dislike it.
which Caroline + mn? cfmt2013 Aug/11/2014 23 Caroline Grace
Rebecca Ann? Lumiereslove Aug/11/2014 18 No
First middle name for Guinevere (GWEN-ə-vir) Ottilie Aug/11/2014 23 Guinevere Helena
Susannah or Matilda? BBH Aug/11/2014 24 Matilda
Combos BBH Aug/11/2014 18 Mara Hildegard
Susanna Evelyn... opinion? ars musica Aug/11/2014 23 dislike Susanna
Which spelling do you prefer (as a full name)? HarderToBreathe Aug/11/2014 25 Margaux
Which name do you prefer? geocachegirl Aug/11/2014 22 Leila Grace Calloway
Boy name of the Day SofiaSweden Aug/11/2014 27 Caleb James
Girl name of the Day SofiaSweden Aug/11/2014 25 Charlotte Grace
Which full name(s) for the nickname Kitty (g)? SakiHeart Aug/11/2014 29 Catia [kah-TEE-ah]
Andrew or Austin? Lumiereslove Aug/10/2014 28 Andrew
Middle Name for my Baby Girl Bella_ds Aug/10/2014 27 ....other keep thinking
Favorite Nicknames For My Characters? lakin5 Aug/10/2014 23 Avalana- Ava
Do you like the name Abby? SugarSwiirlz Aug/10/2014 31 No
Fadi or Fahed Ali Hassan Aug/10/2014 14 Fadi (fah-dee, meaning "Savior" in Arabic)
Best Shakespeare female character name. (Romances) JoReia Aug/10/2014 33 Marina (Pericles)
Freya or Freydis (girl mn) CKV Aug/10/2014 25 Freya because it sounds prettier
Which of these? Lumiereslove Aug/10/2014 34 Scarlett
Piaf as a middle name ♀ Ottilie Aug/10/2014 22 I dislike it, it isn't usable
We have it down to these two need your help Cotton0690 Aug/10/2014 34 Grayson Elijah