Penelope vs Alexandra aussiechic04 Sep/27/2016 28 Alexandra
Drusilla Catherine Wordsmith Sep/27/2016 25 I dislike it.
What name for a male supporting character in a fictional story? Dom73 Sep/27/2016 26 Miles
Which middle name, which brother set? surname Barnett. BAR-net FictionPrincess31415 Sep/27/2016 21 Adner Elias
If you are a parent, how many children do you currently have? FictionPrincess31415 Sep/27/2016 14 0 (Not a parent or don't wish to ever become one)
Which middle name? younger brothers are Leroy Zachariah & Tobias Eugene FictionPrincess31415 Sep/27/2016 18 August Frederic Kramer
Which surname for Josephine "Josie," the daughter of a very rich businessman? ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/27/2016 23 Josie Hayward
What name for a main character (girl) in a fictional story? Dom73 Sep/27/2016 23 Poppy
Round 2: what name should we give to a young African girl that's being cared for by a giraffe in southern Africa? Kinola Sep/27/2016 23 Ntombi ("lady" in Zulu)
What would you name Samantha's brother? LV51sfan91 Sep/27/2016 29 Christopher (Chris)
Names with serpentine meanings, pick all you like shoshannah Sep/27/2016 24 Even
Random names-- pick all you don't like, male shoshannah Sep/27/2016 32 Herman
Random names-- pick all you don't like, female shoshannah Sep/27/2016 35 Even
Which Lorenzo combo? brimariiee Sep/27/2016 17 Lorenzo Elliot
Which pronunciation of Clara do YOU prefer best? (: FictionPrincess31415 Sep/27/2016 27 Clar-uh (Rhyming with Car, Be, Jar etc)
Which Lennox combo? brimariiee Sep/27/2016 18 Lennox Alistair
Does Abeela Takali Work As A First And Last Name In A Superhero / Modern / Steampunk Story? lakin5 Sep/27/2016 18 Depends!
Oddball girls' names - pick what you like FMRadio Sep/27/2016 43 Astoria
Pick your favorite Part 5 SofiaSweden Sep/27/2016 27 Beatrice Juliet Claire
Pick your favorite Part 4 SofiaSweden Sep/27/2016 25 Beatrice Juliet Daphne
Pick your favorite Part 3 SofiaSweden Sep/27/2016 24 Beatrice Juliet Amelia
Pick your favorite Part 2 SofiaSweden Sep/27/2016 24 Even
Pick your favorite Part 1 SofiaSweden Sep/27/2016 26 Beatrice Juliet Sofia
Katherine or Kate Gregory Woodrow Sep/27/2016 28 Katherine
Zebulun Oscar "Zeb" Wordsmith Sep/27/2016 26 Even
If you needed to choose a first name (for a girl), but it had to be between these four names. Which one would you choose? KatieS Sep/27/2016 37 Evelyn
Rate Katharina lilolaf Sep/27/2016 26 5 (I like it)
Shirou or Saburo lilolaf Sep/27/2016 18 Shirou
Which girl name flows best with Liam Owen & Nolan Reed? kelseyjoxo Sep/27/2016 27 Cassidy Pearl
Which boy name flows best with Liam Owen & Nolan Reed? kelseyjoxo Sep/27/2016 23 Quinn Gabriel