Interactive Polls

Names of Bob Marley's Children Ali Hassan Feb/26/2015 28 Julian (m)
Which Ena combo(s) do you like? whim Feb/26/2015 19 Ena Rosalie
Which do you prefer? Ali Hassan Feb/26/2015 26 Eleanor for a girl
Middlename to Iris schandrou Feb/26/2015 25 Iris Aurelia
Combos with Clarice Erme Ioainna Feb/26/2015 15 Clarice Audrey
Is Donna too outdated to use? Lumiereslove Feb/26/2015 33 yes
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Feb/26/2015 26 Alexander
which do you prefer? Lalage Feb/25/2015 25 Cassandra
Which Name Is Best (Part 2)? CJMusic Feb/25/2015 14 Alyssa Joanne Elyse
Question jazzycritique Feb/25/2015 15 Names spelled ending in a consonant
Which Name Is Best (Part 1)? CJMusic Feb/25/2015 14 Alyssa Juliet Elyse
Weirdness jazzycritique Feb/25/2015 17 Ice cream flavored cheese
Maricruz Ofelia Wordsmith Feb/25/2015 17 It's okay.
Odetta Marceline Wordsmith Feb/25/2015 19 It's okay.
Cicely Rosamund Wordsmith Feb/25/2015 17 I like it.
Cosmic girls names (inspired by Sailor Moon) Lumiereslove Feb/25/2015 33 Aurora (Roman goddess of dawn)
Girl name help AJsMommy825 Feb/25/2015 29 Juliana
Which of these female German names do you like? Mirrorland Feb/25/2015 39 Liesel
Which of these male German names do you like? Mirrorland Feb/25/2015 32 Hugo
Wich name do you prefer (girl karakter) schandrou Feb/25/2015 29 Iris
Male Names III – 5 of 15 – arockster Feb/25/2015 37 Felix
Male Names III – 4 of 15 – arockster Feb/25/2015 36 Daniel
Male Names III – 3 of 15 – arockster Feb/25/2015 34 Benjamin
Male Names III – 2 of 15 – arockster Feb/25/2015 35 Arthur
Male Names III – 1 of 15 – arockster Feb/25/2015 36 Alistair
Combos with Chloé (klo-AY) Erme Ioainna Feb/25/2015 20 Chloé Geneviéve
Estel as a name? I think it can be used for both genders; opinion? It means 'hope' Estelia Feb/25/2015 23 Female
Which spelling? Ali Hassan Feb/25/2015 25 Thomas
which one Lalage Feb/25/2015 30 Cassandra
How would you pronounce Maximilian? Thojoe Smithinway Feb/24/2015 23 mak-si-MIL-ee-ən