Coy (male) BBH Aug/30/2015 18 Hate!
Susanna vs Savannah? last name: Moss FictionPrincess31415 Aug/30/2015 25 Susanna Moss
Combos (cont'd) BBH Aug/30/2015 26 Lila Josephine
Short First Name, Long Middle Name (Combos) BBH Aug/30/2015 30 Cora Josephine
Favorite Boy Name(s) Regardless of Popularity? anwilliams3386 Aug/30/2015 32 Benjamin
Girl names from 1885 usa AshleyJuliette Aug/30/2015 33 Phoebe
Favorite Girl Names Part 2 anwilliams3386 Aug/30/2015 38 Amelia; Emilia
Which is your favorite girl name(s) regardless of popularity? anwilliams3386 Aug/30/2015 35 Lily; Lillian; Liliana
Choose TWO names that go well with Anna as a sibling set please Anna_7207 Aug/30/2015 28 Kate
Olivia vs. Alaina LV51sfan91 Aug/30/2015 28 Olivia
Liselle/Syrenne/Sapphire/Fleur: Do they work as siblings? Laurisgirl Aug/30/2015 24 Sort of
Choose a middle name for Liselle/Syrenne/Sapphire/Fleur Laurisgirl Aug/30/2015 20 Even
Which Biblical boys name? Cristi-es Aug/30/2015 40 Isaac
Hugo? Vela Aug/30/2015 26 Hugo Elliot
Maxwell? Vela Aug/30/2015 22 Maxwell Benjamin
Nathaniel? Vela Aug/30/2015 25 Nathaniel Jude
Dominic? Vela Aug/30/2015 22 Dominic Gabriel
Peter? Vela Aug/30/2015 21 Peter Magnus
Ann Evelyn or Ann Mae? Francesca Aug/30/2015 23 Ann Evelyn
Carol Elizabeth or Carol Agnes? Francesca Aug/30/2015 23 Carol Elizabeth
Gloria Marguerite or Gloria Lorraine? Francesca Aug/30/2015 19 Gloria Marguerite
Biddy Nanette or Biddy Juanita? Francesca Aug/30/2015 16 Biddy Nanette
Mamie Ursula or Mamie Antoinette? Francesca Aug/30/2015 17 Mamie Ursula
Rate the name "Thatcher" on a scale from 1 to 10 EmmaLeigh Aug/29/2015 31 3
Strange name of the day: Briasia (bree- asia) TheArtemisMoon Aug/29/2015 25 1- awful
Girls Plant and Flower Names Round 3 - Top 2 Advance to Final Round ItsJustMeAgain. Aug/29/2015 37 Ivy
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Euna BBH Aug/29/2015 21 Dislike.
Pick the best 5 girls. Mousel prn mo-zell Laura W Aug/29/2015 29 Freya Antonia Mousel
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