Select all the girls names you like off our list Skyehawk Jun/29/2016 18 Alice
Otis Benjamin BBH Jun/29/2016 15 Like.
Lionel Edgar BBH Jun/29/2016 14 Like.
Betty Josephine BBH Jun/29/2016 15 Like.
Jerome Atlas BBH Jun/29/2016 14 Dislike.
Alice Eugenie BBH Jun/29/2016 14 Like.
Nila Rosamond Wordsmith Jun/29/2016 12 It's okay.
Elizabeth or Eleanor Gregory Woodrow Jun/29/2016 17 Elizabeth
Magnify Janeway, nn Maggie Jane (Fictional character) ThatOneAuthorGirl Jun/29/2016 9 3- neutral
which goes best with my grans name as the middle name candaceflynn Jun/29/2016 17 sabrina nancy
WHICH IS BETTER???? NoMo519 Jun/29/2016 13 Bennett Thomas Moore (Boy)
A rich socialite mistress would send her secret son to school where? Eruchalu2015 Jun/29/2016 16 Switzerland
Which old fashioned girl name? nds Jun/29/2016 22 Irene
What Will Happen To The Future Of Aydan? cutenose Jun/29/2016 11 Go to college
Rate The Name Caleb cutenose Jun/29/2016 21 3
Which Name Suits A Lonely Person cutenose Jun/29/2016 17 Wilford
Gloriana or Tianna cutenose Jun/29/2016 13 Gloriana
The Parents Names Are Geoffrey and Chloe, What Will There Son's Name Be? cutenose Jun/29/2016 15 Morgan
What Hungarian name do you like? lilolaf Jun/29/2016 16 Even
Claude or Vova lilolaf Jun/29/2016 12 Claude
What Japanese feminine name do you like? lilolaf Jun/29/2016 16 Even
Pick all the names that you like (29) lilolaf Jun/29/2016 13 Even
Select all the names you like off our list...Girls Skyehawk Jun/28/2016 22 Fiona
Sibling of Pekka lilolaf Jun/28/2016 11 Even
Which Name Is Unique? Yasian Jun/28/2016 18 Kite
Humility Petronella (nn Millie) ThatOneAuthorGirl Jun/28/2016 14 4- Dislike it
Betsabea Violet Wordsmith Jun/28/2016 16 I dislike it.
Orsina Rosalind Wordsmith Jun/28/2016 14 I dislike it.
Name for a shy, prophetic girl, locked away for years and used for her powers? ThatOneAuthorGirl Jun/28/2016 20 Cassandra
Maia is... (1 per symbol, please) ThatOneAuthorGirl Jun/28/2016 19 -Brunette