Does "Jermaine" work for a white male? FictionPrincess31415 Feb/13/2016 21 No, I picture a "Jermaine" on some other race
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Feb/13/2016 41 Thomas
More names of girls to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: worldvision.org) Kinola Feb/13/2016 15 Lucie
More names of boys to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: worldvision.org) Kinola Feb/13/2016 11 Gabriel
Less common / Unusual Girl & Girl twin sets AshleyJuliette Feb/13/2016 24 Adele & Greta
What Albanian Name Do You Like? lilolaf Feb/13/2016 21 Skender
Favorite Boy name?? AshleyJuliette Feb/13/2016 30 Theo
Nickname for Elizabeth Amy Lucy Pendragon Feb/13/2016 33 Even
Anna LV51sfan91 Feb/13/2016 20 Anna Colleen Rose (honors my nana, Great GMA his Nana)
I can't choose I love them all! LV51sfan91 Feb/13/2016 33 Even
My favorite nicknames for a girl! I won't give you the full name. Just the nickname:) LV51sfan91 Feb/13/2016 27 Evie
Lost and found-first names Ariane Feb/13/2016 16 Quinna
For the best part of the year-year-to-date/seasons/time of day as first names Ariane Feb/13/2016 26 Even
Choose your favourite Ariane Feb/13/2016 26 Tallulah
var. Stephanie Ariane Feb/13/2016 21 Stephanie
Which one looks better ? Ariane Feb/13/2016 27 Alison
Luke Daniel or Daniel Noah? BBH Feb/13/2016 26 Daniel Noah
Which? BBH Feb/13/2016 25 Ezra Jonathan
Which? BBH Feb/13/2016 26 Even
Oldest adopted son of Raphael Aristides Eruchalu2015 Feb/13/2016 17 Christian Roberto Aveiro
Ayla? Vela Feb/13/2016 20 Ayla Wren
Ariel? Vela Feb/13/2016 17 Ariel Nadia
Araceli? Vela Feb/13/2016 12 Araceli Claire
Ailsa? Vela Feb/13/2016 17 Ailsa Emmeline
Frida Isabel Erme Ioainna Feb/13/2016 15 Dislike it
Grant? Vela Feb/13/2016 16 Even
Magnus Finn Erme Ioainna Feb/13/2016 18 Like it
Jeremiah Stevenson (First and last name) FictionPrincess31415 Feb/12/2016 13 Its a long name (7 syllables) but that's completely fine
Best Father and Son set? FictionPrincess31415 Feb/12/2016 18 Jeremiah & Cole
My Favorite Feminine Combos Part 1 Fictionprincess Feb/12/2016 20 Even