English Boy's Names- choose your favorite ThatOneAuthorGirl Aug/15/2016 34 Colin
Rate Tegan Wolfblade Sarah Star Aug/15/2016 23 Dislike it
Names from my book- pick any you like Pt.3 Sarah Star Aug/15/2016 24 Tegan Wolfblade- boy
Rate Bobby Wolfblade Sarah Star Aug/15/2016 18 Hate it!
rate: Caledonia Skye celtic77 Aug/15/2016 21 Even
rate: Grania Liesel celtic77 Aug/15/2016 20 fair
Pansy Letitia Wordsmith Aug/15/2016 22 I hate it!
Casimir Anton Wordsmith Aug/15/2016 20 I like it.
Do you think Lando Calrissian will be in Star Wars 8 ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Aug/15/2016 12 No
Favorite Female Names- choose 9 ThatOneAuthorGirl Aug/15/2016 35 Cecelia
Do You think Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) has Siblings? ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Aug/15/2016 11 No, there is not good evidence
Who do you think would die in Star Wars Episode 8 ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Aug/15/2016 10 Luke
Bridget Langer (Lane-grr) LV51sfan91 Aug/15/2016 22 Bridget Claire Langer
What sounds better. Rey is reincarnated Shmi Skywalker or Reincarnated Padme Amidala ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Aug/15/2016 9 Rey could be a reincarnated Shmi Skywalker
Genevieve Langer (Lane-grr) LV51sfan91 Aug/15/2016 24 Genevieve Rose Langer
What sounds better. Supreme Leader Snoke is possibly Grand Moff Tarkin or possiblyDarth Vader/Anakin Skywalker? ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Aug/15/2016 10 Snoke could be Grand Moff Tarkin
Girl Names (some final full combos are undecided.) LV51sfan91 Aug/15/2016 27 Anna Rose
Which One? One Per Symbol! lakin5 Aug/15/2016 34 Even
On my Howrse account, my mare Desdemona is having a filly. What should I name her? Kinola Aug/15/2016 21 Amethyst
Penelope or Lucille? Hylocichla Aug/15/2016 30 Penelope
Either/or - please pick one boys name per symbol tidalwaveengineer Aug/15/2016 31 ◇ Hawthorne
Anwen or Mae? Hylocichla Aug/15/2016 36 Anwen
Which do you prefer? Girls - C Sadie-Janae Aug/15/2016 39 Cecilia
Francesca or Felicity Sadie-Janae Aug/15/2016 29 Francesca
Names of additional Olympic firsts and world record breakers from Days 0-6 m4yb3_daijirou Aug/15/2016 21 Even
Names of Olympic firsts and world record breakers from Days 7-9 (female) m4yb3_daijirou Aug/15/2016 23 Lidia
Names of Olympic firsts and world record breakers from Days 7-9 (male) m4yb3_daijirou Aug/15/2016 24 Rafael
Georgina or Georgiana Sadie-Janae Aug/15/2016 29 Georgiana
Battle of the Best: Female Y Pt 1: 1 Per # LMS Aug/15/2016 29 1- Yasmin
Sorry about the wait. Here it is! My favorite fiction names, FINAL. Choose one. Choose carefully. Baranoch Aug/15/2016 32 Soren