Laura vs Lauren Realisticmindxxx 12/6/2018 42 Even
Which name? Femmesia 12/6/2018 38 Amira Joyce Bosko
Girl Combos ceruleanskylark 12/6/2018 42 Athena Primrose
Combos I thought of randomly (m), pick your favorites XironDarkstar 12/6/2018 34 Eliot Samuel Gabriel
Which name is prettier? XironDarkstar 12/6/2018 37 Yekaterina
You are the last Putin, Your ancestor is Vladimir Putin, tsar of russia. You had twins, boy and girl. Name them. Ainsley Tzivya 12/6/2018 32 Maria/Dmitry
Napoleon is here and you are Marie Antonette. Choose a name to trick the revolitonists that you are a maid. Ainsley Tzivya 12/6/2018 24 Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, Whos Marie Antonette?
You are a prince/ss of england and you are hostage of spainsh.You meet the King of Spain, he asks your name. There is spies in court. Which name you would say to alarm the spies and be alive? Ainsley Tzivya 12/6/2018 23 Rick(Richard)/Elisa (Elizabeth)
Best Name For A Vampire Countess? Ainsley Tzivya 12/6/2018 28 Yekaterina Alekseyevna Volskaya
My choice vs Hubby's choice.. graldi19 12/6/2018 46 Miles Benjamin
Dorothea Tamsin Wordsmith 12/6/2018 35 I like it.
Which of these randomly generated names from Hinduism do you like best? Femmesia 12/6/2018 26 Priya
Combos I thought of randomly (f), pick your favorite(s) XironDarkstar 12/6/2018 30 Lina Catherine Amara
A middle name for Célestine? XironDarkstar 12/6/2018 35 Célestine Violet
Leo Vs Dominic EscalusEmex 12/6/2018 38 Leo
What should I name by baby girl Watermelon124 12/6/2018 52 Ivy
Hazel Margaret ari. 12/6/2018 39 Like
Sophia or Zophia? Mog-Log 12/5/2018 41 Sophia
What are your favourite feminine J names? Mog-Log 12/5/2018 44 Even
What is your favourite Ang- name? Mog-Log 12/5/2018 37 Angelina
Fictional pets created from separate stories. Realisticmindxxx 12/5/2018 31 Kiki {Cat}
Gwendolen Althea Wordsmith 12/5/2018 40 I like it.
Does Clara work with last name Lowe [Clara Lowe] or too many L's? briannaharley 12/5/2018 40 Yes
What Name(s) Sound Good? Theblueeyedgirl 12/5/2018 35 Elizabeth Whalen
My favourite Biblical boy names kayisforkeen 12/5/2018 49 Nathaniel
My favourite Biblical girl names kayisforkeen 12/5/2018 43 Miriam
Golda Francine Wordsmith 12/5/2018 32 I dislike it.
Girls ceruleanskylark 12/5/2018 43 Tess
Which boy name do you like the most? idekwttih 12/5/2018 49 Daniel
Rate this antique name from 1798: Ignatius Taylor TheArtemisMoon 12/5/2018 34 4