Roderick? Vela Sep/21/2015 19 Roderick Vaughn
Hector? Vela Sep/21/2015 16 Hector Ronan
Which of these boys combos do you like? Rigatoni Sep/21/2015 30 Thomas Oliver
Which Submitted Girls Names Do You Like? A's, B's & C's x_Chaser of Dreams_x Sep/21/2015 33 Caledonia
Nadège Leonore Wordsmith Sep/21/2015 28 I dislike it.
Elodie Tamsin AshleyJuliette Sep/21/2015 29 Neutral
Choose one girls' name per symbol, Thanks. :) AshleyJuliette Sep/21/2015 33 ? Abigail Skye
My grandfather's name was Samuel. Is it appropriate to name a girl Samantha in his honor? (just curious) name_nerd8393 Sep/21/2015 31 Yes!
... Raynegillis Sep/21/2015 28 Elliot Reid
Which of these boys names do you like? Rigatoni Sep/21/2015 31 Even
Orsola Matilda Wordsmith Sep/21/2015 24 I hate it!
Ursula Maud Wordsmith Sep/21/2015 30 I hate it!
Which of my friends' names do you like best? Rainya Sep/21/2015 39 Brynn
Isabella or Sibylla? Hylocichla Sep/21/2015 34 Isabella
Please Choose 1 Girl name Per Symbol, Thank You. AshleyJuliette Sep/21/2015 28 @ Thea Tamsin
Brennan vladislava Sep/21/2015 29 No
What do you think of the male name Aristotle? Socrates Sep/21/2015 34 Awful
Which one Raynegillis Sep/21/2015 32 Rowan
Elizabeth or Lizzie Lizbiz1315 Sep/21/2015 31 Elizabeth
Italian Names Felie Sep/21/2015 26 Anna (f AHN-nah ANNE)
Maria BBH Sep/21/2015 33 Love!
Sibylla BBH Sep/21/2015 33 Love!
Choose any. BBH Sep/21/2015 33 Eleanor Sophia
Choose any. BBH Sep/21/2015 25 Edmund Joseph
CHoose any. BBH Sep/21/2015 27 Elizabeth Sophia
Which spelling? for a BOY (I view the name as quite masculine & boyish regardless of spelling) FictionPrincess31415 Sep/21/2015 24 Cadence
Aurora Gwendolyn AshleyJuliette Sep/21/2015 24 Like
Saskia Laurel AshleyJuliette Sep/21/2015 30 Like
What-Alice (double name)? New_Chloe Sep/21/2015 27 Miriam-Alice
Eveline (EH-vuh-leen) naomism Sep/21/2015 25 Yes