Interactive Polls

Zoe + MN zebra_cakes Aug/4/2014 23 Zoe Emilia
Rose Wilhelmina or Rose Rhiannon? lepetitviolet Aug/4/2014 27 Rose Wilhelmina
Pick THREE Freya combos? lepetitviolet Aug/4/2014 31 Freya Josephine
Best Boys Names 7 livy126 Aug/4/2014 30 Daniel
Best Girl Name Contest 8 livy126 Aug/4/2014 32 Iris
Which one? essie Aug/4/2014 26 Zachariah
Strange Names I Have Come Across 7 x_Chaser of Dreams_x Aug/4/2014 32 Mirren (f)
Various Mavis combinations Wordsmith Aug/4/2014 23 Mavis Eleanor
Which of these? Lumiereslove Aug/4/2014 36 Victoria
Garnet "Nettie" (f) Wordsmith Aug/4/2014 32 I dislike it.
What Is The Best Boy Name livy126 Aug/4/2014 40 James
Roberta's second middle name Ottilie Aug/4/2014 36 Roberta Gwendolen Eve
Best Girl Name Contest 7 livy126 Aug/4/2014 30 Hazel
Best Boys Names 6 livy126 Aug/4/2014 25 Even
Which is your favorite? BBH Aug/4/2014 38 Isabel
Favorite male Indian name? Kinola Aug/4/2014 25 Karan
Mary BBH Aug/4/2014 33 Mary Adelaide
Virginia Rose BBH Aug/4/2014 33 3
Sister for Isabella - which one is better? kiwimatt Aug/4/2014 27 Amelia
baby name genie random names (girls) Boo-Boo2133 Aug/4/2014 25 Angelina Rosemary
baby name genie random names (boys) Boo-Boo2133 Aug/4/2014 27 Gavin Brett
Worst cat nicknames Ruta Graveolens Aug/3/2014 17 Even
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Aug/3/2014 45 Anna-Maria
Girl Names Ending in -na and -ey avaname Aug/3/2014 41 Elena
Domenico "Nico" __________? Philidel Aug/3/2014 17 Salis
Which Beatrice sis-set? lepetitviolet Aug/3/2014 32 Beatrice, Matilda, & Winifred
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Aug/3/2014 54 Matilda
Which Ottilie Athena combo(s) do you like? hyp.atia Aug/3/2014 25 Ottilie Athena Jane
Which of these G boy names do you like? lizwashere72 Aug/3/2014 38 Gabriel.
girls 1 celtic77 Aug/3/2014 35 Rhiannon