Girl names that Begin with Br AshleyJuliette Dec/17/2015 41 Bridget
Which variant of the name "Wivina" (saint and belgian abbess)? Felie Dec/17/2015 20 Vivina
Alecto Lilian Wordsmith Dec/17/2015 21 I hate it!
Belva Rosemary Wordsmith Dec/17/2015 25 Even
Middle Name Magdalene BBH Dec/17/2015 29 Anna Magdalene
Which boys' name is best? JustAFallacy Dec/17/2015 25 Cameron Grey
C girl names crybaby Dec/17/2015 42 Cleo
A girl names crybaby Dec/17/2015 37 Annabel
O girl names crybaby Dec/17/2015 42 Even
Shona Names (people from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana). Pm me if you know other names Felie Dec/17/2015 20 Sekai ( f "be humourous")
Which throwback name for girls? naomism Dec/17/2015 44 Even
Last name for Heath? orose47 Dec/17/2015 26 Bennett
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Dec/17/2015 29 Joel
Odessa crybaby Dec/17/2015 19 Odessa Coral
PLEASE pick one! eroy93 Dec/17/2015 39 Cassie
Pick your favourite princessleia28 Dec/17/2015 30 Christopher Lewis
Name for a favorite older brother confined to a wheelchair Eruchalu2015 Dec/17/2015 32 Tristan
How old are you? Hershey123 Dec/16/2015 43 25+
Name for a son treated like a trophy for most of his life Eruchalu2015 Dec/16/2015 31 Darius
Which Ronan? celtic77 Dec/16/2015 28 Ronan Magnus
Which Iona? celtic77 Dec/16/2015 29 Iona Elspeth
Pick one Jessica21 Dec/16/2015 39 Adrian
which FN for girl? MN Darby, SN Halloran prettily_british Dec/16/2015 29 Gwen
WDYTO the name Mayla? It's a name of a song I heard today. TheChosenOne Dec/16/2015 27 Dislike it. 2/5
Do you think the name 'Madison' will remain on the top 10 name charts (U.S) FictionPrincess31415 Dec/16/2015 30 No, some other name will finally take it's place
Girls Names...N-Z Skyehawk Dec/16/2015 44 Stella
Girls Names...A-M Skyehawk Dec/16/2015 41 Alice
J Names - Girl KiahRayhavenMercer Dec/16/2015 44 Jasmine
Best name for a sweet little girl? schlink Dec/16/2015 40 Even
Girl names Ending in a long E sound (less common) AshleyJuliette Dec/16/2015 34 Cecily