Pick the names you like best Kissinger_Hollings45 Nov/29/2014 38 Elizabeth
Alice Athena or Alice Virginia? BBH Nov/29/2014 26 Even
Which combo do you prefer? jonio Nov/29/2014 37 Move on none work for me
Which first name for a 26 year-old nun in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Archambault (ar-SHAHM-bo). Much sweeter compared to other nuns. Round 11 gabbymac94 Nov/28/2014 25 Sophie
Which first name for a 63 year-old nun in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Swindlehurst. Round 11 gabbymac94 Nov/28/2014 23 Anne
Which first name for a 90 year-old Mother Superior in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Blackbourne. Round 11 gabbymac94 Nov/28/2014 21 Mary-Agnes (Maggie)
Which is better Ali Hassan Nov/28/2014 28 Alexandra Sumayya (sum-may-ah)
(For a story) What name should we give to the older sister of Ethelinda Ellis? Kinola Nov/28/2014 25 Henrietta
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Nov/28/2014 64 Alexandra
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Nov/28/2014 66 Even
Which Violet combo? Pick your top three, please. lepetitviolet Nov/28/2014 32 Violet Eleanor
What do you think of Audra? georden Nov/28/2014 29 Thumbs up
Pick your favorite girl's name *random list* ccourtneyw Nov/28/2014 40 Beatrice
Hugo Combinations ElspethJane Nov/28/2014 31 Hugo Alexander
Posy combinations ElspethJane Nov/28/2014 23 Posy Adelaide
My PNL Part 8 Ali Hassan Nov/28/2014 31 Gregory
Favourite for a girl Cooloness Nov/28/2014 36 Kate
Names from 2013 thriller film: Evidence Felie Nov/28/2014 33 William
B names Unknown123 Nov/28/2014 41 Beth
Lillian vs. Lilith vs. Lolita GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 44 Lillian wins
Lucy vs. Lola vs. Lily GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 40 Lily wins
Diana vs. Artemis GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 40 Artemis wins
Zachary vs. Nicholas GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 36 Nicholas wins
Danielle vs. Margo GibsonGirl Nov/27/2014 33 Margo wins
Which girl name is best? Unknown123 Nov/27/2014 41 Anne
Which sister set Part 2 Ali Hassan Nov/27/2014 39 Josephine and Alexandra
Random Names Felie Nov/27/2014 42 Eleanor
Random Names Felie Nov/27/2014 36 Lydia
Random Names Felie Nov/27/2014 34 Patrick
X| Which combos with Xanthe (f) do you like? astronomicon Nov/27/2014 25 Xanthe Cordelia