Interactive Polls

Which of My Guilty Pleasure Names Do You Like? x_Chaser of Dreams_x Sep/8/2013 43 Romilly
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Sep/8/2013 34 Max and Nicolas
Twin Sets. Like any? BBH Sep/8/2013 40 James Arthur & Elizabeth Anna
Which One? lakin5 Sep/8/2013 12 Filicia Berrycream
Which name is best? xobabynames Sep/7/2013 47 Alana
Favorite boy name 2 rsammie1 Sep/7/2013 47 Rowan
Favorite boy name 1 rsammie1 Sep/7/2013 43 Alec
Favorite girl name 2 rsammie1 Sep/7/2013 47 Olivia
Favorite girl name 1 rsammie1 Sep/7/2013 54 Isabel
Male Combos allibrooke1223 Sep/7/2013 32 Daniel Ewan
Which boys name? Cristi-es Sep/7/2013 32 Samuel Oscar
Which Sibset Do You Like Best? Lufflebunny Sep/7/2013 26 Anita, Lydia, Diana & Cooper
Girl name combos with the initials LB Juniper Sep/7/2013 44 Lily Belle
Pick your favorite female names ars musica Sep/7/2013 48 Rosemary
Which? BBH Sep/7/2013 35 Susannah
Your favorite boy name combo Erin91 Sep/7/2013 41 Roman Patrick
Do you like the name Warbler? jazzycritique Sep/7/2013 35 Hate it
Coleman nn Cole as a first name. (boy) Erin91 Sep/7/2013 39 I prefer Cole by itself
Nicolai vs Nikolai Vilhelmina Sep/7/2013 29 Linus Nikolai Tomas
Pick your favorite male names ars musica Sep/7/2013 46 Rowan
Which sister set? kd25 Sep/7/2013 37 Beatrice and Annabel
Which of my favs would you enjoy seeing used IRL? (m & f) X-Mar Sep/7/2013 41 Liv
What nickname do you like for Ava MeinNameIstMelissa Sep/7/2013 46 None of them
Are you one of those people who hate the name Valerie MeinNameIstMelissa Sep/7/2013 44 No. It is a pretty name.
Which ones are your favourites? - Girls' names clouds Sep/6/2013 59 Even
Pick one per symbol - Girls' E names clouds Sep/6/2013 54 @ Emma
Is it cheesy and stupid to tell a guy you want him to be your homecoming date as your birthday present when he asks you what you want? (my bday is near homecoming) gotnomojo101 Sep/6/2013 28 No :)
Guys, is it weird if girls ask you to a dance? Should I ask a guy to homecoming? gotnomojo101 Sep/6/2013 24 Yes!! Be confident and go for it :)
Sibset Duos Jessa Sep/6/2013 40 George & Helena
Random name of the day: Alice Oohvintage Sep/6/2013 50 Classic