Interactive Polls

Which middle name do you like best for Hadley? EMMARIE Mar/15/2014 33 Hadley Sophia
Which girls name do you like best? EMMARIE Mar/15/2014 23 Nayeli Shea Isabella
Which boys names do you like best? EMMARIE Mar/15/2014 27 Matteo Santiago Eli
which brother for Daniel Cade "Danny/Danny Cade" & Nicolas Hart "Nico" essie Mar/14/2014 41 Sebastian "Bastian"
Margot Antique_Cherub Mar/14/2014 35 Margot Venetia
Which spelling (male)? Evil Mar/14/2014 30 Skylar
Which of these names are too old-fashioned to use today? Babochka Mar/14/2014 50 Barbara
Trevor or Travis Jason Malcolm Mar/14/2014 31 Trevor
Am having my boy in 6 days but still undecided on a middle name for me Kayla23 Mar/14/2014 36 Jayden Kai
Which girls name? prayforpeace Mar/14/2014 33 Shayna
Girl names prayforpeace Mar/14/2014 44 Hazel
Girl names prayforpeace Mar/14/2014 42 Rose
Italian Names: which one do you like? Felie Mar/14/2014 42 Aurora (ow-RO-rah - "dawn")
Personal Name List- Girls 2 avaname Mar/14/2014 47 Maia
Lilith xPrincess27x Mar/14/2014 27 Lilith Magdalene
Sibling names xPrincess27x Mar/14/2014 37 Rose, Vivian and Eleanor
Milo vs Jesse (one vote per symbol, please) essie Mar/14/2014 26 ! Milo Thomas
Daniel Cade's brother is named... essie Mar/14/2014 39 Nicolas/Nicholas
Layla Isobel vs. Luna Isobel Skyicygreenrain Mar/14/2014 32 Luna Isobel
Book Protagonist - Round 1 (69/81) Phoenix963 Mar/14/2014 35 Even
GUYS: Do you like/thinks it's cool and alright if a girl asks for your number? Would you mostly likely give it to them? gotnomojo101 Mar/14/2014 4 Yeah I like it when a girl asks for my number but I'll only give it depending on who the girl is
Personal Name List- Girls avaname Mar/14/2014 44 Charlotte
Which Daniel "Danny" combo? essie Mar/14/2014 16 Daniel Cade
Esme combo's. Check all you like. Thalia Mar/14/2014 24 Esme Winter
Do you think the ancient Roman name Aeliana is still usable today? Thalia Mar/14/2014 36 Yes
Favorite sibling sets penguiny7 Mar/14/2014 32 Benjamin, Margaret, and Elizabeth
Which of these? Lumiereslove Mar/14/2014 36 Lydia
Christopher or Christian Jason Malcolm Mar/14/2014 28 Christopher
Book Protagonist - Round 1 (68/81) Phoenix963 Mar/14/2014 36 Alice
Book Protagonist - Round 1 (67/81) Phoenix963 Mar/14/2014 33 Daisy