The Juli- names (feminine): choose your favorite erb816 Mar/9/2015 44 Juliet
Nickname(s) for Roman Ali Hassan Mar/9/2015 15 Roe
Nickname(s) for Peter Ali Hassan Mar/9/2015 32 Just Peter
Boys Name arista1900 Mar/9/2015 34 Samuel Ethan
Which one? arista1900 Mar/9/2015 30 Lorenzo Dimitri
First and Middle Boys arista1900 Mar/9/2015 33 Dimitri Elijah
Pick for a boy arista1900 Mar/9/2015 33 Elijah Azriel
Boy First and Middle arista1900 Mar/9/2015 28 Felix Edwin
Characters: Three sisters from a closed off secretive family. lusia Mar/9/2015 35 Stella, Rosalind and Mae
Which Name Is Best (Part 2)? CJMusic Mar/9/2015 17 Alyssa Summer Brooke
Which Name Is Best (Part 1)? CJMusic Mar/9/2015 17 Alyssa Charlotte Brooke
What Name For The King Of Tremaine, With Toxic Powers? lakin5 Mar/8/2015 21 Castorin
TRIPLET BOYS! Joel has still stuck with us so we are going to use it. Some names were eliminated as they were to popular. Please pick TWO more names to go with Joel. Raynegillis Mar/8/2015 43 Elliot
Girl names kalonw Mar/8/2015 37 Elspeth
Boy names kalonw Mar/8/2015 34 Soren
Because I keep changing my mind. What would you name sister for Thea Charlotte? ishild Mar/8/2015 37 Clara Jacqueline
Names of the princesses from my retelling of "The 12 Dancing Princesses"; pick all your favorites! Kinola Mar/8/2015 32 Iris
Will Christina ever make a comeback. Ali Hassan Mar/8/2015 25 Yes
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Mar/8/2015 28 Benjamin
Combos with Daniel Erme Ioainna Mar/8/2015 18 Daniel Rhys
Jasper's sister - which do you prefer? Jmom Mar/8/2015 42 Ruby
TRIPLET BOYS! Hopefully this will be our last poll. Please pick what you would name triplet boys out of our names. We are okay with them being matchy. Thank you so much! Raynegillis Mar/8/2015 37 Noah
Ada or Ida? Which do you prefer? Thank you! Myosotis Mar/8/2015 38 Ada (AY-də)
Pick a name. arista1900 Mar/8/2015 31 Susanna Renae
Which name? arista1900 Mar/8/2015 23 Avalon Miranda
You choose which first and middle name arista1900 Mar/8/2015 31 Aurelia Matilda
What first and middle is better? arista1900 Mar/8/2015 25 Milena Ariel
Which first and middle name do you like best. arista1900 Mar/8/2015 26 Isabel Gianna
Which Spelling Is The Best? Freyaxox Mar/7/2015 37 Christina
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Mar/7/2015 50 Vivian