Jordanna Olivia Gabrielle jordannn May/10/2015 29 To much
Jordan Olivia jordannn May/10/2015 35 No
Bailee Breanne jordannn May/10/2015 32 No
Girls chloesaffie May/10/2015 40 Elise
Boys chloesaffie May/10/2015 32 Abel
Name for a gentle, nurturing, patient women who recently adopted a young emotionally fragile girl? AshleyJuliette May/10/2015 35 Theresa
Girls Names - Choose Your Favorites :) Maeva Wintercress May/10/2015 46 Violet
Which would you rather use: Lalage May/10/2015 30 Matt (short for Matthew)
Which would you rather use: Lalage May/10/2015 23 Matt (short for Matthew)
Combos with Émilie Erme Ioainna May/10/2015 29 Émilie Vivienne
Zelda?? Augy May/10/2015 37 Yes
Girl Name? Due In August. Augy May/10/2015 39 Clara Enid Lorraine
Which of these palindrome names do you like? yasmine May/10/2015 41 Eve
Which of these sibsets do you like the most? Barrantt May/9/2015 36 Lucy and Owen
Which of these names with the same first letter are too close for siblings? Barrantt May/9/2015 40 Leon and Liam
Name for a little girl who is a creative, quiet, (previously abused), intelligent 5 year old? AshleyJuliette May/9/2015 36 Even
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka May/9/2015 50 Laurel
Boy/Girl name. Pick one of each please! Thanks! hope4boy May/9/2015 36 Cameron Michael
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen May/9/2015 78 Nathaniel
Lillian's sister updated LV51sfan91 May/9/2015 43 Lillian & Claire
Diana LV51sfan91 May/9/2015 31 Audrey Diana Langer
Eve narrowed down LV51sfan91 May/9/2015 35 Eve Alexandra Langer
Kurt LV51sfan91 May/9/2015 25 Owen Kurt Langer
Clark LV51sfan91 May/9/2015 22 Clark Nathaniel Langer "clerk, scribe, gift of God"
Isaac James, Isaac Nathaniel, or Isaac Daniel? BBH May/9/2015 37 Isaac Nathaniel
names for a baby boy celtic77 May/9/2015 37 Ciaran Alistair
Boy name jordannn May/9/2015 50 Oliver
Girl name? jordannn May/9/2015 52 Iris
names for a baby girl celtic77 May/9/2015 36 Maeve Felicity
Choose all you like (boys) Free_Spirited_Girly May/9/2015 53 William