Interactive Polls

Are Isaac and Asa too close/confusing for bros? BBH Dec/17/2013 23 not so much
If it is a boy, we are thinking either... liebs Dec/17/2013 32 Shane Richard
Various Georgina combinations Wordsmith Dec/17/2013 28 Georgina Rosalind
Help can't decide...which do you like best liebs Dec/17/2013 37 Even
Niko xPrincess27x Dec/16/2013 25 Niko David
Which 'T' Biblical Name for Boys? Name Brain Dec/16/2013 39 Tobias
Which 'M' Biblical Name for Girls? Name Brain Dec/16/2013 39 Moriah (Mo-Mo)
Spins On Biblical Girls' Names Name Brain Dec/16/2013 47 Arielle (from Ariel)
Combos prayforpeace Dec/16/2013 32 Even
Trekkies baby all names you like Skyehawk Dec/16/2013 28 Wesley Alexander James
Combos prayforpeace Dec/16/2013 35 Calla Rose
Trekkies Baby all names you like Skyehawk Dec/16/2013 19 Deanna Ro Kira
Good for siblings in a book? Matthew Connor Maxwell, Zachary Aidan Maxwell, & Timothy Isaac Maxwell? kjm9123 Dec/16/2013 27 Yes
Which do you like the best? itsnotmykitchen Dec/16/2013 69 Alexander
Brother to Will and Leo? islandgirl Dec/16/2013 41 August (nn Gus)
Harriet Estella BBH Dec/16/2013 36 like
Which Girl's Name(s)? sarelyn Dec/16/2013 36 Elyse
Sibling set: Which girls' name fits best w/ Simeon? rainmaker Dec/16/2013 34 Even
Which Spanish / Irish combo(s) for a boy? Bear Dec/16/2013 62 Conor Mateo
Which Spanish / Irish combo(s) for a girl? Bear Dec/16/2013 68 Maeve Lourdes
Callum combos Sofia Dec/16/2013 27 Callum Gabriel
Which one? amt8705 Dec/16/2013 38 Elizabeth
Sibling names amt8705 Dec/16/2013 31 Grace and Catherine
Which name do you prefer? amt8705 Dec/16/2013 38 James
Which name do you prefer? amt8705 Dec/16/2013 31 Grace
Do you like any of these? amt8705 Dec/16/2013 37 Josephine
Nona BBH Dec/16/2013 28 dislike
Random Female Combos. Like? BBH Dec/16/2013 37 Even
Asa BBH Dec/16/2013 26 Asa Benjamin
middle name for Genevieve Lalage Dec/16/2013 27 Genevieve Iris