Interactive Polls

Please click and vote! CorrieStone Mar/10/2014 5
Sister for Rook (boy) Slaughter_Reese Mar/10/2014 32 Lyric
E V Name Pairs sarelyn Mar/10/2014 26 Elias, Vivienne
M I Name Pairs sarelyn Mar/10/2014 28 Max, Iris
Which Flower is Best as a Name? sarelyn Mar/10/2014 44 Rose
which lyn end sounding name would you use for a girl? prayforpeace Mar/10/2014 40 Evelyn
Out of this six which would you use? prayforpeace Mar/10/2014 40 Felix
which out of these six would you use? prayforpeace Mar/10/2014 39 Eva
Which spelling do you prefer? prayforpeace Mar/10/2014 35 Amy
Boys and Girls names prayforpeace Mar/10/2014 34 Cora Elizabeth
Which ones do you like the most? PeterPan42 Mar/10/2014 35 Even
Ready Made Boy Combos! ElspethJane Mar/10/2014 30 Leo Caspian
Ready Made Girl Combos! ElspethJane Mar/10/2014 32 Rose Minerva
Character: hoarder who tries to keep for him/herself, acts like they are better than everyone else Mungojerrie0601 Mar/10/2014 24 Max Bernstein
Character: 5 year old girl, shares a room with six teenage girls, never speaks, draws pictures Mungojerrie0601 Mar/10/2014 37 Maybelle
100 Name Challenge (Boys) Pt 5 avaname Mar/10/2014 41 Henry
Kestrel xPrincess27x Mar/10/2014 23 Even
What do you think of the name "Renna" (REN-uh) for a female character? Jordybird Mar/10/2014 19 Yes
I prefer Alec as a... essie Mar/10/2014 33 nickname
Character: half-black, Jewish, hermaphrodite, dwarf that identifies as a girl Mungojerrie0601 Mar/10/2014 26 Lainie
Which ones? (all masculine names) PeterPan42 Mar/10/2014 37 James
Nicest sibling names? MaraMrvica Mar/10/2014 33 Aoibhe, Morgan, Saoirse
Which are the most beautiful? PeterPan42 Mar/10/2014 43 Genevieve
Which ones are the most beautiful? (and that can actually be used) (I'm just curious) PeterPan42 Mar/10/2014 39 Willow
Character: the best friend, really rich, accidentally bitchy, means well but doesn't understand Mungojerrie0601 Mar/10/2014 27 Natalie
Various Davida combinations Wordsmith Mar/10/2014 19 Even
_______ Lark Wordsmith Mar/10/2014 25 Even
Various Helene (-layn) combinations Wordsmith Mar/10/2014 18 Helene Cordelia
Various Richenza combinations Wordsmith Mar/10/2014 19 Richenza Lily
Book Protagonist - Round 1 (57/81) Phoenix963 Mar/10/2014 26 Malcolm