Formal name(s) for the nn Deenie Bear Jul/23/2014 29 Nadine
Formal name(s) for the nn Abbie / Abby (etc.) Bear Jul/23/2014 38 Abigail
Formal name(s) for the nn Coco Bear Jul/23/2014 30 Coralie
Cute Girl Names twins57 Jul/23/2014 33 Carlie Jean
Cute Boy Names twins57 Jul/23/2014 36 Timothy Franklin
Boy names? ddd Jul/23/2014 35 Andrew
Pick all you like hoppbird Jul/23/2014 29 Even
Pick all you like (for girl) MISAKIYAN Jul/23/2014 42 Eleanore
Magdalene Ruth or Magdalene Eve? BBH Jul/23/2014 32 Even
Elijah Thomas or Elias Henry? BBH Jul/23/2014 33 Elijah Thomas
Louise Madeleine or Lucy Rebecca? BBH Jul/23/2014 31 Louise Madeleine
Aaron Micah or Aaron Micaiah? BBH Jul/23/2014 31 Aaron Micah
Sisters named Soleil (eldest, means 'sun'), Terra (means 'earth'), and Luna (youngest, means 'moon')? 37plum73 Jul/23/2014 31 I love it
Fiona Briar essie Jul/23/2014 30 dislike it
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Jul/22/2014 45 Marina
Random female combinations Wordsmith Jul/22/2014 29 Even
Alaina Charlotte or Alaina Jodie? ThatMazerunnerfan Jul/22/2014 37 Alaina Charlotte
Kayla, Jane, Marie, or Irene? BBH Jul/22/2014 39 Marie
Favorite female Finnish name? Kinola Jul/22/2014 34 Lumi
My Girls List - Which would you use? hyp.atia Jul/22/2014 48 Hazel
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/22/2014 78 Audrey
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/22/2014 70 Even
Alice, Grace or Marie? schlink Jul/22/2014 37 Grace
We don't know the sex of our baby. What do you think of these potential names? Please vote once on each name. Unschooler Jul/22/2014 50 Clive Fox is a terrible boy's name.
Girl girl girls! ddd Jul/22/2014 45 Fiona
Female 'D' names Nala Jul/22/2014 37 Even
Male 'C' names Nala Jul/22/2014 41 Caspian
Female 'C' names Nala Jul/22/2014 36 Charlotte
Formal name(s) for the nn Rae Bear Jul/22/2014 32 Rachel (traditional)
Male 'B' names Nala Jul/22/2014 36 Benjamin