Interactive Polls

(For a book series) The Devereaux family; pick your favorite names. Kinola Jan/19/2014 31 Michael (45) (father)
(For a book series) The Caber family; pick your favorite names. Kinola Jan/19/2014 30 Daniel (35, deceased) (father)
(For a book series) The Beaufort family; pick your favorite names. Kinola Jan/19/2014 37 Even
Do you like the name Bobbi for a girl? Unknown123 Jan/19/2014 34 No
Johann vs Johannes: which do you prefer? (round 2) la-petite-rachel Jan/19/2014 37 Only as a middle name.
Which of these forms of Helen do you like most? la-petite-rachel Jan/19/2014 47 Elena (Italian, Spanish, many others); pron. 'eh-LAY-na' (English pronunciation)
How do you pronounce the name Magdalena? la-petite-rachel Jan/19/2014 42 Mag-da-LAY-na
Which of these Indian girl names do you like most? la-petite-rachel Jan/19/2014 36 Sohalia (means 'moonlight' or 'moon-glow')
More Irish names-girls prayforpeace Jan/18/2014 40 Roisin
Name combos prayforpeace Jan/18/2014 26 Saoirse Elizabeth
which Is soundign name would you use? prayforpeace Jan/18/2014 38 Isabella
Irish names prayforpeace Jan/18/2014 38 Liam
From what country does Calliope Goldbloom's female college roommate come? Calliope's American. Round 4. gabbymac94 Jan/18/2014 25 New Zealand
Brother to Lila, Eva, and Violet Kels28 Jan/18/2014 57 Finn
Ruth, Violet & Alice as sisters New_Chloe Jan/18/2014 48 Even
Five siblings. AudreyEllen Jan/18/2014 45 Charlotte, Daniel, William, Olivia, and Mary
Which names? Irish prayforpeace Jan/18/2014 54 Kieran
Names that end in -ette BBH Jan/18/2014 36 like
Which male name is best? Mackey Jan/18/2014 48 Michael
Which spelling for a girl? Melissa. Jan/18/2014 33 Johnnie
Emilia vs. Emmelie Thalia Jan/18/2014 34 Emilia
Amelia vs. Emilia Thalia Jan/18/2014 39 Amelia
Amelia vs. Amelie Thalia Jan/18/2014 39 Amelia
What is your favorite animal? Ford78 Jan/17/2014 42 Cats
Which name is best? Ford78 Jan/17/2014 54 Noelle
Which Celtic mythology name for a girl? prayforpeace Jan/17/2014 46 Isolde
Which roman mythology name wouild you use? girl prayforpeace Jan/17/2014 51 Aurora
Which swedish girls name? prayforpeace Jan/17/2014 46 Iris
Which Name-girl prayforpeace Jan/17/2014 43 Rhiannon
Which Two Names? (Not sibsets) Silhouette Jan/17/2014 27 Tate and Noelle