Nathaniel or Samuel? essie Aug/3/2014 30 Even
Two fantasy character names are too similar. Which option would you take? Chrisell Aug/3/2014 24 Change Syra, keep Zira
Which whimsical compound name for a fantasy character (normal in their culture)? Chrisell Aug/3/2014 27 Goldensong
Ethel Miranda Wordsmith Aug/3/2014 27 I dislike it.
Enid Sarah Wordsmith Aug/3/2014 22 I dislike it.
Fern Beatrix Wordsmith Aug/3/2014 30 I hate it!
Best Girl Name Contest 6 livy126 Aug/3/2014 36 Elsa
Hector Ottilie Aug/3/2014 30 Yay!
Which of these boy names do you like? lizwashere72 Aug/3/2014 38 Daniel.
Which is better? I love Hayden, Fiancé loves Hyden VioletRose Aug/3/2014 31 Hayden
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Aug/3/2014 31 Annabel Mary
Sibling names xPrincess27x Aug/3/2014 28 Arthur and Samuel
Samira essie Aug/3/2014 30 I prefer Serena to Samira
Best Boy Sibsets EMMARIE Aug/3/2014 34 Andrew, Thomas, Phillip
which do you like best? EMMARIE Aug/3/2014 27 Corbin Josiah
Leland or Leander essie Aug/2/2014 28 Leander
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Aug/2/2014 43 Miriam
Which of my Top 5 Boy names do you like the most? gabbymac94 Aug/2/2014 39 Archer Finnegan Beau
Which of my Top 5 girl names do you like the most? gabbymac94 Aug/2/2014 39 Aurora Violet Jane
Albert or Robert LennonDeaconLover96 Aug/2/2014 27 Robert
Best Boys Names 5 livy126 Aug/2/2014 35 Daniel
Best Girl Name Contest 5 livy126 Aug/2/2014 36 Anna
What do you think of Natalie and the nickname Nattie? (feel free to rate it on my list as well) bigfamilymommy Aug/2/2014 31 Natalie is okay, don't like Nattie
Which girls' name is best? Petrova is the last name autumncon Aug/2/2014 28 Eva Petrova
Prettiest spelling(s) of kay-lynn? VioletRose Aug/2/2014 23 Kaylin
The movie Yours, Mine, and Ours: Your favorite names? lizwashere72 Aug/2/2014 36 William.
Cheaper by the Dozen: Which names do you like? lizwashere72 Aug/2/2014 34 Kate.
Which spelling of this nickname do you prefer? lizwashere72 Aug/2/2014 30 Abby.
Stanley (honouring) as a first Ottilie Aug/2/2014 33 Nay!
Edmund Paul or Ezra Paul? BBH Aug/2/2014 34 Edmund Paul