Interactive Polls

My C girl names. What do you like? teddibear1967 Mar/30/2014 34 Cassandra
Which? BBH Mar/30/2014 33 Beatrix Amelia
Which? BBH Mar/30/2014 33 Isaac James
Which? BBH Mar/30/2014 32 Emma Josephine
Which spelling is best for each group? EMMARIE Mar/30/2014 41 Avery
Best Girls name from list EMMARIE Mar/30/2014 29 India
Best Girls Name EMMARIE Mar/30/2014 25 Magdalena Hope
Various Guinevere combinations Wordsmith Mar/29/2014 26 Guinevere Adele
_______ Ella Wordsmith Mar/29/2014 25 Even
Working on a novel that is a commentary on the ridiculousness of pop culture. Help name the main character? Icycoldhot Mar/29/2014 25 Vintage "Vin/Vinny" Evans
Middle Names for Eoin (prn Owen) Gingilocks101 Mar/29/2014 34 Eoin Seamus
PLEASE vote for as many as you like! Thank you soooo much! Baby Name Pro Mar/29/2014 31 Annabelle Sophia
Girl Names! Please Vote :) Baby Name Pro Mar/29/2014 39 Hazel
Names from around the world! Baby Name Pro Mar/29/2014 27 Natasha
Old-Fashioned Girl Names Baby Name Pro Mar/29/2014 35 Geneva
Girls Names - vote for as many as you like. Baby Name Pro Mar/29/2014 27 Anneliese
Which middle name(s) for Robert? Choose all you like. Anna21 Mar/29/2014 25 Even
Name this person: Caucasian boy, aged 8, brown hair, brown eyes. Short and overweight, and also very spoiled. Is sadistic in both mind and personality Kinola Mar/29/2014 25 Edwin "Eddy"
Name this person: Caucasian woman in early 40s, auburn hair, brown eyes. Tall like her husband, but skinny, with big lips. Acts loyal to her husband, but is suspicious of his fidelity. Kinola Mar/29/2014 24 Even
Name this person: Caucasian man in early 40s, brown-haired, green-eyed, tall and stout. White supremacist, highly racist, owns many Asian slaves. Last name Willoughby. Kinola Mar/29/2014 23 Randolph
Husband and Wife, parents to 5 kids. 19th century wealthy, asshole plantation owners in Virginia, USA. Last name is Cornay. Round 5 gabbymac94 Mar/29/2014 20 Delilah and Horace
What would you name the son to human mother Mauve and demon father Sebastian? He would be introduced as a teenager (17 or 18). Round 5 gabbymac94 Mar/29/2014 19 Cassian (cass-ee-in)
names for a baby boy celtic77 Mar/29/2014 26 Lachlan Fionn
Main Character Name (Male) Jordybird Mar/29/2014 23 Leon
names for a baby girl celtic77 Mar/29/2014 26 Even
Best nickname for Abraham? queenv Mar/29/2014 22 Abe
What do you think his name is? Link to him: CorrieStone Mar/29/2014 16 Eric
(For a book series) What should the genders of Jimmy Callahan's siblings be? (note: went with 4 despite everyone voting for 2) Kinola Mar/29/2014 20 All sisters
Girl nicknames; select your favorites Kinola Mar/29/2014 26 Rosie (for Rose, Rosalie, or Rosemary)
Lia, Juliet, Annabel & ...... aliiiparker Mar/29/2014 35 Zara