Eleanore or Laura lilolaf Jun/30/2016 38 Laura
What Korean masculine name do you like? lilolaf Jun/30/2016 29 Min-Jun
Rate The Name Astrid cutenose Jun/30/2016 34 5 (great)
Rate The Name Gabin cutenose Jun/30/2016 29 2
Pick all the names that you like (30) lilolaf Jun/30/2016 34 Carolina
Griffin vs. Tristan AnonymousUser Jun/30/2016 33 Tristan
Rate the combination Dorka Cinege lilolaf Jun/29/2016 23 1 (I don't like it)
Pick your faves! Vol. II ToniV Jun/29/2016 26 Celeste Fiona
Maeve Lilith Emerson? Flokoflo Jun/29/2016 30 I don't like it
Emerson for a girl? Flokoflo Jun/29/2016 35 No
What do you think of the sibset Epicéa, Orion, Numa & Phoenix? (All boys) Flokoflo Jun/29/2016 18 Not my style, but it's okay
Zosime Anna Wordsmith Jun/29/2016 23 It's okay.
Pick all the names you like (girls) Flokoflo Jun/29/2016 34 Maeve
Pick all the names you like (boys) Flokoflo Jun/29/2016 26 Felix
Which Name Goes Best With Christopher "Chris" Douglas Huxley, For A Romantic Couple? lakin5 Jun/29/2016 17 Jasper Michael Williams
Which names do you think look and sound the best? I've included options without the middle names in case you just dislike those. Thank you! KatieS Jun/29/2016 32 Even
Is 'Engelbert' usable? Gregory Woodrow Jun/29/2016 23 No
"Gunther" a coonhound dog in my series. What specific breed should he be? (Feel free to look them up if unfirmiliar) Fictionprincess Jun/29/2016 10 Keep the name Gunther
Favorite feminine combos erb816 Jun/29/2016 28 Vivian Eloise
Favorite masculine combos erb816 Jun/29/2016 23 Even
Pick Which Name For Each Sibling? One Per Symbol! lakin5 Jun/29/2016 28 # Marie Pilar Hernandez
Malaika Amber-Helene (nickname: Lake, Molly, Mikki) Skyehawk Jun/29/2016 22 It's Beautiful!
Girls names, inspired by family members - PM suggestions Skyehawk Jun/29/2016 36 Even
Best one? FellDownTheRabbitHol Jun/29/2016 31 Ingrid
Glass or Casse (cass-AY) ThatOneAuthorGirl Jun/29/2016 17 Even
Rate: Lily LeeAnn TheArtemisMoon Jun/29/2016 20 3- mediocre
Best name for male fantasy character? (Pronunciation in parentheses) millie13 Jun/29/2016 25 Lyr (LEER)
M, 20 biracial , gold eyes, plays violin, piano, saxophone & trumpet, cynical & a little cruel, speaks Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, Arabic & Mandarin, crushing on DAVINA EscalusEmex Jun/29/2016 22 Demetrius
Names of girls from Heart Gallery Alabama; choose your favorite! Kinola Jun/29/2016 20 Jessica
Names of boys from Heart Gallery Alabama; choose your favorite! Kinola Jun/29/2016 19 Patrick