Madelyn ? LV51sfan91 3/21/2018 26 Madelyn Grace
Ida ? LV51sfan91 3/21/2018 31 Ida Genevieve
Sophie ? LV51sfan91 3/21/2018 29 Even
Olaf Edmund Wordsmith 3/21/2018 35 It's okay.
Brother for Clara mba124 3/21/2018 46 Henry Joseph
WDYT of the name Radostina (Bulgarian, meaning joy, pronunciation: Rah-dos-tee-nah) EliceBerlynn 3/21/2018 28 Don't like it.
What do you think of the name Eliane? (pronounced Eh-lee-ahn) EliceBerlynn 3/21/2018 38 Meh
Theoline Priscilla Wordsmith 3/21/2018 29 I dislike it.
Gertrude Lavinia Wordsmith 3/21/2018 29 I hate it!
Please help me choose from narrowed girl's list! Middle will honor my father. constantstar 3/21/2018 47 Catherine Carter (nn Kate or Cici)
Which is the better name? AnonymousKitty 3/21/2018 48 Olivia
Pick your favorites princessleia28 3/21/2018 33 Thomas Spencer
Pick your favorites princessleia28 3/21/2018 32 Rowan Arthur
Pick your favorites princessleia28 3/21/2018 34 Michael Henry
Pick your favorites princessleia28 3/21/2018 30 Orla Bridget
Which boy name? Sister is Beatrice Helena Kate. kd25 3/21/2018 33 Henry Timothy Jude
Which planet name is the most acceptable to use on a person? TheGreatCornholio 3/21/2018 42 Venus
Female TDI names from the 1st season: Any you like! thezenithofnadir 3/21/2018 41 Gwen
Favouride TID name emiliehofer 3/21/2018 35 Even
Floris is Emily Amy 3/21/2018 38 a girl.
Which of these boys name combos do you like? Rigatoni 3/20/2018 44 Gideon Oscar
Noun Names - pick all you like averyleddy 3/20/2018 56 August (m/f)
which are your favorites of my favorites? {boys} flourish 3/20/2018 50 sebastian
what do you think of Agnes? flourish 3/20/2018 45 vintage
which are your favorites of my favorites? {girls} flourish 3/20/2018 51 Even
Surname for Vetanie? highexpectasians 3/20/2018 19 Useinova
Which spelling/variation? ThatOneAuthorGirl 3/20/2018 36 Eleanor
Which is the best name for a detective? ThatOneAuthorGirl 3/20/2018 32 John Oakes (m)
Superhero name that has to do with the element Yttrium (female) averyleddy 3/20/2018 14 Yttrious (ytt is pronounced it)
Which name do you like? AnonymousKitty 3/20/2018 39 Maeve