sister suggestions for Alexandra. Please give suggestions lusia Aug/31/2015 37 Claire
Otis Combinations Francesca Aug/31/2015 18 Even
Mark Combinations Francesca Aug/31/2015 17 Mark Daniel
Ralph Combinations Francesca Aug/31/2015 16 Even
Anda Combinations Francesca Aug/31/2015 17 Anda Therese
Lelde Combinations Francesca Aug/31/2015 13 Lelde Marian
How would YOU pronounce boys name Kobe? Kyza Aug/30/2015 27 Ko-bee
Girls names I came across...like any? faelsean Aug/30/2015 32 Malin
Sibset I encountered...like any? WDYT? faelsean Aug/30/2015 25 Even
Male names I encountered. Like any/could grow on you? faelsean Aug/30/2015 20 Austyn
Twinset I encountered...Lyric (m) and Acadia (f) faelsean Aug/30/2015 26 It's okay/Not my style
Female names I encountered...Which do you like/could grow on you? faelsean Aug/30/2015 22 Taliah
Zillah Nadine Wordsmith Aug/30/2015 20 I hate it!
Henriette Olivia Wordsmith Aug/30/2015 24 * I like Ettie as a nickname.
Closest name to Gabriella nn right now we call her Gabby or Bella I wanna change daughters name Brittstar Aug/30/2015 17 Sophie Belle
Which spelling? (female name) Evil Aug/30/2015 25 Maude
Tessa LV51sfan91 Aug/30/2015 24 Tessa Joy Langer
Agnes or Agatha? waiting.for.spring Aug/30/2015 33 Agnes
Combo Value Pack AshleyJuliette Aug/30/2015 28 Nora Beatrice
Is Anna Lillian and Kate a good sib-set? Anna_7207 Aug/30/2015 28 It's okay
Is Anna Sabrina and Fern a good sib-set? Anna_7207 Aug/30/2015 30 No
Girls Plant and Flower Names Round 4 - FINAL ItsJustMeAgain. Aug/30/2015 44 Lily
Is Anna Maia and Kate a good sib-set? Anna_7207 Aug/30/2015 27 Yes
Girl names from 1885 final AshleyJuliette Aug/30/2015 44 Anna
Which name for girl who is half-Scottish half-German? cfmt2013 Aug/30/2015 35 Heidi
Which Is Better? To Go with Susanna Ruth lizanna86 Aug/30/2015 29 Cecily Margaret
Which "Alice" Name Is Best? trisha_cluskey Aug/30/2015 40 Alice
Which "Christian" Name Is Best (female)? trisha_cluskey Aug/30/2015 36 Christine
Which Name Is Better: Cat or Kitty? trisha_cluskey Aug/30/2015 30 Cat
Which Name Is Better: Marcia or Marsha? trisha_cluskey Aug/30/2015 28 Marcia