Pick one please! (For a story character counterpart) FantomPhox May/22/2016 23 Leona
Zillah Mariel Wordsmith May/22/2016 21 I dislike it.
Eugenia Clare Wordsmith May/22/2016 21 I like it.
Pick one please! (For a story character) FantomPhox May/22/2016 21 Theo
Names of kids that have appeared on "Supernanny"; choose all your favorites! (Part 19) Kinola May/22/2016 19 Claire
Names of kids that have appeared on "Supernanny"; choose all your favorites! (Part 18) Kinola May/22/2016 19 Matthew
Battle of the Best: Female E Pt 6: 1 Per # LMS May/22/2016 21 4- Emma
Battle of the Best: Female E Pt 5: 1 Per # LMS May/22/2016 20 47- Eva
Which bro-bro-bro set? BBH May/22/2016 25 Isaac, Benjamin, Samuel
Which sis-sis-sis set? BBH May/22/2016 26 Alice, Matilda, Lucy
Which sis-sis set? BBH May/22/2016 29 Alice & Charlotte
Which bro-bro set? BBH May/22/2016 26 Henry & Arthur
Battle of the best girl name! (Leftouts) Binni15 May/22/2016 28 Clara
Which bro-sis set? BBH May/22/2016 27 Alice & Henry
Combos with Ianthe Erme Ioainna May/22/2016 16 Ianthe Vivienne
Clea? Vela May/22/2016 15 Clea Madeleine
Dana? Vela May/22/2016 17 Dana Katherine
Quinten? Vela May/22/2016 13 Even
Willem? Vela May/22/2016 13 Willem Edmund
Jesper? Vela May/22/2016 13 Even
Rate Ruben lilolaf May/22/2016 21 Even
Amelia or Ruby lilolaf May/22/2016 25 Amelia
Jun, masculine or feminine? nds May/21/2016 17 masculine
Which Submitted Girls Names Do You Like? Final 3 x_Chaser of Dreams_x May/21/2016 28 Sonnet
Real Couples names pick the best Zina May/21/2016 22 Luke + Emma
These are more names that I've come up with. I'm trying to make names with two I's in them. GML May/21/2016 11 Sercii
Genevra as an alternate for Ginevra? Little_Miss_Adelaide May/21/2016 17 Yes
Greyson nn Greya for a girl Little_Miss_Adelaide May/21/2016 26 No (pick one):
Mika (girl) Little_Miss_Adelaide May/21/2016 21 Mee-kuh
Which? Little_Miss_Adelaide May/21/2016 21 Xenia