Interactive Polls

Last name for Augustine Amanda? Lilly-Elise Aug/19/2014 23 Riley
Brother(s) for August and Bram Ottilie Aug/19/2014 32 Casper
What should we name our son? Unschooler Aug/19/2014 38 Fox Caspian
Griselda BBH Aug/19/2014 39 Zelda only, kthnxbye
Aria, Mila or Ariana? (with middle name Rose, last name Kline) mama1214 Aug/19/2014 35 Mila
Best T name - girls schlink Aug/19/2014 46 Tatiana
This or This or That ingo Aug/19/2014 32 Inés
Which 'S' name ingo Aug/19/2014 36 Saoirse
Finnegan Reid? georden Aug/19/2014 26 Thumbs up
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Aug/19/2014 33 Thomas William
Which sounds better? To go with sister Adrianna Rose Antoinette. Please choose one of each symbol. haileyrose Aug/18/2014 32 *Emmeline Marie Elizabeth*
Chimere NixieAvUlver Aug/18/2014 24 I hate this name.
Oxana NixieAvUlver Aug/18/2014 24 I prefer the spelling Oksana
which one sounds better? (7) celchester Aug/18/2014 26 Angelina Rain (on its own)
Odd little vintage names - choose all you like (girls, pt. 4) New_Chloe Aug/18/2014 31 Avie
Odd little vintage names - choose all you like (girls, pt. 3) New_Chloe Aug/18/2014 29 Nelia
Odd little vintage names - choose all you like (girls, pt. 2) New_Chloe Aug/18/2014 31 Isa
Odd little vintage names - choose all you like (girls, pt. 1) New_Chloe Aug/18/2014 31 Lilla
Having trouble deciding on a boy's name. Which do you like most? Unschooler Aug/18/2014 26 Birch Caspian
Choose one - Girls names Zina Aug/18/2014 40 Hermione
Which one... Zina Aug/18/2014 29 Ella + Lysander
Which uncommon name for my character? Half human, half shapeshifter.Has special abilities. ThatMazerunnerfan Aug/18/2014 22 Rumen (Rue min)
which Emily + mn? cfmt2013 Aug/18/2014 31 Emily Catherine
Name of an English professor (2) cfmt2013 Aug/18/2014 25 Caroline
Brontë (BRON-tee) - thoughts & combinations Ottilie Aug/18/2014 32 I prefer it as a middle name.
Which? BBH Aug/18/2014 34 Jethro Benjamin
Which? BBH Aug/18/2014 35 Matilda Catherine
Which? BBH Aug/18/2014 33 Amos Nathaniel
Which? BBH Aug/18/2014 33 Tallulah Louise
Combos with Clarimond [f] - which ones do you like? astronomicon Aug/18/2014 19 Even