More names of boys to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: gfa.org) Kinola May/2/2016 13 Manish
Which variation of "Jackson" is the best to use for an evil character in fantasy writing? bookcat2002 May/2/2016 14 Jaxon
Finish this sibling set. select one per each FictionPrincess31415 May/2/2016 29 1: Wyatt, Hugo & Freya
Girls AshleyJuliette May/2/2016 27 Even
when changing your name which of these would you imply nds May/2/2016 16 name that appeals to you
Laila, Layla, Leila or Leyla? Yarsl May/2/2016 28 Layla
Zoe or Zoey? Yarsl May/2/2016 23 Zoe
Louis or Lewis? Yarsl May/2/2016 25 Louis
Eliot, Elliot or Elliott? Yarsl May/2/2016 22 Elliott
Alan, Allan or Allen? Yarsl May/2/2016 23 Alan
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Boy Names Competition Part Five Little_Miss_Adelaide May/2/2016 22 William
Girl Names Competition Part Five Little_Miss_Adelaide May/2/2016 23 Anya
Which combos do you DISLIKE? glaucous May/2/2016 19 Amadeo Juda Isidore
Names of Guitarist trainers from the Pokémon games; choose all your favorites! Kinola May/2/2016 17 Anna ♀
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna May/2/2016 24 Linnea
Girls AshleyJuliette May/2/2016 23 Therese (teh-REESE) nn reese
Top 20 Male BBH May/2/2016 25 1. Isaac James
Top 20 Female BBH May/2/2016 25 18. Katherine Amelia
which name do you like better? GettheCoolShoeshine May/2/2016 24 Stella
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First names for boys? kazmen17 May/2/2016 29 Atticus
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Character Type - Single dad, widow, late forties, goofy, tries hard to keep things afloat? kazmen17 May/2/2016 19 Brett
Sylvie middle names again Miss_B1989 May/2/2016 27 Even
Richard Combos JustAsIExpected May/2/2016 16 Even
Roderick Combos JustAsIExpected May/2/2016 16 Roderick Alistair
Emmerich Combos JustAsIExpected May/2/2016 13 Even
Henrik Combos JustAsIExpected May/2/2016 11 Even