Adelais? Vela Dec/5/2015 18 Adelais Madeleine
Mimosa? Vela Dec/4/2015 16 Mimosa Jasmine
Zenobia? Vela Dec/4/2015 15 Zenobia Elizabeth
Roksana? Vela Dec/4/2015 13 Roksana Serafina
Roxana? Vela Dec/4/2015 17 Roxana Sylvie
Edith Rosabel Wordsmith Dec/4/2015 26 Even
Hester Amabel Wordsmith Dec/4/2015 18 I hate it!
Inez Valentina Wordsmith Dec/4/2015 24 I dislike it.
Which five-lettered first name for six-lettered surname "Arbeid"? Kinola Dec/4/2015 26 Helen
rate: Magnus Lachlan celtic77 Dec/4/2015 17 fair
rate: Mairead Winifred celtic77 Dec/4/2015 17 poor
How would you pronounce "Anneliese" ? name_nerd8393 Dec/4/2015 25 Ann-uh-leese
Which Quenya name would you use? Amedee Lupien Dec/4/2015 21 Lorien
Which one Raynegillis Dec/4/2015 23 Layla Hope
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Dec/4/2015 14 Alyssa Joanne Lorelai
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Dec/4/2015 17 Alyssa Joanne Paige
would association with a celebrity stop you from using a name you TRULY love? the_marooned_mermaid Dec/4/2015 25 no
Girl /Girl Twins, pick the sets you like best. AshleyJuliette Dec/4/2015 29 Adelaide & Imogen
BBG triplets. Pick two boy names. Pick one girl name. Thanks Raynegillis Dec/4/2015 30 Boys: Elliot
Boy names Ending in a Vowel Sound AshleyJuliette Dec/4/2015 37 Nikolai / Nicolai
Girl names Ending in A AshleyJuliette Dec/4/2015 39 Lydia
Baby Girl Names (with middle included) svpaneva Dec/4/2015 28 Clara Jane
Girl names that End in A AshleyJuliette Dec/4/2015 43 Emma
Which name Hershey123 Dec/4/2015 22 Alyssa
Which are your favorite names for a baby boy? kitkatmb Dec/4/2015 29 Even
Which are your favorite names for a baby girl? kitkatmb Dec/4/2015 43 Tessa
Brother for Theodora naomism Dec/4/2015 32 James
Girl's Names *PLEASE VOTE* Baby Name Pro Dec/4/2015 50 Matilda
Girl's Names *PLEASE VOTE* Baby Name Pro Dec/4/2015 39 Marisol
Girl's Names *PLEASE VOTE* Baby Name Pro Dec/4/2015 35 Marissa