Interactive Polls

100 Name Challenge (Girls) Pt 10 avaname Mar/4/2014 45 Veronica
Glenna xPrincess27x Mar/4/2014 26 Glenna Cecily
Sibling names xPrincess27x Mar/4/2014 42 Iris and Albert
_______ Lupita Wordsmith Mar/4/2014 32 Vivien Lupita
Which name sounds better on a sultry, narcissistic but tough and snarky woman with a cold and uncaring attitude that could kill but is secretly sweet and warm inside? MusicBelle Mar/4/2014 37 Valencia(power)
Which is best for a sister to Elisabeth, Jack and Samuel? Anna21 Mar/4/2014 37 Katharine
Which name sounds better on a icy and blackhearted,dark, cold, mysterious, emotionally detached, and arrogant man who is actually quite selfless and internally tormented by his awful wrong doings? MusicBelle Mar/4/2014 41 Lucian(light)
which one? essie Mar/4/2014 40 Vincent Nathaniel
A name for my daughter... Something pretty & interesting but not pretentious... Help! Lililafifi Mar/4/2014 61 Helena Violet
Isabel Olivia and .......? Cristi-es Mar/4/2014 50 Emilia Rose
Which name do you prefer? purplecat Mar/4/2014 33 Leonard
Book Protagonist - Round 1 (39/81) Phoenix963 Mar/4/2014 37 Owen
Book Protagonist - Round 1 (38/81) Phoenix963 Mar/4/2014 39 Felix
Book Protagonist - Round 1 (37/81) Phoenix963 Mar/3/2014 36 Even
Which name sounds better on a elegant and sophisticated woman who is also valiant and fierce with independent mind with a slight touch of naïveté and innocence? Meanings included. MusicBelle Mar/3/2014 42 Evangeline(good news)
floral sisters New_Chloe Mar/3/2014 45 Rose & Iris
Which for a sister for Cynthia? Lumiereslove Mar/3/2014 34 Marcia
Which Max??? Holmes333 Mar/3/2014 33 Maximilian
Name your daughter 3-3-14 Holmes333 Mar/3/2014 48 Florence
Name your son 3-3-14 Holmes333 Mar/3/2014 37 Greyson
Which do you like the best? itsnotmykitchen Mar/3/2014 64 Even
names for a baby boy celtic77 Mar/3/2014 32 Ronan Rhys
names for a baby girl celtic77 Mar/3/2014 31 Even
Which Middle for Felicity HarderToBreathe Mar/3/2014 28 Felicity Maria
Which middle name for Mary? Anna21 Mar/3/2014 29 Mary Alexandra
Which middle for Natalia? HarderToBreathe Mar/3/2014 29 Natalia Clare
Does Natalia remind you of Nutella? HarderToBreathe Mar/3/2014 40 No, it doesn't remind me of Nutella
Freya xPrincess27x Mar/3/2014 33 Freya Evelyn [EVE-lin]
What do you think of the girls name Toula / Tula? Anna21 Mar/3/2014 30 Even
Best name for a prudent but cowardly boy destined to become a great ruler? millie13 Mar/3/2014 32 Evander (good man)