Interactive Polls

which do you like best White Wave Jan/16/2014 41 Killian James
Brennan/Brennon/Brynnen for a girl White Wave Jan/16/2014 38 all boy name
WDYT of this fictional 2nd grade class from the 1920s? Simon, Joel, Barnabas "Barney", Hector, Isaac, Percival "Percy", Oliver "Oli", Josie, Ursula, Pansy, Victoria "Ria", Dorothy, Thomasina gabbymac94 Jan/16/2014 35 Like it
Veda "VAYD-uh": Any combinations you like? Tiggs Jan/16/2014 33 Veda Caroline
Thilde "TEELD": Any combinations you like? Tiggs Jan/16/2014 26 Thilde Rebecca
Is Aurelie a good name? Violetviolin Jan/16/2014 34 It's okay
Dinah BBH Jan/16/2014 34 dislike
Sister for Jack, Samuel and Elisabeth? Anna21 Jan/16/2014 45 Helena
WDYT of Clark? Violetviolin Jan/16/2014 32 Like it
Boys names prayforpeace Jan/15/2014 52 Noah
Which girl name combos would you use? prayforpeace Jan/15/2014 36 Delilah
Which English name would you use? girl prayforpeace Jan/15/2014 39 Lydia
which nickname for Michaela fits a very tan girl with green eyes and loong brown hair down her back, very small & quiet, always in the sea. named after her grandfather Michael "Mickey"? essie Jan/15/2014 23 Mickey
IF you had to pick out of this six which name? prayforpeace Jan/15/2014 51 Willow
Which Names do you like=mix of boy and girls prayforpeace Jan/15/2014 45 Matthew
Which of these names would you consider using? lucky3teen Jan/15/2014 40 William
Which of these names would you consider using? lucky3teen Jan/15/2014 45 Even
Which of these names would you consider using? lucky3teen Jan/15/2014 39 Lydia
Best name for a young, Irish technical genius? millie13 Jan/15/2014 38 Colm
Best first name for a quiet man who's handsome but modest millie13 Jan/15/2014 41 Elias (
Name for a beautiful, graceful girl in the 1920s, but who's involved in some less than honest pastimes (mainly hanging around mobsters)) millie13 Jan/15/2014 44 Olive
Name for the brave, antisocial, leader girl. (Part of a group) Mirrorland Jan/15/2014 42 Blair
Name for the spunky, intuitive, trickster girl (Part of a team) Mirrorland Jan/15/2014 47 Cleo
WDYT of Boden? Violetviolin Jan/15/2014 37 Dislike it
Anwen xPrincess27x Jan/15/2014 30 Anwen Laura
What name is the cutest? rennie Jan/15/2014 45 Maybelle
Which spelling? haileyrose Jan/15/2014 43 Serena
Which goth names do you like? cfmt2013 Jan/14/2014 49 Winter
which nickname for Michaela? (for a character) essie Jan/14/2014 60 Mickey
which name would you use? prayforpeace Jan/14/2014 48 Isolde