I am stuck!!!! Thea, Madeleine, Felicity or Marie Lilibet Jan/6/2016 50 Thea Madeleine
Enid Elmira Erme Ioainna Jan/6/2016 23 Dislike it
Amiran Jowan Erme Ioainna Jan/6/2016 22 Hate it
Do these names sounds good together? Kelly Grace, Cameron Parker, and new baby Millie Frances? eroy93 Jan/6/2016 19 Yes
Which of these anagram names would you use for twins? Rigatoni Jan/6/2016 31 Alice and Celia
Evander? Vela Jan/6/2016 22 Evander Leo
Arista? Vela Jan/6/2016 18 Arista Blythe
Theron? Vela Jan/6/2016 17 Theron Alastair
Oleander? Vela Jan/6/2016 18 Oleander Sullivan
Hadrian? Vela Jan/6/2016 20 Hadrian Isaac
Prisma Ccccc Jan/5/2016 26 Reminds me of geometry
Prisma Ccccc Jan/5/2016 21 Dislike it a lot
Francisco or Francesco Gregory Woodrow Jan/5/2016 24 Even
Eudocia Marianne Wordsmith Jan/5/2016 21 I hate it!
Philomela Ruth Wordsmith Jan/5/2016 24 I dislike it.
Are you Male or Female? born biologically (and sorry this isn't about names. I'm just curious to see which gender frequents this site the most) FictionPrincess31415 Jan/5/2016 32 Female
Which Husband and Wife set? Fictionprincess Jan/5/2016 26 Noah & Allison Barnett
Which name do you like better for a girl! Can't decide! vtendler1 Jan/5/2016 33 Arya
Elliminate 5 combos from these Fictionprincess Jan/5/2016 28 Aaron Riley
Which English Male Name Do You Like cutenose Jan/5/2016 35 Luke
Lance vs Louis Fictionprincess Jan/5/2016 28 Aaron Louis O'Donner (Lou-iss)
What Name Suits A Princess? lilolaf Jan/5/2016 41 Victoria
Abraham & Elizabeth as siblings - yes or no? New_Chloe Jan/5/2016 30 Yes!
is Giles pronounced (JY-ELZ) or (GUY-ELZ) Arkham Bear Jan/5/2016 28 (JY-ELZ)
Which for a girl? naomism Jan/5/2016 38 Elena
Boy Names - Pick all you like - 5 of 19 KiahRayhavenMercer Jan/5/2016 29 Declan
Boy Names - Pick all you like - 4 of 19 KiahRayhavenMercer Jan/5/2016 32 Clark
Boy Names - Pick all you like - 3 of 19 KiahRayhavenMercer Jan/5/2016 28 Callum
Which Of These "Cas-" Masculine Names Do You Like? AnonymousUser Jan/5/2016 32 Casper
Boy Names - Pick all you like - 2 of 19 KiahRayhavenMercer Jan/5/2016 31 Benjamin