Interactive Polls

Lilian Adele Wordsmith Oct/28/2013 30 I like it.
Enid Rebecca Wordsmith Oct/28/2013 25 I dislike it.
Isabeau Clarice Wordsmith Oct/28/2013 27 I hate it!
Helen Amalia Wordsmith Oct/28/2013 28 I dislike it.
Which do you prefer? (first + last) FMRadio Oct/28/2013 23 Decker Phillips
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 Male Names (Round 5, Jonathan - William) Icycoldhot Oct/28/2013 39 Even
Which appearance for Rose, a sarcastic and lonely 20-something runaway in the 1700s? ophelia Oct/28/2013 25 Long hair
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Oct/28/2013 31 Eve
Which Name For My BTIO doll? igoesrawrOMG Oct/28/2013 35 Lincoln Oliver
Which name? Lumiereslove Oct/28/2013 39 Elizabeth
Which for the hero of a pirate adventure novel? ophelia Oct/28/2013 31 Flynn
Which for the heroine of a pirate adventure novel? ophelia Oct/28/2013 33 Rose
Names that would work in a Sci Fi movie/book/etc? Skygray15 Oct/28/2013 31 Even
Christabel or Claribel? Anna21 Oct/28/2013 30 Christabel
Aric xPrincess27x Oct/28/2013 24 Aric William
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Oct/28/2013 34 Claire Marie
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Oct/28/2013 31 Julia, Kate, Patrick and Alexandre
Sister is naming her daughter Addison-Rae Alise Y. Opinions? (I hate it) JulietteTheodora Oct/27/2013 41 It's awful.
Cassy or Clara? laura_palmer Oct/27/2013 39 Even
Middle Name for Jack allibrooke1223 Oct/27/2013 38 Jack Oliver
Do you know anyone named Samantha? (I know at least 3) GibsonGirl Oct/27/2013 42 Yes
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 Male Names (Round 5, Alexander - James) Icycoldhot Oct/27/2013 42 Alexander
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 Male Names (Round 4, Peter - William) Icycoldhot Oct/27/2013 43 William
Pick one for each symbol SJayne Oct/27/2013 45 * Arthur
Abraham BBH Oct/27/2013 38 neutral
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Oct/27/2013 40 Hannah Rosalie
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Oct/27/2013 37 Rowan Gabriel
Boy combinations. Pick all you like maladies Oct/27/2013 44 Henry Alistair
Best name for a: 28 year old woman, dark auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin, intelligent, and diverse. GibsonGirl Oct/27/2013 37 Nora
Best name for a: 28 year old man, blue-grey eyes, black hair, attractive, determined but uncertain of himself. GibsonGirl Oct/27/2013 37 Zachary "Zach"