current Girl favorites AshleyJuliette Jul/16/2016 28 Annika
Maiara Hylocichla Jul/16/2016 19 Yes.
Name for a barred Owl AshleyJuliette Jul/16/2016 13 Even
Alice & Grace or Grace & Rose? Hylocichla Jul/16/2016 24 Alice & Grace
Maëlle or Florian cutenose Jul/16/2016 19 Florian
Rate The Name Stanislavs cutenose Jul/16/2016 16 2
Sibling of Lola lilolaf Jul/16/2016 29 Clara
Rate the combination Raphaël Delacroix (Delacroix is the last name) lilolaf Jul/16/2016 19 5 (I like it)
Which would make a good band name (names of stars) Lumiereslove Jul/16/2016 18 Lynx
Middle name for Lucas DanielleH Jul/16/2016 19 Even
Which sis-set sounds the best? lepetitviolet Jul/16/2016 26 Even
Middle name for Victoria DanielleH Jul/16/2016 21 Victoria Rose
Đức or Tiên lilolaf Jul/16/2016 15 Tiên
Rate Guido lilolaf Jul/16/2016 19 1 (I don't like it)
What Serbian name do you like? lilolaf Jul/16/2016 23 Even
MN for Kai? ThatOneAuthorGirl Jul/16/2016 20 Kai Adrian Summerfield
Wilbur Noah BBH Jul/16/2016 23 Dislike.
Rose Lavinia BBH Jul/16/2016 30 Like.
Choose any. BBH Jul/16/2016 24 Even
Which of my top eleven female? BBH Jul/16/2016 37 Charlotte Sophia
Which of my top 10 male? BBH Jul/16/2016 32 Isaac James
Pick a spelling emilythenamer Jul/16/2016 25 Skye
Pick a spelling emilythenamer Jul/16/2016 24 Leila
Julian emilythenamer Jul/16/2016 19 Masculine
Which boy name do you like the most? gildedfairy Jul/16/2016 35 Alexander
What do you think of the male name Gregory? Socrates Jul/16/2016 30 Even
Which girl combo? ars musica Jul/16/2016 23 Even
Describe: Arianrhod Nathalie Error Aledis Jul/16/2016 15 *light skin
Describe: Essence Sofia Claesson Aledis Jul/16/2016 20 @medium intelligence
Describe: Lucia Arya Guarneri Aledis Jul/16/2016 20 Even