The SSA name list for USA 2017 is set to arrive less than a month away. Where do you predict these names will rank? Fictionprincess 4/15/2018 22 Olivia: #2 (No change)
Which fruit name for our new baby which smells of fruit ? (Its a girl) BonVoyage 4/15/2018 25 Melonney.
The other day l found a book of names ... ooh there were some right weird ones in it - which do you think is the weirdest please ? BonVoyage 4/15/2018 29 Rechiop.
Which name for my pet camel ? BonVoyage 4/15/2018 34 Humphrey.
Siblings Names? Azifa 4/15/2018 32 Noami, Jasper, Falyn, & Lucas
Twins Sisters Names? Azifa 4/15/2018 47 Ophelia & Athena
Which Names Go Good With The Last Name 'Forihn'? Azifa 4/15/2018 24 Claude - Dad
Story family: Griffth family (pick what you like, not whether the names "go together") SilverHobgoblin 4/15/2018 20 Stephen (Ana's ex-husband)
Story family: Gordon family (pick what you like, not whether the names "go together") SilverHobgoblin 4/15/2018 24 Delfine (Thomas & Dawn's daughter)
Baby boy. Yes or no Raynegillis 4/15/2018 46 No
_______ Taylor HelpfulMcHelperson 4/15/2018 35 Brendan Taylor
Which World War II movie is the best? Captain Cody 4/15/2018 12 The Great Escape
Emmelise cdawg 4/15/2018 32 Even
Would it be strange for three siblings to have monosyllabic names and give the fourth a three-syllable one? For example, May, Jane, Sam, and Annalise. cdawg 4/15/2018 39 Depends on the names.
Pick one per number (girls) cdawg 4/15/2018 37 2 Lillian
Pick one per number (girls) cdawg 4/15/2018 30 2 Starling
Charity LV51sfan91 4/15/2018 26 Charity Maxine
Claire LV51sfan91 4/15/2018 30 Claire Olivia
Brooklyn ? LV51sfan91 4/15/2018 23 Brooklyn Renee
Does Della Christine sound too much like Delicatessen? LV51sfan91 4/15/2018 30 No
Best Middle name for Sasha Salazar 4/15/2018 32 Sasha Gabrielle Ohanian
Which of these S girls names do you like? Rigatoni 4/15/2018 44 Serena
Pansy Adeline Wordsmith 4/15/2018 34 I dislike it.
Favorite Eu- Names Higuma Kanora 4/15/2018 40 Eugenie
who is the greatest kung fu legend of all time? trooper2 4/15/2018 18 Even
who is the greatest bodybuilder legend of all time? trooper2 4/15/2018 10 arnold shwarzeneggar
"A" Names for Girls -- which ones do you like? Meadow 4/14/2018 52 Alice
Which Uncommon Girl's Name Zemm 4/14/2018 48 Skye
Leonie? mv1029 4/14/2018 34 Like
This or that? Rigatoni 4/14/2018 43 Joseph