Interactive Polls

Various Laurence combinations Wordsmith Dec/25/2013 20 Laurence Benjamin
Various Anselm combinations Wordsmith Dec/25/2013 18 Anselm Leo
How long should a couple be together before they kiss on the lips? gotnomojo101 Dec/25/2013 12 2 weeks
which do you prefer? swapped names prayforpeace Dec/24/2013 34 Amy Marie
In your opinion, what's the best boy name? pepper256pasta Dec/24/2013 39 Thomas
Which way do you prefer? a middle first name swap prayforpeace Dec/24/2013 31 Eva Jean
Mirabelle Combos prayforpeace Dec/24/2013 24 Even
which combo with Elizabeth for a middle name? prayforpeace Dec/24/2013 30 Even
combos prayforpeace Dec/24/2013 25 Even
Thomasin Flora Wordsmith Dec/24/2013 20 I dislike it.
Which combo? ScarlettRose Dec/24/2013 36 Liliana Juliet
Male names ending in a Sofia Dec/24/2013 28 Ilija/ Ilya/ Iliya
Is Phoenix better for a girl or boy? pepper256pasta Dec/24/2013 26 Boy
Male names ending in a Sofia Dec/24/2013 23 Ezra
Male names ending in a Sofia Dec/24/2013 25 Even
Which? BBH Dec/24/2013 27 Luther
If the first child has two middle names, should the second child also have two? Anna21 Dec/24/2013 30 Yes
What do you think of Emmett? leahlane Dec/24/2013 32 It's usable
Various Ulysses combinations Wordsmith Dec/24/2013 25 Ulysses Frederick
Do you like my combination of two male and two female names? Safiyya (Sophia "Saf-e-ah"), Yousef (Joseph "You-sif"), Farrah, Ibrahim (Abraham "E-bra-heem") dara Dec/24/2013 29 I don't like Yousef !
_________ Leah Wordsmith Dec/24/2013 33 Vivien Leah
Choose a name combination for GIRLS... dara Dec/23/2013 30 Safiyya & Yasmin
Choose the name of the 4th kid: Safiyya, Yousef, Farrah, & ..... dara Dec/23/2013 33 Ibrahim (Same, diff spelling)
Roxanna Wordsmith Dec/23/2013 32 Even
Georgeanna (pronounced like George Anna) Wordsmith Dec/23/2013 37 I hate it!
Choose your TWO favorite boy names from below. (ARABIC) dara Dec/23/2013 32 Even
Choose your TWO favorite girl names from below. (ARABIC) dara Dec/23/2013 37 Mara
O names - which do you prefer -doe Dec/23/2013 45 Ophelia
Random Name Combos from census documents GibsonGirl Dec/23/2013 44 James Thomas
Victorian sibset: Lydia, Jasper, Jeremiah, Newton, and Samuel GibsonGirl Dec/23/2013 35 Newton doesn't fit