Which is better? LMS Jul/28/2014 39 Elsa
Malcolm for a boy? Lumiereslove Jul/27/2014 31 yes
which one sounds better? (1) celchester Jul/27/2014 35 Lavinia Claire
Top 13 boy names - your favorite? Rach512 Jul/27/2014 42 Gabriel
Which 3 are best? (Arabic boy names) Ali Hassan Jul/27/2014 33 Khalid (hah-lehd)
Names For a Large Family (One Vote for Each Role or Age, Pease) NixieAvUlver Jul/27/2014 42 (Father) Lawrence
Cecily + Beatrice - two names or one? Ottilie Jul/27/2014 32 Sisters called Cecily and Beatrice
Best Female Names with Native American Usage NixieAvUlver Jul/27/2014 33 Mika (Lakota)
Best Male Names with Native American Usage NixieAvUlver Jul/27/2014 26 Nahuel (Mapuche)
Favorite female Swahili name? Kinola Jul/27/2014 25 Nia
Veda Leonor ("VAY-duh") Wordsmith Jul/27/2014 21 It's okay.
Inez Flavia Wordsmith Jul/27/2014 22 It's okay.
Hester Eugenie Wordsmith Jul/27/2014 24 I hate it!
Sibyl Odette Wordsmith Jul/27/2014 26 I dislike it.
which surname? essie Jul/27/2014 28 Winchester
Which male name? BBH Jul/27/2014 37 Benjamin
Anna Donovan and Hamlet Donovan. Does it work as a sibset? Christine1999 Jul/27/2014 23 Change Hamlet
Isla or Susanna(h)? BBH Jul/27/2014 37 Susanna(h)
Edmund BBH Jul/27/2014 36 5 -- love; would use
Susanna or Susannah? BBH Jul/27/2014 30 Susanna
Which one is the best MISAKIYAN Jul/27/2014 31 Eleanor
Which of these 2-syllable L names? ImSorryIfILoveYou96 Jul/27/2014 43 Luna
Best Female Names with Hebrew Usage NixieAvUlver Jul/27/2014 40 Eliana
Best Male Names with Hebrew Usage NixieAvUlver Jul/27/2014 37 Asher
Mexican Names - A - girls Felie Jul/27/2014 36 Amalia
Which is more gender ambiguous? (2) Ruta Graveolens Jul/27/2014 22 Verne
Which is more gender abiguous? (1) Ruta Graveolens Jul/27/2014 23 Rain
New name to match my agender identity. Ruta Graveolens Jul/27/2014 31 Rune (The pronunciation is similar to my birth name.)
Sibset: Alec (18 years old) and Linsday (15 years old)? Felie Jul/27/2014 25 I like Alec not Linsday
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Jul/27/2014 31 Even