Evelyn Charlotte BBH Oct/2/2014 31 Yes.
Names meaning "Heaven" or "sky" jonio Oct/2/2014 36 Celeste
Esme clouds Oct/2/2014 25 Esme Catherine
Winter clouds Oct/2/2014 28 Winter Madeleine
Poppy clouds Oct/2/2014 20 Even
Candice clouds Oct/2/2014 19 Even
Tansy clouds Oct/2/2014 22 Even
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Oct/2/2014 31 Sebastian James
Which do you like the best? 15HourNap Oct/1/2014 50 Even
Which do you like the best? 15HourNap Oct/1/2014 49 Elizabeth
Favorite feminine first + middle name combos? You can pick more than one. erb816 Oct/1/2014 34 Juliet Adele
Favorite masculine first + middle name combos? You can pick more than one. erb816 Oct/1/2014 32 Even
Rachel middle name showdown bexbex Oct/1/2014 26 Rachel Annalise
Noa (NOH-uh) as first name for a baby girl? bexbex Oct/1/2014 25 Noa is a masculine name
Jude? SJayne Oct/1/2014 31 Like
Expecting our first child in about 2 weeks. Would love to get some input from the naming community. We narrowed it down to these 3. Please let us know which you prefer. Thanks !! dilbertmeetsdharma Oct/1/2014 35 Oliver
Check the name of you know TWO OR MORE BOYS/MEN WITH THE NAME? Count even if spelled differently. lizwashere72 Oct/1/2014 31 Even
Brother to Elijah and Thomas Ali Hassan Oct/1/2014 28 Simon
Name for a 20-something Pagan woman with long, curly auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin. Lives alone, listens to metal. GibsonGirl Oct/1/2014 27 Tora
Which Female Names do You Like Most? IrishRiver Oct/1/2014 32 Ariadne (Air-ee-add-nee)
A poll of random boy names, part 3. Choose the one you like the most. Kinola Oct/1/2014 40 Arthur
Name for a prickly, sarcastic, impatient girl who has hidden soft spots Constant Oct/1/2014 28 Sabrina
Name for a friendly, bubbly, loyal girl who knits and attends a magic school Constant Oct/1/2014 27 Hazel
Rate the name Luna EmmaLeigh Oct/1/2014 33 Even
Middle name(s) for Alice (one mn, but select as many as you like) Bear Oct/1/2014 26 Victoria
Middle name(s) for Edith Bear Oct/1/2014 25 Rosalind
Middle name for Imelda Bear Oct/1/2014 23 Sophie
Middle name for Opal Bear Oct/1/2014 27 Cecily
Middle name(s) for Ursula Bear Oct/1/2014 28 Rosamund
Pick the very best name out of these: Lalage Oct/1/2014 40 Iris