Shoutarou, Kentarou, Soutarou, Koutarou, Shintarou, Rintarou, Rentarou, Seitarou, Yuutarou, Ryoutarou, Shuntarou, Shuutarou, Joutarou, Sakutarou, Keitarou or Hayatarou lilolaf 7/16/2017 15 Shintarou
What name suits a hopeful, caring Japanese dad lilolaf 7/16/2017 20 Takahiro
Rate the name Kazuma cutenose 7/16/2017 12 5 (great)
Sibling of Naohiro lilolaf 7/16/2017 16 Mariya
Who will be the twin brother of Hiromasa? cutenose 7/16/2017 14 Tomoya
Which Name Suits A Careless, Secretive Person? cutenose 7/16/2017 16 Gakuto
Rate Hatsune (hah-tsuu-ne) lilolaf 7/16/2017 12 5 (I like it)
Name this person, Japanese, female, 26 years old, likes to eat fruit, hates annoying people, is good at saying jokes and is very caring cutenose 7/16/2017 15 Ayame
The parents names are Kisuke and Rieko, what will be there son's name? cutenose 7/16/2017 15 Rinto
Best friend for a family of children? paperback 7/16/2017 18 Charlotte Graham
Best friend/s for Andrew Hawthorne? paperback 7/16/2017 17 Even
Best friend for Theodore Fitzroy? paperback 7/16/2017 16 Katherine Vaughan
Best friend for Thomas Gray? paperback 7/16/2017 20 Flynn Meredith
Best friend/s for Nathaniel Walters? paperback 7/16/2017 16 Simon Reid
How do you pronounce the name Genny? Mirrorland 7/16/2017 17 Jeh-nee
Japanese name for a teenage girl with warping abilities? Mirrorland 7/16/2017 7 Kyori
Which of these girls name do you like? Gwynbow 7/16/2017 32 Lily
Which is the best combination for a tall cool guy Salazar 7/16/2017 23 Seth Gabriel
Lillian's sister is ? LV51sfan91 7/16/2017 33 Olivia
Leonie Adele hylo 7/16/2017 34 like
Which Luo names do you like? highexpectasians 7/16/2017 13 Otieno (m)
Which Zulu names do you like? highexpectasians 7/16/2017 16 Zola (f)
Celia (SEEL-yə) as a nickname for Cordelia MadameM 7/16/2017 28 Like
Which Berber (Amazigh) names do you like? highexpectasians 7/16/2017 12 Kahina (f)
Alma vs. Maria ars musica 7/16/2017 29 Alma
Which of these girl sibsets do you like? Rigatoni 7/16/2017 27 Matilda and Adelaide
Beatrice Anthea hylo 7/16/2017 33 like
Winifred Eve hylo 7/16/2017 38 Even
Margaret Odessa hylo 7/16/2017 29 like
Favourite - Octavia midnightsunsets 7/16/2017 24 Octavia Ruby