Ruben? Vela May/21/2016 10 Even
Maximilian? Vela May/20/2016 11 Maximilian Samuel
Which spelling do you prefer? CyanPluto May/20/2016 17 Kayley
Sibling of Leo lilolaf May/20/2016 26 Even
Battle of the Best: Female E Pt 5: 1 Per # LMS May/20/2016 20 16- Esther
Battle of the Best: Female E Pt 5: 1 Per # LMS May/20/2016 24 8- Emma
Battle of the Best: Female E Pt 4 LMS May/20/2016 19 46- Evy
Battle of the Best: Female E Pt 4: 1 Per # LMS May/20/2016 20 Even
By next year (2016 SSA's list of names) Do you see Hillary making a comeback? or any other spellings such as Hilary? FictionPrincess31415 May/20/2016 22 who knows. it might, it might not
Minh or Chi lilolaf May/20/2016 18 Minh
Prunella Mary Wordsmith May/20/2016 21 Even
Which name do you prefer? sambchop May/20/2016 29 Julia
Noah Thorsen or Louis Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 May/20/2016 16 Even
Gavin Thorsen or Clayton Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 May/20/2016 16 Gavin Thorsen
Bernard "Barney" Thorsen or Robert "Bobby"Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 May/20/2016 18 Robert Thorsen "Bobby"
Taylor Thorsen or Dennis Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 May/20/2016 15 Dennis Thorsen
Which of these names sounds best with a cool intelligent Author? Last name Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 May/20/2016 14 Louis "Louie" Thorsen
Does Aurora Winters sound like a real or realistic name? MazzyieRose May/20/2016 20 Yes
Dane ? Aicila717 May/20/2016 17 Dane Michael
Lily combinations Aledis May/20/2016 19 Lily Hannah
Petra? Antique_Cherub May/20/2016 29 Beautiful
Names for Girls AshleyJuliette May/20/2016 43 Eva
Which do you like most (or dislike least)? glaucous May/20/2016 29 Victoria + Harrison
Gender for Luka/Luca (Lou-kuh) Eileen1209864 May/20/2016 34 Boy
Adelaine? (ADD-uh-lane) Little_Miss_Adelaide May/20/2016 28 No
Which One? Antique_Cherub May/20/2016 34 Evelyn
Reuben & Hugo's wives Fictionprincess May/20/2016 27 Hugo & Stacey\Stacy
Which? Little_Miss_Adelaide May/20/2016 32 Aidan Michael
Elma Eulalie Wordsmith May/20/2016 31 I dislike it.
Kelda Marguerite Wordsmith May/20/2016 32 I dislike it.