What do you think of the male name Fabian? (Pro: FAY-bee-ən) Socrates Apr/19/2016 28 Okay
Boy names I love Right Now AshleyJuliette Apr/19/2016 40 Micah
"environmental scanning ..." Ariane Apr/19/2016 27 Tobias
Which middle name goes good with the name Olev? cutenose Apr/19/2016 21 Aleksander
Name This Person: 34 years old, Croatian, Male, Likes to play football, likes coffee, dislikes the neighbours. cutenose Apr/19/2016 29 Mislav
Adela or Kristel cutenose Apr/19/2016 27 Adela
Which Albanian Name Do You Like? cutenose Apr/19/2016 28 Vera
Favorite Names BD mahdi11 Apr/19/2016 26 Aya
Nikomachos or Hermolaos lilolaf Apr/19/2016 22 Nikomachos
Girls' names starting with J/soft G naomism Apr/19/2016 36 Juliet
Favorite boy names 'W' mclola Apr/19/2016 33 William
Favorite girl names 'V' mclola Apr/19/2016 36 Violet
Favorite names 'T' (pick one for each gender) mclola Apr/19/2016 36 Tamsin
Favorite boy names 'S' mclola Apr/19/2016 38 Sebastian
Favorite girl names 'S' mclola Apr/19/2016 36 Sylvia
REAL LIFE SIBSET (all boys). Which one is your favourite? maladies Apr/19/2016 27 Even
REAL LIFE SIBSET (B/B/G): Elon, Kimbal & Tosca. What do you think? maladies Apr/19/2016 19 I don't like Elon (b)
Name Tourney: Round 1: 1-5 ACOMMENTER Apr/19/2016 28 Matthew
Round 2: Bisyllabic German words ending in schwa as names for girls Crissov Apr/19/2016 24 Rose /rozə/ ‘rose’
What name Cutemama Apr/19/2016 36 Annie
Ted v Oak SwedishEnglishNames Apr/18/2016 26 Oak Benjamin
Round 1: "E" Names for Girls SwedishEnglishNames Apr/18/2016 36 Eleanor
Round 1: "B" Names for Girls SwedishEnglishNames Apr/18/2016 36 Beatrice
Worst name combination. kazmen17 Apr/18/2016 32 Justin Case
Unusual sibset combos which do you prefer Goldcrown Apr/18/2016 27 Jasper+Clarissa
Which do you like most? Goldcrown Apr/18/2016 32 Matilda
triplet names - Just for Fun AshleyJuliette Apr/18/2016 26 Leah, Rose, & June
Battle of the Best: Female D Pt 2: 1 Per # LMS Apr/18/2016 26 1- Dahlia
This or That Combo Part 8 (If you dislike both ways around a combo, you can leave it) C Fictionprincess Apr/18/2016 23 8: Leo Dominic
names in my family Thojoe Smithinway Apr/18/2016 26 Daniel