Levi Nathaniel BBH Aug/20/2015 35 Yes.
Abel Josiah BBH Aug/20/2015 33 No.
Abel, Levi, or Silas? BBH Aug/20/2015 41 Levi
Boy names starting with L and M, Top 5. Happycat Aug/20/2015 46 Leo
Boy names F-K, Top 5. Happycat Aug/20/2015 45 Henry / Henri
Boy names A-E, Top 8. Happycat Aug/20/2015 46 Even
Girl names M-V, Top 5. Happycat Aug/20/2015 52 Rose
Girl names starting with L, Top 5. Happycat Aug/20/2015 48 Lucy / Lucie
Girls combos. This or That? maladies Aug/20/2015 47 Eleonora Iris
Pick all you like Girls Names (Part 3) name_nerd8393 Aug/20/2015 53 Lily
Jemma, Branwen, Tamsen, or Pauline? waiting.for.spring Aug/20/2015 43 Jemma
girl names, pick all you like crybaby Aug/20/2015 48 Marta
WWYN a sister to Genevieve & Rosalind? sambchop Aug/20/2015 48 Eloise
Italian boys names (mutiple choices allowed) Kimbo_anna Aug/20/2015 33 Even
Girl Names that I think sound Cute AshleyJuliette Aug/20/2015 45 Ivy
Italian girls names (mutiple choices allowed) Kimbo_anna Aug/20/2015 39 Sofia
My favorite names that I like on Both genders AshleyJuliette Aug/20/2015 30 Dakota
Conrad crybaby Aug/20/2015 35 it's ok
What do you think of the name Estée (girl) ? maladies Aug/20/2015 43 I don't like it.
Does the boys name Coby remind you of Colby Cheese? Kyza Aug/20/2015 37 No
Which spelling for this boys name (pronounced ko-bee) Kyza Aug/20/2015 29 Coby
Desmond Hugo or Irving Paul? Francesca Aug/20/2015 31 Desmond Hugo
Ward Valentin or Nolan Ferdinand? Francesca Aug/20/2015 28 Nolan Ferdinand
Gabriel Uriah or Cephas Uriah? Francesca Aug/20/2015 30 Gabriel Uriah
Raul Timothy or Edvin Timothy? Francesca Aug/20/2015 28 Edvin Timothy
Michael Patrick or George Patrick? Francesca Aug/20/2015 32 Michael Patrick
C names LV51sfan91 Aug/19/2015 51 Cora
Claudette Winifred Wordsmith Aug/19/2015 36 Even
Best name from this? YuniiAi Aug/19/2015 47 Winter
Which middle name?Not sure if the Kai fits in. Last name starts with F vanessayermian Aug/19/2015 34 August Perrin