What spelling of the name "Sarah" should I use? bookcat2002 Feb/27/2016 32 Sarah
Clarence Yarsl Feb/27/2016 25 Dislike it
Nigel Yarsl Feb/27/2016 26 Even
Glenn Yarsl Feb/27/2016 23 Hate it
Edmond Yarsl Feb/27/2016 21 Like it
Electra Yarsl Feb/27/2016 28 Like it
Nia? Lumiereslove Feb/27/2016 21 yes
Which with Daisy? Lumiereslove Feb/27/2016 22 Amelia Daisy
Girl combos AshleyJuliette Feb/27/2016 25 Clara Geneviève
which set for twin girls? [surname Lovecraft] prettily_british Feb/27/2016 31 Ria & Zoe
Redoing this old poll of mine w/ no 'none' option: which of the two? Matisse Feb/27/2016 29 Aviva
Which of the two (admittedly clunky) spellings or my character? Matisse Feb/27/2016 30 Even
"Jud\Judd" nickname for "Jude?" (Character) Siblings Adner & Talie Fictionprincess Feb/27/2016 23 No because Jude & Jud\Judd are said differently
Which one with Natalie? Lumiereslove Feb/27/2016 27 Natalie Anne
Which is a better set of siblings (in order of age) for my story? Holmes333 Feb/27/2016 25 Carina (f) and Roslinn (f)
So after several posts of me being confused on a name, I think we FINALLY narrowed it down. Both names are similar but which sounds strong & more uncommon?? Older siblings are: Ariana & Deegan Jems1009 Feb/27/2016 27 Xander Keelan Welsh
Which name looks complicated cutenose Feb/27/2016 22 Nittaalannguaq
Finish this sibset: Adner, Jude & ----? Fictionprincess Feb/27/2016 22 Daphne (Adner, Jude & Daphne)
Your favorite dubs of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen? (Part 3) Kinola Feb/27/2016 9 English (Let It Go)
Your favorite dubs of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen? (Part 2) Kinola Feb/27/2016 10 Italian (All'alba sorgerò)
Which Spelling? Brothers Lars, Everett & -----(Said as Ray-mee) Fictionprincess Feb/27/2016 23 Reimy Canning
Your favorite dubs of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen? (Part 1) Kinola Feb/27/2016 9 Dutch (Laat Het Los)
Middle name for Adonís Constantino Eruchalu2015 Feb/27/2016 21 Ephraim
Your attitude towards parent-assigned diminutives (pick all that you find acceptable) YITYNR Feb/27/2016 31 Use the full name and a diminutive interchangeably
Nickname for Josephine Amy Lucy Pendragon Feb/27/2016 32 Josy
Which name for a little brother, mixed race (Brazilian + White) in a wheelchair, dark skin, brown hair & blue eyes, neglected by mother, spoiled and acts out to get attention. Also close to his older Eruchalu2015 Feb/27/2016 25 Marlon
Arya? Vela Feb/27/2016 19 Arya Gabrielle
Arwen? Vela Feb/27/2016 21 Arwen Iris
Audrey? Vela Feb/27/2016 22 Audrey Katherine
Marianna Eugenie Erme Ioainna Feb/27/2016 19 Hate it