Slovenia: Top 10 Boys (j's are pronounced as y's) GibsonGirl Aug/1/2014 37 Luka
Slovenia: Top 10 Girls (j's are pronounced as y's) GibsonGirl Aug/1/2014 33 Eva
Female 'V' names Nala Aug/1/2014 29 Valentina
'Undine' Nala Aug/1/2014 25 No
Male 'T' names Nala Aug/1/2014 27 Tristan
Female 'T' names Nala Aug/1/2014 26 Tatiana
Male 'S' names Nala Aug/1/2014 32 Samuel
Narrowing down poll: Which do you prefer? Uniqueness16 Aug/1/2014 33 Josephine Mary
Ready-Made Name Combos (Girl) ladymgmt Aug/1/2014 26 Valerie Gwen
Which of these do you think could work as full names for boys? lizwashere72 Aug/1/2014 31 Theo.
Austin for a boy? Lumiereslove Aug/1/2014 26 no
Pick your favorite M & A girl name(s) VioletRose Aug/1/2014 29 Melina
A- names (F) n.2 SeanM Aug/1/2014 31 April
Sean's Name of the Day #1 SeanM Aug/1/2014 33 Diana
Need a first name for a nine-year-old, half Korean girl. She has a lisp, is extremely energetic, stubborn, and gets sensitive easily. Belle123 Aug/1/2014 26 Nina
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Aug/1/2014 64 Genevieve
For a story- name for a feisty girl who is made a slave? Mirrorland Aug/1/2014 27 Elysia
Cameron: Boy or Girl? bigfamilymommy Aug/1/2014 31 Boy
Ashley Elizabeth Rain/Raine/Rayne/Reign. Please choose a spelling VioletRose Aug/1/2014 26 Ashley Elizabeth Rain
Would the name Emmett go with sibling named Owen? jmartini Aug/1/2014 31 Love it!
Boy name pf the Day SofiaSweden Aug/1/2014 29 Augustin Philip
Girl name of the Day SofiaSweden Aug/1/2014 34 Aspen Elizabeth
Which girls A name ann Aug/1/2014 38 Alice
How do you feel about the name Baylen for a girl? twins57 Aug/1/2014 36 Hate it!
How do you like the name Simon? twins57 Aug/1/2014 37 Even
Which? BBH Aug/1/2014 35 Isaac James
Which? BBH Aug/1/2014 30 Susannah Margaret
Which? BBH Aug/1/2014 31 Benjamin Arthur
Which? BBH Aug/1/2014 31 Even
Oberon BBH Aug/1/2014 31 usable