Interactive Polls

which Grace Caroline + ln do you like best? cfmt2013 Mar/1/2014 27 Grace Caroline Alexander
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Mar/1/2014 46 Nina
Is Cynthia too old fashioned to use today? Lumiereslove Mar/1/2014 38 no
name for shy, chubby 14 yr old who loves horses? New_Chloe Mar/1/2014 34 Charlotte "Charlie"
Aurora Georgiana? Grace_Scarlette Mar/1/2014 34 No
Which name do you prefer? purplecat Mar/1/2014 35 Freya
Various Josèphe combinations Wordsmith Mar/1/2014 22 Josèphe Marguerite
Various Marie combinations Wordsmith Mar/1/2014 32 Marie Emmeline
What is your favorite English female A name? AudreyEllen Mar/1/2014 57 Ariana
What is your favorite English male A name? AudreyEllen Mar/1/2014 49 Alexander
What do you think of a Gabrielle, Garrett, Lillian & Meredith, and Everett sibset? (&=twins) AudreyEllen Mar/1/2014 27 Change Meredith.
Does Galleon And Dasley Work As A Sibset? lakin5 Mar/1/2014 19 No!
Veronica or Monica Lee Augustus Mar/1/2014 31 Veronica
Favourite Name For A Villain In A Story DontYouHateItWhen Mar/1/2014 28 Orinda
Favourite name starting with Juli... (For girls) always_lily Mar/1/2014 33 Juliet
Which hair color do you picture with the name Cole? (Male OBVIOUSLY) ThatMazerunnerfan Mar/1/2014 29 Black hair
Which nn for Aleksandra? polkaspot Mar/1/2014 27 Alex
Favorite version? MaraMrvica Mar/1/2014 31 Anthony
Is is just me, or would Contra be a cool name? polkaspot Mar/1/2014 28 What were you even thinking?!?!
(For a Fantasy Story) Names of all of Terre de Magie's kings; pick your favorite Kinola Mar/1/2014 32 Even
Favorite name? elleadams Mar/1/2014 47 Genevieve
Felicity xPrincess27x Mar/1/2014 28 Felicity Evelyn [EVE-lin]
Which Ann name? EUPHOORIA Mar/1/2014 37 Anneliese
Does Tindrale And Avalana Work As A Sibset? lakin5 Mar/1/2014 23 No!
CALLING ALL NAME CRITICS!!! What names complement and flow with the surname DEAN the best? Looking for a strong, sophisticated, unique, and friendly name. MisterDean Mar/1/2014 38 Jasper Dean
Raphael or Silas? BBH Mar/1/2014 27 Raphael
FOR SENIORS IN HIGHSCHOOL OR OLDER: Did you have the same friends as you did in the beginning of highschool? If not, are your new friends better? gotnomojo101 Mar/1/2014 17 I have new/different friends and they are better than my friends as a freshman
Middle name for Lucy princess_consuela Mar/1/2014 27 Lucy Caroline
100 Name Challenge (Girls) Pt 8 avaname Mar/1/2014 44 Rose
Middle name for Freya hannahjoya Mar/1/2014 27 Freya June