Which nn for Wilhelmina / Willemina / Willamina? Anna21 May/8/2014 30 Mina
Which nn for William? Anna21 May/8/2014 31 Will
Best nn for Clementine? ScarlettRose May/8/2014 37 Even
Beatrice Kate or Beatrice Kay? pahky May/8/2014 27 Beatrice Kate
Unisex of Masculine? (M) for masculine (U) for unisex LadyEleanor May/8/2014 45 Elliot (M)
Which boys name? LadyEleanor May/8/2014 32 Rowan Evander
Zaynab or Khadijah Jason Malcolm May/8/2014 23 Khadija (ha-dee-jah)
Elsa Violet? MusicBelle May/8/2014 34 Pretty and simple
(For a book series) Name the divorced, workaholic mother of Stephen, Wesley, and Robert (Bobby) Peterson. Kinola May/8/2014 29 Jillian
What do you like?? teddibear1967 May/8/2014 29 Anthony Charles (ACE)
William Caspian (WIL-yəm KAS-pee-ən): Wha'd'ya think? (This is a repeat) Nyaeay May/8/2014 24 I really like it.
My favorite girls' names (E, part 2) Erme Ioainna May/8/2014 38 Elisabet/Elisabeth/Elizabeth
My favorite girls' names (E, part 1) Erme Ioainna May/8/2014 41 Eleanor
My favorite girls' names (D) Erme Ioainna May/8/2014 36 Diana
Which combination do you like best w/surname Fazco? Jessa May/8/2014 31 Julius John
which middle name for Franklin? essie May/8/2014 28 Franklin Bennett
Sibling names xPrincess27x May/8/2014 34 Charlie and Rose
Spellings (familiar and atypical), nicknames and a question... faelsean May/7/2014 29 Alistair
Which double first name do you like best? Less Lee May/7/2014 40 Mary Alice
What should I call myself? A.D. May/7/2014 38 Luna
Iona Bitey May/7/2014 34 3 - neutral
Which of these names do you like? derhistoriker May/7/2014 42 Alastair
'A' and 'B' names for a kitten. Mirrorland May/7/2014 40 Banjo
'A' names for a kitten. Mirrorland May/7/2014 34 Amaryllis
Which do you like best? Boy names EDillon May/7/2014 37 Jasper James Dillon
Which do you like best? Jack EDillon May/7/2014 30 Jack Wesley Dillon
Which do you like best? Maxwell "Max" EDillon May/7/2014 28 Maxwell James Dillon
Which do you like best? James EDillon May/7/2014 33 James Oliver Dillon
If you had to pick one? Anna21 May/7/2014 40 Even
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear May/7/2014 44 Eleanor Blythe