Louis? Vela Aug/27/2015 23 Louis Frederick
Pick one per symbol: Florence and Genevieve Emily Amy Aug/27/2015 36 @Florence and Genevieve
middle names for Abigail AshleyJuliette Aug/27/2015 32 Even
Girls Plant and Flower Names Round 1 ItsJustMeAgain. Aug/27/2015 55 Even
Rate the sibset: Angela Blaine, Kendall Leigh, and Cole Joey TheArtemisMoon Aug/27/2015 26 2
Hera (HEHR-a) as a nickname for Harriet? chankie Aug/27/2015 36 Bad.
Jared vs Jonah? FictionPrincess31415 Aug/27/2015 32 Jonah Damian Myers (Jo\\Joey)
Which "angel" name do you prefer? trisha_cluskey Aug/27/2015 42 Even
Favorite Boy Names? Person11 Aug/27/2015 57 Leo
Favorite Girl Names? Person11 Aug/27/2015 51 Violet
Do you like any of these for a girl? Bear Aug/27/2015 54 Olivia
Do you like any of these for a girl? Bear Aug/27/2015 48 Lucy
Do you like any of these for a girl? Bear Aug/27/2015 48 Charlotte
4x4 names BBH Aug/27/2015 57 Even
we want to add Kai to our babys name. do we hyphen? last name starts with F vanessayermian Aug/27/2015 35 August Perrin Kai
Which Sounds Like A Sexy Country Boy? aaronjaymes Aug/27/2015 39 Clark
Favourite Colour Themed Girls Name? Silverstarswept Aug/27/2015 55 Violet
Inanna Harriet Wordsmith Aug/27/2015 32 I dislike it.
Lizaveta Judith Wordsmith Aug/27/2015 27 I dislike it.
Which name for a girl (with brother Cyrus)? alacrity Aug/27/2015 44 Mira
Which name is better for sword? Yuko_Mazari Aug/27/2015 28 Katashi
What genre of music do you like best? (Read all before choosing) Snowflake0620 Aug/27/2015 36 Classic Rock
Do you believe in Fate or Karma? Snowflake0620 Aug/27/2015 28 Get ready for Karma
Abigail Tamsin? AshleyJuliette Aug/27/2015 34 Yes
Which of these sound more boy than girl (pick all that apply) by Posidan mangrybirds Aug/27/2015 37 Noah
Which M name? langsto Aug/27/2015 39 Marian
Clarence Homer or Clarence Leopold? Francesca Aug/27/2015 31 Clarence Leopold
Rudolf Walter or Rudolf Elijah? Francesca Aug/27/2015 26 Rudolf Elijah
Edna Godelieve or Edna Harriet? Francesca Aug/27/2015 30 Edna Harriet
Martha Betsabea or Martha Lenore? Francesca Aug/27/2015 29 Martha Lenore