Which is better? Girls QF 3 SofiaSweden Dec/21/2014 31 Phoebe Amelia
Which first name for a 44 year-old nun in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Corcran. Round 16 gabbymac94 Dec/20/2014 23 Eileen
Do you like "Anthony"? (My new favorite boy name right now) Ali Hassan Dec/20/2014 37 It's okay
MY sibling names + me. pick the one you like best. Not in age order Thatmazerunnerfan2.0 Dec/20/2014 43 Audrey ♀
Leo Felix or Felix Leo? kalonw Dec/20/2014 29 Leo Felix
Current dating prospects, who has the best name GibsonGirl Dec/20/2014 28 Nick (Nicholas)
Which do you like better? lizwashere72 Dec/20/2014 27 Greta for a girl.
Greta or Sibyl? BBH Dec/20/2014 33 Greta
Nicholas or Shane? TruthDawnsInFire Dec/20/2014 39 Nicholas
Emmeline or Romilly? BBH Dec/20/2014 34 Emmeline
On my Howrse game, my mare Leotie is expecting a filly sired by Cha'tima. What should I name her? Kinola Dec/20/2014 21 Nituna ("daughter")
Ezekiel or Hector? BBH Dec/20/2014 40 Ezekiel
My PNL Part 27 Ali Hassan Dec/20/2014 29 Roman
My PNL Part 26 Ali Hassan Dec/20/2014 34 Even
Jason or Ryan Ali Hassan Dec/20/2014 36 Jason
Names from 2008 French TV Movie: De Feu et de Glace Felie Dec/20/2014 30 Viviane
Is Ulysses too associated with President Grant? essie Dec/19/2014 28 No, it's usable
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/19/2014 63 Estelle
title of my novel about runaways in new York city AutumnInNewYork Dec/19/2014 26 On the Streets of New York
name for my son. AutumnInNewYork Dec/19/2014 36 James Victor Maynard
If you had to choose only between these names for a daughter (No. 4)... BBH Dec/19/2014 55 Violet
Lumi is a... Mirrorland Dec/19/2014 20 Pisces
Amaryllis is... Mirrorland Dec/19/2014 19 Aries
Oh my, which one? Are they too similar for sisters? Ottilie Dec/19/2014 42 No, Katarina and Wilhelmina are not too similar.
10 letter names Ottilie Dec/19/2014 46 Aleksander
Amzi (boy) Joiya Dec/19/2014 28 Dislike.
Baby Boy "Long" maggie5683 Dec/19/2014 40 Jasper
Italian Names Felie Dec/19/2014 35 Alice
Vera & Audrey combinations Christine1999 Dec/19/2014 30 Audrey Vera (i like both)
Best Random Female Name Combos (first, mid, last) Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 29 Aleksandra Lia Mondy