Surname for Greek-American teenager named Rebecca? highexpectasians 3/4/2017 25 Vasilakis
Ella... hylo 3/4/2017 24 Even
Matilda... hylo 3/4/2017 25 Matilda Catherine
Feminine "M" names from "100,001+ Best Baby Names: The Complete Book of Baby Names"; pick all the ones you like! Kinola 3/4/2017 18 Mallory
Isolde... JoyFitzgerald 3/4/2017 23 Isolde Beatrice
Name this man: 22, Reckless, Brilliant, Leader of a Revolution KittycatLuna17 3/4/2017 16 Rhys/Reese
Iolanthe Sylvia Wordsmith 3/4/2017 19 I like it.
Eladia Miriam Wordsmith 3/4/2017 15 I dislike it.
Random girl names from bounty.com; choose your favorites! (Part 3) Kinola 3/4/2017 27 Juliet
Random boy names from bounty.com; choose your favorites! (Part 3) Kinola 3/4/2017 21 Desmond
Female Names from BBC's Merlin / Part 2 sweetasjam 3/4/2017 24 Vivienne
Female Names from BBC's Merlin / Part 1 sweetasjam 3/4/2017 23 Guinevere "Gwen"
Emrys. Like it or leave it? sweetasjam 3/4/2017 24 Love but wouldn't use
Names of Jupiter's moons – choose all you like (for a girl) BlueJewels 3/4/2017 27 Leda
This or that – pick one per number BlueJewels 3/4/2017 23 9. Hazel (f)
Which of these nature-related masculine names? BlueJewels 3/4/2017 25 Ash
Which of these nature-related feminine names? BlueJewels 3/4/2017 28 Hazel
What should Rosa be short for? SaraNethri 3/4/2017 28 Rosalie
Final name choice: Alexa Verity, surname White. What do you think? SaraNethri 3/4/2017 18 Like it
Which age range do you imagine a Russian man named Ilya Grishin being in? highexpectasians 3/3/2017 19 Mid 30's
-da Names CherylTunt 3/3/2017 28 Matilda
Which Combo? lakin5 3/3/2017 17 Athena "Theni" Rosetta Marcell
Which Combo? lakin5 3/3/2017 20 Elowen "Elo" Isolde Marcell
Do Athena "Theni" And Elowen "Elo" Work As A Sibset? Last Name Marcell! lakin5 3/3/2017 18 Yes!
Which Names Do You Like? (10) cutenose 3/3/2017 23 Silas
Who will be the twin sister of Nina? cutenose 3/3/2017 20 Sofie
Which Name Suits A Clingy, Sociable Toddler? cutenose 3/3/2017 18 Felina
Name this person, Croatian, male, 30 years old, likes to visit Norway, is good at skiing, lives in a cabin in northern Finland and can speak 4 languages cutenose 3/3/2017 17 Adrijan
Nickname for Catherine? CherylTunt 3/3/2017 27 Cate
The parents names are Yuzuki and Meisa, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 3/3/2017 15 Even