How Does the Name Debbie Sound? trisha_cluskey Aug/11/2015 28 Friendly
Which Season Makes the Best Name? trisha_cluskey Aug/11/2015 42 Autumn
Which "-Ette" or "-Etta" Name Is the Best? trisha_cluskey Aug/11/2015 41 Juliette
Which Food-Related Name Is the Best? trisha_cluskey Aug/11/2015 40 Olive
My Favorite 1 Syllable Girl names AshleyJuliette Aug/11/2015 52 Sky / Skye
My favorite 1 Syllable Boy names AshleyJuliette Aug/11/2015 58 Jace
Which name best fits a football player? SoccerStar Aug/11/2015 33 Drew
Middle names for Purnima (Poo-r-NEE-ma)? pasie Aug/11/2015 24 Even
Prettiest Goddess Name Gonames Aug/11/2015 49 Athena
names for a baby boy irishrocker Aug/11/2015 31 Finnegan Conor
names for a baby girl irishrocker Aug/11/2015 29 Saoirse Aisling
If you had to choose (boy): Lalage Aug/11/2015 42 Calum
Which F name for girls? trayc53 Aug/11/2015 52 Francesca
Names from 2007 thriller film: Hannibal rising Felie Aug/11/2015 28 Jack
Names from 2007 thriller film: Hannibal rising Felie Aug/11/2015 27 Even
If you had to choose one ( boy ) : Lalage Aug/11/2015 39 Calum
Constance Athene Wordsmith Aug/11/2015 33 It's okay.
Anselm Thaddeus Wordsmith Aug/11/2015 32 Even
Enid Rebecca Wordsmith Aug/11/2015 31 It's okay.
Max Calum Lalage Aug/11/2015 29 no
Lina BBH Aug/11/2015 35 Yes.
Isaac, Henry, or Silas? BBH Aug/11/2015 41 Henry
Olivia BBH Aug/11/2015 42 I would not use the name Olivia.
Alexandra Cristi-es Aug/11/2015 42 Like it
My Top Ten Girls (with meanings) ImSorryIfILoveYou96 Aug/11/2015 59 Rose - Latin "flower"
My Top Ten Boys (with meanings) ImSorryIfILoveYou96 Aug/11/2015 56 Sebastian - "from Sebaste"
Emilia or Mia? Cristi-es Aug/10/2015 50 Emilia
Edgar crybaby Aug/10/2015 29 Edgar Julius
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Is it worth starting a relationship senior year in high school? sprinter007 Aug/10/2015 20 Yes! And if the relationship is strong enough, it can last through college, you never know :)