Rate: Constance GibsonGirl Apr/18/2014 31 3- meh
To honor Laura: which do you like best? GibsonGirl Apr/18/2014 34 Laurel
Which boys' name to go with sister Elisabeth? naomism Apr/18/2014 38 Nicholas
Recent additions to the database (male) Sofia Apr/18/2014 31 don't like any of them
Which girls name is your favorite? SakiHeart Apr/18/2014 46 Sparrow Elena
Which boys name is your favorite? SakiHeart Apr/18/2014 44 Danny James
If you had NO connection to the culture, which would you avoid using names from? Ottilie Apr/18/2014 39 African
Male; High schooler; Can turn Invisible; Chews nails when nervous; shy, nervous, sad, lonely, kind; has a pet bird; LM- Moores [R:3] Thymemintore Apr/18/2014 27 Felix
Female; 14yo protected by her older adoptive brother Thane, quiet, can auraic power orbs, use energy and nature magic; nice shy caring LM- Orswell [R:2] Thymemintore Apr/18/2014 24 Lore
Male;Thane and Theron's brother; Loves the violin and his cat, Mycroft; Nice, smart, sensitive, a tendency to wear all black; [R:1] Thymemintore Apr/18/2014 23 Alec
Anna Willow? Anna21 Apr/18/2014 29 I'm neutral
**ONLY 9 DAYS LEFT!!** Carseller Apr/18/2014 38 James Arthur Frost, III
Jasmine or Lily Jason Malcolm Apr/18/2014 40 Lily
(For a fantasy story set in the early 1990s) What should Carol Seaborne's infant son be named? Kinola Apr/18/2014 34 Evan
Which do you like? AudreyEllen Apr/18/2014 43 Hazel
Which names do you like the best? Pick one per first name. AudreyEllen Apr/18/2014 39 Tamsin Eleanor
Which one is your favorite for a girl character, age 12, loves video games, is very quiet and smart I_am_jazzy Apr/18/2014 27 Even
Which name do you like the best? AudreyEllen Apr/18/2014 32 Evan James
Young woman, early twenties, brunette. Optimistic, dreamy and caring personality. Feels very connected to nature. What would you name her? Thalia Apr/18/2014 37 Diana
Which name do you like better? derhistoriker Apr/18/2014 35 Mordecai
Martha Lucy? Anna21 Apr/18/2014 31 I like it
Choose one. Thalia Apr/18/2014 33 Selina
Which boy name is your favorite? alenajingle Apr/18/2014 49 Theron Clint
Which girl name is your favorite? alenajingle Apr/18/2014 65 Brenna Ruth
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Apr/18/2014 41 Even
Sibling names xPrincess27x Apr/18/2014 39 Emily and William
Best name(s) schwartz93 Apr/17/2014 43 Charlotte
Best name(s) schwartz93 Apr/17/2014 41 Emiliana
Best name(s) schwartz93 Apr/17/2014 43 Aurelia
Best name(s) schwartz93 Apr/17/2014 45 Emilia