Names from 2009 South-Korean Tv series: Boys Over Flower Felie Jul/9/2015 14 Yu-mi (f)
Wayne James Skylar_Arianna Jul/9/2015 18 Like James, dislike Wayne
Names from 2009 South-Korean Tv series: Boys Over Flower Felie Jul/9/2015 11 Even
Choose any. BBH Jul/9/2015 36 Emeric
Which girls name? Cristi-es Jul/9/2015 37 Lydia
Common "ghetto" names I like Skylar_Arianna Jul/9/2015 27 Dislike both for a different reason
Barnabus Athelstan or Barnaby Athelstan? Francesca Jul/9/2015 18 Barnaby Athelstan
Costantino Anastasiy or Evaristo Ignatius? Francesca Jul/9/2015 14 Costantino Anastasiy
Crocifissa Mireille or Perpetua Cyrille? Francesca Jul/9/2015 15 Perpetua Cyrille
Evangelina Aurore or Samanta Hester? Francesca Jul/9/2015 17 Evangelina Aurore
Marjorie Daffodil or Roswitha Tulip? Francesca Jul/9/2015 18 Marjorie Daffodil
Youngest brother who is outwardly charming, level headed and often mercurial is...? EscalusEmex Jul/8/2015 21 Gideon
Which of the other EscalusEmex Jul/8/2015 24 Jude
Please VOTE We're adopting a baby girl! Frenchfrygirl Jul/8/2015 40 Jemma
Names my family likes for a girl Lumiereslove Jul/8/2015 32 Scarlett
Girls' Names Starting with "P" Constant Jul/8/2015 30 Phillipa
Old Fashion Girls' Names Constant Jul/8/2015 35 Eleanor
Delia vs Dakota? FictionPrincess31415 Jul/8/2015 27 Dakota
Favorite Girl Name? aaronjaymes Jul/8/2015 38 Leah
Middle Names Jacqui Jul/8/2015 25 Kaitlyn Alexandra Pearl Wilkinson
Girl combos with two middles AshleyJuliette Jul/8/2015 28 Annika Damaris Eve
If i had kids, These are the names i would name them. Last name is Thorsen Arkham Bear Jul/8/2015 32 Even
Danica Thorsen or Kelly Thorsen Arkham Bear Jul/8/2015 20 Danica Thorsen
Favorite Boy Name? aaronjaymes Jul/8/2015 36 Gabriel
Does Ian goes with the last name Thorsen (Ian Thorsen) Arkham Bear Jul/8/2015 18 Yes
A brother for Prunella Wordsmith Jul/8/2015 25 Roderick
A sister for Prunella Wordsmith Jul/8/2015 21 Lavinia
Janet Lucile Wordsmith Jul/8/2015 18 I hate it!
Pick your favorite name (Female) cassmass22 Jul/8/2015 28 Yenna
Virginia BBH Jul/8/2015 26 Even