Which do you like? amt8705 Feb/26/2014 28 Elizabeth
which of these do you like best : Lalage Feb/26/2014 32 Even
What do you think about the name Barnabas? Christine1999 Feb/26/2014 35 Hate.
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Feb/26/2014 37 Eleanor Rose
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Feb/25/2014 29 Henry and Oliver
PICK YOUR FAV FOR OUR FAIR SON priss16 Feb/25/2014 30 MAKS
Facebook VS YouTube WaterFall Feb/25/2014 23 YouTube
Girl and Guy name TruthDawnsInFire Feb/25/2014 32 I should think of other guy names
Elowen Fae OR Rowena Sage (or a combination)? Skyicygreenrain Feb/25/2014 36 Rowena Sage
Names I really like but are not on any characters of mine yet. Which would go good on an animated kitty character? CorrieStone Feb/25/2014 25 Luna
Girl's name for last name Martell TheBespectacledNerd Feb/25/2014 38 Grace
NAMES I SAW ON TV.. WHAT DO YOU LIKE?(G) teddibear1967 Feb/25/2014 27 WOULDN'T USE ANY
Vampire Names Based on Eye Color TheLuckyOne00 Feb/25/2014 26 Aurora-Phyiscally Sensitive
Vampire Bad Boy TheLuckyOne00 Feb/25/2014 29 Even
100 Name Challenge (Girls) Pt 4 avaname Feb/25/2014 47 Even
Couple for a book.. (PM if you want to help write the book its for Wattpad TheLuckyOne00 Feb/25/2014 31 Katerina Blue & Reece Parker
Which name do you prefer? jtaemas Feb/25/2014 47 Juliet
Elen xPrincess27x Feb/25/2014 20 Elen Ceridwen
Christopher or Christian Lee Augustus Feb/25/2014 33 Christopher
Which name do you prefer? always_lily Feb/25/2014 40 Elizabeth
Gunnar Astrid1992 Feb/25/2014 36 Hate
Which of these girls names do you like? Astrid1992 Feb/25/2014 55 Athena
Best nickname for Evander clayishtwine Feb/25/2014 36 Evan
Which Mary name(s)? Anna21 Feb/25/2014 36 Mary Katherine "Mary Kate"
Which spelling? Kels28 Feb/25/2014 34 Emmy
(Fixed) Female Names from A Song of Ice and Fire (Part 1) (disregard previous poll) marvelous-things Feb/25/2014 38 Arya
which do you prefer? Lalage Feb/25/2014 41 Genevieve Scarlett
Which Spelling For Gale-LEE-Ohn For A Male? lakin5 Feb/24/2014 25 Galleon
Which girl name? Kaitlyn94Marie Feb/24/2014 47 Emma
Which middle name do you like the best?? Liddy0718 Feb/24/2014 39 Callie Joy