Male names re36 Feb/10/2016 35 James
Felix or Peter? BBH Feb/10/2016 31 Felix
Virginia Rose or Grace Virginia? BBH Feb/10/2016 30 Virginia Rose
Alice or Emmeline? BBH Feb/10/2016 26 Alice
Which of these girls combos do you prefer? Anna21 Feb/10/2016 27 Helena Katherine
Girl's names, please choose any you like speakofthewolf Feb/10/2016 35 Vivian
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Feb/9/2016 36 Magdalena
Henriette Diana Erme Ioainna Feb/9/2016 22 Even
Francis Nicholas Erme Ioainna Feb/9/2016 20 Dislike it
Which of these for a boy? Lumiereslove Feb/9/2016 35 Gabriel
Which of these boys names beginning with A do you like? Rigatoni Feb/9/2016 32 Adrian
Baby boy name , pick as many as you want Mlburget729 Feb/9/2016 35 Ronan
Lux and Keely B/G twins! Baby Name Pro Feb/9/2016 21 Keely Eva
Jerome vs Jermaine? (Wife Clara said as Clair-uh) Fictionprincess Feb/9/2016 20 Clara & Jerome
Anthea vs. Liatris For A Girl AnonymousUser Feb/9/2016 25 Anthea (AN-thee-ə)
Favourite Girls Names from my PNLs Loads of Randomness Feb/9/2016 30 Elizabeth
Favourite Boys names from my PNLs Loads of Randomness Feb/9/2016 29 Even
Absolute favorite? (boys) AshleyJuliette Feb/9/2016 28 Elliott
Absolute favorite?? (girls) AshleyJuliette Feb/9/2016 26 Marjorie
Which variation of Neville doth thou like best ? BonVoyage Feb/9/2016 24 Neville.
What's your fave ----- Bert name ? BonVoyage Feb/9/2016 29 Robert.
What's your favourite B name ? BonVoyage Feb/9/2016 30 Basil.
Which girl name elliecruze Feb/9/2016 34 Adelaide
Which girl name elliecruze Feb/9/2016 24 Caroline
Girls names pick a favourite Goldcrown Feb/9/2016 39 Alice
What Name Meaning Do You Think Is Special? lilolaf Feb/9/2016 29 Aisake (Means He Laughs)
?? Raynegillis Feb/9/2016 20 Cambrie
Which Name Looks Simple cutenose Feb/9/2016 26 Ben
Which Ancient Scandinavian Name Do You Like cutenose Feb/9/2016 18 Eilífr
Which name should be used more? Goldcrown Feb/9/2016 40 Vincent