Julia or Charlotte Jason Malcolm Mar/22/2014 30 Charlotte
Various Noreen combinations Wordsmith Mar/22/2014 22 Noreen Charlotte
This or that? ( g + b sibsets) maladies Mar/22/2014 25 Eleonora & Frederick
WDYT of Ludovic? maladies Mar/22/2014 27 Even
Best Female Name From Top 500 of 1880 avaname Mar/22/2014 42 Rose
Who is Nancy and Marnie Elliston's younger sister? xPrincess27x Mar/22/2014 24 Edith Elliston "Edie"
What name is the best British name for a girl? 7thGalaxy Mar/22/2014 42 Elizabeth
Sophie & Violet's sister is named... schlink Mar/22/2014 37 Even
youngest brother, 4 years old. very quiet and likes to play alone. imaginative, loves to make up stories and play outside. longer slightly curly brown hair and brown eyes. essie Mar/22/2014 29 Jonah
Mary Ruth BBH Mar/22/2014 31 love
middle brother, 7 years old. stubborn, loud, energetic, cheeky & funny. dark blond hair, big brown eyes. trouble maker but still very sweet and lovable. essie Mar/22/2014 34 Sebastian "Bastian"
Oldest brother, 12 years old. very mature but also innocent. protective big brother, kind & polite. has thick brown hair, tanned skin and green eyes. charismatic but a little shy. essie Mar/22/2014 30 Mattias/Matthias (mah-TEE-ahs)
Book Protagonist - Round 2 (12/27) Phoenix963 Mar/22/2014 34 Even
Book Protagonist - Round 2 (11/27) Phoenix963 Mar/22/2014 28 Even
Book Protagonist - Round 2 (10/27) Phoenix963 Mar/22/2014 32 Dominic
Which nam do you prefer? jadsee Mar/22/2014 28 Catherine Jade
2013 top 10 boy names in German essie Mar/22/2014 42 Lukas/Lucas
2013 top 10 girl names in German essie Mar/22/2014 41 Sofia/Sophia
20-something woman with 5 young children xPrincess27x Mar/22/2014 24 Estelle Fairbairn
Best girls name EMMARIE Mar/22/2014 38 Felicity
My nephews names, which do you like best? EMMARIE Mar/22/2014 35 Benjamin David
My nieces names, which do you like best? EMMARIE Mar/22/2014 37 Even
Best middle name for Tristan EMMARIE Mar/22/2014 26 Tristan James
Best middle name for Chesney EMMARIE Mar/22/2014 19 Even
Which names do you like best. Choose as many as you like. Glasz Mar/21/2014 38 Clara
Which name for a female character who enjoys rain and wears mostly tight black clothing (and hipster glasses)? (choose all you like) PeterPan42 Mar/21/2014 25 Wren
which girls name? prayforpeace Mar/21/2014 40 Elsa
which six do you like? girls prayforpeace Mar/21/2014 42 Emma
which out of these 9 would you use? prayforpeace Mar/21/2014 37 Ella
Christopher or Nicholas Jason Malcolm Mar/21/2014 33 Nicholas