Which do you prefer? TheArtemisMoon Sep/16/2015 36 Even
Which name do you like better? Jessica21 Sep/16/2015 36 Natalia
Shamira mirfak Sep/16/2015 21 bleh.
Samira mirfak Sep/16/2015 24 nice.
Some current Girl favorites AshleyJuliette Sep/16/2015 44 Ariadne
Pick your 3 favorite for each gender (top half is girls; bottom is boys). glaucous Sep/16/2015 42 Gabriel
Alexander Thorsen or William Thorsen? Which name sounds stronger? Thojoe Smithinway Sep/16/2015 29 Alexander "Alex" Thorsen
Which of these girls names do you like? Rigatoni Sep/16/2015 43 Evelyn
Leo vs Hugo kalonw Sep/16/2015 35 Leo
Silas, Carter, and... Oceaneyes22 Sep/16/2015 38 Maeve
boy combinations celtic77 Sep/16/2015 33 Finnegan Jack
girl combinations celtic77 Sep/16/2015 31 Norah Rose
Boy names starting with D AshleyJuliette Sep/16/2015 40 Even
Boy names that start with "C" AshleyJuliette Sep/16/2015 42 Even
Italian Names Felie Sep/16/2015 27 Even
L boys BellBell Sep/16/2015 42 Logan
L girls BellBell Sep/16/2015 48 Lyra
K boys BellBell Sep/16/2015 22 Koby
K girls BellBell Sep/16/2015 34 Katarina
Which name sounds Uglyier? magdahlia15 Sep/15/2015 41 Maggie
Do you like the name Ignatius Tracey magdahlia15 Sep/15/2015 28 not at all
Eve L. Sounds too close to evil? LV51sfan91 Sep/15/2015 33 Eve Langer (Eve L.) may hardly be called Eve L. (Evil)
Which of these girls name combos do you like? Rigatoni Sep/15/2015 32 Amelia Rosemary
Which of these boys name combos do you like? Rigatoni Sep/15/2015 33 Arthur Leopold
Morgan, Morgana or Morgaine? waiting.for.spring Sep/15/2015 37 Morgana
Sean, Iain or Evan? waiting.for.spring Sep/15/2015 39 Evan
Craig or Kenneth? waiting.for.spring Sep/15/2015 29 Kenneth
Boy names that Begin with "B" AshleyJuliette Sep/15/2015 39 Benjamin
Boy nAmes thAt stArt with "A" AshleyJuliette Sep/15/2015 43 Alexander
J boys BellBell Sep/15/2015 32 Jasper