Which name? Fizzmasta0 Oct/11/2015 26 Luna
Made up fantasy names, which one's would fit an insolent princess? speakofthewolf Oct/11/2015 22 Damora (DAM-ər-ə)
Some sets of three names that I think would make funny/inside joke-y sib-sets-- arockster Oct/10/2015 17 Hermione, Ronald (Ron), Harry [golden trio in Harry Potter books/movies/world]
A powerful woman is most likely to be called... evgen Oct/10/2015 39 Winter
Pick all the names you like evgen Oct/10/2015 35 Bridget
Ciaran's middle name is... celtic77 Oct/10/2015 21 Magnus
Sinead's middle name is... celtic77 Oct/10/2015 21 Rose
Ireland vladislava Oct/10/2015 12 Ireland Anneliese
Complementary Brother Pairs BBH Oct/10/2015 27 Peter & Thomas
Complementary Sister Pairs BBH Oct/10/2015 27 Eleanor & Matilda
Coral Athena whim Oct/10/2015 23 It's okay.
Which do you like the best? Jiama Oct/10/2015 53 Julia
Which do you like the best? Jiama Oct/10/2015 51 Nicholas
Should the main reason for someone to attend a party A) the person hosting it or B) the other friends attending? sprinter007 Oct/10/2015 13 The host; you're attending the party for them!
Faith or Evangeline LV51sfan91 Oct/10/2015 23 Evangeline
? Evangeline LV51sfan91 Oct/10/2015 22 No
Which Combo? aaronjaymes Oct/10/2015 15 Anita Amethyst
Which Spelling? aaronjaymes Oct/10/2015 18 Chantal
Which name should I keep ? LV51sfan91 Oct/10/2015 22 Eve (Evie)
Lillian & Lydia sisters? LV51sfan91 Oct/10/2015 19 Yes, too close.
TV/movie sibsets BellBell Oct/10/2015 17 Hope & Faith
Which of these do you like for a girl? AshleyJuliette Oct/10/2015 23 Cypress as a middle
Girl combos AshleyJuliette Oct/10/2015 21 Aurora Josephine
Betsy mirfak Oct/10/2015 26 don't like it at all
Boy combos AshleyJuliette Oct/10/2015 23 Owen Rhys
Can Briseis be a unisex name barbierose Oct/10/2015 23 No
Can Amarylis be a unisex name? barbierose Oct/10/2015 22 No
Murray? Vela Oct/10/2015 15 Murray Edison
Caspian? Vela Oct/10/2015 16 Caspian Hugo
Otto? Vela Oct/10/2015 18 Otto James