If you HAD to change your name to 1 of these androgynous choices, which names eould you consider? AshleyJuliette Jun/29/2015 38 Alex/Alix
which spelling? crybaby Jun/29/2015 21 Zebulon
American birth announcements. Your favorite? erem Jun/29/2015 31 Juliet Winter
Various Sibling Sets AshleyJuliette Jun/29/2015 20 Leah, Chloe, Anna, & Molly
Jasper Louis BBH Jun/29/2015 29 Yes!
Which do you like the most? TurtlesMum Jun/29/2015 34 Cordelia
_______ Lalage Wordsmith Jun/29/2015 25 Edith Lalage
Myrtle Rosemary Wordsmith Jun/29/2015 28 I dislike it.
Heziah (male) BBH Jun/29/2015 21 Usable.
Micaiah (male) BBH Jun/29/2015 20 Usable.
Benaiah (male) BBH Jun/29/2015 21 Usable.
Jephthah (male) BBH Jun/29/2015 20 Unusable.
Clemence Combos Part 1 SofiaSweden Jun/29/2015 20 Clemence Abigail
Which names go best together? Eleni 217 Jun/29/2015 23 Sophie and Marc
Which name for our daughter? .miela. Jun/29/2015 32 Piper (my choice)
Zebulon: usable or not? crybaby Jun/29/2015 26 no
Zora or Zelda? crybaby Jun/29/2015 33 Zelda
Baby girl Raynegillis Jun/28/2015 33 Chloe Brielle
Which sis-set? lepetitviolet Jun/28/2015 32 Beatrice, Philippa, and Eleanor
Classic Boys kalonw Jun/28/2015 44 William
Classic Girls kalonw Jun/28/2015 45 Even
Best of the Boys kalonw Jun/28/2015 38 Jasper
Best of the Girls kalonw Jun/28/2015 43 Rose
Lillian (A woman being forced to name her daughter this name!) Nicknames! LV51sfan91 Jun/28/2015 29 Lia (Lee-uh)
Delena (Del-uh-nuh) Like Deleno with an A LV51sfan91 Jun/28/2015 14 Grace Delena Langer
Which one for a girl? naomism Jun/28/2015 33 Phoebe Miller
Random American Names Felie Jun/28/2015 16 Ashley Tilton
Favorite girls names! cactusgram Jun/28/2015 41 Josephine
Names from 2004 British-American costume drama: Vanity Fair Felie Jun/28/2015 23 Agatha
Names from 2004 British-American costume drama: Vanity Fair Felie Jun/28/2015 26 Rose