Sister for Lillian Dawn "Lilly Dawn" family names #1 LV51sfan91 Sep/1/2015 26 Natalie Ruth
Narrowed down more! Sister for Lillian Dawn "Lilly Dawn" None family names LV51sfan91 Sep/1/2015 26 Lucy Claire/Lucy Olivia/Lucy Madeline
Estelle or Esther? waiting.for.spring Sep/1/2015 30 Esther
"Amma" works best as a nickname from... Mirrorland Sep/1/2015 25 Amaryllis
Girl names that begin with E AshleyJuliette Sep/1/2015 41 Evelyn
Girl names that start with F AshleyJuliette Sep/1/2015 35 Freya
Combos (female) BBH Sep/1/2015 35 Even
Hester Lily Ada Wordsmith Sep/1/2015 26 It's okay.
experimenting with different Girl names AshleyJuliette Sep/1/2015 35 Caroline Scarlett
Is Isla getting very popular in the US around you? naminfool Sep/1/2015 24 I don't know any Islas; it remains unique
Which middle name do you like best? naminfool Sep/1/2015 34 Isla Jane
Help me choose! Not expecting but switching up my tops! * = name honors gabbymac94 Sep/1/2015 25 Raven Calypso Amelie
Help me choose! Not expecting but switching up my tops! gabbymac94 Sep/1/2015 16 Raven Calypso Amelie
Judith Ella Pearl Wordsmith Sep/1/2015 26 I like it.
Sibyl Anna Ruth Wordsmith Sep/1/2015 25 I dislike it.
Myrtle Frances Eve Wordsmith Sep/1/2015 23 I dislike it.
Enid Mary Blythe Wordsmith Sep/1/2015 23 I like it.
Which one? SofiaSweden Sep/1/2015 27 Alma Josephine
Female Combinations Francesca Sep/1/2015 28 Caroline Opal
Male Combinations Francesca Sep/1/2015 27 Even
Which middle name(s) do you like best/hate least for Rex? SakiHeart Sep/1/2015 23 Rex Peregrine
Names from my dream for a girl: Emily Amy Aug/31/2015 29 Felicity
Elijah NN Eli or Lijah all MN family names LV51sfan91 Aug/31/2015 20 Elijah David
Jeremy (J-Air-Me) two syllables! LV51sfan91 Aug/31/2015 18 Jeremy Nathaniel
The name Gemma is... cricket Aug/31/2015 32 A bratty and spoiled girl
Names from Mekakucity Actors (Kagerou Project) ItsJustMeAgain. Aug/31/2015 12 Hiyori (f)
Which combo? .miela. Aug/31/2015 20 Parker Rose
Girl names that start with G AshleyJuliette Aug/31/2015 40 Grace
Ok down to one per name! Sister is Lillian Dawn! LV51sfan91 Aug/31/2015 31 Sophia Joy
Which do you prefer? Mirrorland Aug/31/2015 33 Cora