Bottom 20 of the top 100 names for boys born in the Czech Republic in 2014; choose all your favorites! Kinola Dec/7/2016 19 Even
First name for middle name James mommymurphy Dec/7/2016 17 Orson
First name for middle name Pauline mommymurphy Dec/7/2016 15 Isadora
Travis should be the son of which sister? FictionPrincess31415 Dec/7/2016 13 1 or 2
Which one? Whipsmart Dec/7/2016 21 Even
Topaz or Amethyst? hylo Dec/7/2016 20 Amethyst
Carlie or Charlie? funmonkey Dec/7/2016 18 Charlie
Which Spelling? itsjustme2407 Dec/7/2016 21 Axel
Enid Margot or Evadne Margot? hylo Dec/7/2016 22 Evadne Margot
Zinnia Frances or Zelda Frances? hylo Dec/7/2016 22 Zelda Frances
Thea Bernadette or Thora Bernadette? hylo Dec/7/2016 19 Thea Bernadette
Clarissa Jane or Cicely Jane? hylo Dec/7/2016 19 Clarissa Jane
Yuuri, Maho, Hiyori, Haruhana, Chiho, Aika, Risa, Mayumi, Satomi, Nanako, Aya, Yuka, Yumi, Kaoru, Miyoho, Natsume, Chihiro, Misaki or Momoko cutenose Dec/7/2016 16 Even
Pick all you like princessleia28 Dec/7/2016 22 Clara Madeline
Pick all you like princessleia28 Dec/7/2016 19 Abigail Irene
Viveca Eulalie Wordsmith Dec/7/2016 17 Even
Ermengarde Louisa Wordsmith Dec/7/2016 16 I dislike it.
Vashti Susanna Wordsmith Dec/7/2016 17 I dislike it.
Isabeau Clarissa Wordsmith Dec/7/2016 16 It's okay.
Frederica Nathalie Wordsmith Dec/7/2016 17 It's okay.
Callum Bright v. Callum Bren (Surname) HelpfulMcHelperson Dec/7/2016 14 Callum Bright
Pick the ones you like.. Kesces9 Dec/7/2016 29 Emilia Rose
Which spelling do you prefer? Anna21 Dec/7/2016 20 Elizabeth Sophia
Best for a boy ValentineCooper Dec/7/2016 24 Adam
Brother for Hayley, Skye, Nathan and Blake HaySkyNat Dec/7/2016 27 Xander
Which girl name to go with siblings Hayley, Skye, Nathan and Blake..? HaySkyNat Dec/7/2016 20 Even
Twin brother for Chloe HaySkyNat Dec/7/2016 22 Chloe and Felix
B/B twin sets donatella Dec/7/2016 20 Everett / Nathaniel
G/G twin sets donatella Dec/7/2016 18 Hilda / Henrietta nn Hetty
G/B twin sets (N/B: Leslie is for the boy) donatella Dec/7/2016 22 Rebekah / Nathaniel