Which? hylo 10/21/2017 21 Even
Pick your favorite combo (of 5), AND then pick one number per combo glaucous 10/21/2017 23 3-dislike
Derivatives of Elizabeth Rosita Quackenbush 10/21/2017 23 Elizabeth
-ia Names Rosita Quackenbush 10/21/2017 24 Mia
Disney Princess Names Rosita Quackenbush 10/21/2017 27 Anna
Which of these similar names do you like? Rosita Quackenbush 10/21/2017 25 Calla
How do you feel about the name Cinema Leaf_Soto 10/20/2017 23 Hate it
Name: Ray or Rey? BehindAName9 10/20/2017 17 Ray
Name for a shy girl with obsessive tendencies? qringge 10/20/2017 11 Yua
Indian baby boy name. Sibling name Aanya infotalk 10/20/2017 15 Dev
Name this person: Oldest son of an Italian mob boss (≈25 years old); very intelligent, but dark & mysterious; tall & strong, with pointed nose, dark hair, and greenish hazel eyes; last name's Ramoria Emilie Arouet 10/20/2017 22 Niccoló Ramoria
NOT NAME RELATED: Do you guys know any adults with a gap between their teeth? thezenithofnadir 10/20/2017 24 Yes!
Which surname for a Regency-era lounge lady? ThatOneAuthorGirl 10/20/2017 23 Hope Livingston
Which do you like better, my nickname or my actual name? TheGreatCornholio 10/20/2017 34 Nellie (my nickname)
WDYT? Chelsea, my birth name. thezenithofnadir 10/20/2017 33 3, eh I'm neutral.
Which boy? Emilie Arouet 10/20/2017 31 Even
OPINION: I want to change my first name. I love V names a lot and I'm currently debating between these names. Which names fits me? Photo on profile! thezenithofnadir 10/20/2017 28 Violet
Name for serious/brave girl mynameisb 10/20/2017 22 Sylvia
Which names sound like Vincent Mattia's sister? (part II) salty seas 10/20/2017 22 Francesca
Do you prefer the popular feminine or popular masculine versions of these names? (part 2) Emilie Arouet 10/20/2017 30 Even
Which names sound like Vincent Mattia's sister? (part I) salty seas 10/20/2017 20 Caterina
Which names sound like Vincent Mattia's brother? salty seas 10/20/2017 22 Anthony
Eurydice for a baby girl? (Not mine) mynameisb 10/20/2017 23 Hate it
First-Place Names | Masculine names that ranked #1 in my past polls | Part 2 KylieLocke 10/20/2017 29 Sebastian
First-Place Names | Feminine names that ranked #1 in my past polls | Part 2 KylieLocke 10/20/2017 26 Rose
Your fave name for a generous and smart boy mynameisb 10/20/2017 21 Ivan
Rosalind Zemm 10/20/2017 21 Like
Girls Names (Set III) BlueJewels 10/20/2017 31 Maeve
Which old-fashioned, odd, clunky name? revised Kp_quarternote 10/20/2017 17 Alinabelle
Which old-fashioned, odd, clunky name? Kp_quarternote 10/20/2017 23 Leonora