Interactive Polls

Italian Name: Angelica (an-JEH-lee-kah) Felie Dec/16/2014 28 Even
Girl Names! Please vote :) Part 8 Baby Name Pro Dec/15/2014 46 Caroline
girls celtic77 Dec/15/2014 29 Adelaide Cecilia
Random female combinations Wordsmith Dec/15/2014 27 Vesta Lucy
7 names and 7 weeks left...Help narrow down SIL's list! glizandglammom Dec/15/2014 51 Finn
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Dec/15/2014 64 Helena
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Dec/15/2014 56 Thomas
Various Junius combinations Wordsmith Dec/15/2014 15 Even
My PNL Part 22: New Additions Ali Hassan Dec/15/2014 29 Emma
Which version do you prefer? Joiya Dec/15/2014 31 Vivienne
Which is better? Boys round 4 SofiaSweden Dec/15/2014 32 Alexander John
Which is better? Girls round 4 SofiaSweden Dec/15/2014 32 Phoebe Amelia
which one (boys)? essie Dec/15/2014 33 Lawrence
Battle of the Names 1: (Pick 1 per symbol) Thymemintore Dec/15/2014 41 # Alexandra
Mother: Martha (58). Father: Miguel. Son: Juan Antonio (34) Felie Dec/15/2014 19 Yes
Father: Joel (59 years old). Mother: Luisa. Children: Roberto (39) and Elisabetta (35) Felie Dec/15/2014 18 Yes
Father:Esteban (60 years old). Mother: Lucy. Children: Maria Clara (41), Cecelia (38) and Ernest & Gonzales (37) Felie Dec/15/2014 17 No
Flower Theme Girl Names Pick Your Favorites Thymemintore Dec/15/2014 40 Rose
Grandmother: Beth (63 years old). Children: Klaus (45), Harmony (44) and Lilias (42). Grandchildren: Katarina, Maximilian, Atticus, Fletcher, Hans, Albert, Benjamin, Tobias, Stephany and Junior Felie Dec/15/2014 21 Yes
Some of my Favorite Boy Names! Thymemintore Dec/15/2014 38 Oliver
Names for Girls I Love! Thymemintore Dec/15/2014 44 Elizabeth
Favorite Character names (first in mid if known) Thymemintore Dec/15/2014 22 Emma Lily
Sylvie Catherine Joy whim Dec/15/2014 23 Yes.
My PNL Part 21:New Additions Ali Hassan Dec/15/2014 27 Dante
My PNL Part 20: New Additions (* = Would use) Ali Hassan Dec/15/2014 30 Alexandra* (Third favorite girl name)
Blythe Ramona BBH Dec/15/2014 30 Even
Cicely Mary BBH Dec/15/2014 23 Yes.
Imogen Lucy BBH Dec/15/2014 26 Yes.
Hector Elias BBH Dec/15/2014 19 Yes.
Laurel Amelia BBH Dec/15/2014 23 Yes.