WDYT of Caius? PhantomWolf64 Jul/12/2015 20 I would use it for a character/pet/other
Which name combinations do you prefer with the surname Fletcher? (Girl Names) Rosalba Jul/12/2015 20 Anya May
Which mixed sibset? Sadie-Janae Jul/12/2015 28 Even
Which all boy sibset? Sadie-Janae Jul/12/2015 20 Jasper & Lucas
Which all girl sibset? Sadie-Janae Jul/12/2015 26 Felicity & Helena
Real sibsets (b&g) schlink Jul/12/2015 26 Thomas & Madeline
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Jul/12/2015 14 Alyssa Elaine Eve
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Jul/12/2015 15 Alyssa Juliet Eve
Clement Issachar Wordsmith Jul/11/2015 14 Even
Waldo Zacharias Wordsmith Jul/11/2015 17 I hate it!
Lavinia Helen Wordsmith Jul/11/2015 24 I like it.
Rose Ann? (first and middle name) Lumiereslove Jul/11/2015 22 no
Which with Natalie and which with Natasha? Lumiereslove Jul/11/2015 16 Even
Which of these Irish names do you like? Likeyeahwhatev Jul/11/2015 28 Saoirse
Can Lillian & Lydia work as sisters? I've tried Olivia but my heart loves Lydia. I know they're similar but could we get away with it? LV51sfan91 Jul/11/2015 33 Yes, you can use Lydia!
Hannah (having a hard time closing in on my top 3) LV51sfan91 Jul/11/2015 26 Hannah Audrey Langer
Which one of these boys name combos? Gwynbow Jul/11/2015 29 Henry Oliver James
Which one of these girl name combos? Gwynbow Jul/11/2015 32 Ivy Emilia Grace
Baptistine Combinations Francesca Jul/11/2015 19 Even
Choose one per symbol(girls), Thanks! AshleyJuliette Jul/11/2015 43 Even
Sylvester Combinations Francesca Jul/11/2015 17 Emil Sylvester
Egmund Combinations Francesca Jul/11/2015 15 Montgomery Egmund
Ichabod Combinations Francesca Jul/11/2015 12 Even
Richenza Combinations Francesca Jul/11/2015 15 Even
Names from 2009 American film: the city of your final destination Felie Jul/11/2015 25 Caroline
1-2 syllable names! ElspethJane Jul/11/2015 38 Cora
Last name for Diantha? Thojoe Smithinway Jul/11/2015 17 Diantha Holtz
Sarah or Julianne Arkham Bear Jul/11/2015 32 Sarah
Diantha or Alexandrine? Arkham Bear Jul/11/2015 26 Alexandrine
Names of Days - July 11th Felie Jul/11/2015 21 Eleonora