Interactive Polls

Wdyt of Heidi xxNameNerdxx Nov/17/2013 31 Dislike it
Like any? (all female) Sofia Nov/17/2013 26 Antea
Middle Names for Athena xxNameNerdxx Nov/17/2013 28 Athena Josephine
Desmond xPrincess27x Nov/17/2013 26 Desmond Peter
Fern Isabel Wordsmith Nov/17/2013 32 I dislike it.
Doris Evelyn Wordsmith Nov/17/2013 27 It's okay.
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Nov/17/2013 27 Catherine Elizabeth
Which version of Theresa? teslas Nov/17/2013 31 Theresa
Which names and nicknames are your favorites? xnutmegx56 Nov/17/2013 57 Evangeline (Eva/Evie)
Which? BBH Nov/17/2013 32 Andrew Thomas
Which? BBH Nov/17/2013 33 Even
Which? BBH Nov/17/2013 31 Samuel Thomas
Which? BBH Nov/17/2013 35 Robert Daniel
Which? BBH Nov/17/2013 31 Daniel Thomas
Which ssa end sounding name for a girl do you like the most? prayforpeace Nov/16/2013 47 Marissa
Which B name would you use? prayforpeace Nov/16/2013 40 Bridget
Which A name would you use? prayforpeace Nov/16/2013 46 Even
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Nov/16/2013 51 Even
NNR but it's school related. For my final photography assignment I need to make a themed "portfolio" of pictures. I'm torn between these 2 ideas. Which do you like best? gabbymac94 Nov/16/2013 28 Role reversal (children in family dress + act like adults, the adults dress + act like children)
which O name would you use? prayforpeace Nov/16/2013 46 Oliver
Lake as a middle name? SJayne Nov/16/2013 36 I don't like it for either gender
Victoire SJayne Nov/16/2013 38 Like
Which is your favorite C names xxNameNerdxx Nov/16/2013 51 Charlotte
Which is your favorite B names xxNameNerdxx Nov/16/2013 42 Beatrice
Which is your favorite A name xxNameNerdxx Nov/16/2013 46 Alice
Favorite Nicknames For Persephone? lakin5 Nov/16/2013 41 Sephie/Sephy
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Nov/16/2013 39 Mary Adelaide
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Nov/16/2013 38 Tobias Matthew
Like any? (all male) Sofia Nov/16/2013 22 Haris
Which surname should be used for a rich family living on an Earth-like planet? (All are French) Kinola Nov/16/2013 28 Even