Interactive Polls

Eloise June .Lily. Aug/25/2013 33 Like it
Random name of the day: Clara Oohvintage Aug/25/2013 43 Even
Current Favorite Girls Names 3 angyandy Aug/25/2013 42 Seraphina
Current Favorite Boys Names 2 angyandy Aug/25/2013 42 Oliver
Current Favorite Girls Names 2 angyandy Aug/25/2013 42 Josephine
Antoinette Lydia "Nettie" Wordsmith Aug/25/2013 32 I dislike it.
Current Favorite Boys Names 1 angyandy Aug/25/2013 43 Alexander
Zella Marguerite Wordsmith Aug/25/2013 32 I hate it!
Alma Lillian Wordsmith Aug/25/2013 26 It's okay.
Current Favorite Girls Names 1 angyandy Aug/25/2013 44 Helena
What do you think of Rowan Micah Zackary? gabbymac94 Aug/25/2013 40 I'm neutral
names for a baby girl celtic77 Aug/25/2013 37 Saoirse Isla
Who is the father of Kate Edwards' baby? moonstorm Aug/25/2013 28 An exchange student who is boarding with her family
What middle name with "Stacy"? Kinola Aug/25/2013 35 Maureen
What middle name with "Abraham"? Kinola Aug/25/2013 31 Joseph
For my Sweet Sixteen, should I have a fun "big" entrance? Or no entrance and just be there to greet and hug my guests when they arrive? gotnomojo101 Aug/25/2013 30 Greet guests when they arrive
Which Maude combo works best? DaytonK Aug/25/2013 50 Even
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Aug/25/2013 36 Edward and Alice
Frederick BBH Aug/25/2013 41 4
Which? BBH Aug/25/2013 42 Even
Which? BBH Aug/25/2013 42 Cecilia
WDYT of Vienna Mariel (pronounced mary-elle)? polkaspot Aug/25/2013 35 Dislike it
Best nickname for Elsa polkaspot Aug/25/2013 39 Doesn't need one
Girls 2 allgirlsloveavampire Aug/25/2013 44 Eve Lucia
Boys 2 allgirlsloveavampire Aug/25/2013 40 Noah Michael
For my Sweet Sixteen, I want to invite one of my best friends but some of my friends don't like him for some reason. Should I still invite him? gotnomojo101 Aug/24/2013 33 Yes, it's your party, who cares what other people think
Sarah or Katherine / Catherine? Lumiereslove Aug/24/2013 35 Sarah Katherine / Catherine
Sarah Katherine / Sarah Catherine or Sarah Danielle? Lumiereslove Aug/24/2013 33 Sarah Katherine / Catherine
Which Name Do You NOT Want to Enter the Top 1000 in 2013? (Girls) Final x_Chaser of Dreams_x Aug/24/2013 35 Goodness
New baby girl: Nora Catherine Price. Wdyt? Isabel Price Aug/24/2013 40 Flows well