Sibsets I know (&=twins) Sofia Apr/26/2014 32 Nikolina, Daniela, Valentina and Marko
names for a baby boy celtic77 Apr/26/2014 39 Alistair Callum
names for a baby girl celtic77 Apr/26/2014 35 Anwen Bryony
Recent additions to the database (male) Sofia Apr/26/2014 35 don't like any of them
Anthony or Nicholas Jason Malcolm Apr/26/2014 36 Nicholas
which one of these: Lalage Apr/26/2014 37 Gabrielle
Middle name for William? ca_mummy Apr/26/2014 29 William Coleman Stillwell
Best A name? (girls) BeenieWmly Apr/26/2014 51 Ava
middle name for Ariel (b, ah-ree-el) essie Apr/26/2014 42 Ariel David
Which with Philidore? Philidel Apr/26/2014 36 Philidore Thomas
Which spelling? AudreyEllen Apr/26/2014 44 Even
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Apr/26/2014 52 Annika
Which you prefer for a baby girl Lalage Apr/26/2014 44 Iris
Quick of these names do you like best? abster Apr/26/2014 44 Séraphine
What fits for the personality of Verity Pearl Destination? AudreyEllen Apr/26/2014 23 Slightly odd/quirky, smart, studious
Should a girl named Sara Wabash have a younger brother? Kinola Apr/26/2014 18 Yes
Best Jennifer combo Lumiereslove Apr/26/2014 35 Jennifer Elise
Best A Name EMMARIE Apr/26/2014 49 Adelaide
Best Unisex names for girls EMMARIE Apr/26/2014 43 Riley
Valerie Bitey Apr/26/2014 42 4 - like it
Astoria? GibsonGirl Apr/25/2014 39 Dislike it
Annika? GibsonGirl Apr/25/2014 38 Yes
Would you name a girl Bentley? GibsonGirl Apr/25/2014 46 No
Bishop for a boy? GibsonGirl Apr/25/2014 35 Hate it
Which male name combo? Philidel Apr/25/2014 40 Theodore Rupert
Which with Jonathan? Lumiereslove Apr/25/2014 34 Jonathan Andrew
Which from this list? Lumiereslove Apr/25/2014 47 *or is Amelia still better*
Pick one set (boys) K.G Valentina Apr/25/2014 54 Stellan, Felix, and Maximilian
Does Miles Donovan flow? (inbox me suggestions) ThatMazerunnerfan Apr/25/2014 35 YES
Which Ada combo? Surname: Daniels bopperlynn Apr/25/2014 32 Ada Elisabeth Grace