Interactive Polls

Rae Marcella ophelia Sep/24/2013 32 I dislike it
Sib set rating ms.jackson Sep/24/2013 32 Samuel, Nicholas, Elijah
Fay Rosalind Wordsmith Sep/24/2013 28 I like it.
Nessa Dorothy Wordsmith Sep/24/2013 29 I hate it!
Is it acceptable to name a child after a fantasy character (i.e. Anakin, Frodo, Eragon)? GoodNightingale Sep/24/2013 43 No.
Name for main character exciting children's book (dutch). She is curious, sparkling, messy, with maroon hair. But wat is her perfect name? SDvtH Sep/24/2013 40 Lena
Which set? BBH Sep/24/2013 38 Isaac, Benjamin, Thomas, Peter
Louise BBH Sep/24/2013 38 3
Rosemarie BBH Sep/24/2013 31 5 -- love
Estelle BBH Sep/24/2013 29 1
My Created Names With Meaning's... Markiss Sep/24/2013 29 Markhail - Justice
Which Is Your Favorite Pokemon Name? lakin5 Sep/23/2013 28 Serena
Navarra/Navara KnifeLuv Sep/23/2013 27 No
Esther Eugenia Wordsmith Sep/23/2013 33 I hate it!
Pick all you like 15HourNap Sep/23/2013 60 Nathaniel Henry
Teenage girl. 2004. Wears tight sweatshirts with low-rise jeans. Listens to Britney Spears. What's her name? Meadow Sep/23/2013 42 Ashley
Pick all you like 15HourNap Sep/23/2013 58 Genevieve Rose
Rate Aludra ophelia Sep/23/2013 30 I dislike it
"Ash" as a nickname for... Skygray15 Sep/23/2013 33 Asher
Nicknames for name "Valiance" Skygray15 Sep/23/2013 25 None of the above
Middle names for Juliette? xxNameNerdxx Sep/23/2013 34 Juliette Rose
Calamitee (for a girl) Meadow Sep/23/2013 33 Dislike it
Middle names for Marnie? xxNameNerdxx Sep/23/2013 30 Marnie Rose
Which spelling do you prefer? ophelia Sep/23/2013 36 Hailey
Rate Vladimira nn Mira ophelia Sep/23/2013 34 I like Mira, but not Vladimira
Vanessa or Tessa? Lperica Sep/23/2013 41 Vanessa
Imogen middle name: Lalage Sep/23/2013 28 Imogen Eve
Imogen middle name: Lalage Sep/23/2013 27 Imogen Eve
Which fn(s) + Rockey do you like best cfmt2013 Sep/23/2013 28 Fiona Rockey
Which name do you prefer? ophelia Sep/23/2013 38 Maya