Interactive Polls

Which name is great for a sweet, quiet but wicked girl? MusicBelle Oct/19/2013 34 Charlotte
What do you think of these names? MusicBelle Oct/19/2013 33 Elise
Which? BBH Oct/19/2013 30 Elijah Thomas
Which? BBH Oct/19/2013 40 Rose Adeline
Which one? azakreah Oct/19/2013 31 Gregory
Which do you prefer? azakreah Oct/19/2013 33 Vesna (VES-nah)
Which? BBH Oct/19/2013 34 Thomas Andrew
Which? BBH Oct/19/2013 35 Ada Frances
Which? BBH Oct/19/2013 37 James Isaac
Myles Combinations ophelia Oct/19/2013 31 Myles Arthur
Killian Combinations ophelia Oct/19/2013 27 Killian Rhys
Jonathan Combinations ophelia Oct/19/2013 32 Jonathan Arthur
Hamlet Combinations ophelia Oct/19/2013 27 Hamlet Daniel
Aislinn (pronounced ash-lyn) Lalage Oct/19/2013 30 hate it
sisters Josephine and Georgia jemis Oct/19/2013 37 Even
Vita Lilian Wordsmith Oct/19/2013 26 I dislike it.
Antonia Charlotte Wordsmith Oct/19/2013 27 I dislike it.
Which one? paula_vm Oct/19/2013 40 Alice
Best name for baby girl Lalage Oct/19/2013 44 Genevieve
Cool witch-sounding names clouds Oct/18/2013 40 Cassandra
Revised, which one of these 3 boys names? orca Oct/18/2013 31 Elias Finn
Which do you like better for a little girl? (can choose more than 1) armydad3_8 Oct/18/2013 46 none of the above.
Pick all you like 15HourNap Oct/18/2013 60 Lucy Margaret
Vida? SJayne Oct/18/2013 29 Dislike
Farrah Isabelle, Adriana Esmee, Genevieve Juliette and... MusicBelle Oct/18/2013 32 Joshua Liam
Fehu (for a ukulele) ophelia Oct/18/2013 19 Come up with something else
Violet Josephine or Violet Eloise? lepetitviolet Oct/18/2013 32 Violet Josephine
Which for a son for Rachel Susannah? princessleia28 Oct/18/2013 33 Jack Oliver
Which for a daughter of Rachel Susannah? princessleia28 Oct/18/2013 32 Tara Natalie
Which for a daughter for Rachel Susannah? princessleia28 Oct/18/2013 29 Ava Katherine