Andrea, Elizabeth or Cynthia? FHRITP Mar/7/2016 32 Elizabeth
Patrick (M) or Patricia (F) FHRITP Mar/7/2016 28 Patrick
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What first name for a girl, middle name Dale? idquid Mar/7/2016 23 Juniper
My Main Characters (First & middle names) Fictionprincess Mar/7/2016 20 Rebecca
Nicest sibset - all girls Cooloness Mar/7/2016 27 Kate, Sophie and Jessica
Leda Paulette Wordsmith Mar/7/2016 25 I dislike it.
Judith Artemisia Wordsmith Mar/7/2016 26 I dislike it.
Jinx Half-Blood Princess Mar/7/2016 25 Nickname
Olivia vs. Hannah LV51sfan91 Mar/7/2016 33 Hannah
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Edmée Sylvia Wordsmith Mar/7/2016 23 It's okay.
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More names of girls to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: cotni.org) Kinola Mar/7/2016 26 Even
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