What is the best name for a boy with red hair? oishe Jul/26/2015 30 Owen
Pick all your favorites! LadyEleanor Jul/26/2015 29 Arthur
Edytha Earnestine Francesca Jul/26/2015 21 Hate
Edythe Baptistine Francesca Jul/26/2015 22 Even
Which is your favorite female counterpart/equivalent for Andrew? ItsJustMeAgain. Jul/26/2015 31 Andrea
Gemstone, Crystal, Stone Names for Girls AshleyJuliette Jul/26/2015 33 Even
M/F Set Angelsembrace Jul/26/2015 27 Ava and Nico
Middle Names Jacqui Jul/26/2015 26 Anders Benedict John
If you had to choose one of these (boy): Lalage Jul/26/2015 36 Griffin
Which one? Sadie-Janae Jul/26/2015 33 Felicity Lyra
Wdyt "Roxie Tenille" for a girl? arby Jul/26/2015 30 Hate it!
Girl combos Sadie-Janae Jul/26/2015 33 Cecilia Wren
What kind of name is August? What do you think of? Help vanessayermian Jul/25/2015 34 sophisticated/ masculine
2 weeks left for baby boy!!! which name we live in California and are beach summer people vanessayermian Jul/25/2015 36 Even
Maxima Eulalie Wordsmith Jul/25/2015 24 I dislike it.
Which is your favorite male counterpart/equivalent for Nadia? ItsJustMeAgain. Jul/25/2015 34 Aidan(Nadia spelled backwards)
Which is your favorite male counterpart/equivalent for Felicia? ItsJustMeAgain. Jul/25/2015 30 Felix
Some Girl Favorites AshleyJuliette Jul/25/2015 41 Adelaide
Which girls name? K.G Valentina Jul/25/2015 31 Arden
Which name for a woman and her Ex-husband? FictionPrincess31415 Jul/25/2015 33 megan\Meagan & Scott
Which name? LV51sfan91 Jul/25/2015 30 Rachel Sophia Langer
Polyxena (Polly) Wordsmith Jul/25/2015 25 Even
Semi-precious stones/Gemstones/Crystal Names for Boys AshleyJuliette Jul/25/2015 40 Jasper
Can Ryū be usable for a girl? m4yb3_daijirou Jul/25/2015 25 I'm not sure...
Can Chihiro be usable for a boy? m4yb3_daijirou Jul/25/2015 22 I think it can work for a boy.
Which Trynndeigh Biggest Jumpers of the Top 1000 of 2013 Do You Like? (Boys) Final 1 x_Chaser of Dreams_x Jul/25/2015 41 Archer
which one is best? irishrocker Jul/25/2015 25 Even
Combos with Wyatt BBH Jul/25/2015 26 Nathaniel Wyatt
Which is your favorite male counterpart/equivalent for Julie? ItsJustMeAgain. Jul/25/2015 37 Julian
Names from 2001 American film: Riding in Cars with Boys Felie Jul/25/2015 27 Mark