Interactive Polls

I would rather meet someone named... BBH Dec/19/2013 42 Elizabeth
Mary BBH Dec/19/2013 25 Mary Catherine
Osbert xPrincess27x Dec/19/2013 23 Osbert Theodore
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/18/2013 42 Josie
Girl combos prayforpeace Dec/18/2013 27 Annabelle Rose
Which name do you prefer? eleonora Dec/18/2013 25 Sullivan
Braden, Ivy, and ... Laura W Dec/18/2013 28 Callum
Help uS! Bebaultbaby Dec/18/2013 34 MAGNUS
Is Ivy and Eve too close for sisters? Laura W Dec/18/2013 24 Yes
Various Margareta combinations Wordsmith Dec/18/2013 19 Even
Which do you prefer? (all pronounced roughly the same) Wordsmith Dec/18/2013 23 Margareta
Various Wyeth combinations Wordsmith Dec/18/2013 19 Wyeth Alastair
Wyeth (m) Wordsmith Dec/18/2013 28 I hate it!
Best Same-Letter Girl Sibling Set sarelyn Dec/18/2013 38 Phoebe, Piper, Paige
Which do you like the best? itsnotmykitchen Dec/18/2013 66 Even
Please help me decide on a name! vonnie Dec/18/2013 40 Emma
Names for Twin Boys (mutiple choices allowed) Kimbo_anna Dec/18/2013 31 Maksim and Aleksandr
Names for Twin Girls (mutiple choices allowed) Kimbo_anna Dec/18/2013 41 Katya and Natalia
Pick your fav. out of these -Boys Astrid1992 Dec/18/2013 40 James
Pick your fav. out of these -Girls Astrid1992 Dec/18/2013 45 Even
Male A Names Astrid1992 Dec/18/2013 47 Alistair
Female A Names Astrid1992 Dec/18/2013 50 Alice
V name combos prayforpeace Dec/18/2013 32 Veronica Rose
Combo prayforpeace Dec/18/2013 31 Cora Elizabeth
Combos prayforpeace Dec/18/2013 31 Even
1900s girls names (pick 3) McKalaMorgan Dec/18/2013 49 Olivia
Combos prayforpeace Dec/18/2013 25 Colin James
1900s boy names (pick 3) McKalaMorgan Dec/18/2013 41 Oliver
GIRLS NAMES (that will fit boys names from 1800s or 20s - 30s) McKalaMorgan Dec/18/2013 38 Adele
Martha BBH Dec/18/2013 31 like