Girls countdown AshleyJuliette 5/3/2016 27 Even
Catalan boys name for the US. cesar 5/3/2016 22 Jordi
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Which one? naomism 5/3/2016 30 Eliza Miller
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Name for an arrogant and tough yet sensitive and caring male protagonist? estogaza 5/3/2016 28 Orson
Jamison or Jameson? actingfun 5/3/2016 25 Jameson
Boy Names Part Seven (Second Last One) (Alaric and Theo were tied, so I asked my friend to choose) Little_Miss_Adelaide 5/3/2016 28 Alaric
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Girl Name Competition Part Six Little_Miss_Adelaide 5/3/2016 37 Rose
Male lead name - Asa Alexander Eruchalu2015 5/3/2016 28 5 - Very Good
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Vera combos (After Ew_Chloe's post) Felie 5/3/2016 28 Vera Gisèle
Chelsea, Kelsey, or Elsie? trisha_cluskey 5/3/2016 41 Elsie/Elsey/Elsi/Elsee
Which of these girl names do you like most? Luccca 5/2/2016 43 Amelie
Which of these boy names do you like most? Luccca 5/2/2016 43 Even
Rate Na lilolaf 5/2/2016 25 1 (I do not like it)
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What Name Suits This Person: Slovene, 29 Years Old, Male, Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Loves music, loves going on hikes and likes trying out new foods. lilolaf 5/2/2016 21 Luka
Which Esperanto Name Has The Best Meaning? cutenose 5/2/2016 23 Stelara (like a constellation)