Interactive Polls

If you had to choose only between these names for a daughter (No. 4)... BBH Dec/19/2014 50 Violet
Lumi is a... Mirrorland Dec/19/2014 20 Pisces
Amaryllis is... Mirrorland Dec/19/2014 19 Aries
Oh my, which one? Are they too similar for sisters? Ottilie Dec/19/2014 37 No, Katarina and Wilhelmina are not too similar.
10 letter names Ottilie Dec/19/2014 41 Aleksander
Amzi (boy) Joiya Dec/19/2014 25 Dislike.
Baby Boy "Long" maggie5683 Dec/19/2014 37 Jasper
Italian Names Felie Dec/19/2014 31 Alice
Vera & Audrey combinations Christine1999 Dec/19/2014 28 Audrey Vera (i like both)
Best Random Female Name Combos (first, mid, last) Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 28 Aleksandra Lia Mondy
Spellings of Megan or Meghan or Magen or WHATEVER!!! Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 34 Megan (how I spell my name)
Male A Names: Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 39 Alexander
Females A names: Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 36 Audrey
Which Rose combo(s) do you like? whim Dec/19/2014 30 Rose Helena
Battle of the Names 2: (Pick 1 per symbol) (~ means won last round) Thymemintore Dec/19/2014 32 % Felix ~
Name for a pixie? Felie Dec/19/2014 29 Mistletoe
My PNL Part 25 (* = Would use) Ali Hassan Dec/19/2014 31 Oliver
Which? BBH Dec/19/2014 31 Peter Nicholas
Do you like the name Hadley Marie? daniellern83 Dec/19/2014 29 No
If you had to choose between only between these names for a son... BBH Dec/19/2014 42 Jasper
Which is better? Boys QF 2 SofiaSweden Dec/19/2014 30 Alexander John
Which is better? Girls QF 2 SofiaSweden Dec/19/2014 29 Audrey Elizabeth
Battle of the Josephine Combos Thatmazerunnerfan2.0 Dec/18/2014 26 Sarah Josephine
Which do you like? (Boys) twlightblack11 Dec/18/2014 37 Alexander
Which do you like? (Girls) twlightblack11 Dec/18/2014 40 Caroline
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Dec/18/2014 64 Gabriel
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Dec/18/2014 64 Elizabeth
Madelyn Rose, Skylar Rose, or Jemma Rose? JesikaJayne Dec/18/2014 28 Skylar Rose "Sky"
Sister for Wilhelmina Ottilie Dec/18/2014 25 Margot
Middle name for Alexandra Ali Hassan Dec/18/2014 23 Yasmeen