Three girls names. Which one is more classy? maladies Mar/27/2015 40 Eleonora
Two boys names. Which one is more classy? maladies Mar/27/2015 32 Theodore
Names from a Fan Fiction Felie Mar/27/2015 25 Charlotte
Boys names, which do you like? Lalage Mar/27/2015 34 Leo
which names do you like? (Random names) MazzyieRose Mar/27/2015 37 Emma/Emily
"Max" names Anthony Youssef Mar/27/2015 29 Maximilian
Does Connor only work on Irish or People of Irish Descent? Anthony Youssef Mar/27/2015 23 No
Art/Will esh232 Mar/27/2015 21 William Hart nn Will
Girl nIcKnAmEs ~ Which do you like?? AshleyJuliette Mar/27/2015 24 Bree (cambria, brienne, briony, bryony)
Which? BBH Mar/27/2015 35 Phoebe Matilda
Uncommon male names Constant Mar/27/2015 30 Ari
Nickname(s) for Anthony Anthony Youssef Mar/27/2015 23 Anthony, no nickname
Thomas or Andrew Anthony Youssef Mar/27/2015 32 Thomas
Czech Girls names Maeva Wintercress Mar/27/2015 32 Eva
Beau (m) Bitey Mar/26/2015 32 1 - hate it
Violet Emilia or Violet Marion K.G Valentina Mar/26/2015 39 Violet Emilia
Names based on fictional characters (Male edition) Khoshekh Mar/26/2015 37 Jack
Phoebe Rebecca bexbex Mar/26/2015 32 I am neutral on Phoebe Rebecca
is Thomas Thorsen too close? Thojoe Smithinway Mar/26/2015 23 No
Do you think my name of my name Thomas Thorsen! I think it HORRIBLE! Thojoe Smithinway Mar/26/2015 30 I like it
Which name works best? (one per symbol) peth Mar/26/2015 29 # Ada Tamsin
Best names based on fictional characters? (Female Edition) Khoshekh Mar/26/2015 36 Rose
James or William Anthony Youssef Mar/26/2015 30 James
The name of a grandmother whose been raising her grandson. Khoshekh Mar/26/2015 28 Linda Robinson
What would be the best name for an odd, adventurous, 17 year old girl from Seattle Washington who dreams of being a Kindergarten teacher? Khoshekh Mar/26/2015 35 Amie Bird
What should I name a character? He's a 7 year old boy who lives in Washington State and hasn't lived a very healthy life. Khoshekh Mar/26/2015 28 Finley (Fin) Waterson
Rate the name Primrose on a scale from 1-10. Person11 Mar/26/2015 39 1
Art (full name Arthur) William Lawton esh232 Mar/26/2015 22 These names flows well together
Boys: which of these do you like? Lalage Mar/26/2015 43 Finn
Girl choices for our second daughter JLDewhurst Mar/26/2015 41 Carys Elowyn