Interactive Polls

(For a fantasy story featuring unicorns and pegasi) Which Hebrew name should be given to a young unicorn mare whose grandmother is queen of her homeland? [Note: narrowing down choices] Kinola Oct/17/2014 30 Adara ("noble")
Which name is best for the first born daughter? ItsBakerTime Oct/17/2014 33 Emma Moon Johnson
Which? BBH Oct/17/2014 37 Harriet Eliza
Isaac Nehemiah BBH Oct/17/2014 26 Even
Which? BBH Oct/17/2014 25 Abner Micaiah
Which? BBH Oct/17/2014 27 Enoch Josiah
Which? BBH Oct/17/2014 28 Even
Annalise vs. Annelise vs. Anneliese (pick one per symbol) bexbex Oct/16/2014 36 @@: Anneliese (German)
A, P or W igoesrawrOMG Oct/16/2014 36 Penelope "Penny"
FINALLY a girl! Sister to Rhett, Tyce and Rowan? kaileyb Oct/16/2014 41 Mazie
John, Rebecca, Jonah, Eli, and ANNALISE/RACHEL? (dad, mom, brother, brother, and BABY GIRL) bexbex Oct/16/2014 24 John, Rebecca, Jonah, Eli, and Rachel
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Oct/16/2014 62 Clara
Reborn Name. 2 igoesrawrOMG Oct/16/2014 28 Penelope Ann "Penny"
Which name do you like more? hmn1287 Oct/16/2014 29 Kyle Jackson
John, Rebecca, Jonah, Eli, and RACHEL/TABITHA? (dad, mom, brother, brother, BABY GIRL) bexbex Oct/16/2014 25 John, Rebecca, Jonah, Eli, and Rachel
which combo 2? ThatMazerunnerfan Oct/16/2014 24 Ava Willow
pick your favorite tv baby name: Emily Amy Oct/16/2014 29 Sarah Grace
Elora Joiya Oct/16/2014 34 Like it.
Sibling names xPrincess27x Oct/16/2014 33 Genevieve and Henry
Frances or Allison Ali Hassan Oct/16/2014 31 Frances
Favorite C girl name? lizwashere72 Oct/16/2014 45 Caroline.
Which nicknames do you like for Emilia? lizwashere72 Oct/16/2014 32 Emmy.
Which combo 1 ThatMazerunnerfan Oct/15/2014 30 Georgina Adalyn
Which Ed- Name? kalonw Oct/15/2014 38 Edward
Enoch Bitey Oct/15/2014 32 1 - hate it
Which name from a soap opera? part 3 Lumiereslove Oct/15/2014 33 Vivian
Which first name from a soap opera? part 2 Lumiereslove Oct/15/2014 33 Even
Which name from a soap opera? part 1 Lumiereslove Oct/15/2014 31 Emma
Tabitha RACHEL/SARAI? bexbex Oct/15/2014 25 Tabitha Rachel
Middle name for Mary Ali Hassan Oct/15/2014 18 Najwa