Interactive Polls

which six do you like? girls prayforpeace Feb/28/2015 31 Sophia
Which B name would you use? prayforpeace Feb/28/2015 33 Briony
which out of six? prayforpeace Feb/28/2015 31 Lillian
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Feb/28/2015 39 Hazel
Middlename to Sandra schandrou Feb/28/2015 21 Sandra Eileen
Baby A is Joel Matthew! TRIPLET BOYS. Pick two more names Raynegillis Feb/28/2015 34 Noah
Pick all you like (boy names) schandrou Feb/28/2015 34 Nathaniel
Which of these names (from "The Stormlight Archive Series") sounds the most exotic? Cleopatra_Rocks Feb/28/2015 20 Navani
87th Academy Awards: Names of actresses (female) / pick all you like - PART 4 Charlize Feb/28/2015 31 Emma
87th Academy Awards: Names of directors/ actors (male) / pick all you like - PART 3 Charlize Feb/28/2015 32 Even
This or That? Mirrorland Feb/28/2015 30 Jeremy
This or that? Mirrorland Feb/28/2015 32 June
87th Academy Awards: Names of characters from nominated movies (female) / pick all you like - PART 2 Charlize Feb/28/2015 24 Ida
87th Academy Awards: Names of characters from nominated movies (male) / pick all you like Charlize Feb/28/2015 24 Christopher "Chris"
Which Name Is Best (Part 2)? CJMusic Feb/28/2015 15 Alyssa Elaine Summer
Which Name Is Best (Part 1)? CJMusic Feb/28/2015 15 Alyssa Genevieve Summer
Trying to narrow the girl names I like down tlerhohnstein Feb/28/2015 37 Hazel
Julian or Daniel Ali Hassan Feb/28/2015 32 Even
Possible future combos GibsonGirl Feb/28/2015 27 Nicholas Zachary
Boy combos kalonw Feb/28/2015 26 Henry Theodore
Girl combos kalonw Feb/28/2015 27 Alice Victoria
Possible future use in real life (NO nicknames) GibsonGirl Feb/28/2015 35 Tessa Winter
Which name sounds the most high class?-boys AbigailC Feb/28/2015 38 Edward
Which name sounds the most high class?-girls AbigailC Feb/28/2015 38 Eleanor
Pick the names you like for a girl tlerhohnstein Feb/28/2015 36 Even
Floraline Sue (Florie) PJR Feb/28/2015 28 Dislike it
Baby Boy Narrowing Down-Gustav or Gustavo (middle name will be Manuel in honor of grandpa and our hyphenated last name) MiguelPhoenix Feb/28/2015 21 Gustav Manuel Ray-LaBraygo, nickname: "Gus"
What do you think about the girlname Eira? schandrou Feb/28/2015 39 Don't like it
Modern names that could work for a strict, middle-aged stage director m4yb3_daijirou Feb/28/2015 25 Finnegan
Wondering if others think the nickname "Florie" is as cute and whimsy as we do, while we are trying to find a full name to use (see previous poll!!) Florie? PJR Feb/28/2015 33 Dislike it