Tired of Isabella? How about: Bear Jul/24/2016 29 Annabel / Annabelle / Annabella
Tired of Ava? How about: Bear Jul/24/2016 30 Even
Down to our final two girl names. Help us choose! ris75 Jul/24/2016 31 Freya
Henry Samuel or Isaac James? BBH Jul/24/2016 25 Henry Samuel
Grace Virginia or Sarah Alice? BBH Jul/24/2016 26 Grace Virginia
Cecily Jane or Cecilia Jane? BBH Jul/24/2016 29 Cecilia Jane
Chika or Amaka lilolaf Jul/24/2016 18 Amaka
Rate Prisca lilolaf Jul/24/2016 22 3
Anne Elizabeth BBH Jul/24/2016 22 Like.
Athena Margaret BBH Jul/24/2016 21 Like.
Ren as a nickname for Rohan esb_09 Jul/24/2016 17 NO
Amira or Amirah esb_09 Jul/24/2016 19 Amira
Troye/Troy/Troi Zina Jul/24/2016 18 Troy
Combos with Ione ("ie-O-nee") Erme Ioainna Jul/24/2016 13 Ione Thalia
Which Middle Name Is Best? CJMusic Jul/24/2016 10 Even
Berinthia Lucy Wordsmith Jul/23/2016 14 I dislike it.
Caius Ferdinand Wordsmith Jul/23/2016 15 It's okay.
Which spelling for this surname? (Mick-gregory) FictionPrincess31415 Jul/23/2016 14 McGregory
Names of all the monarchs of Bulgaria; please choose your favorite. (Part 1) Kinola Jul/23/2016 9 Simeon
Coolest fictional male name used so far? KylieLocke Jul/23/2016 18 Even
Emil Thorsen or Emile Thorsen? ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Jul/23/2016 14 Emil Thorsen
James Thorsen or Stephen Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Jul/23/2016 17 James Thorsen
Raymond Thorsen or Robert Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Jul/23/2016 15 Robert Thorsen
Henrietta Vashti Wordsmith Jul/23/2016 20 I dislike it.
Ludmilla Catherine Wordsmith Jul/23/2016 19 I dislike it.
Names of girls to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: caritas.us) (Part 3) Kinola Jul/23/2016 18 Grace
Which Name For A Northern California Town? lakin5 Jul/23/2016 14 Ash Grove
Help name our baby! If it's a girl... Finally311 Jul/23/2016 35 Cassia
Help name our baby! If it's a boy... Finally311 Jul/23/2016 35 Jude
Names of boys to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: caritas.us) (Part 3) Kinola Jul/23/2016 19 Alex