Names from the Pokémon games (Johto - female) SaraNethri Jan/15/2017 16 Lyra
Names from the Pokémon games (Kanto - male) SaraNethri Jan/15/2017 15 Samuel
Names from the Pokémon games (Kanto - female) SaraNethri Jan/15/2017 14 Daisy
Which Last Name For Wendell? lakin5 Jan/15/2017 12 Wendell Barton
Name for a French Muslim convert, white adult male, green eyes, scientist, no middle name, surname is Lambton, want name to be formal/serious/professional and easy to pronounce for Westerners Riktor Jan/15/2017 13 Omar
names: Kaio- "kye-oh" Caius "Kye-es-2 syllables) ,Caio Ixiation Jan/14/2017 13 Caius Osborne
Sibsets: Names for a brother and sister? (Part 2) Emilie Arouet Jan/14/2017 25 James and Alice
Boys' names for the surname Calderon? Emilie Arouet Jan/14/2017 21 Even
Which full name? highexpectasians Jan/14/2017 17 Zahir Farid Brahimi
Isotta Marceline Wordsmith Jan/14/2017 10 It's okay.
Which name? "He" is a robot who looks like a 17 year old but is actually 150 years old. Creator's name was Lincoln Hammond and "his" code name is L-001. Picture is on profile. thezenithofnadir Jan/14/2017 13 Orville
Which Names Top In Belgium Do You Like? cutenose Jan/14/2017 25 Even
Which name seems better for a talking parrot? Whipsmart Jan/14/2017 13 Tony Squawk
Name is person, Chinese, female, 23 years old, eats healthy, loves being with family, is married and is childless cutenose Jan/14/2017 17 Li
What's your reaction towards the name Solada? cutenose Jan/14/2017 13 Simple
Which Name Suits A Greedy Person? cutenose Jan/14/2017 12 Even
Which Name? lakin5 Jan/14/2017 13 Echo
The parents names are Knut and Alberta, what will there son's name be? cutenose Jan/14/2017 13 Moritz
Iris or lilolaf Jan/14/2017 24 Iris
Rate Branwen lilolaf Jan/14/2017 21 5 (I like it)
Andrés or Ángel lilolaf Jan/14/2017 15 Andrés
Which J Name's Do You Like? (2) lilolaf Jan/14/2017 16 Josie
Rate Frank lilolaf Jan/14/2017 15 3
Heres an hypothetic Q: If you had a nephew or neice who had an August 9th birthday and you were expecting around then... Fictionlover94Audrey Jan/14/2017 16 I wouldn't mind a shared birthday between the cousins
Best medieval name? SaraNethri Jan/14/2017 23 Even
Preferred pronunciation of the name "Solani" Raven and Fox Jan/14/2017 9 Solaní (emphasis on the second syllable) so-lahn-EE
Twin combo of these two? They are English, 17, pale, grey eyes, & brown hair. Guy has blonde bangs like Jade Puget from AFI. Girl is first, boy is second. thezenithofnadir Jan/14/2017 11 Rachel & Damien Archer
Twin combo of Janelle & Damien Archer? thezenithofnadir Jan/14/2017 15 Eh...
best Mary combos? celtic77 Jan/14/2017 19 Mary Cecilia
Calypso Eve Wordsmith Jan/14/2017 18 I like it.