Which do you like? langsto Aug/25/2015 35 Casper
Strange name of the day: Primula TheArtemisMoon Aug/25/2015 30 2
which is your favorite? langsto Aug/25/2015 37 Marian
Which do you like? langsto Aug/25/2015 36 Marian
Character: Colleen Murphy Person11 Aug/25/2015 31 Brown
Which mn for Lucia? naomism Aug/25/2015 41 Even
Character: Grace Hendrickson Person11 Aug/25/2015 24 Smart
Character: Benjamin "Ben" Fisher Person11 Aug/25/2015 21 Friendly
Girl sets. Thanks for voting. esh232 Aug/25/2015 37 Tilly and Olive
Ivy, Felix, Celia and ??? (Boys names) Gwynbow Aug/25/2015 43 Theodore 'Theo'
Ivy, Felix, Celia and ??? (Girls names) Gwynbow Aug/25/2015 46 Phoebe
Vote for the ones you like, Thanks. AshleyJuliette Aug/25/2015 37 Elias Benjamin
Alfra Madeleine or Alfra Marguerite? Francesca Aug/25/2015 25 Alfra Madeleine
Sarma Ottilie, Sarma Ottoline, or Sarma Otholina? Francesca Aug/25/2015 24 Sarma Ottoline
Irita Waimarie or Irita Wilhelmine? Francesca Aug/25/2015 21 Irita Wilhelmine
Anda Mechtilde or Anda Meliora? Francesca Aug/25/2015 19 Anda Meliora
Lelde Ethelmine or Lelde Ethelyn? Francesca Aug/25/2015 19 Lelde Ethelyn
Which is best? AshleyJuliette Aug/25/2015 33 Henry Jameson Charles
Middle name for Donna (choose one) erb816 Aug/25/2015 28 Donna Violet
Which girls names? Cristi-es Aug/25/2015 52 Lydia
girl names, pick all you like crybaby Aug/25/2015 46 Daphne
RATE: Monique Colombe Chastain ItsJustMeAgain. Aug/24/2015 30 2
Constance Aletta Wordsmith Aug/24/2015 30 It's okay.
Do you dislike any of these boys names? Rigatoni Aug/24/2015 42 Denzel
Choose one spelling per name. Rigatoni Aug/24/2015 46 Claire
Middle name for Julian? Rigatoni Aug/24/2015 33 Julian Thomas
June or Evie? waiting.for.spring Aug/24/2015 34 June
Sylvie Katerina Lark whim Aug/24/2015 33 It's okay.
Sophie LV51sfan91 Aug/24/2015 29 Sophie Elise Langer (wisdom, oathe, vow)
Hannah LV51sfan91 Aug/24/2015 29 Hannah Vivian Langer (grace, favor, alive)