Enna Vesela or Enna Vernice? Francesca Jul/27/2015 18 Enna Vesela
Enna Francesca Jul/27/2015 22 Neutral / Undecided
Carlina or Layla? Last name Carson... Frenchfrygirl Jul/27/2015 31 Layla Noelle
Annabeth or Elizabelle? Silverstarswept Jul/27/2015 24 Annabeth
which middle name for Theodore ElleMichelle Jul/27/2015 32 Theodore Rhys
Which middle name for Linus ElleMichelle Jul/27/2015 21 Even
Which long name for girls? naomism Jul/27/2015 43 Alexandra
Which name do you like best? ottergirl122 Jul/27/2015 37 Chloe Jane
Favorite Boys Name booksandtea Jul/27/2015 38 Elias
Best Sister to Rose booksandtea Jul/27/2015 38 Alice
Favorite Rose combo booksandtea Jul/27/2015 31 Rose Marguerite
Mara trayc53 Jul/27/2015 30 Mara on its own
current favourites (boys #1) irishrocker Jul/27/2015 33 Ronan
current favourites (boys #2) irishrocker Jul/27/2015 35 Lachlan
current favourites (girls #1) irishrocker Jul/27/2015 32 Maeve
current favourites (girls #2) irishrocker Jul/27/2015 37 Adelaide
Italian Names Felie Jul/27/2015 26 Emma (f)
Which Name is Best? ZoeHalfheart Jul/27/2015 38 Zoe
Names from 2010 American thriller film: Edge of Darkness Felie Jul/27/2015 23 Emma
Is Zoe A Pretty Name? ZoeHalfheart Jul/27/2015 37 It is a Good Name
Names from 2014 Australian Horror film: The Babadook Felie Jul/27/2015 27 Claire
Which name do you prefer for a girl? naminfool Jul/27/2015 34 Isla
Names from 2012 American supernatural horror film: Sinister Felie Jul/27/2015 21 Even
Herbert or Howard? New_Chloe Jul/27/2015 25 Howard
Sister for Hudson and Clare naomism Jul/27/2015 27 Laurel
Is there too much of a -lena/-lana/-laina/-lina/-liana trend in baby names in the US now? (Check all that apply.) chankie Jul/27/2015 22 Some of them are maybe too trendy, but not others.
Lena Siv mairinn Jul/27/2015 20 I like Lena, but don't like Siv.
Wdyto "Aeris Rose" for a girl? arby Jul/27/2015 21 Like it!
Illegitimate son of Businessman Benedict and Portuguese heiress Dominica is named Eruchalu2015 Jul/27/2015 20 Cruz
Wdyto "Leland Tate" for a boy? arby Jul/27/2015 17 Like it!