Favorite masculine first + middle name combos? You can pick more than one. erb816 Mar/10/2015 38 Nicholas Ronan
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Mar/10/2015 38 Cecilia
Jane Eleanor or Josephine Estelle BBH Mar/10/2015 42 Even
Cora Jacqueline or Rosa Marguerite BBH Mar/10/2015 36 Cora Jacqueline
Violet Frances or Elsa Winifred BBH Mar/10/2015 36 Violet Frances
Imogen Lucy or Isabel Mary BBH Mar/10/2015 40 Isabel Mary
Eloise Mary or Louise Madeline BBH Mar/10/2015 34 Eloise Mary
Aubrey or Mabrey? schlink Mar/10/2015 31 Aubrey Elisabeth
Help!! Boy Names tcnj2007 Mar/9/2015 38 Gavin Matthew
Need a name for an elderly Southern couple: both very traditional, neat, overly nice, and have two children named Everett and Georgia Rose. Their last name is Buchanan. Belle123 Mar/9/2015 30 Vernon and Cordelia
Girls - Please choose 1 per symbol, Thanks. AshleyJuliette Mar/9/2015 48 --- Cleo
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Mar/9/2015 48 Alyssa
Should I ask one of my good guy friends to Prom? He's a senior and I'm a junior. We both need dates and we both know that we are still available cause we talked about Prom a little. sprinter007 Mar/9/2015 21 Yes ask him! :) it's his last year so make it the best! Plus, what'd ya got to lose? :)
How do you pronounce "Lucian"? Ali Hassan Mar/9/2015 46 LOO-see-ən
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Mar/9/2015 64 Leo
Kylen Boo-Boo2133 Mar/9/2015 27 Boy
Favorite pet name (boy) Kiki9821 Mar/9/2015 27 Copper
Please choose 1 Girl name per symbol. Thank you. AshleyJuliette Mar/9/2015 42 > Siobhan (sheh-VAWn)
Which boy name? Kiki9821 Mar/9/2015 42 Austin
Horror Character: Name for a UN Security Council president who turns out to be the Antichrist. (and nothing cliche like Damien or Lucius) Ali Hassan Mar/9/2015 30 Nicholas Albescu
Which girl name? Kiki9821 Mar/9/2015 45 Eve
Boys We Decorated Cakes for This Week SecondStar Mar/9/2015 37 Noah
Girls We Decorated Cakes for This Week SecondStar Mar/9/2015 41 Natalie
Which name is your favorite? Kiki9821 Mar/9/2015 34 Alec James
Which name is your favorite Kiki9821 Mar/9/2015 39 Ruby Marie
Which couple has the best sounding names? GibsonGirl Mar/9/2015 28 Nick and Renee
TRIPLET BOYS! Raynegillis Mar/9/2015 33 Elliot, Joel and Noah
"Hero" Name For Story Bookworm1225 Mar/9/2015 37 Willow
"Villian" Name For A Story Bookworm1225 Mar/9/2015 32 Even
Nickname(s) for Roman (re-done, ignore last) Ali Hassan Mar/9/2015 29 Just Roman