Best name for a baby boy with blonde hair? BonVoyage Dec/5/2013 35 Zander
Pick all you like (boys) amt8705 Dec/5/2013 33 Elliot
Which is your favorite popular female dog name? amt8705 Dec/5/2013 22 Sadie
Which is your favorite popular male dog name? amt8705 Dec/5/2013 24 Bear
Pick your favourite princessleia28 Dec/5/2013 37 Conor Anthony
Which Brigit Combo? prayforpeace Dec/5/2013 29 Brigit Elinor
Pick your favorite princessleia28 Dec/5/2013 29 Gabriella Audrey
which name works best with Rose for the middle name? prayforpeace Dec/5/2013 32 Bridget Rose
Various Jean combinations Wordsmith Dec/5/2013 27 Jean Cordelia
Semi-finals (2) Celebrity Baby Names (multiple choice) smukkesandy Dec/5/2013 48 Violet Grace Deveraux
Semi-finals (1) Celebrity Baby Names (multiple choice) smukkesandy Dec/5/2013 46 Liv Elena
Best Couple SaintNobody Dec/5/2013 22 Snow X Gerard
Nigel Abraham BBH Dec/5/2013 24 hate
Zelda Catherine BBH Dec/5/2013 25 love
Flora Josephine BBH Dec/5/2013 23 love
Cecil Theron BBH Dec/5/2013 23 hate
Viola Frances BBH Dec/5/2013 24 like
Sibling names xPrincess27x Dec/5/2013 29 Alex, Dominic and Michael
Father is Irish/Italian and mother is Dominican, which sounds better? t.girouard35 Dec/5/2013 23 Adrianna Yvette Girouard
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/4/2013 42 Athena
Claire or Evelyn? seabass0 Dec/4/2013 36 Evelyn
Gavin? SJayne Dec/4/2013 25 Would be cute on a little boy
Solomon Wade glaucous Dec/4/2013 19 3 - don't care
Which one? Kels28 Dec/4/2013 33 Gemma Violet
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy (place names edition) Bear Dec/4/2013 34 Even
How many people named Michael do you know? (I know 10+) GibsonGirl Dec/4/2013 27 4
Which Sorcha comboi? prayforpeace Dec/4/2013 21 Sorcha Meadow
How many Sarah/Sara's do you know? (I know at least 6) GibsonGirl Dec/4/2013 30 4
Best spelling... GibsonGirl Dec/4/2013 31 Kelly
Girl combos prayforpeace Dec/4/2013 27 Even