Boy names!! What would you chose? ElspethJane Apr/8/2014 40 Rowan
Girls names!! What do you like? ElspethJane Apr/8/2014 44 Even
which out of six? prayforpeace Apr/8/2014 28 Preston
combos for boys and girls prayforpeace Apr/8/2014 35 Nathaniel James
Boy Names! Please Vote :) Part 1 Baby Name Pro Apr/8/2014 40 Even
Old-Fashioned Girl Names Baby Name Pro Apr/8/2014 36 Geneva Lynn
Which Order? Baby Name Pro Apr/8/2014 25 Anneliese Madeline-Eryn
Liliana Isabelle Baby Name Pro Apr/8/2014 23 Not my fav.
PLEASE vote for as many as you like! Thank you soooo much! Baby Name Pro Apr/8/2014 32 Helena Carys
which out of these six would you use? prayforpeace Apr/8/2014 29 Rachel
which out of six? prayforpeace Apr/8/2014 29 Even
whih girls name? prayforpeace Apr/8/2014 30 Even
Samuel? Lumiereslove Apr/8/2014 31 yes
Sophia or Samantha? Lumiereslove Apr/8/2014 28 Sophia
Recent additions to the database (male) Sofia Apr/8/2014 21 don't like any of them
Sibsets I know briannaharley Apr/8/2014 29 Katherine and James
Anwen BBH Apr/8/2014 24 Even
Sibsets I know (&=twins) Sofia Apr/8/2014 21 Sara and Zora
TRACK AND FIELD: Is it possible to shave off 1.86 seconds off my 200m in 31 days (by May 9, 2014)? gotnomojo101 Apr/8/2014 12 Yes it's possible!!! Just work harder than everyone else and want it more than anyone else
Tzeitel xPrincess27x Apr/8/2014 19 Tzeitel Evelyn
The Name Adela/Adella is... Aspenbreeze Apr/8/2014 22 Good
Ondine BBH Apr/8/2014 21 bizarre
which one? essie Apr/8/2014 35 Nathaniel "Nat"
which spelling (pronounced LOO-is)? essie Apr/8/2014 31 Lewis
Off the beaten track name(s) for a girl Bear Apr/8/2014 40 Mavis
Grace BBH Apr/8/2014 27 Grace Caroline
Girl names, which do you like? Aspenbreeze Apr/8/2014 36 Elizabeth
Middle name for Jane (nn Janie) (one mn, but many options) Bear Apr/8/2014 32 Elizabeth / Elisabeth
Sibling Sets I know, Which ones do you like? Aspenbreeze Apr/8/2014 33 Emily and Valerie
Middle name for Jean (nn Jeanie) Bear Apr/8/2014 25 Elizabeth / Elisabeth