Interactive Polls

Which sounds better? GibsonGirl Sep/16/2013 28 Edith Caroline
Rate Merida Jane ophelia Sep/16/2013 30 Too associated with the character
Rate Amethyst nn Amy ophelia Sep/16/2013 26 Prefer Amy as a full name
Rate Octavia ophelia Sep/16/2013 27 I love it
What kind of personality does Duncan Carter have? moonstorm Sep/15/2013 21 Boastful and swaggering
What does Duncan Carter look like? moonstorm Sep/15/2013 25 Handsome and sensitive face, with large blue eyes and longish dark hair
Which Middle Name for Jasmine SamiMarie88 Sep/15/2013 30 Jasmine Marie
Character names: Grey horse for Madison Marie Collins. She has OCD, loves sports and mystery novels. Waterloo_Mama Sep/15/2013 28 Sherlock
Character names: Distant half-siblings of Pauline "Turtle" Black. Need one boy and one girl. Father is Douglas, stepmother is Gina. Last name is Major. Waterloo_Mama Sep/15/2013 24 Even
Rate Tereza nn Teri ophelia Sep/15/2013 27 Prefer Teresa
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Sep/15/2013 44 Joseph and William
Which do you like? Boys. nicole_1024 Sep/15/2013 51 James
Which do you like? Girls. nicole_1024 Sep/15/2013 50 Elise
Theresa or Teresa? ophelia Sep/15/2013 31 Theresa
Which combo? BBH Sep/15/2013 38 Jane Susannah
Which name for a character? ophelia Sep/15/2013 38 Change surname
Which is the best "flower" name for a girl? GoodNightingale Sep/15/2013 53 Rose
Which popular girls names do you like most? Cristi-es Sep/15/2013 52 Emma
Violet, Ezra, Alice, &... lepetitviolet Sep/14/2013 50 Charles "Charlie"
Rate Amelia Moon (FN and LN for a character) ophelia Sep/14/2013 38 Change the last name
Middles for Eva? Kels28 Sep/14/2013 47 Charlotte
Harry, Oliver, and ...? (Pick as many as you'd like) xnutmegx56 Sep/14/2013 75 Even
Harry, Oliver, and ...? (Pick as many as you'd like) xnutmegx56 Sep/14/2013 74 Finn
Rate Margarita nn Rita ophelia Sep/14/2013 33 It's okay
Which one for our future son? Barbie Sep/14/2013 48 Rowan Alexander
Rate Guinevere nn Evie ophelia Sep/14/2013 35 Prefer Gwen as a nickname
Best nickname for Adela? georden Sep/14/2013 37 Doesn't need a nickname
Variations of: Emma (2) and Catherine GibsonGirl Sep/14/2013 41 Even
Random male names. Like any? GibsonGirl Sep/14/2013 45 Odin
Which "Assorted" Names are the Best? (Pick 1 per symbol) x_Chaser of Dreams_x Sep/14/2013 48 ~ Alessandra