Iseult Helena Wordsmith 4/13/2017 21 I dislike it.
Which Japanese Names Do You Like? (10) cutenose 4/13/2017 20 Even
Who will be the twin sister of Kana? cutenose 4/13/2017 17 Yuna
Which Name Suits A Creative, Confident Person? cutenose 4/13/2017 21 Even
Name this person, Japanese, male, 50 years old, likes watching baseball, is a huge fan of formmer baseball player Hideo Nomo, is sociable and works in a Japanese market cutenose 4/13/2017 21 Atsuhiro
Fumio, Fumie, Fumino, Fumiko, Fumika, Fumito, Fumiya or Fumina lilolaf 4/13/2017 24 Fumio
Rate Yuya (yuu:-yah) lilolaf 4/13/2017 18 5 (I like it)
The parents names are Yoshiya and Minato, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 4/13/2017 16 Minami
Sibling of Viktoria lilolaf 4/13/2017 21 Oskar
What name suits this person: Japanese, 15 years old, Male, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, likes to play baseball, wants to be a professional baseball player, is homosexual and likes watching K-Drama. lilolaf 4/13/2017 19 Kotetsu
Rate Clare (KLER, KLAR) lilolaf 4/13/2017 26 2
Which name for Nora's sister? lisabel 4/13/2017 25 Eliza
Which Title Name For The Leader Of The Disciples Of Death? lakin5 4/13/2017 12 Elder Reaper
Which names from Caucasian mythology do you like? highexpectasians 4/13/2017 17 Danina (f)
Middle name for Coraline peonini 4/13/2017 33 Coraline Penelope
Oswin or Orion or Oliver Fictionlover94Audrey 4/13/2017 39 Oliver
Which name? DundiculutNicholas 4/13/2017 30 Severina
A name for a young french female assasion Katflame 4/13/2017 20 Giselle (means pleadge)
Which middle name for Agnes, Amara, and Raven? Pick one for sign. peonini 4/13/2017 27 - Raven Elizabeth
Middle name for Sebastian, last name Alba ccatherinemyers 4/13/2017 26 Sebastian Isaac
Bonnie vs Millie StephanieTheLioness 4/13/2017 31 Millie
Celestine Camilla Wordsmith 4/13/2017 30 It's okay.
Ernest Leopold Wordsmith 4/13/2017 26 I love it!
Which one? AmyChlad 4/13/2017 25 Natalia "Lia" Isabella Marino
Which of these names do you feel are too close for siblings? Rigatoni 4/13/2017 40 Michael and Micaiah
Which of these names do you like? Rigatoni 4/13/2017 36 George (boy)
Name for a boy (last name Alba) ccatherinemyers 4/13/2017 34 Even
Evie.. HaySkyNat 4/13/2017 32 Evelyn
A name for a french young female assassion Katflame 4/13/2017 17 Fleurette (means little flower)
Choose four (female combos) hylo 4/13/2017 39 Even