Names I have come across and thinking about part 2. Choose favourite lusia Dec/10/2015 31 Maya
Names I have come across and thinking about. Choose favourite lusia Dec/10/2015 34 Edmund
Talia (Tall-yah) part 2 TurtlesMum Dec/10/2015 18 Talia Maeve
Talia (Tall-yah) part 1 TurtlesMum Dec/10/2015 18 Talia Genevieve
Which of these names do you like? Rigatoni Dec/10/2015 33 Tobias
Which of these names do you like? Rigatoni Dec/10/2015 32 Lydia
Hiding results prior to voting would eliminate groupthink 3941 Dec/10/2015 20 Yes.
Which Alistair? celtic77 Dec/10/2015 23 Alistair Finn
Which Lilias? celtic77 Dec/10/2015 20 Even
What Japanese Boy Name Do You Like cutenose Dec/10/2015 23 Kyo
What Is Your Favourite Japanese Female Name cutenose Dec/10/2015 24 Midori
Sibling Pairs - Which Combination is Best? Mosaic Dec/10/2015 23 None of the above or a different combination
Sister Names, pick 2 Lexandraxox Dec/10/2015 30 Anastasia
Please pick any "G" names you like! PJR Dec/10/2015 35 Grey
Do you like the name Lovella Hershey123 Dec/10/2015 25 No
Which Male Name Do You Like? cutenose Dec/10/2015 37 Erik
This or That? Mirrorland Dec/10/2015 26 Even
Which spelling do you prefer? Mirrorland Dec/10/2015 26 Deborah
What name do you think sounds cute for a brown bear cub? lilolaf Dec/10/2015 29 Oslo
Which spelling? FMRadio Dec/10/2015 21 Merritt
Which for a brother to Samuel Henry? Choose all you like Anna21 Dec/10/2015 34 Jack Alexander
Which do you like for Boy middle names? AshleyJuliette Dec/10/2015 32 Forrest
Fern Melanie Wordsmith Dec/10/2015 30 I dislike it.
Llewyn BBH Dec/10/2015 29 Dislike.
Which do you prefer? MaraMrvica Dec/10/2015 31 Nikolai
Girl names that End in an L sound AshleyJuliette Dec/10/2015 43 Adele
Adrian FMRadio Dec/10/2015 28 Adrian Michael
Sister to Elsa LydiaL Dec/10/2015 33 Julia
Sister to Lydia and Alexander LydiaL Dec/10/2015 43 Cassia
Which sounds best?! Last name is a tough one to pair with.... Thanks! tinkk110 Dec/10/2015 31 Theodore "Bear" Paradise