Which Ace combo? brimariiee 8/22/2016 26 Ace Elliot
In an hypothetically situation you have a total of 3 children. What genders would you prefer most? FictionPrincess31415 8/22/2016 31 Girl, Boy, Boy
Nguyên or Tuân lilolaf 8/22/2016 19 Tuân
Rate the name Patrizio cutenose 8/22/2016 22 2
Aisling, Aphrodite, Fumnanya, Flora, Sigrun, Na'omi, Gwendoline, Jördis, Golbahar or Ji-Yeong lilolaf 8/22/2016 26 Flora
Who will be the twin brother of Zdzisław? cutenose 8/22/2016 17 Even
Which name suits a snowman? cutenose 8/22/2016 17 Olaf
Which name has the best pronunciation? cutenose 8/22/2016 27 Callum (KAL-um)
What name suits a bear cub lilolaf 8/22/2016 21 Felix
The parents names are Adam and Ljerka, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 8/22/2016 23 Even
Rate Lucia lilolaf 8/22/2016 25 5 (I like it)
Rate Václav lilolaf 8/22/2016 16 3
Are Victor and Justice/Justus too matchy/wordy for brothers? SarahBelle 8/22/2016 22 No, they're fine
What last name? shoshannah 8/22/2016 21 Amber Hope Davidson
Pick all you like shoshannah 8/22/2016 39 Emily
Peregrine-- what do you think? shoshannah 8/22/2016 25 A nice name
Sierra-- what do you think? shoshannah 8/22/2016 23 A beautiful name-- love it!
Allegra-- what do you think? shoshannah 8/22/2016 30 It's ok, but the allergy medicine...
What names suits a neurotic, red-haired psychic who plays guitar? (nn in parentheses) HumanMouse 8/22/2016 21 Andromeda (Romy)
What name suits an intelligent, cynical, and slightly patronising journalist? HumanMouse 8/22/2016 21 Mark
What name suits a sarcastic 15 year old boy with telekinetic abilities who just wants to live a normal life? HumanMouse 8/22/2016 24 Nathan
first names from civil war guerrillas pt 3 SarahBelle 8/22/2016 20 Theodore
first names from civil war guerrillas pt 2 SarahBelle 8/22/2016 19 Jesse
first names from civil war guerrillas pt 1 SarahBelle 8/22/2016 18 Even
Victor or Vincent? SarahBelle 8/22/2016 25 Vincent
Zinnia Louise Hylocichla 8/22/2016 22 Even
Names in my books. Pick your top two, quarterfinal 1 Baranoch 8/22/2016 28 Rowan
Which one is cooler? AmyChlad 8/22/2016 22 New York City
Choose all you like - Girl Names Edition AmyChlad 8/22/2016 35 Aria/Arya
What would you name her? Brown hair and eyes, 5'5, beautiful. intelliget, witty, lively, also stubborn and restless. Studies science, loves travelling and ballet. maladies 8/22/2016 24 Even