Interactive Polls

Which Names from my Personal List are the Best? amt8705 Sep/18/2013 39 Brielle
Which for a pair of twins? amt8705 Sep/18/2013 32 Brian & Edward
Timothea Piccadilly Sep/17/2013 30 Dislike it.
Which? BBH Sep/17/2013 39 Vivienne
Elinor Mary BBH Sep/17/2013 32 4
Anne-Katherine BBH Sep/17/2013 33 2
Meryl Josephine Wordsmith Sep/17/2013 26 I dislike it.
Martine Olivia Wordsmith Sep/17/2013 26 It's okay.
Selma Clarice Wordsmith Sep/17/2013 27 It's okay.
Golda Beatrice Wordsmith Sep/17/2013 30 I hate it!
choose one per * jay_982 Sep/17/2013 46 Seraphina
Middle name for Genevieve Bear Sep/17/2013 38 Adèle
best name for a boy celtic77 Sep/17/2013 30 Niall Ciaran
best name for a girl celtic77 Sep/17/2013 29 Isla Rowena
Middle name(s) for Cormac Bear Sep/17/2013 30 Ronan
Middle name(s) for Miranda Bear Sep/17/2013 31 Catherine / Katharine
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Sep/17/2013 29 Katerina Patricia
Eve Dragana ophelia Sep/17/2013 30 I like Eve, but not Dragana
Middle name(s) for Jasper Bear Sep/17/2013 32 Leo
Middle name(s) for Valerie Bear Sep/17/2013 31 Celeste
Belle Juliette ophelia Sep/17/2013 33 Prefer Juliet
Which do you prefer? Malk Sep/17/2013 34 Lumi Katherine Maeve
Does Sandra/Sandy sound like an overly solicitous, protective, much-older sister? Ruta Graveolens Sep/17/2013 24 Yes.
Does Sandra/Sandy sound sisterly? Ruta Graveolens Sep/17/2013 22 It sounds like an older sister.
Which ones do you like? Ruta Graveolens Sep/17/2013 28 Sandra
Which spelling? Ruta Graveolens Sep/17/2013 31 Sadie
Guinevere Freya ophelia Sep/17/2013 30 It's okay
Maia Summer ophelia Sep/17/2013 31 It's okay
Ophelia Rose ophelia Sep/17/2013 35 Even
Which one(s)? (Boys) amt8705 Sep/17/2013 33 Benjamin