Interactive Polls

Orion Atticus Emyrae.k Apr/14/2013 35 Like it
Which name?? Grace_Scarlette Apr/14/2013 49 Helena
Violet??? Grace_Scarlette Apr/14/2013 40 Love it
WDYT of Azalea, Jasmine, Rosalie? tazzz Apr/14/2013 39 ewww! to themed
A few new names on my list, F & M. like any?? graldi19 Apr/14/2013 49 Ruby
best pair of names (girls) celtic77 Apr/14/2013 43 Clare and Rose
best pair of names (girls 2) celtic77 Apr/14/2013 39 Maisie and Elspeth
best pair of names (girls 3) celtic77 Apr/14/2013 38 Maeve and Niamh
How would you pronounce Liaca armydad3_8 Apr/14/2013 40 LEE-ah-kuh
Margalit Joanna Wordsmith Apr/14/2013 33 Even
Which of these names will seem the most dated in 20 years? New_Chloe Apr/14/2013 55 Bella
Harold and Elfreda's sons are... arockster Apr/14/2013 33 Wilfred and Ethelred
Legend of Zelda names: How would you call your son? QuillHeart Apr/14/2013 26 Talon
Legend of Zelda names: How would you call your daughter? QuillHeart Apr/14/2013 32 Zelda
A younger brother to a man called Silvain would be... arockster Apr/14/2013 37 Rubain
Seraphina or Seraphinia emeyes Apr/14/2013 41 Seraphina
Olga Martine Wordsmith Apr/14/2013 26 I hate it!
Magda Josephine Wordsmith Apr/14/2013 28 I like it.
Tacita Cleo Wordsmith Apr/14/2013 24 I hate it!
Marvin Hugo Wordsmith Apr/14/2013 29 It's okay.
Arden. Boy or girl? Charlize Apr/14/2013 41 Boy
Favourite flower/ plant name. Charlize Apr/14/2013 55 Lily
Something different. Where would you prefer to live? Charlize Apr/14/2013 36 London, UK
Old favourites (2007/ 2008). Which one do you like ? (boys) maladies Apr/14/2013 47 Alexander
Old favourites (2007/ 2008). Which one do you like ? maladies Apr/14/2013 50 Even
Rate: Ofelia. maladies Apr/14/2013 29 It's alright.
Rate: Eleonora. maladies Apr/14/2013 28 I like it.
This or That? Which one do you prefer ? (g + g) maladies Apr/14/2013 35 Jos├Ęphine & Rosalie
Name for a 22-year old pale, dark chocolate brunette with hazel eyes? lily220 Apr/14/2013 47 Anna
Which do you prefer (girls) 453? paula_vm Apr/14/2013 29 Stephanie