Which Lucy name's are best? LV51sfan91 Jun/24/2015 31 Lucy Madeline Langer (light, tower)
current Girl favorites...Thanks for Voting ~ AshleyJuliette Jun/24/2015 39 Isla
Current Girl Favorites - Thanks for Voting ~ AshleyJuliette Jun/24/2015 41 Hazel
French Last Names Courfeyrac Jun/24/2015 22 Gagnier
Which name for a young 19th century French girl? Courfeyrac Jun/24/2015 36 SÉRAPHINE
Which combo? trayc53 Jun/24/2015 32 Sylvie Florence Rosamund
Which brother for Phoebe? naomism Jun/24/2015 37 James
Brother for Winter (g) New_Chloe Jun/24/2015 32 Roman
Carter or Max Lalage Jun/24/2015 34 Max
Favourite Sibling Set: Boys and Girls lusia Jun/24/2015 37 Adelaide, Cecilia, Oliver and Henry
Favourite Sibling Set: Boys lusia Jun/24/2015 42 Oliver, Elliot and Cyrus
Favourite Sibling Set: Girls lusia Jun/24/2015 38 Isabella, Evelyn and Amelia
Italian Names Felie Jun/24/2015 27 Anna (ANNE)
Italian Names Felie Jun/24/2015 24 Eleonora (eh-leh-o-NOH-rah ELEANOR)
middle name for Theron crybaby Jun/24/2015 21 Theron Clark/Clarke
middle name for Raleigh crybaby Jun/24/2015 20 Raleigh Matthias
Which boys combo(s) do you like best/hate least? SakiHeart Jun/24/2015 29 Even
Which girls combo(s) do you like best/hate least? SakiHeart Jun/24/2015 24 Ari Songlark
Some less common names I have encountered on real people Feorsteorra Jun/23/2015 29 Echo
Ivy? Cristi-es Jun/23/2015 42 4
3 letter favorites for Girls. Please Pick Your Favorite(s) & Thank You. AshleyJuliette Jun/23/2015 40 Ivy
One Syllable Boy names AshleyJuliette Jun/23/2015 42 Sean
One Syllable Girl Names AshleyJuliette Jun/23/2015 42 June
Leon Victor Saima Jun/23/2015 36 It's okay
Carter or Griffin Lalage Jun/23/2015 45 Griffin
Margrethe Ginger or Phyllida Keira? Francesca Jun/23/2015 26 Margrethe Ginger
Betrys Alchemy or Cleena Presela? Francesca Jun/23/2015 22 Betrys Alchemy
Frans Jordi or Benedict Franco? Francesca Jun/23/2015 25 Benedict Franco
Victor Ward or Vitya Hugues? Francesca Jun/23/2015 20 Victor Ward
Paul Thaddeus or Pol Ambrus? Francesca Jun/23/2015 29 Paul Thaddeus