Girls Names (G-L) pick one per letter KatieAnna Jan/2/2016 46 Lucia
Girls Names (A-F) pick one per letter KatieAnna Jan/2/2016 42 Charlotte
Who would you give the name Spencer to? KatieAnna Jan/2/2016 34 Boy
Black & White Male Siberian Husky, Sweet Smart Dog, Training for Mobility Service Dog karenna Jan/2/2016 26 Merlin
What would you name a sister to Caleb & Grace? ishild Jan/2/2016 36 Even
Which J name for girls? naomism Jan/2/2016 45 Juliet
Nicholas mirfak Jan/2/2016 36 Even
Alexander mirfak Jan/2/2016 36 3
best of these nicknames for Theodora, Dorothy, etc? mirfak Jan/2/2016 27 Dora
pick best full name(s) for nickname Dory / Dorie: mirfak Jan/2/2016 27 Dorothy
Hallie and Annie for twins or sisters? Lumiereslove Jan/2/2016 28 No
Which of these Sage combinations do you like? trisha_cluskey Jan/2/2016 23 Sage Elizabeth
Which do you hate more? Just curious (: FictionPrincess31415 Jan/2/2016 41 Alliteration sibsets: Example: Hannah. Holly. Henry. Hunter.
Frannie's name is... whim Jan/2/2016 32 Francesca
Pick out the best ones!!! multiple choice. Be fully honest here!!! FictionPrincess31415 Jan/2/2016 31 Logan Reid
Jessica Lily. Rate! FictionPrincess31415 Jan/2/2016 31 4\5 stars
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Jan/2/2016 33 Even
Part 2. Polish feminine names with name days in January. mairinn Jan/2/2016 29 Hanna (HAHN-nah, Hannah).
Polish feminine names with name days in January. mairinn Jan/2/2016 30 Greta (GRE-tah).
Louise vs. Irene BBH Jan/2/2016 33 Irene
Combos with Gwendolen Erme Ioainna Jan/2/2016 19 Gwendolen Astrid
What kind of a person is Daisy Mackelroy? FMRadio Jan/2/2016 22 Playful
Is Quinlan Too Feminine For A Boy? AnonymousUser Jan/2/2016 29 No, not too feminine.
Which Of These Unusual "A" Female Names Do You Like Most? AnonymousUser Jan/2/2016 31 Avalon (AV-ə-lahn)
_______ Mary Anna Wordsmith Jan/1/2016 29 Judith Mary Anna
Casilda Rosemary Wordsmith Jan/1/2016 25 I dislike it.
Spencer vs Scott? FictionPrincess31415 Jan/1/2016 27 Logan Spencer
Logan Spencer for a boy. Rate! FictionPrincess31415 Jan/1/2016 24 Even
Which with Natalie? Lumiereslove Jan/1/2016 24 Natalie Rose
Black and White Husky, Sweet, Easy Going Temperament karenna Jan/1/2016 24 ROONEY/RÚNI