Pascal Jerome hylo 3/2/2017 18 dislike
Mathilde Caroline hylo 3/2/2017 19 love
Names of girls on Holt International's adoption page; choose your favorite! Kinola 3/2/2017 21 Even
Elvira Madeleine Wordsmith 3/2/2017 17 Even
Elfreda Lillian Wordsmith 3/2/2017 16 I dislike it.
Names of boys on Holt International's adoption page; choose your favorite! Kinola 3/2/2017 21 Even
Best Surnames the_color_purple 3/2/2017 18 Flynn
Love interest for Elijah Alexander Eruchalu2015 3/2/2017 12 Adrianna Shepherd
Which name for a pretty, dull woman who is soon dumped by her boyfriend? paperback 3/1/2017 16 Julie
Which Japanese names do you like? (2) cutenose 3/1/2017 19 Eiko
Who will be the twin sister of Alyssa? cutenose 3/1/2017 22 Sienna
What name suits this person: Italian, 38 years old, Male, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, is very ambitious, has a fear of being fired and is a brain surgeon. lilolaf 3/1/2017 18 Patrizio
Which Name Suits A Quiet, Sleepy Person? cutenose 3/1/2017 13 Germaine
Lucia, Luce, Luzia, Lucinda, Lucy, Llúcia, Luus, Luca, Lucilla, Lucille, Lucija or Lucja lilolaf 3/1/2017 29 Lucia
Name this person, Japanese, male, 18 years old. Likes playing baseball with his dad, wants to be a professional baseball player, likes sunny days and loves tsum tsums cutenose 3/1/2017 22 Ichiro
Sibling of Kerim lilolaf 3/1/2017 18 Mirza
The parents names are Yuuto and Takako, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 3/1/2017 14 Sakura
Rate the combination Yuya Osako (Osako is the last name) lilolaf 3/1/2017 19 5 (I like it)
Rate Siegfried (ZEEK-freet) lilolaf 3/1/2017 17 3
Lula hylo 3/1/2017 20 dislike
Which Pashtun tribal surnames do you like? highexpectasians 3/1/2017 11 Alizai
Which name sounds best for a (female) protagonist with a spunky personality? KittycatLuna17 3/1/2017 16 Lenora (Nora)
Which Mary combo? CherylTunt 3/1/2017 25 Mary Elizabeth
Antía Winifred Wordsmith 3/1/2017 14 I dislike it.
Euthalia Frances Wordsmith 3/1/2017 18 I like it.
Female Combos CherylTunt 3/1/2017 22 Even
Which masculine Bengali names do you like? highexpectasians 3/1/2017 12 Kalyan
Vera Theresa or Vera Louise? CherylTunt 3/1/2017 16 Vera Louise
Which name sounds the most badass? SaraNethri 3/1/2017 21 Alexis
Favorite Names Of My Characters With A Cath- Variant Name? lakin5 3/1/2017 17 Catalina Rodriguez