Does Lisa Colleen flow nice? teddibear1967 Apr/30/2014 34 Yes
can't decide which surname I like best nisimalotse Apr/30/2014 36 Meadows
for middle name nisimalotse Apr/30/2014 33 Helena
Real sibsets, pick all you like Winter Apr/30/2014 38 Joseph, Ella, Noah, Isaac and Zoe
Which Spelling Of LOW-Lee-Ah? lakin5 Apr/29/2014 30 Lolia
Lauren Elizabeth, Lauren Aline, or Lauren Johanna? JesikaJayne Apr/29/2014 40 Lauren Elizabeth
Which Boy Name out of my Recent Sim Characters? mnt5589 Apr/29/2014 47 Alexander
Which Girl Name out of my Recent Sim Characters? mnt5589 Apr/29/2014 44 Elsa
Do you like the name Elizabeth/Elisabeth? HarderToBreathe Apr/29/2014 45 Yes, it is beautiful & classy. I love it!
Donna?? teddibear1967 Apr/29/2014 50 Not my style
Italian Names Felie Apr/29/2014 59 Carolina (kah-roh-LEE-nah - CAROLINE)
Best best-friend pairing? kazmen17 Apr/29/2014 45 Joseph, Elias
Your favorite Narnians names? Skygray15 Apr/29/2014 57 Lucy
Which sister to Josephine and Jordan? Jason Malcolm Apr/29/2014 47 Judith
Glynis Bear Apr/29/2014 41 Hate it
Blanche Bear Apr/29/2014 44 Prefer Bianca
Myra ("MIE-ruh") Bear Apr/29/2014 46 Like it
Sibyl Bear Apr/29/2014 42 Like it
Hester Bear Apr/29/2014 43 Hate it
which middle name Lalage Apr/29/2014 46 Lucia Gabrielle
Do you like any of these girl combos? naomism Apr/29/2014 47 Emilia Charlotte
Which names do you like the most? amt8705 Apr/29/2014 35 Michael
What's your favorite popular girl name? shelbzz Apr/29/2014 58 Julia
Zarah?? teddibear1967 Apr/29/2014 36 Not my style
My S boy names. What do you like? teddibear1967 Apr/29/2014 50 Sebastian
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Apr/29/2014 45 Thomas Edward James
middle name for Lucia Lalage Apr/28/2014 36 Lucia Gabrielle
Rate sibset: Raven and Morgan (g,g) GibsonGirl Apr/28/2014 38 2
Rate sibset: Kevin, Rebecca, and Kendall (b,g,g) GibsonGirl Apr/28/2014 35 2
Is Holiday usable or gp? I'm thinking of the combo Vivian Holiday? lepetitviolet Apr/28/2014 40 Guilty pleasure