Which full name for JJ Winston? ThatOneAuthorGirl 3/31/2017 20 Jocelyn Joanne/Joanna
Lucien or Luc (pronounced Luke)? Surname Rivera ThatOneAuthorGirl 3/31/2017 16 Lucien with nickname Luc
(For a low fantasy story) What should Frida's aunt be named? (note: all these names are after Spanish and Mexican artists) Kinola 3/31/2017 16 Even
Winifred Middle Names JustAsIExpected 3/31/2017 17 Winifred Grace
Freya Middle Names JustAsIExpected 3/31/2017 21 Freya Clementine
If a fictional American couple were named Miss Park and Mr Lee, would you assume they were of Korean heritage? paperback 3/31/2017 21 Yes, I would think they were almost certainly from a Korean background
Nicknames for Maria (choose all you like) Rumi20 3/31/2017 15 Mia
Which set of initials look better to you (the last R is the surname) Rumi20 3/30/2017 10 RMR
Which pronunciation? | Leonie sweetasjam 3/30/2017 21 lee-oh-nee
Rose Harlow (Rosy) debwrb 3/30/2017 22 Yes
Which Japanese Names Do You Like? (6) cutenose 3/30/2017 17 Miko
Who will be the twin brother of Yuugo? cutenose 3/30/2017 16 Ouga
What middle name with "Wanda"? Kinola 3/30/2017 18 Josephine
Which Name Suits A Clueless Person? cutenose 3/30/2017 13 Pakpao
Name this person, Japanese, female, 16 years old, has her hair dyed blonde, wants to be a fashion designer, is very poor and is very hopeless cutenose 3/30/2017 16 Miria
What middle name with "Bertha"? Kinola 3/30/2017 17 Christine
The parents names are Yoshiaki and Soyo, what will be there son's name? cutenose 3/30/2017 14 Satoshi
What middle name with "Mortimer"? Kinola 3/30/2017 20 Francis
What middle name with "Hudson"? Kinola 3/30/2017 18 Clark
Which Full Name a For Joa? lakin5 3/30/2017 23 Josephine
Zillah Rosine Wordsmith 3/30/2017 21 It's okay.
Zaccai Jerome Wordsmith 3/30/2017 17 I dislike it.
Ursula Pauline glaucous 3/30/2017 23 3 - It's usable.
Lilac Anaïs hylo 3/30/2017 27 like
Zadok Henry hylo 3/30/2017 25 dislike
Choose all that you like girls names peonini 3/30/2017 43 Even
Name for a headstrong 15-year-old Sahrawi orphan from the Western Sahara? highexpectasians 3/30/2017 21 Karim
Joshua vs Matthew Whipsmart 3/30/2017 29 Matthew
Willamar Frederick Wordsmith 3/30/2017 23 I dislike it.
Which? hylo 3/30/2017 25 Charlotte Anthea