Interactive Polls

Jessica Celeste? Lumiereslove Apr/23/2013 32 no
Which Pair For Twins Born On A Thursday ? (Boys) BonVoyage Apr/23/2013 36 Malcolm & Neville.
Which "Assorted" Names are the Best? (Pick 1 per symbol) 4 x_Chaser of Dreams_x Apr/23/2013 52 __ Maisie
My Friends Alan & Fiona Parkinson Love Cheese; But Oh My , They Want To Name Their Daughter After A Cheese,Which One Sounds Best ? BonVoyage Apr/23/2013 31 Edam.
What do you think of the (nick)name Bea? (prn BEE) Belphoebe Apr/23/2013 37 So so
What do you think of the name Lillian? Belphoebe Apr/23/2013 42 Love
What do you think of the (nick)name Lex? Belphoebe Apr/23/2013 35 So so
Your favourite variation/diminutive/short form of Alexander? QuillHeart Apr/23/2013 35 Alex
Leslie: Masculine or feminine? QuillHeart Apr/23/2013 41 Feminine
Do you think that middle names have to be a family members'? QuillHeart Apr/23/2013 35 No
Someone named Moira is... (Help me out with my book here!) QuillHeart Apr/23/2013 41 not that social but very clever
Which one? Lumiereslove Apr/23/2013 38 Tessa
Otis Walter Wordsmith Apr/23/2013 33 It's okay.
Morgan (m) and Susanna good sib set? ars musica Apr/23/2013 40 Yea
Morgan Clement ars musica Apr/23/2013 33 Like
Eartha Hazel Wordsmith Apr/23/2013 34 It's okay.
Fern Beatrice Wordsmith Apr/23/2013 31 It's okay.
Which do you prefer (girls) 459? paula_vm Apr/23/2013 34 Bernadette
Highest rated girls names on my PNL - like any? Babochka Apr/22/2013 57 Even
Which name? (Female) arockster Apr/22/2013 37 Elissandre (Liss)
Which Name? (Male) arockster Apr/22/2013 39 Kirsian
Which "Assorted" Names are the Best? (Pick 1 per symbol) 3 x_Chaser of Dreams_x Apr/22/2013 53 & Ivy
Spellings; One Per Symbol starrie Apr/22/2013 44 & Miles
Ginger (f) Bear Apr/22/2013 49 Even
Would it be odd for Annabel to have a sister named Georgiana? KrisMichelle Apr/22/2013 39 No
Which would you pick? (Sibling to Caleb and Annabel) KrisMichelle Apr/22/2013 50 Madeleine
Middle name(s) for Ginger (one mn, but many choices) Bear Apr/22/2013 45 Linnea ("li-NAY-uh")
Middle name(s) for Ginger Bear Apr/22/2013 44 Eloise
Middle name(s) for Ginger Bear Apr/22/2013 44 Elaine / Elena
Middle name(s) for Ginger Bear Apr/22/2013 44 Kate