Georgine Olivia Wordsmith Oct/15/2013 31 Even
Lucie Gwendolen Wordsmith Oct/15/2013 32 It's okay.
Flora Leontine Wordsmith Oct/15/2013 32 I like it.
Augustine Cecilia Wordsmith Oct/15/2013 28 I hate it!
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Oct/15/2013 38 Leo William Caspar
Brothers to Harry, Oliver, & Max? xnutmegx56 Oct/14/2013 61 Finn
Sisters to Bonnie, Lily, & Darcy? xnutmegx56 Oct/14/2013 54 Audrey
favorite boys name ashashash Oct/14/2013 40 Zachary
Which middle name? Trying to narrow down.. Cristi-es Oct/14/2013 42 Emilia Rose
Elissa BBH Oct/14/2013 38 neutral
Blythe BBH Oct/14/2013 37 dislike
Pick all you like 15HourNap Oct/14/2013 58 Sarah Grace
Which sib-set(s) do you like? Kels28 Oct/14/2013 43 Lila, Eva, and Jack
Which one? FMRadio Oct/14/2013 33 Errol St. Cloud
Opinions on Misha (m)? Barbie Oct/14/2013 38 I like it.
Favorite Nicknames For Ralph And Felix? lakin5 Oct/14/2013 29 No Nicknames Just Felix
A guy I like posted an Instagram pic asking people to text. I don't have his number so would it be weird if I texted him and have him guess who it is? He's already my acquaintance by the way gotnomojo101 Oct/14/2013 21 Dont text him
Top boy name? Kels28 Oct/14/2013 35 Jack Oliver
Middle for Eva Kels28 Oct/14/2013 29 Eva Charlotte
please vote bbaby2006 Oct/14/2013 39 Adam
Mn for Ann(e) (you may select as many as you like) Bear Oct/14/2013 37 Rebecca
Mn for Henry Bear Oct/14/2013 35 August
Mn for Clare / Claire Bear Oct/14/2013 35 Evelyn
Mn for Thomas Bear Oct/14/2013 35 Ronan
Mn for Lucy Bear Oct/14/2013 38 Caroline
Arthur Combinations ophelia Oct/14/2013 33 Arthur David
Aurora Combinations ophelia Oct/14/2013 33 Aurora Jane
Miles or Myles? ophelia Oct/14/2013 32 Miles
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Oct/14/2013 52 Marina
Irene Combinations ophelia Oct/14/2013 30 Irene Olivia