E Names allibrooke1223 Dec/18/2013 37 Eloise
Jack's Sister! allibrooke1223 Dec/18/2013 41 Eleanor
Which middle name for Rose? Lumiereslove Dec/18/2013 37 Rose Victoria
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Dec/18/2013 31 Theodore William Haydon
Winners of my previous polls - which ones do you prefer? Babochka Dec/17/2013 55 Athena
Combo for girls prayforpeace Dec/17/2013 32 Augusta Rose
Choose one name per symbol jazzycritique Dec/17/2013 49 Even
Modern-ish names for the evil enchantress in Rapunzel... one choice only. aerin.mistweir Dec/17/2013 35 Desdemona
Best Sibling set(s) sarelyn Dec/17/2013 35 Different Combo
Connor combos Sofia Dec/17/2013 27 Connor Nathaniel
Not so common names I've seen recently. Like any? GibsonGirl Dec/17/2013 40 No, these are awful.
Middle name "Grace," first name... maggifred Dec/17/2013 38 Norah
Fave full name for nn "Fin" (for a boy)? New_Chloe Dec/17/2013 45 Finley
Day/Month Names maggifred Dec/17/2013 42 August
Favorite? maggifred Dec/17/2013 32 Thomas Gabriel
Pick One maggifred Dec/17/2013 37 Anna Louise
Names fit together? (Medieval/Fantasy Inspired, please choose the one(s) that don't fit) maggifred Dec/17/2013 37 Zoya
Which names sound best? i need 2 girls and 2 boys McKalaMorgan Dec/17/2013 41 Stella Jayne
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Dec/17/2013 36 Leif & Asher
Which? Lumiereslove Dec/17/2013 39 Even
Girls Name, Star Trek inspired...select all you like Skyehawk Dec/17/2013 34 Kira
Boys name, Star Trek inspired...select all you like Skyehawk Dec/17/2013 46 James
Sibling names (twins) amt8705 Dec/17/2013 29 James and Benjamin
Sibling names (twins) amt8705 Dec/17/2013 26 James and Benjamin
Boys Names (pick as many as you like) amt8705 Dec/17/2013 38 Benjamin
What name do you like? amt8705 Dec/17/2013 31 Joshua
Silas Benjamin & Asa Nathaniel BBH Dec/17/2013 29 Like
Which Name For The Sister Of Bettina? lakin5 Dec/17/2013 25 Annette
Are Isaac and Asa too close/confusing for bros? BBH Dec/17/2013 25 not so much
If it is a boy, we are thinking either... liebs Dec/17/2013 33 Shane Richard