Saints and Blesseds - July 8th Felie Jul/8/2015 28 Piero (PIERRE)
Saints and Blesseds - July 8th Felie Jul/8/2015 25 Lorenzo (m "from Laurentius" or "crown by laurel")
Which Girl's Name? megan_donuts Jul/8/2015 44 Samira
Laila ? Amity {{ For a friend }} 2angelgoats Jul/8/2015 27 Laila Céleste Amity
Franklin crybaby Jul/8/2015 21 Franklin Montgomery
Kosma Lalita or Theta Serilda? Francesca Jul/8/2015 19 Theta Serilda
Thaddea Dessa or Coretta Petunia? Francesca Jul/8/2015 16 Thaddea Dessa
Lysandra Chloe or Bridget Melba? Francesca Jul/8/2015 24 Lysandra Chloe
Dorian Quant or Cadmus Gaylen? Francesca Jul/8/2015 19 Dorian Quant
Merritt Dexter or Tracy Mikolas? Francesca Jul/8/2015 16 Merritt Dexter
Names for Harry Potter characters Lumiereslove Jul/7/2015 26 Lillian Rose
Boy names! ElspethJane Jul/7/2015 40 Even
Fav set of names Freyaxox Jul/7/2015 34 Leah, Sarah, Hannah
Which sister set? gabbygrace1915 Jul/7/2015 58 Emma, Juliette, Isabel
Boy Names... Whenyo Jul/7/2015 34 Casper Page
which of these names do you think fit in a medival archaic work of fiction. jakkson Jul/7/2015 32 Icarus
Dulcinea Lucile Wordsmith Jul/7/2015 30 I dislike it.
Phyllis Antonia Wordsmith Jul/7/2015 30 I dislike it.
Leda Marigold Wordsmith Jul/7/2015 30 It's okay.
Which of these male names should I use on a story character? Mirrorland Jul/7/2015 36 Malcolm
? Trent LV51sfan91 Jul/7/2015 23 Samuel Trent Langer (God hears, water)
? Collin LV51sfan91 Jul/7/2015 25 Even
Rachel Glennes (Glennes is my grandma) LV51sfan91 Jul/7/2015 26 Yes
Which one sounds better for a somewhat dislikable 20 year old male lead character? Nala Jul/7/2015 36 Seth
Nellie BBH Jul/7/2015 33 Yes.
Thaddeus BBH Jul/7/2015 33 Yes.
Ada BBH Jul/7/2015 28 Yes.
Do you like any of these boys names? Rigatoni Jul/7/2015 46 Even
Which of these boys names do you like? Rigatoni Jul/7/2015 34 Sebastian Isaac
which middle name? Lalage Jul/7/2015 30 Even