Best friend of Cooper (boy or girl) LydiaL Dec/15/2015 25 Charlotte
Which middle name would you choose? sambchop Dec/15/2015 28 Eloise Juliette
Damien Cecil Octavio glaucous Dec/14/2015 25 Even
Henriette Claudia Wordsmith Dec/14/2015 25 It's okay.
Oswin Leopold Wordsmith Dec/14/2015 24 It's okay.
Names Dr5 Dec/14/2015 20 Even
Which Fraser? celtic77 Dec/14/2015 20 Fraser Alistair
Which Felicity? celtic77 Dec/14/2015 22 Felicity Maeve
Just read the top 10 names of 2015 on MSN. WDYT? TheArtemisMoon Dec/14/2015 38 Lily
Urška TheArtemisMoon Dec/14/2015 17 Even
To honor the women in my family... TheArtemisMoon Dec/14/2015 26 Louisa Renee
Name for male labradoodle puppy karenna Dec/14/2015 24 Rooney
Name for female labradoodle puppy karenna Dec/14/2015 26 Zola
Alaric Thorsen or Jack Thorsen? Arkham Bear Dec/14/2015 23 Jack Thorsen
Girls Top 21-40 England & Wales in 1890. Like any? Anna21 Dec/14/2015 41 Rose
What Indian Female Name Do You Like? lilolaf Dec/14/2015 38 Mira
Which name Jessica21 Dec/14/2015 29 Arabella
Which Girl name is Best?? (if you Had to choose one) AshleyJuliette Dec/14/2015 36 Ariadne
Best of these singer's names? (Female Celebrities) JossC. Dec/14/2015 33 Adele
Which Boy name is best?? (if you Had to choose one) AshleyJuliette Dec/14/2015 32 Geoffrey
Best name/nickname combo? (Boys) JossC. Dec/14/2015 28 Abraham "Bram"
Maree or Amira? JossC. Dec/14/2015 23 Amira
Lily or Rose? JossC. Dec/14/2015 37 Lily
Evan or Sean? JossC. Dec/14/2015 32 Evan
Strangest name of the day: Miltravious. *I swear I didn't make this up* TheArtemisMoon Dec/14/2015 22 1-awful
Which one? FMRadio Dec/14/2015 29 Julian Blaise
Which name is better? Tom84 Dec/14/2015 29 Katerina Kuncova
What Should I Submit cutenose Dec/14/2015 14 Given name-Feminine
Sister for Harold - Pick all you like KiahRayhavenMercer Dec/14/2015 29 Alice
Brother for Harold - Pick all you like KiahRayhavenMercer Dec/14/2015 29 Theodore