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Male 'I' names Nala Jul/26/2014 28 Ivan
Evangeline? LMS Jul/26/2014 29 E-van-ghuh-leen
Narrowing down: Which do you prefer? Uniqueness16 Jul/26/2014 34 Clara Celeste
I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby girl, I have a 7 yo dd, Her name is Jaidin Jo. I'm having a hard time trying to decide on a name for baby girl, her middle name will be Marie. Any help would be GREAT! sabrina_07 Jul/26/2014 33 Reagan Marie
Fin- names Ottilie Jul/26/2014 29 Finlay
Kindly choose one name per symbol Ottilie Jul/26/2014 44 ❋ Linnéa
Boys Crayola_over_Roseart Jul/26/2014 30 Ezra Benjamin
My Favorite Girls' Names Crayola_over_Roseart Jul/26/2014 35 Amelia Jane
Elizabeth or Isabel? BBH Jul/26/2014 45 Isabel
First names for Oleander Ottilie Jul/26/2014 28 Bennett Oleander
Do you like the name Royal for a middle name for a boy? twins57 Jul/26/2014 34 No!
If you had to name your daughter either Matilda or Melina... BBH Jul/26/2014 39 Matilda
Beautiful Unique Girl's Names Baby Name Pro Jul/26/2014 29 Prudence
Girl Names From Around The World Part 2 Baby Name Pro Jul/26/2014 30 Maren
Girl Names From Around The World Part 1 Baby Name Pro Jul/26/2014 32 Annika
Girls Baby Name Pro Jul/26/2014 41 Even
NAMES! Baby Name Pro Jul/26/2014 34 Grace
Which is your favorite middle name for this boy name? lizwashere72 Jul/26/2014 21 Bailey Jude.
Which is your favorite middle name for this name? lizwashere72 Jul/26/2014 32 Catherine Annabel.
Which is your favorite middle name for this name? lizwashere72 Jul/26/2014 28 Hannah Joy
What would you name a young prince? HaySkyNat Jul/26/2014 34 Prince Alexander
What would you name a young princess? HaySkyNat Jul/26/2014 32 Princess Alexandra
Girls' options - pick your favourite Chrisell Jul/26/2014 29 Cecily Jean
Which name flows the best? HarvenEliaj Jul/25/2014 25 Katerina Pearson
Which is best for a girl? poetgirl Jul/25/2014 32 Helena
Which do you prefer for a boy? poetgirl Jul/25/2014 35 Colin
More Sibyl combinations Wordsmith Jul/25/2014 18 Even
Favorite Name (set of cousins) Patience2010 Jul/25/2014 20 Adah Joy
WDYT of sibling for Lydia Patience: Mary Faith (who goes by Mary Faith) Patience2010 Jul/25/2014 21 Change it!
Which of these fn ln combos sounds the best for this character (20 yr old woman from Barbados, athletic, confident, take-charge personality)? Lothlaurien Jul/25/2014 24 Simone Williams