"Minimalist" names - boys (part 3) New_Chloe May/22/2015 23 Even
"Minimalist" names - boys (part 2) New_Chloe May/22/2015 21 Luc
Based on rank, rate my friends' new names: GibsonGirl May/22/2015 8 Even
"Minimalist" names - boys (part 1) New_Chloe May/22/2015 21 Gray, Grey
"Minimalist" names - girls New_Chloe May/22/2015 28 Even
For a sprinter in track, is lifting weights and doing strength/core (to lean up and gain muscle) just as important as actually running too? sprinter007 May/22/2015 6 Yes! Weights are just as important
Best name Zina May/22/2015 23 Alina
Best name for a pet cat Zina May/22/2015 22 Winston
Pick all you like (Boys) twlightblack11 May/22/2015 35 Alexander
Pick all you like (girls) twlightblack11 May/22/2015 32 Alice
Name your favourite thing to fall on your head ! BonVoyage May/22/2015 16 Wishing Mist.
My Major Characters? ♂ FictionPrincess31415 May/22/2015 23 Even
My major characters? ♀ FictionPrincess31415 May/22/2015 24 Greta (Main Character. protagonist)
Which of these A boys names do you like? Barrantt May/22/2015 33 Alexander
Rebekah vs Rebecca? FictionPrincess31415 May/22/2015 25 Rebecca Dillon
Which of these does tha like best for a boy ? BonVoyage May/22/2015 21 Nigel.
Which Name For A Monkey From The Monkey Shop ? BonVoyage May/22/2015 19 Norman.
Which Of These Names Is The Least Cool ? BonVoyage May/22/2015 24 Nigel.
If you could change your name cos you think its nerdy would you Nigels ? BonVoyage May/22/2015 13 I Hate It But I'm Horrible so it suits me.
Sibset: Jocelyn, Abigail, and Hilary smukkesandy May/22/2015 26 #Ok-ish
Pick the best girl names. Thojoe Smithinway May/22/2015 43 Rose
Michael or Simon? Thojoe Smithinway May/22/2015 34 Simon
which do you prefer (boy name)? Lalage May/22/2015 31 Max
Sasha and Freya as sisters? polkaspot May/22/2015 38 Like it
Siblings Ezra, Asa, Hugo & Sasha (f) polkaspot May/22/2015 28 It's okay.
Cambria rating poll 5-love 1-strongly dislike AshleyJuliette May/22/2015 28 2 dislike
Laurette spelling (laur-ETT) & rating AshleyJuliette May/22/2015 27 Lorette
Damaris (g) rating poll (5 love, 1, strongly dislike) AshleyJuliette May/22/2015 27 4 (like it)
Aubrielle rating poll (5=love it, 1=strongly dislike) AshleyJuliette May/22/2015 28 1 (strongly dislike)
Which one for my baby girl? ElizaR May/22/2015 34 Alice Lily Catherine