Which sets of names do you like? Emily Amy 10/11/2017 24 Martha, William, James, Virginia "Ginny"
Are you surprised at any of these names based on the decade they were born in? Rosita Quackenbush 10/11/2017 21 Barbie (1980s)
Elara Emilie Arouet 10/11/2017 23 Even
Go to http://hummahummasociety.webs.com. Do you like it? kate85249 10/11/2017 12 It needs some editing.
Favorite feminine Macedonian name? Kinola 10/11/2017 29 Ilina
Favorite masculine Macedonian name? Kinola 10/11/2017 28 Even
Margery Alice Rupinder RosieMac 10/11/2017 25 Meh-Neutral
Saloni Rawat kate85249 10/11/2017 16 1. I hate it!
Which name for a YouTube channel? Part 2 kate85249 10/11/2017 20 Cake and Friends
New Baby's name please pick one for a boy and one for a girl :) JLDewhurst 10/11/2017 36 Malachi Thomas
Feminine Names from My Favorites List | Final KylieLocke 10/11/2017 42 Rose
"Old Lady Names" | Vintage and classic feminine names | Final KylieLocke 10/11/2017 44 Adelaide
Variations of (Mark) Aloveofnames 10/11/2017 29 Mark
Jen as a nickname for Guinevere? ThatOneAuthorGirl 10/11/2017 25 No
Serious Question. Do you think that the names Sylvia & Lydia are too similar for directly related cousins even if Lydia as a middle name? Fictionprincess2020 10/11/2017 34 Similar yes but with Sylvia as a first and Lydia as a middle, it's completely fine
What's Your Reaction Towards The Name Cecilio? cutenose 10/11/2017 22 Old
Who will be the twin sister of Medina? cutenose 10/11/2017 34 Even
What name suits this person: Guatemalan, 23 years old, Male, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, likes to work out, likes to take warm bubble baths and dislikes flirty people. lilolaf 10/11/2017 20 Even
Which Name Suits A Caring, Loving Mother? cutenose 10/11/2017 19 Dafne
Name this person, Serbian, male, 20 years old, likes to eat cherries, gets excited easily, is very lazy and likes to collect toy motorcycles cutenose 10/11/2017 19 Željko
Sibling of Ziba lilolaf 10/11/2017 23 Even
Pick all the names that you like (75) lilolaf 10/11/2017 36 Harmony
The parents names are Ibai and Udane, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 10/11/2017 16 Aintzane
What Estonian female name do you like? lilolaf 10/11/2017 29 Leena
Rate Séverine (SE-VREEN) lilolaf 10/11/2017 25 4
Which 'Suzie' name? brimariiee 10/11/2017 28 Susannah
name of a ruthless, manipulative cousin (Spanish/ English) Eruchalu2015 10/11/2017 24 Antony
Surname for a wealthy, powerful criminal family Eruchalu2015 10/11/2017 24 Castelo
International Popularity Rankings Winners Compilation | Highest-voted feminine names from top 10 lists in countries worldwide (winners from previous polls) BlueJewels 10/11/2017 33 Alice
International Popularity Rankings Winners Compilation | Highest-voted masculine names from top 10 lists in countries worldwide (winners from previous polls) BlueJewels 10/11/2017 38 Alexander