Hugo vs Hunter FictionPrincess31415 Dec/1/2016 28 Hugo
Japanese male names lilolaf Dec/1/2016 30 Even
Japanese female names lilolaf Dec/1/2016 27 Ayumi
Ayae or Harue lilolaf Dec/1/2016 17 Harue
Hester Louisa Wordsmith Dec/1/2016 24 It's okay.
Which Combo? Last Name Hernandez! lakin5 Dec/1/2016 31 Phoebe Alexandra
Zinnia Frances hylo Dec/1/2016 27 like
Edith Cecilia hylo Dec/1/2016 27 like
Hazel Virginia hylo Dec/1/2016 26 like
Judith Ophelia hylo Dec/1/2016 25 like
Minnie Cordelia hylo Dec/1/2016 28 Even
Best Girls name???? for unusual? What M_E Nov/30/2016 36 Isla
What is the BEST name for a boy without a middle name???? What M_E Nov/30/2016 37 Sebastian (Seb)
Twin of Safiya? highexpectasians Nov/30/2016 23 Nadiyya
Girls names pick all you like Goldcrown Nov/30/2016 37 Isadora
Best name combination for a girl loveriel Nov/30/2016 36 Stella Margaret
Olympia Eloise Wordsmith Nov/30/2016 24 I dislike it.
This or That? (choose one of each) CyanPluto Nov/30/2016 39 1. Beatrice
Is Anna a beautiful name? Quinnteller Nov/30/2016 35 Strongly agree
Would you rather have 2 sons & 1 daughter or 2 daughters & 1 son? (The order of the genders are not in any specific order) FictionPrincess31415 Nov/30/2016 29 ♂♂♀(2 Sons and an only Daughter)
Merula Frances Wordsmith Nov/30/2016 27 Even
Golda Harriet Wordsmith Nov/30/2016 30 I hate it!
Zelig Arthur Wordsmith Nov/30/2016 30 I hate it!
Favorite Names For Dragon Ball Z Fan Characters? lakin5 Nov/30/2016 14 Even
Best baby boy name combo?? Please help!! shelbzz Nov/30/2016 39 Maverick James
Nationalities for a character: Russian and _____ (top 2 will chosen) Gregory Woodrow Nov/30/2016 27 Polish
Poster girl for good behavior in a city, about to enter an arranged marriage to help her bankrupt father Eruchalu2015 Nov/30/2016 42 Annabelle Creighton
Between Luciano Alexander & Afonso Alexander Eruchalu2015 Nov/30/2016 25 Luciano Alexander
Right hand man of Duarte Gerardo Bautista, an Israeli Mercernary Eruchalu2015 Nov/30/2016 24 Amram Efrayim
Mystical girl/creature from the forest? Quinnteller Nov/30/2016 42 Hava