Which of these girl names do you prefer? Emily Amy Aug/27/2015 33 Ingrid
Which do you prefer? B-ets Emily Amy Aug/27/2015 32 Bridget for a girl
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Aug/26/2015 18 Alyssa Odette Isabel
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Aug/26/2015 15 Alyssa Charlotte Isabel
Samuel? Vela Aug/26/2015 29 Samuel James
Matthew? Vela Aug/26/2015 24 Matthew Oliver
Arthur? Vela Aug/26/2015 24 Arthur Daniel
Rachel Beatrix Pearl JuliaF Aug/26/2015 24 Like it
Frederick? Vela Aug/26/2015 25 Frederick Hugo
Joshua? Vela Aug/26/2015 20 Joshua Thomas
Inanna "Ina" Wordsmith Aug/26/2015 27 I hate it!
Regardless of popularity, which one(s) are your most favorite? anwilliams3386 Aug/26/2015 44 Lily/Liliana
Classic Girl Combos AshleyJuliette Aug/26/2015 28 Grace Evelyn
How do you like the name Jasmine? trisha_cluskey Aug/26/2015 41 Like it.
Do you prefer Jonathan or John? trisha_cluskey Aug/26/2015 34 Jonathan
Do you prefer Stephen or Steven? trisha_cluskey Aug/26/2015 33 Stephen
Do you prefer Jeffrey or Geoffrey? trisha_cluskey Aug/26/2015 35 Jeffrey
Which of these is closest to how you would pronounce Lene? chankie Aug/26/2015 29 LEEN
Which of these is closest to how you would pronounce Helena? chankie Aug/26/2015 33 Even
Lizaveta Wordsmith Aug/26/2015 29 It's okay.
Alfreda Lilian Wordsmith Aug/26/2015 25 I dislike it.
Girl names that start with O, P, & Q AshleyJuliette Aug/26/2015 38 Phoebe
Girl names beginning with R & S AshleyJuliette Aug/26/2015 42 Ruby
Theme for my next poll?? AshleyJuliette Aug/26/2015 25 1920
Theodore ????? (middle names) Gwynbow Aug/26/2015 32 Theodore Jacob Oliver
Choose any. BBH Aug/26/2015 39 Lucy Caroline
Claire LV51sfan91 Aug/26/2015 25 Claire Olivia Langer (bright, peace)
Genevieve vs. Vivian LV51sfan91 Aug/26/2015 33 Vivian Langer (Vivi, Viv)
Brooklyn LV51sfan91 Aug/26/2015 24 Brooklyn Sophia Langer (stream, wisdom)
Which full names do you like for the nickname "Annie" or "Anna"? (select all you like) II grimscribe Aug/26/2015 35 Giovanna