sister pairs celtic77 Apr/13/2015 26 Lillian and Cecilia
New Combinations AshleyJuliette Apr/13/2015 21 Jessamine Cordelia
Would Beatrice and Elizabeth be too close for sisters? Likeyeahwhatev Apr/13/2015 31 No
Beatrix Raphaela Posy whim Apr/13/2015 30 Like it.
Old fashioned girl names schlink Apr/13/2015 44 Evelyn
which of these unusual names for a boy middleline____ Apr/12/2015 30 Memphis
Favourite greek god/goddess name/s. estonia Apr/12/2015 36 Athena
I have three kids Sawyer Spencer and Memphis I am expecting another girl I like the name Sloane but to me it doesn't seem fair that just one of my kids start with a m what do you think? middleline____ Apr/12/2015 33 keep sloane if you like it
Which Estonian masculine name goes best with Tahnee? estonia Apr/12/2015 21 Kalev
A sister for Lydia? schlink Apr/12/2015 42 Margot
A brother for Lydia? schlink Apr/12/2015 45 Even
Which of these "A" names for girls do you like? Barrantt Apr/12/2015 46 Ariadne
Aaron name's LV51sfan91 Apr/12/2015 25 Aaron David Langer "mountain, beloved"
To honor my Father Stephen LV51sfan91 Apr/12/2015 25 Stephen Joseph Langer "crown, supplanter" My second cousin's first name is Joseph?
Does anyone like my character name, Peter Jeralitas or Jeralitas. (Jerra-Lye-Tus) Thojoe Smithinway Apr/12/2015 14 Yes, Keep it.
Does anyone like my character name, Lokta Froies. ♀ Thojoe Smithinway Apr/12/2015 14 No, get rid of it.
Does anyone like my character name, Satchel Manzee? Thojoe Smithinway Apr/12/2015 18 No, Get rid of it.
To honor Maxine & Colleen LV51sfan91 Apr/12/2015 22 Anna Colleen
(For a story) Names of the boys living at the Shell Stone House; choose all your favorites! Kinola Apr/12/2015 29 Alexander
(For a story) Names of the girls living at the Shell Stone House; choose all your favorites! Kinola Apr/12/2015 27 Eva
Which name is the best out of the 6 (boys)? m4yb3_daijirou Apr/12/2015 24 Sakyō - 左京/さきょう (sa-kyo:)
Choose your favorite Erme Ioainna Apr/12/2015 24 Ailsa (AYL-sə)
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Apr/12/2015 34 Leander
Pick your top 4! Raynegillis Apr/12/2015 45 Sophia
Which? BBH Apr/12/2015 39 Ava Catherine
Top Boys Names 3 Cooloness Apr/12/2015 39 Jacob
Top Boys Names 2 Cooloness Apr/12/2015 37 Edward
Top Boys Names 1 Cooloness Apr/12/2015 35 John/Johnny
for a girly middleline____ Apr/11/2015 27 sloane
Rate this sibset - Jonah Silvius and Beatrice Mary Likeyeahwhatev Apr/11/2015 28 Even