Interactive Polls

Which name is better? callie_dove Oct/15/2014 30 Catherine- it's elegant!
What middle name for Chloe? erb816 Oct/15/2014 24 Chloe Adelaide
Which middle name for Morgana? erb816 Oct/15/2014 24 Morgana Celeste
What name sounds the best? callie_dove Oct/15/2014 24 Aurora Violet
Favorite feminine first + middle name combos? You can pick more than one. erb816 Oct/15/2014 27 Chloe Genevieve
Favorite masculine first + middle name combos? You can pick more than one. erb816 Oct/15/2014 27 Edmund Hugh
Which is the best name for a strawberry blond, hazel eyed beautiful 12 year old girl with lots of friends, but isn't mean or extremely popular. She is very smart. also_known_as_Tori Oct/15/2014 24 Piper
Which form of "Hannah" Ali Hassan Oct/15/2014 31 Anna
Nicknames for Roberta Ottilie Oct/15/2014 29 None
Which? BBH Oct/15/2014 24 Keturah Mary
Which? BBH Oct/15/2014 26 Elizabeth Irene
Which? BBH Oct/15/2014 24 Susannah Blythe
Which? BBH Oct/15/2014 25 Abigail Rebecca
Which? BBH Oct/15/2014 27 Jacob Henry
Which? Ruta Graveolens Oct/15/2014 23 Hazel Kim
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Oct/15/2014 26 James Henry
A third daughter, with sisters Chloe and Hannah - want names not too matchy applecat Oct/14/2014 36 Juliet
The name Dax for a boy? Thompson777 Oct/14/2014 32 No
Best girl name? Thompson777 Oct/14/2014 32 Aurelia
Main Male Character Name Schmecklen Oct/14/2014 27 Alexander
Brother for Keely Boo-Boo2133 Oct/14/2014 26 Cole
Which first name? Lumiereslove Oct/14/2014 33 Anastasia
favorite sport jaspen3 Oct/14/2014 29 soccer
WHICH WAY AROUND THESE COMBOS? Pick 1 symbol each! ThatMazerunnerfan Oct/14/2014 32 # Cora Adaline
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Oct/14/2014 64 Leo
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Oct/14/2014 54 Clara
favorite bible name jaspen3 Oct/14/2014 32 Luke
favorite name of all time jaspen3 Oct/14/2014 29 Mark
Fav football team jaspen3 Oct/14/2014 17 Packers
Do you prefer tests on computer or paper? jaspen3 Oct/14/2014 22 Paper