Interactive Polls

Lilla Marjorie Wordsmith Dec/29/2014 21 Even
Myrtle Genevieve Wordsmith Dec/29/2014 20 I dislike it.
Which girl name do you prefer? Last name starts with "B" terri1980 Dec/29/2014 25 Sophie Jane
Which combo? Koenigin der Nacht Dec/29/2014 18 Werner Johann
Names from book: "I am Malala" Felie Dec/29/2014 23 Malala/Malalai (F "sorrowful")
What's your opinion on the name Minnie? The Midnight-Rose Dec/29/2014 30 I hate it!!!
What's your opinion on the name Bille Joe? The Midnight-Rose Dec/29/2014 27 I hate it!!!
George or Anthony? Ali Hassan Dec/29/2014 26 Anthony
brothers to Mattias essie Dec/29/2014 21 Victor
Which do you like? Joiya Dec/29/2014 29 Evren (m)
which is better / less bad? (as a feminine first name) mirfak Dec/29/2014 21 Paisley
Down to 3 Girl names! puppy_love6969 Dec/29/2014 26 Sienna Skye
Meryl mirfak Dec/29/2014 20 it's nice
Random American Names Felie Dec/29/2014 21 Anabel Salter
Russian Names Felie Dec/29/2014 26 Yelena (HELEN)
Which names do you like for a miniature schnauzer? Part 3 maude Dec/29/2014 16 Hattie
Which names do you like for a miniature schnauzer? Part 2 maude Dec/29/2014 16 Greta
Which names do you like for a miniature schnauzer? maude Dec/29/2014 15 Even
Combos with Aldith Erme Ioainna Dec/29/2014 17 Even
Combos with Alastair Erme Ioainna Dec/29/2014 25 Even
Which is better? Boys Final SofiaSweden Dec/29/2014 32 James Henry
Which is better? Girls Final SofiaSweden Dec/29/2014 32 Audrey Elizabeth
Rosetta's mother and Armand's wife jessica_p Dec/29/2014 20 Viola
Which name for Rosetta's brother? jessica_p Dec/29/2014 19 Dorian
What would you name a sister for Thea Charlotte? ishild Dec/29/2014 21 Clara
Forms of "John" Part 2 Ali Hassan Dec/28/2014 24 Giovanni (Italian)
Forms of "John" Part 1 Ali Hassan Dec/28/2014 32 Ian (Scottish)
Avril BBH Dec/28/2014 26 3
Which one of these girl J Names (+ Middle!) - last name sounds like "Silver"? dukegirl01 Dec/28/2014 24 Even
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/28/2014 34 Fiona