Which names for characters from a fantasy/dystopian novel? (2) Icycoldhot Jun/19/2015 28 Even
Which names for characters from a fantasy/dystopian novel? (1) Icycoldhot Jun/19/2015 28 Ariadne (f)
Which randomly generated ""Danish"" things do you like? Not serious, pick whichever silly name suits you. grimscribe Jun/19/2015 27 Naya Johansson
Which name? crybaby Jun/19/2015 37 James "Jamie"
Names from christenings in my home place Felie Jun/19/2015 32 Giulia (JULIA - 2 baby girls)
MN for Clarissa Sadie-Janae Jun/19/2015 30 Clarissa Winter
Italian Names Felie Jun/19/2015 27 Mathias
MN for Felicity Sadie-Janae Jun/19/2015 30 Felicity Laurel
Maguire? Is it okay as a first name? kay0414 Jun/19/2015 29 no
Is Louis a good name? Thojoe Smithinway Jun/19/2015 30 Yes
Which nickname for Joseph? Thojoe Smithinway Jun/19/2015 28 Joe
Which nickname for James? Thojoe Smithinway Jun/19/2015 26 Jimmy
Jesse crybaby Jun/19/2015 32 It's ok/Neutral
Penn? Boy. igoesrawrOMG Jun/19/2015 29 I dont like it.
How do you pronounce Eira? igoesrawrOMG Jun/19/2015 33 EYE-rah
which b/g/b/g/b set do you like best or hate the least? crybaby Jun/19/2015 33 Simon, Abigail, James, Lydia & Samuel
Do you pronounce Atum like Autumn? Atum is a boys name. igoesrawrOMG Jun/19/2015 29 No.
What do you think of Gilchrist? LMS Jun/19/2015 32 Terrible
Which unusual names do you like? (female) LMS Jun/19/2015 37 Evanora
Which combo is your favorite? LMS Jun/19/2015 31 Magnolia Pearl
japanese boy names crybaby Jun/19/2015 31 Kaito (ky-to)
Ezra or Asa? crybaby Jun/19/2015 35 Ezra
Arden or Aspen (girl) mirfak Jun/18/2015 40 Aspen
Alden or Arden (boy) mirfak Jun/18/2015 28 Alden
Devon, Rowan, or Arden (for a boy)? mirfak Jun/18/2015 31 Rowan
Madison (f) vs. Mackenzie (f) mirfak Jun/18/2015 30 Madison
Pritha Tanith or Ismene Venus? Francesca Jun/18/2015 23 Ismene Venus
Madison (f) vs Mallory (f) mirfak Jun/18/2015 28 Mallory
Heidrun Antigone or Nephthys Europa? Francesca Jun/18/2015 20 Heidrun Antigone
Urien Cupid or Sindri Brontes? Francesca Jun/18/2015 19 Sindri Brontes