Interactive Polls

Favorite name? elleadams Mar/1/2014 46 Genevieve
Felicity xPrincess27x Mar/1/2014 26 Felicity Evelyn [EVE-lin]
Which Ann name? EUPHOORIA Mar/1/2014 35 Anneliese
Does Tindrale And Avalana Work As A Sibset? lakin5 Mar/1/2014 23 No!
CALLING ALL NAME CRITICS!!! What names complement and flow with the surname DEAN the best? Looking for a strong, sophisticated, unique, and friendly name. MisterDean Mar/1/2014 36 Jasper Dean
Raphael or Silas? BBH Mar/1/2014 26 Raphael
FOR SENIORS IN HIGHSCHOOL OR OLDER: Did you have the same friends as you did in the beginning of highschool? If not, are your new friends better? gotnomojo101 Mar/1/2014 17 I have new/different friends and they are better than my friends as a freshman
Middle name for Lucy princess_consuela Mar/1/2014 27 Lucy Caroline
100 Name Challenge (Girls) Pt 8 avaname Mar/1/2014 44 Rose
Middle name for Freya hannahjoya Mar/1/2014 27 Freya June
What do you like? teddibear1967 Mar/1/2014 33 William James
What do you like? teddibear1967 Mar/1/2014 26 Laura Mae
Middle name for Dean Buggles2010 Mar/1/2014 24 Dean Hugo
Middle name for Beth Buggles2010 Mar/1/2014 25 Beth Anya
Favourite spelling of Faye Buggles2010 Mar/1/2014 27 Faye
Names for a couple Christine1999 Mar/1/2014 28 Even
Isabel Olivia and .......? Cristi-es Mar/1/2014 40 Even
One syllable boys names - surname is Mills Buggles2010 Mar/1/2014 30 Dean Mills
One syllable girls names - surname is Mills Buggles2010 Mar/1/2014 29 Brooke Mills
Female Character Names Nala Feb/28/2014 43 Emma
Male Character Names Nala Feb/28/2014 32 Lucas
Which combos do you like? (LN is one syllable) Sara Ruth Feb/28/2014 32 Natalie Estelle B____
Rose middle name hannahjoya Feb/28/2014 25 Even
Name Combos that I have encountered pt.1 GibsonGirl Feb/28/2014 33 Even
Twin girls named Stella and Serena: Wha'd'ya think? And what middle names (pm me)? Nyaeay Feb/28/2014 28 I like it.
Which Spelling Of AH-VAH-Lah-Nah? lakin5 Feb/28/2014 27 Avalana
Which Full Name For Rika? lakin5 Feb/28/2014 22 Patrika
Which name? EUPHOORIA Feb/28/2014 40 Eleanor Claire
100 Name Challenge (Girls) Pt 7 avaname Feb/28/2014 49 Lydia
Do you like any of these names? amt8705 Feb/28/2014 45 Elizabeth