Mia? Vela Jul/22/2016 22 Mia Charlotte
Girl names! AmyChlad Jul/22/2016 31 Lauren
Charlotte? Vela Jul/22/2016 27 Even
Yael? Vela Jul/22/2016 21 Yael Aviva
Favorite Spelling Of LEE-Ah? lakin5 Jul/22/2016 32 Leah
Which One? lakin5 Jul/22/2016 23 Aeris
Margalit Helena Wordsmith Jul/22/2016 19 I dislike it.
Wanda Eulalie Wordsmith Jul/22/2016 20 I hate it!
Edla Beatrice Wordsmith Jul/22/2016 19 It's okay.
Baby girl names Nolanb19 Jul/22/2016 33 Emily
Which girl names do you like best with the last name Valentin (pronounced val-en-teen) namemaven07 Jul/22/2016 23 Clara Valentin
Best girl name- Arden or Clara? Siblings Hayden & Lila Linds5 Jul/22/2016 29 Clara
Gabrielle & Cole Mother & son hyfenated last name list reduced!! (First one is her maiden, second comes from her husband) FictionPrincess31415 Jul/22/2016 14 Gabrielle Mcalister-Kramer. Cole Mcalister-Kramer
Which surname for this whole family: Bram, Mary, Dominic, Gabrielle, Alexander, Nolan, Desmond, Caroline & Josh\Joshua FictionPrincess31415 Jul/22/2016 14 Mcalister
First name for a girl Babelette Jul/22/2016 31 Lydia
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Jul/22/2016 27 Even
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Jul/22/2016 27 Elena Juliet
Coolest female fictional name used so far? KylieLocke Jul/22/2016 27 Indira (Indian name, sanskrit for "beauty")
Which name combo/combos do you like best for a real name? themattvirgin Jul/22/2016 17 Matthew Grayson
What do you think of Cyra for a girl? Anna21 Jul/22/2016 28 It's ok
Maud Fiorella Wordsmith Jul/22/2016 22 I dislike it.
Ethel Cosima Wordsmith Jul/22/2016 26 I hate it!
Rosina combos BBH Jul/22/2016 22 Rosina Catherine
Seamus combos BBH Jul/22/2016 20 Even
Adeline combos BBH Jul/22/2016 21 Even
What do you think of the male name Reuben? Socrates Jul/22/2016 27 Okay
Girls Name Combos Skyehawk Jul/22/2016 22 Even
Which? Gregory Woodrow Jul/22/2016 23 Martin Edward
Zachary Thomas Gregory Woodrow Jul/22/2016 23 4 -Good
Best Friend/ Rival ( LN Cheshire) for Alexandros 'Xandros' EscalusEmex Jul/22/2016 15 Colton