which spelling is better? BedtimeBear Dec/3/2016 27 Reina
Reina (queen) BedtimeBear Dec/3/2016 24 i like both
Cosmia Helen Wordsmith Dec/3/2016 24 It's okay.
Georgine Penelope Wordsmith Dec/3/2016 28 It's okay.
Primula Catherine Wordsmith Dec/3/2016 26 I dislike it.
Which for a blonde, blue-eyed athlete? princessleia28 Dec/3/2016 21 Rowan Rhys
Which for a blonde, blue-eyed athlete? princessleia28 Dec/3/2016 23 Ronan Daniel
Which moon name for a girl? Lumiereslove Dec/3/2016 40 Luna
Which do you prefer? naomism Dec/3/2016 27 Eveline Miller
Complete this love triangle: Alexander, Serena and ----- Eruchalu2015 Dec/3/2016 29 Roman
Which middle name for Caitlin? Lumiereslove Dec/3/2016 24 Caitlin Victoria
Poster boy for good deeds, trying to shut down organized crime in his city led by his brother Alexander Eruchalu2015 Dec/2/2016 32 Even
? Martin LV51sfan91 Dec/2/2016 22 Samuel Martin
Which Kalmyk female name? highexpectasians Dec/2/2016 19 Altna
Which name do you like best for a girl? Last name starts with T. snriedas Dec/2/2016 37 Scarlett
Which girls name is best? Kesces9 Dec/2/2016 40 Julia
Which Combo? lakin5 Dec/2/2016 28 Aurelia Desdemona
Favorite "J name"? Whipsmart Dec/2/2016 39 James
Favorite name starting with an "A"? Whipsmart Dec/2/2016 34 Alexander/Alex
Which nickname/pet name for Elskerinne (f)? ThatOneAuthorGirl Dec/2/2016 20 Leska
Which ones do you really consider as hippie/boho names (part 2: boy list) Flokoflo Dec/2/2016 25 Zephyr
Which one do you consider more as a hippie/boho name between these two? Flokoflo Dec/2/2016 18 Felix
Anita or Rita? hylo Dec/2/2016 27 Anita
Which middle name for Jordan (for a girl)? mommaz1416 Dec/2/2016 31 Jordan Elizabeth
Which middle name for Nicholas? mommaz1416 Dec/2/2016 25 Nicholas James
Which Last Name For Azriel? lakin5 Dec/2/2016 18 Azriel Matlock
Vered Susannah hylo Dec/2/2016 21 dislike
Thora Mathilde hylo Dec/2/2016 20 like
Which Spelling? lakin5 Dec/2/2016 18 Beata
Which Spelling? lakin5 Dec/2/2016 15 Turip