Boy 'T' Names JustAsIExpected May/20/2016 33 Tristan
Which? Little_Miss_Adelaide May/20/2016 27 Mark
Aidan? Little_Miss_Adelaide May/20/2016 22 Aidan Michael
Sadie? Little_Miss_Adelaide May/20/2016 25 Sadie Grace
Names of kids that have appeared on "Supernanny"; choose all your favorites! (Part 12) Kinola May/20/2016 29 Andrew
Names of kids that have appeared on "Supernanny"; choose all your favorites! (Part 11) Kinola May/20/2016 27 Lily
Kieran ? mazarine May/20/2016 27 Kieran August Wilder
James or Nicholas Gregory Woodrow May/20/2016 30 James
Sander? Vela May/19/2016 18 Sander Thomas
Theodor? Vela May/19/2016 20 Theodor Magnus
Victor? Vela May/19/2016 19 Victor Lucas
Augustus? Vela May/19/2016 17 Augustus Henry
Alfred? Vela May/19/2016 19 Alfred Jasper
Choose one - feminine names mirfak May/19/2016 28 Seanna / Shauna / Shawna / Sianna etc
Married couples in my current Sims game Feorsteorra May/19/2016 20 Vivian & Heath
Maurice 3 questions mirfak May/19/2016 25 said: mor-EESS
Which one? HaySkyNat May/19/2016 24 Xanthe (zan-thee) meaning blond/golden haired
What Japanese name do you like? lilolaf May/19/2016 23 Yuki
Do the names Mary & Amelia clash? like do they not sound as separate as they should be and the "M's" clash together? FictionPrincess31415 May/19/2016 23 No, Mary & Amelia are fine
Tracey\Tracy vs Stacey\Stacy? FictionPrincess31415 May/19/2016 16 Even
Rate Yuna nds May/19/2016 17 2 (Dislike)
Rate Sora nds May/19/2016 15 3 (Okay)
Laurinda Jessica21 May/19/2016 22 3-OK
Do you like the name Kira? HaySkyNat May/19/2016 25 Yes
Do you like the name Chrysanthe? HaySkyNat May/19/2016 24 I hate it
How should I spell it? HaySkyNat May/19/2016 22 Chrysanthe
Eirene Le or Raelene Le? asianburrito May/19/2016 17 Eirene Le
Audrey Combinations Aledis May/19/2016 25 Audrey Faith
Andrea or Na lilolaf May/19/2016 27 Andrea
Rate Ole lilolaf May/19/2016 23 1 (I don't like it)