Interactive Polls

Choose all you like! (Girls #3) Rainya Jun/1/2014 35 Even
Hannah, Audrey, Sophie, Maia and... gabbygrace1915 Jun/1/2014 39 Ella
Which one? Lio83 Jun/1/2014 29 Even
Which spelling do you prefer? HarderToBreathe Jun/1/2014 33 Dimitri
Sibling names xPrincess27x Jun/1/2014 31 Alice and Celia
Name of the Day: Zulfiqar (M) Felie Jun/1/2014 26 1 - Awful
Brother to Lila and Wesley Kels28 Jun/1/2014 42 Declan
Sister to Lila and Wesley Kels28 Jun/1/2014 39 Even
Girls Names (Round 2) LilyOfTheValley13 Jun/1/2014 44 Eva
Boys Names (Round 2) LilyOfTheValley13 Jun/1/2014 37 Peter
Future #3 MS0510 May/31/2014 56 Lyla Jane
Which are your favorite English female names? AudreyEllen May/31/2014 45 Elisabeth / Elizabeth
Which name do you like the best? AudreyEllen May/31/2014 33 Audrey
Narrowed down. Please choose your 4 faves. :) SarahGlenn0609 May/31/2014 42 Genevieve Celeste
Various Emeric combinations Wordsmith May/31/2014 20 Emeric Julius
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen May/31/2014 64 Even
Which? BBH May/31/2014 28 Esther
Which girl name(s) do you like? ascheuer May/31/2014 31 Leila
out of 3 nisimalotse May/31/2014 33 Samara
Do you like Brooke Jason Malcolm May/31/2014 32 Yes
Name of the Day: Solange (F) Felie May/31/2014 36 1 - Awful
Sibling names for Henry/Hank Charles and Zoe Cecelia? zebra_cakes May/31/2014 30 Liam Blake
Which name for the nickname Alex? Username24 May/31/2014 29 Alexandra Washington
Name for Paris' & Vienna's brother Hellena May/31/2014 39 Austin
Which spelling? Kels28 May/31/2014 30 Lila
Best Alma combo ars musica May/31/2014 24 Alma Beatrix
How should a girl tell a guy she likes him? gotnomojo101 May/31/2014 17 In person
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x May/31/2014 37 Samuel Edward
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x May/31/2014 40 Cara and Elsa
Boys Names LilyOfTheValley13 May/31/2014 36 Peter