Interactive Polls

Which Version? LMS Aug/6/2014 29 Molly
Which of these girls names are usable? Babochka Aug/6/2014 34 Alba
Sage: GibsonGirl Aug/6/2014 28 Better for a girl
Joel GibsonGirl Aug/6/2014 28 4
Favorite female Indian name? (Note: Please vote on the previous poll!) Kinola Aug/6/2014 33 Avani
Which one with Alison? Lumiereslove Aug/6/2014 24 Alison Pearl
Which name you like better? elmiralunstead Aug/6/2014 31 Lucian
Best Boys Names 9 livy126 Aug/6/2014 33 Daniel
Best Girl Name Contest 10 livy126 Aug/6/2014 37 Hazel
Emeric Arnold Wordsmith Aug/6/2014 26 I dislike it.
Elinor Viola Wordsmith Aug/6/2014 27 I like it.
Which name for a ginger kitty? joiedevivre184 Aug/6/2014 32 Sasha (Defender of mankind)
Ada Cordelia Iris hyp.atia Aug/6/2014 23 It's okay.
Alison / Allison or Taylor? Lumiereslove Aug/6/2014 24 no Taylor Alison
names for a girl celtic77 Aug/6/2014 25 Iona Elspeth
Which of these makes you think of an intelligent and beautiful girl? audra430 Aug/6/2014 33 Even
Middle aged brothers who are also the main antagonists in my story - which one? Nala Aug/6/2014 22 Alexander & Konstantin
Which spelling is prettiest? VioletRose Aug/6/2014 33 Alia
Do you like the name Kaylee? SugarSwiirlz Aug/6/2014 37 No
Which one? Nala Aug/6/2014 35 Noelle
'Petros' for a teenaged supporting character who is extremely loyal, tough, & artistic but also insecure under it all? Nala Aug/6/2014 20 Yes
_______ Rocco Wordsmith Aug/6/2014 23 Lucian Rocco
Which? (all have a special meaning) bigfamilymommy Aug/6/2014 30 Arizona Jade
Best name for a businesswoman? Someone competent, trustworthy, and professional? cfmt2013 Aug/6/2014 29 Caroline
if everyone told you they hated your top name or thought it was ugly, would you drop it? essie Aug/6/2014 33 heck no!
Combos with Alberta [f] - which do you like? astronomicon Aug/6/2014 29 Alberta Rosalind
Best name Ali Hassan Aug/6/2014 37 Elias
Combos with Áine ("AWN-ye") [f] - which ones do you like? astronomicon Aug/6/2014 28 Áine Gwendolen
Combos with Ailsa [f] - which ones do you like? astronomicon Aug/6/2014 23 Even
Combos with Adastra [f] - which ones do you like? astronomicon Aug/6/2014 26 Adastra Seraphine