2 syllAble *boy* nAmes . pleAse vote . thAnku AshleyJuliette May/8/2015 50 Leo
Pick a middle name for Conor princessleia28 May/8/2015 36 Even
Pick a middle name for Christopher princessleia28 May/8/2015 34 Christopher Daniel
Pick a middle name for Clare princessleia28 May/8/2015 32 Clare Audrey
Pick a middle name for Cillian princessleia28 May/8/2015 25 Cillian James
Pick a middle name for Amelia princessleia28 May/8/2015 37 Amelia Catherine
Which girl name should we choose? LittleMissNicki May/8/2015 55 Matilda Kate
Boy Names debwrb May/8/2015 46 August
How do you pronounce Evelyn? Barrantt May/7/2015 59 Another way not listed here
Iris vs. Violet mirfak May/7/2015 66 Even
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen May/7/2015 84 Sophie
which name for younger brother of Molly Drew? prettily_british May/7/2015 40 Finley James
Which of these boys names do you like? Barrantt May/7/2015 52 Augustus
Which spelling? Barrantt May/7/2015 48 Oscar
MN for Cressida Sadie-Janae May/7/2015 39 Cressida Lark
Val- names, pick all you like mirfak May/7/2015 45 Valerie
Val (m) mirfak May/7/2015 37 I can't like it unless I know what it's short for.
What's your reaction to Virgilia? mirfak May/7/2015 44 godawful!
Vote on girls first name (with middle name Rose) Kmac.gray May/7/2015 51 Thea
Faith? New_Chloe May/7/2015 42 It's ok/neutral/boring but acceptable
1 Syllable Names for Girls -Please Vote, ThankYou. AshleyJuliette May/7/2015 64 Rose
1 Syllable Names for Boys, Please Vote, ThankYou. AshleyJuliette May/7/2015 63 Even
Trying to decide between these three for my boy! jdlaw May/7/2015 59 Connor
On my Howrse game, my mare Shinju is having a colt. What should I name him? Kinola May/7/2015 25 Daichi
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna May/7/2015 48 Sofia
Which Sophie/Louise combo(s) do you like? schlink May/7/2015 41 Sophia Louise
Which one would you prefer? Emily Amy May/6/2015 41 Joy
which form of Lily? Person11 May/6/2015 61 Lillian
Which middle name do you like for Cara? aut729 May/6/2015 44 Cara Juliet
Which first and middle name do you prefer? aut729 May/6/2015 40 Johanna Catherine