Not taking popularity into account, Andrew or Ryan? strengthcartel 11/30/2017 41 Andrew
What Jehosheba combo? XironDarkstar 11/30/2017 17 Jehosheba Rose
Rate Jehosheba XironDarkstar 11/30/2017 28 Terrible
Which girl's name meaning fire? StormyViking 11/30/2017 32 Azar
Pick your favorite set DanielleH 11/30/2017 35 Victoria, Rosalie & Arthur
Nessa Carina Alda 11/30/2017 24 I like Carina, but not Nessa.
Leon Gaspar Alda 11/30/2017 27 I like Leon, but not Gaspar.
Sophonisba Emily Wordsmith 11/30/2017 25 I hate it!
More names of boys from the Michigan Heart Gallery; choose your favorite! Kinola 11/30/2017 31 Adrian
Mehetabel Iris "Hetty" Wordsmith 11/30/2017 23 I hate it!
Hephzibah Catherine "Zibby" Wordsmith 11/30/2017 23 I dislike it.
Aurelia: mv1029 11/30/2017 47 Love
Name for a Horse Catricorn 11/30/2017 37 Eowyn
Pick your favorites princessleia28 11/30/2017 46 Rowan
Which flows with last name Smith? princessleia28 11/30/2017 25 Even
Which for a brother for Catherine Eleanor? princessleia28 11/30/2017 27 Declan John
Which for a sister for Catherine Eleanor? princessleia28 11/30/2017 24 Eloise Ivy
How do you feel about Natasa (Greek form of Anastasia)? EliceBerlynn 11/30/2017 38 I don't mind it but I wouldn't use it.
What do you think of Elizabelle? EliceBerlynn 11/30/2017 42 I don't like it because I think it sounds very frilly and over the top.
Which for a sister for Catherine Eleanor? princessleia28 11/30/2017 26 Delaney Bridget
Which one, Karina or Katrina? thezenithofnadir 11/30/2017 38 Karina!
Which with Megan? Lumiereslove 11/30/2017 26 Megan Elizabeth
Final: Kayla who? Salazar 11/29/2017 32 Kayla Elise
Top 15 for male tan/black German Shepherd. Which ones do you like? Chaka 11/29/2017 35 Jasper
Which A names for girls do you like Emily Amy 11/29/2017 47 Athena
Elizabeth Jane? Lumiereslove 11/29/2017 33 yes
Which S names for boys do you like? (part 1) Emily Amy 11/29/2017 45 Soren
Which one do you like best? Emily Amy 11/29/2017 33 Seamus
Which name goes better with the surname Strange? Whipsmart 11/29/2017 27 Alex Strange
Which "Classic" Biggest Jumpers of the Top 1000 of 2016 Do You Like? (Girls) Semi-Final 1 x_Chaser of Dreams_x 11/29/2017 47 Matilda