Middle name for Jean Bear Feb/16/2017 21 Elspeth
Middle name for Joan Bear Feb/16/2017 25 Rosamund
Name this person: Female born in 1860's, Native American ancestry, surname is Nitka, her mother is named-Veritas "Vera" Celeste Wamsutta NYC-LDNgirl Feb/15/2017 21 Augusta-named for her grandfather Augustus
Marian Eliza hylo Feb/15/2017 21 like
Sibyl Guinevere hylo Feb/15/2017 22 Even
Harriet Frances hylo Feb/15/2017 22 like
Anita Catherine hylo Feb/15/2017 26 like
Edmund George hylo Feb/15/2017 24 love
What Japanese female name do you like? lilolaf Feb/15/2017 24 Mika
Sibling of Yanna lilolaf Feb/15/2017 17 Marika
Baila or Eira lilolaf Feb/15/2017 16 Eira
Would you consider home schooling HaySkyNat Feb/15/2017 26 Absolutely not. Kids need to be in school where teachers are even if they're being bullied
Do you think children or teens who are unschooled learn as they live HaySkyNat Feb/15/2017 12 No idea
Rate Papa lilolaf Feb/15/2017 15 1 (I don't like it)
Malika or Malaika? highexpectasians Feb/15/2017 15 Malika
THIS OR THAT: Abene or Pilar (both mean pillar)? thezenithofnadir Feb/15/2017 16 Pilar
This, this, or this? Madisyn, Madelyn, or Meghan thezenithofnadir Feb/15/2017 20 Madelyn
What name suits this person: Danish, 30 years old, Female, Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, is an eye doctor, enjoys being at the library and currently lives in England. lilolaf Feb/15/2017 21 Even
Which Chukchi feminine name do you like? highexpectasians Feb/15/2017 16 Tyna-tval
Brennan vs George - Which do you prefer? Aada Gomez Feb/15/2017 27 George
A pretty teenage girl who is just a boring background character might be called ...? paperback Feb/15/2017 26 Clarissa
Which Malachy? celtic77 Feb/15/2017 17 Malachy Seamus
Which Lilias? celtic77 Feb/15/2017 16 Lilias Mairead
Robert Murray's best friend is a middle-aged workaholic named ...? paperback Feb/15/2017 19 Glenn
Which Jewish surname for a girl named Dahlia? paperback Feb/15/2017 21 Dahlia Rubin
Ranulph Oscar Wordsmith Feb/15/2017 14 It's okay.
Lucilla Frances Wordsmith Feb/15/2017 17 I like it.
Which Names Do You Like? (4) cutenose Feb/15/2017 27 Even
Who will be the twin brother of Alexandre? cutenose Feb/15/2017 24 Henri
Which Name Suits A Coward? cutenose Feb/15/2017 16 Dhaval