Interactive Polls

Formal name(s) for the nn Sadie Bear Jul/22/2014 31 Sarah / Sara (traditional)
Formal name(s) for nn Mae / May Bear Jul/22/2014 32 Mary
Obscure Biblical feminine names Wordsmith Jul/22/2014 33 Tirzah ("favorable")
My TOP names. Which one would you use? (girls) maladies Jul/22/2014 43 Rosalie
My TOP names. Which one would you use? (boys) maladies Jul/22/2014 42 Alistair
Best name to honor my maternal grandmother? SofiaSweden Jul/22/2014 30 Lydia Margareta
Louise Matilda Kate hyp.atia Jul/22/2014 26 It's okay.
Ralph Somerled James hyp.atia Jul/22/2014 23 Hate it!
Rate "Zakia" Ali Hassan Jul/22/2014 25 1 horrific
My Boys List - Which would you use? hyp.atia Jul/22/2014 32 Oliver
Please help us decide on a middle name for our son Asher due next month.... Thanks! jedh Jul/22/2014 32 Asher Joel
NN for Theodore? (for a child) Rach512 Jul/22/2014 31 Even
Top 9 boy names - favorite? Rach512 Jul/22/2014 32 Thomas
which boys name? essie Jul/22/2014 24 George
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Jul/22/2014 27 Elizabeth Catherine
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Jul/22/2014 29 Charlotte and Henry
Hi! I am 34 weeks pregnant and trying to decide on a name! We have Soleil Marguerite (So-lay) which has special meaning to us. OR Mila Soleil (Mee-luh) We can't decide! kmp Jul/21/2014 32 Mila Soleil
Are the names Adam & Gavin too similar? RoseyPosey Jul/21/2014 33 No
S- names for boys. Astrid1992 Jul/21/2014 34 Sebastian
S- names for girls. Astrid1992 Jul/21/2014 37 Sofia
Which is better? BeenieWmly Jul/21/2014 26 Brandon
Favorite name for a twin boy to Arizona "Zo" (feel free to pick a few, I'm really stuck) bigfamilymommy Jul/21/2014 27 Even
Which spelling do you prefer? Solaitaire Jul/21/2014 30 Kieran
Which of These Nicknames Stand Alone the Best? littlemissbroadway Jul/21/2014 31 Millie
Clematis or Tabitha? collegiate crimson Jul/21/2014 30 Tabitha
Robin: girl or boy? rsammie1 Jul/21/2014 42 boy
Still can't decide on a name for new kitten. He's steel grey with faint, slightly darker stripes on his legs, belly, tail and face, long legs and a long body. Other cats are Jax and Tynan (Ty). Lady_Skywalker Jul/21/2014 24 Soren (Sir or Ren)
Willoughby xPrincess27x Jul/21/2014 20 Willoughby Adair
Anna Hazel, Leah Hazel, or Hazel Audrey? hyp.atia Jul/21/2014 35 Hazel Audrey
Random female combinations Wordsmith Jul/21/2014 24 Vivien Alejandra