Which is the best brother set for Gideon? EscalusEmex Jun/27/2015 29 August & Nathaniel
Which name fits the son of a renowned beauty queen/socialite? EscalusEmex Jun/27/2015 32 Even
Best sister set EscalusEmex Jun/27/2015 29 Miriam, Leah, Tabitha
What do you think of the name Alexene? Mirrorland Jun/27/2015 30 Hate it!
Which spelling do you prefer? Mirrorland Jun/27/2015 29 Tabitha
Which baby girl name is better: Dilara, Dalida or Clara? Somyyyyy Jun/27/2015 26 Clara
This, That or the Other? Mirrorland Jun/27/2015 28 Tyson
Which of these names for the nickname 'Flo'? Mirrorland Jun/27/2015 31 Florence
A willful wild child heroin is... EscalusEmex Jun/27/2015 24 Demetria
This, That or the Other? Mirrorland Jun/27/2015 33 Dominique
Which girl name do you like the best? (First and Middle Name) 8 ottergirl122 Jun/27/2015 26 Gretchen Olivia
Cainan Iair or Manahem Raphael? Francesca Jun/27/2015 18 Even
Eleazar Hannas or Oziel Tobias? Francesca Jun/27/2015 18 Eleazar Hannas
Dina Susanna or Idida Drusilla? Francesca Jun/27/2015 18 Dina Susanna
Sarra Jamesina or Leia Gavriella? Francesca Jun/27/2015 16 Leia Gavriella
Bethania Abigail or Routh Elizabeth? Francesca Jun/27/2015 16 Bethania Abigail
which middle name? Lalage Jun/27/2015 24 Even
Guys: If you HAD to Change Your name to one of these....which would you choose?? AshleyJuliette Jun/27/2015 29 James
If You HAD to change Your name to one of these....which would you choose?? (ladies only) AshleyJuliette Jun/27/2015 42 Violet
Jonah LV51sfan91 Jun/27/2015 21 Jonah Thomas Langer (dove, twin)
Rachel LV51sfan91 Jun/27/2015 18 Even
Carissa LV51sfan91 Jun/27/2015 18 Even
Ava LV51sfan91 Jun/27/2015 20 Ava Rose Langer (honors his Nana)
Glenn (after my Grandmother Glennes) LV51sfan91 Jun/27/2015 17 Jesse Glenn Langer (gift, meadow)
Which one?? AshleyJuliette Jun/27/2015 28 Dominic
Which one?? AshleyJuliette Jun/27/2015 24 Gabrielle
Trying to find middle for BOY after mom Parvin ( and possible hebrew name) vanessayermian Jun/27/2015 18 Or Kai as first name with all these middles???
Linus, Lionel, or Leon? BBH Jun/27/2015 24 Leon
Nigel Esmond Wordsmith Jun/27/2015 24 Even
Inez Pamela Wordsmith Jun/27/2015 21 I dislike it.