Anna or Hannah? waiting.for.spring Aug/29/2015 39 Hannah
Euna BBH Aug/29/2015 26 Dislike.
Pick the best 5 girls. Mousel prn mo-zell Laura W Aug/29/2015 35 Eloise Antonia Mousel
5x5 names BBH Aug/29/2015 34 Even
Pick the best 5. Mousel prn mo-zell Laura W Aug/29/2015 23 Lysander Scott Mousel
Japanese Female Names Mirrorland Aug/29/2015 24 Mariko
Are Elizabeth and Eleanor too close for sisters? Anna21 Aug/29/2015 34 No
Male names meaning 'Happiness' - which do you like? Mirrorland Aug/29/2015 36 Asher
Girl names 1920 USA Final (rank # included) AshleyJuliette Aug/29/2015 35 Genevieve 86
Girl names from 1920 USA (rank # included) AshleyJuliette Aug/29/2015 37 Lydia 185
Girl names from 1920 USA (rank # included) AshleyJuliette Aug/29/2015 38 Ivy 603
Girl names - Year, 1920 USA (rank# included) AshleyJuliette Aug/29/2015 37 Laurel 883
Random Names Felie Aug/29/2015 19 Harris Wortham
Girl names that start with I & H AshleyJuliette Aug/29/2015 50 Ivy
Clelia Mary Wordsmith Aug/29/2015 28 I dislike it.
Lelia Susan Wordsmith Aug/29/2015 27 It's okay.
Names with strong meanings, Female Skyehawk Aug/28/2015 38 Kaia
Names with strong meanings, Male Skyehawk Aug/28/2015 36 August
Griselda Marjorie or Griselda Maxine? Francesca Aug/28/2015 15 Griselda Marjorie
Sabrina Judith or Sabrina Mercy? Francesca Aug/28/2015 21 Sabrina Judith
Lara Polina or Lara Albina? Francesca Aug/28/2015 22 Lara Polina
Ivan Nikita or Ivan Stanimir? Francesca Aug/28/2015 18 Ivan Stanimir
Eduard Mark or Leonid Mark? Francesca Aug/28/2015 18 Leonid Mark
Which Asian name sounds better? Kieran1 Aug/28/2015 25 Veronica Liu
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Which "Al" Name Is Best (female)? trisha_cluskey Aug/28/2015 36 Alice