Interactive Polls

Which girl name combos do you like? Skyicygreenrain Dec/9/2014 36 Helena Margaret
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/9/2014 49 Matilda
Middle name(s) for Eleanor / Elinor (one mn, multiple options) Bear Dec/9/2014 36 Frances
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Dec/9/2014 58 Anastasia
Middle name(s) for Jean Bear Dec/9/2014 28 Isobel / Isabel / Isabelle
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Dec/9/2014 58 Leo
Middle name(s) for Frances Bear Dec/9/2014 25 Lydia
Middle name(s) for Margaret Bear Dec/9/2014 28 Adele
Middle name for Anne Bear Dec/9/2014 29 Even
Middle names For Samuel: Improved (Ignore previous one) Ali Hassan Dec/9/2014 25 Zakaria (zek-kar-ee-ah)
Middle name for Samuel Ali Hassan Dec/9/2014 17 Ahmed
How do you feel about the name Asher for a boy? twins57 Dec/9/2014 31 Like it
Which name should I chose? wookie163 Dec/9/2014 22 Lily
Which name????? wookie163 Dec/9/2014 26 Lily
Holland for a boy mirfak Dec/9/2014 29 bad
Holland for a girl mirfak Dec/9/2014 27 bad
Usable Mir-names?? Joiya Dec/9/2014 30 Miranda
Rank best to worst mirfak Dec/9/2014 29 Genevieve, Geneva, Ginevra
Your picks smukkesandy Dec/9/2014 18 Even
Maisie & Ruth? ♀ would you have them on your PNL? Thatmazerunnerfan2.0 Dec/9/2014 27 no, neither of them
Baby girl's name that would sound nice with a big sister named Sofia. Not too "matchy" and original. apasteris Dec/9/2014 36 Eleanor
Girl Names! Please vote :) Part 7 Baby Name Pro Dec/9/2014 31 Rose
Kenneth or Derek Ali Hassan Dec/9/2014 20 Derek
Which Margot combo(s) do you like? whim Dec/9/2014 24 Margot Lily
Family: Flanagan - Mother: Natalie - Children: Allen (18), Corey (15), Sally (12), Mike (6), Becky (5) Felie Dec/9/2014 16 Yes
Family: Appleby - Mother: Helen - Children: Jesse (19), Logan (18), Bailey (16), Forrest (13), Trevor (11), Maisie (8), Samuel (4), Anna (3) Felie Dec/9/2014 15 Yes
Theodore or Thaddeus? essie Dec/9/2014 29 Theodore
Best friend for Kyte (for a story) Zina Dec/9/2014 18 Clarice (f)
Which one? Zina Dec/9/2014 21 Even
Priscilla Joiya Dec/9/2014 24 Even