Girl Names Beginning with 'K' avaname Apr/18/2015 35 Kate
Which of these after influential Doctor Who characters? Lumiereslove Apr/18/2015 31 Amelia Rose
Names after British Royals and those in their genealogy Lumiereslove Apr/18/2015 31 Alexandra Charlotte
Which spelling should I use? The spelling from the family member's name or friends name? Barrantt Apr/18/2015 33 Kennett (my grandfather's name)
Sophia LV51sfan91 Apr/18/2015 26 Sophia Rachel Langer
Evelyn for a girl? *inspired by Doctor Who* Lumiereslove Apr/18/2015 28 Clara Evelyn
Stephen LV51sfan91 Apr/18/2015 22 Stephen Andrew Langer (crown, manly warrior)
Clementine combos schlink Apr/18/2015 29 Clementine Emilia Faye
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 79 zissouz Apr/18/2015 23 Thaddeus & Martha
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 78 zissouz Apr/18/2015 23 Leandro & Marisol
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 77 zissouz Apr/18/2015 21 Vincenzo & Renata
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 76 zissouz Apr/18/2015 24 Killian & Hana
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 75 zissouz Apr/18/2015 24 Jerome & Tabitha
Which one for a my boy? jdlaw Apr/18/2015 34 Liam Robert
Danish Girls Names 2 :) Maeva Wintercress Apr/18/2015 36 Louise
Danish Girls Names 1 :) Maeva Wintercress Apr/18/2015 37 Klara
Name For A Lemur? Domo9023 Apr/18/2015 22 Morty
Names from a fan fiction Felie Apr/18/2015 28 Caius (m)
Names from a fan ficttion Felie Apr/18/2015 30 Blythe (f)
Current Favorite Names (pick 1 per symbol) elphiegurrl Apr/18/2015 38 **Julia
Baby Girls (with middle names) elphiegurrl Apr/18/2015 34 Julia Margot
Which? BBH Apr/18/2015 42 Katherine
Of these, best name for an American girl? Rainya Apr/18/2015 39 Samantha
Of these choices, which are your favorites? Rainya Apr/18/2015 34 Grace
Brother to Annabel, want a 'vintage' feel Frozten Apr/18/2015 41 Oliver
Which? Raynegillis Apr/18/2015 24 Scarlett Brielle
Favourite combo (part 2) Sadie-Janae Apr/18/2015 37 Lyra Genevieve
which names do you like? (Random names) Part 5 MazzyieRose Apr/17/2015 38 Charlotte
Natalie or Natalia? Barrantt Apr/17/2015 39 Natalia
Which girl name do you like the best? (First and Middle Name) 3 ottergirl122 Apr/17/2015 32 Natalie Erin