Which one do you prefer for a boy? idgafayou 6/18/2018 46 Jack
Which do you prefer? mv1029 6/18/2018 42 Lydia Josephine
Dinah Beatrice vs. Dorothy Alice Binxine 6/18/2018 42 Dorothy Alice
Ellen Matilda vs. Esther Lavinia Binxine 6/18/2018 45 Ellen Matilda
Harriet Louise vs. Henrietta Mary Binxine 6/18/2018 38 Harriet Louise
Marian Elizabeth vs. Martha Jane Binxine 6/18/2018 39 Marian Elizabeth
Rachel Susannah vs. Ruth Eleanor Binxine 6/18/2018 38 Ruth Eleanor
Tired of Charlotte? How about: Bear 6/18/2018 46 Estelle
Tired of Logan? How about: Bear 6/18/2018 44 Ronan
what to do if someone is going to steal your baby? My friend is preg due in Nov, her hub's bro's wife is due in Sept.She told my friend she might use Sophia Grace which my friend had picked! cont'd Amethyststar 6/18/2018 32 Tell her do what you want but im naming mine Sophia Grace too
Tired of Ava? How about: Bear 6/18/2018 45 Linnea ("li-NAY-uh")
Tired of James? How about: Bear 6/18/2018 45 Julian
Tired of Sophia / Sofia? How about: Bear 6/18/2018 47 Sylvia / Silvia
Would you rather have..? Belphoebe 6/18/2018 39 A son named Niko/Nico
Which girl name do you like better? Thanks in advance! :) Babygirl2018 6/18/2018 43 Grace Mikayla (Mikayla after my parents - Michael & karin)
Janelle selig 6/18/2018 40
What would be your impression of a little girl named Susannah? Violet_Rose 6/18/2018 34 Easy to prenounce
What do you think of the name George? Belphoebe 6/18/2018 42 So so
What do you think of the name Bruce? Belphoebe 6/18/2018 43 Hate
Boy name Razzy1006 6/18/2018 33 Rowan
Which of these boy names do you like? Part III BlueJewels 6/18/2018 42 Albert
Which of these girl names do you like? Part III BlueJewels 6/18/2018 43 Marie
male N names - pick all you like Vera 6/18/2018 39 Nikolai
Alphaeus Henry Wordsmith 6/18/2018 30 I dislike it.
Elan Catrin. mairinn 6/18/2018 27 Dislike.
Names from the movie Dragonwyck (1946), set in 1844 Bitey 6/18/2018 38 Nicholas
Which of these girls names do you like? Rigatoni 6/17/2018 41 Matilda Rosalind
3 kiddos... Sadie Fay & LittleWolf 6/17/2018 38 Milo Pierre
Which of these boys names do you like? Rigatoni 6/17/2018 38 James Albert
from previous poll which do you like best dahliaflower 6/17/2018 41 Juliet (because we met in July and like the name)