Michael? Thojoe Smithinway May/24/2015 30 No
How Many People Have You Come Across With These Names? Emma Rose May/24/2015 36 Paul
Is Leo usable? Thojoe Smithinway May/24/2015 27 Yes
Elliott Charles or Charles Elliott? trayc53 May/24/2015 29 Elliott Charles
which do you like (boy) Lalage May/24/2015 30 Dominic
Which of my guilty please BOY names do you like starting with an A? lizwashere72 May/24/2015 35 Apollo.
Choose one per symbol LennonDeaconLover96 May/24/2015 35 -Josephine
Which sister for Pandora, Demelza, & Evanthe? Myosotis May/24/2015 28 Artemis
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna May/24/2015 35 Sebastian
Combos with Estelle Erme Ioainna May/24/2015 22 Estelle Josephine
Would you follow any of these patterns for all your children? Barrantt May/24/2015 29 Different first letter for all first names
Nicknames for Theodore Gwynbow May/24/2015 29 Theo
Breccan ShaelorMoon May/24/2015 23 dislike
Which? bry971 May/23/2015 29 Lucas Connor
Which? Lumiereslove May/23/2015 37 Athena Clare
_______ Bella Wordsmith May/23/2015 25 Even
Sibyl Angeline Wordsmith May/23/2015 25 Even
Laurence Abner Wordsmith May/23/2015 23 I dislike it.
Random female combinations Wordsmith May/23/2015 24 Clarisse Emma
Do you know any Females with these names? AshleyJuliette May/23/2015 41 Kathryn
Do you know any Males with these names? AshleyJuliette May/23/2015 40 Shaun
Do you know any females with these names? AshleyJuliette May/23/2015 24 Terri, Terry, Terrie, Teri
Do you know someone with any of these boys names? Barrantt May/23/2015 38 Colin
Which of these middle names do you like for first name Ariadne? Barrantt May/23/2015 23 Even
Tess works as a nickname for... clouds May/23/2015 32 Tessa
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen May/23/2015 60 Lucy
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen May/23/2015 54 Julian
How many do you know?? Boys TheArtemisMoon May/23/2015 34 0-3
How many do you know?? Girls TheArtemisMoon May/23/2015 32 0-3
Found these combos, pick those which you like... TheArtemisMoon May/23/2015 28 Even