Interactive Polls

Which girl names do you like? Thompson777 Jan/18/2015 34 Aurelia
Caroline or Margaret Ali Hassan Jan/18/2015 38 Caroline
Help us decide for a boy! anniebrandy Jan/18/2015 39 Asher
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jan/18/2015 58 Julian
Do you like "Rhett"? Ali Hassan Jan/18/2015 29 Yes
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jan/18/2015 46 Thea
What is your favorite girl and boy names? kmw278 Jan/18/2015 34 Cecilia Rose
Middle Name for Hêro - choose any you like IsabelArcher79 Jan/18/2015 23 Hero Evangeline
Characters from the comic book series Saga Bitey Jan/18/2015 26 Hazel
Maura Bitey Jan/18/2015 23 4 - like it
Boy combos. Thanks for voting. esh232 Jan/18/2015 25 Arthur William
SN for sibset Gregory (Rory), William (Will), & Victoria (Tori) prettily_british Jan/18/2015 21 Bishop
I'm pregnant, possibly with a daughter. Which name do you like best? londonthepoppy Jan/18/2015 55 Alice
I'm pregnant, possibly with a son. Which name do you like best? londonthepoppy Jan/18/2015 47 Oscar
Girl Names the letter F AshleyJuliette Jan/18/2015 35 Felicity
Y, Z, Q, P, & O AshleyJuliette Jan/18/2015 27 Owen (b)
Sci- Fi character: Name for a tall, muscular, 34-year old general with short, dirty-blonde hair. He was raised on a war-torn planet as a child soldier (Part 2) Ali Hassan Jan/18/2015 23 John Falkland
Can Jenny stand alone as a name? Lumiereslove Jan/18/2015 24 yes
For a story which name goes best with the surname Thompson? (pick all you like) The Midnight-Rose Jan/18/2015 21 Jennifer Thompson (nn Jenny)
Top 4 Girl Names (Middle Eastern), which do you like? IsabelArcher79 Jan/17/2015 40 Sarya (Sar-ya)
best names (1-10 girls, 11-20 boys) irishrocker Jan/17/2015 32 Fionn Aidan
Which is better? JaneMagnolia Jan/17/2015 22 Rose Tamara Bernadette (tah-MAH-rah)
Which full name? (from a wealthy and aristocratic family - and will mainly go by the second surname) Gwynbow Jan/17/2015 25 Jasper Fawley-Kent
Which is your favorite? AnandaWren Jan/17/2015 31 John
Which is your favorite middle name for Zephyr? AnandaWren Jan/17/2015 27 Zephyr Caspian
Which middle name do you like best for Xiomara (see'oh-MAHR-a)? AnandaWren Jan/17/2015 21 Xiomara Phoebe
Are Holly and Hazel too similar for sisters when there are other nature names in the family? They are characters, not real people. Rachelgirl1989 Jan/17/2015 30 No
Favorite V, W, & Z names AshleyJuliette Jan/17/2015 31 William
Current D Favorites AshleyJuliette Jan/17/2015 27 Dominic
Current Fav C names AshleyJuliette Jan/17/2015 29 Cora