Interactive Polls

First name ANNA/ANNALISE/HANNAH/NOELLE/RACHEL (pick 1 per symbol) bexbex Oct/12/2014 37 Even
Nicknames For Genevieve. What would you go by? RubyClaire Oct/12/2014 37 Simply, Genevieve
Genevieve Vs. Meghan RubyClaire Oct/12/2014 24 Genevieve
Baby girl names Lexandraxox Oct/12/2014 28 Lydia Soleil
FN for SN Stark? please consider gender-neutral-ness as much as possible prettily_british Oct/12/2014 26 Even
Which baby girl name is best Lexandraxox Oct/12/2014 32 Seraphina Rosalie
Noelle EDEN/ELISE/EVANGELINE? bexbex Oct/12/2014 30 Noelle Evangeline
Which? BBH Oct/12/2014 49 Matilda Frances
Which? BBH Oct/12/2014 38 Isaac James
Which? BBH Oct/12/2014 35 Susannah Margaret
Which? BBH Oct/12/2014 36 Daniel Josiah
Which? BBH Oct/12/2014 36 Ada Catherine
Do you like Peter? Ali Hassan Oct/12/2014 34 Yes
Favourite full name for (female) Nick? 37plum73 Oct/12/2014 37 Nic(h)ole
Which one of these is your favorite? yasmine Oct/12/2014 36 Clara
How early in advance should someone ask someone to a dance? sprinter007 Oct/12/2014 16 2 weeks
MY FAVORITE BOY NAMES glizandglammom Oct/11/2014 40 Oliver James
Claudia combos clouds Oct/11/2014 30 Claudia Elise
Torin combos clouds Oct/11/2014 25 Torin Lysander
Ciara (KEER-ra) combos clouds Oct/11/2014 25 Even
Jason or Joseph Ali Hassan Oct/11/2014 34 Even
Which one(s) do you like best? cfmt2013 Oct/11/2014 26 Fionnuala
Blaire Carver? 37plum73 Oct/11/2014 25 The names don't go together.
Which sister-set? lepetitviolet Oct/11/2014 35 Margot Beatrice & Clara Josephine?
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Oct/11/2014 35 Penelope June
Noelle CELESTE/ELISE? bexbex Oct/11/2014 27 Noelle Celeste
More ready-made combos from history (girls) New_Chloe Oct/11/2014 33 Nora Lilian
Does Helena Anastasia/Anastasia Helena sound good? EUPHOORIA Oct/11/2014 29 Yes
Helena Anastasia or Anastasia Helena? EUPHOORIA Oct/11/2014 28 Anastasia Helena
Jethro Elijah BBH Oct/11/2014 33 Yes.