Rate the combination Hayato Fukui (Fukui is the last name) lilolaf Aug/26/2016 9 3
Ahreum or lilolaf Aug/26/2016 8 Ahreum
Sibling of Iseul lilolaf Aug/26/2016 10 Jun-Seo
Rate Gilbert lilolaf Aug/26/2016 16 Even
Leonard Ambrose Wordsmith Aug/26/2016 13 It's okay.
Which name for a shy Italian girl? ThatOneAuthorGirl Aug/26/2016 20 Gianna Romero
Which name for a snobby Italian boy? ThatOneAuthorGirl Aug/26/2016 19 Even
Which One? One Per Symbol! lakin5 Aug/26/2016 27 / Tatiana
Favorite Name For An Inkling Boy? lakin5 Aug/26/2016 7 P. Squidy
Favorite Name For An Inkling Squid? lakin5 Aug/26/2016 7 Clyde
Favorite Names Of My Characters? lakin5 Aug/26/2016 19 Vincent Stone
American Last Names 4 ddrap14 Aug/26/2016 17 Lewis
American Last Names 3 ddrap14 Aug/26/2016 13 Robinson
American Last Names 2 ddrap14 Aug/26/2016 16 Jackson
American Last Names 1 ddrap14 Aug/26/2016 14 Miller
Which Archer combo? brimariiee Aug/26/2016 17 Archer William
Which Anderson combo? brimariiee Aug/26/2016 14 Even
Favorite Full Name For Cale? lakin5 Aug/26/2016 20 Caleb
Which for a sister for Margaret Mary? princessleia28 Aug/26/2016 17 Emilie Catherine
Which for a sister for Margaret Mary? princessleia28 Aug/26/2016 15 Eloise Josephine
Which name(s) do you like the best? Thank you for your vote. :) KatieS Aug/26/2016 24 Katherine Sullivan
names from a list of virtue boys names I found SarahBelle Aug/26/2016 25 Valor
Girl Raynegillis Aug/26/2016 26 Aurora
Zora Eulalie Wordsmith Aug/26/2016 23 It's okay.
Judith Antigone Wordsmith Aug/26/2016 22 It's okay.
Which name sounds beautiful, yet still modern, & not too popular? My sis-n-law is having a girl & likes these... The MN would be after the baby’s grandmother who passed @ a young age. Jems1009 Aug/26/2016 30 Everly Joyce Welsh
I like similar sounding names for my son. Which Gaelic/Irish name do you like better for a boy? Jems1009 Aug/26/2016 25 Keelan Nicholas Welsh
Beatrix Isolde, Irene Victoria, or Eloise Maria? Hylocichla Aug/26/2016 29 Irene Victoria
Alfred William, Edmund Philip, or Wilbur Charles? Hylocichla Aug/26/2016 28 Edmund Philip
Joanna Catherine, Matilda Frances, or Zinnia Charlotte? Hylocichla Aug/26/2016 27 Zinnia Charlotte