Interactive Polls

Which? Laura W Jul/15/2014 27 Allegra Leona M.
Various Jerusha combinations Wordsmith Jul/15/2014 23 Jerusha Violet
names for a baby boy celtic77 Jul/15/2014 29 Finn Magnus
names for a baby girl celtic77 Jul/15/2014 29 Isla Liesl
If you loved a name but hated one of the common nicknames, what would you do? lizwashere72 Jul/15/2014 37 Use it, and FORCE people to call him/her by the full name or a nickname you did like.
Which of these unusual J girl names do you like? lizwashere72 Jul/15/2014 43 Juniper (said June-ih-per)
Pick all you like SugarSwiirlz Jul/15/2014 38 Caroline
Rate the girls name Jorda (said Jord-uh)? lizwashere72 Jul/15/2014 28 1 HORRIBLE
Rate the girls name Jaina (said Jane-uh)? lizwashere72 Jul/15/2014 27 4
Which spelling? Kaitlyn94Marie Jul/15/2014 31 Emmy
Would you give your child a foreign name (e.g. Hilda, Haruko, Yoo-Jin, Cosuelo) Cosmicdaze Jul/15/2014 35 Yes, I see nothing wrong with it.
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/15/2014 56 Even
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/15/2014 53 Peter
American Combos Felie Jul/15/2014 31 Meredith Willow
Rate "Jordana" Ali Hassan Jul/15/2014 30 5
Middle Names for Micah BBH Jul/15/2014 34 Micah Benjamin
Choose all you like! (Boys) amt8705 Jul/15/2014 37 Even
Which name do you prefer? amt8705 Jul/15/2014 36 Anna
Would you give your child a dated name in he modern day? (e.g. Mabel or Marjorie) Cosmicdaze Jul/15/2014 36 I would give my child a dated name
Would you give your child a dated name in he modern day? (e.g. Edith or Marjorie) Cosmicdaze Jul/15/2014 30 I would give my child a dated name
Which of these similar-in-style names do you prefer? Wordsmith Jul/15/2014 28 Lotte
What do you think of the name Yentl. (pronunciation: jen-tl) Xiomara Jul/15/2014 25 Nah..
Which names fit together? Xiomara Jul/15/2014 29 John & Lillian
Tudor as a boy's name? Riat519 Jul/14/2014 30 It doesn't sound like a first name
Pick your favorite girl name Riat519 Jul/14/2014 39 Lila Pearl
Pick your favorite boy name Riat519 Jul/14/2014 36 Eli Clark
Brother for Abigail (Abby), Margaret (Maisie), and Penelope (Pippa)? Riat519 Jul/14/2014 36 Tobias (Toby)
What spelling do you prefer; Liesel or Liesl? Cosmicdaze Jul/14/2014 33 I prefer Liesel
Various Bluma combinations Wordsmith Jul/14/2014 22 Even
random girl combos New_Chloe Jul/14/2014 32 Margaret Ava