Interactive Polls

Which sibset? BBH Aug/21/2014 35 Isaac, Benjamin, Samuel
Gisela BBH Aug/21/2014 33 I pronounce this with a soft g
Bird Names NixieAvUlver Aug/21/2014 36 Wren
Favorite Th- Boy names? NixieAvUlver Aug/21/2014 40 Thomas
Best Quin + Middle Name Combinations? NixieAvUlver Aug/21/2014 29 Quin Christopher
Best Harley + Middle Name Combinations? NixieAvUlver Aug/20/2014 28 Harley Madeline
Which Cara + ln(s) do you like? cfmt2013 Aug/20/2014 29 Even
Middle name for Julian SJayne Aug/20/2014 30 Julian Alexander
Help naming baby #2! pamelak Aug/20/2014 33 Fiona Dawn Willow
Which last name is the most honest, reliable and trustworthy? cfmt2013 Aug/20/2014 27 Kavanagh
Which name varient? milomilomilo Aug/20/2014 22 Casimir
Girls Names Zina Aug/20/2014 34 Lia
Daphne combos, pick all you like JesikaJayne Aug/20/2014 27 Daphne Elena
Giselle combos; pick all you like JesikaJayne Aug/20/2014 27 Even
Lauren Elizabeth or Lauren Giselle? JesikaJayne Aug/20/2014 28 Lauren Elizabeth
Should all my children's names begin with "J" (such as Joel, Joshua, Josephine) Ali Hassan Aug/20/2014 32 No
Feminine (nick)names for masculine names Wordsmith Aug/20/2014 23 Addy -- Adler, Adair, Adalbert
Do you like the name Kailani for a girl? geocachegirl Aug/20/2014 31 No
How many of these 20 girls names do you like? Anna21 Aug/20/2014 41 Eleanor
Which nickname do you like best for Caroline (-line, not leen/lyn)? lizwashere72 Aug/20/2014 39 No nickname.
Beatrice Giovanna Sparrow (Sparrow honours) Ottilie Aug/20/2014 42 Nay!
Which is the best with the last name Lowe? 2 briannaharley Aug/20/2014 36 Even
Which is the best with the last name Lowe? briannaharley Aug/20/2014 36 Molly Frances Lowe
Sibling names xPrincess27x Aug/20/2014 38 Katherine and Alice
Which of these combos is better? (first half are for girls, the rest are for boys. London is a second middle name) Lady_Skywalker Aug/20/2014 26 Isla Penelope London
Nella Cordelia Daisy hyp.atia Aug/20/2014 33 Even
Do you like this sibset? Drake and Juliet. AudreyEllen Aug/20/2014 39 I only like Juliet.
Which of these names do you like? amt8705 Aug/20/2014 34 Benjamin
Which name do you like better paired with Milo? milomilomilo Aug/20/2014 25 Casimir
Pick all you like. amt8705 Aug/20/2014 33 Catherine