Lara Polina or Lara Albina? Francesca Aug/28/2015 22 Lara Polina
Ivan Nikita or Ivan Stanimir? Francesca Aug/28/2015 18 Ivan Stanimir
Eduard Mark or Leonid Mark? Francesca Aug/28/2015 18 Leonid Mark
Which Asian name sounds better? Kieran1 Aug/28/2015 25 Veronica Liu
Girls Plant and Flower Names Round 2 ItsJustMeAgain. Aug/28/2015 44 Rose
Zack or Tom? waiting.for.spring Aug/28/2015 29 Zack
Rachel or Samantha? waiting.for.spring Aug/28/2015 34 Rachel
Rudi or Franco? waiting.for.spring Aug/28/2015 23 Franco
Gwen or Elizabeth? waiting.for.spring Aug/28/2015 28 Gwen
Which "Al" Name Is Best (female)? trisha_cluskey Aug/28/2015 36 Alice
Which "-Anna" Names Are Best? trisha_cluskey Aug/28/2015 42 Lilianna
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Aug/28/2015 16 Alyssa Lorelai Claire
Which nickname do you like best for Evianna? MazzyieRose Aug/28/2015 20 Eve
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic Aug/28/2015 13 Alyssa Evangeline Claire
Which "Juli" name is best? trisha_cluskey Aug/28/2015 32 Juliet
Which name is better: Harmony or Melody? trisha_cluskey Aug/28/2015 22 Melody
Is Caspar a good name for a boy? FellDownTheRabbitHol Aug/28/2015 22 Yes
Is Kit (short for Christopher) a good name for a boy? FellDownTheRabbitHol Aug/28/2015 23 No
Bernarda Vivien Wordsmith Aug/28/2015 17 I dislike it.
Which Submitted Girls Names Do You Like? A's x_Chaser of Dreams_x Aug/28/2015 26 Acadia
Hetta as a nickname for Harriet? chankie Aug/28/2015 20 Neutral.
J girl names AshleyJuliette Aug/28/2015 43 June
K & L Girl names AshleyJuliette Aug/28/2015 39 Lily
Girl names that start with M & N AshleyJuliette Aug/28/2015 35 Nora
4x4 Names, Part II BBH Aug/28/2015 39 Iris Anne
Choose a middle name for Logan/Elijah/Jolyon/Flynn Laurisgirl Aug/28/2015 21 Elijah David
Strange name of the day: Suysel TheArtemisMoon Aug/28/2015 22 *How is it pronounced?!*
Logan/Elijah/Jolyon/Flynn: Do they work as siblings? Laurisgirl Aug/28/2015 23 Not really
Favourite spelling? always_lily Aug/28/2015 29 Catherine
Girl names that end in "nce" AshleyJuliette Aug/28/2015 28 Constance