Girls L.Lane22 Oct/20/2016 32 Elowen
Antonia BBH Oct/20/2016 29 Love!
Safiya, Safiyyah, Safiyah, or Safiyya? highexpectasians Oct/20/2016 27 Safiya
Like any for a boy? Bear Oct/20/2016 40 Alexander / Alistair / Alasdair
Like any for a boy? Bear Oct/20/2016 39 Theodore
Like any for a boy? Bear Oct/20/2016 37 Isaac / Itzhak / Isaak
Like any of these for a boy? Bear Oct/20/2016 37 Even
Opinions on Indian girl's name Kalyani esb_09 Oct/20/2016 21 Like it
Which? BBH Oct/20/2016 25 Caroline Amelia
Like any of these for a boy? Bear Oct/20/2016 29 Lucian / Lucien (Eng / Fr)
Brother for Anna Sophia? BBH Oct/20/2016 26 Henry Samuel
Which one? ThatOneAuthorGirl Oct/20/2016 24 Sebastian "Bastian"
What do you think of the name Ansel (for a girl) ellesg Oct/20/2016 31 Terrible!
Name for a WW2 German lieutenant stationed in Occupied Norway (last name: Schloss) Gregory Woodrow Oct/20/2016 15 Rudolf ("ROO-dawlf", guttural R like in French)
Middle name for daughter Ansel (last name is Green) ellesg Oct/20/2016 17 Even
Which TJ combo? brimariiee Oct/20/2016 22 Tobias Julian
Which one? brimariiee Oct/20/2016 15 Whitman
What name would best suit the next UKIP leader? Lord General Nitwit Oct/20/2016 8 Rhys
On my Howrse game, my mare Xiaoli is expecting a filly. What should I name her? Kinola Oct/20/2016 12 Meixiang ("beautiful fragrance")
Would Leon work on a white boy with brownish blond hair, green eyes LN Abramson Eruchalu2015 Oct/20/2016 17 Yes
Brandon Bright vs. Brandon Grey (Surname) HelpfulMcHelperson Oct/20/2016 16 Brandon Grey
Where does your bday land + extra questions. Just for fun (: FictionPrincess31415 Oct/19/2016 35 What kids?
Adelinde Mary Wordsmith Oct/19/2016 21 It's okay.
Bertrand Xavier Wordsmith Oct/19/2016 18 It's okay.
Favorite feminine Indonesian name? Kinola Oct/19/2016 22 Melati
Which name for a trickster god? ThatOneAuthorGirl Oct/19/2016 21 Tuuri
Which Spelling? lakin5 Oct/19/2016 25 Garrett
Tsubame or Hoshiko lilolaf Oct/19/2016 17 Hoshiko
Which of these "C" names do you like? lucky3teen Oct/19/2016 42 Claire
Which for last name Ashridge? princessleia28 Oct/19/2016 25 Rosalie