K & L Girl names AshleyJuliette Aug/28/2015 39 Lily
Girl names that start with M & N AshleyJuliette Aug/28/2015 35 Nora
4x4 Names, Part II BBH Aug/28/2015 39 Iris Anne
Choose a middle name for Logan/Elijah/Jolyon/Flynn Laurisgirl Aug/28/2015 21 Elijah David
Strange name of the day: Suysel TheArtemisMoon Aug/28/2015 22 *How is it pronounced?!*
Logan/Elijah/Jolyon/Flynn: Do they work as siblings? Laurisgirl Aug/28/2015 23 Not really
Favourite spelling? always_lily Aug/28/2015 29 Catherine
Girl names that end in "nce" AshleyJuliette Aug/28/2015 28 Constance
Please vote for your fav(s) girl names, thank you so much!!! anwilliams3386 Aug/28/2015 37 Even
Thoughts on the name Caroline? Person11 Aug/28/2015 39 I love it!
How many of these names sound like they could be a country? Snowflake0620 Aug/28/2015 27 Allesia
Please choose your top 3 favorite old fashioned boys' names, from the list below 909erie Aug/28/2015 47 Henry
Adelaida, which way do you prefer to pronounce it? mirfak Aug/28/2015 31 Ad-el-AY-da
Edmund? Vela Aug/27/2015 25 Edmund Nathaniel
Nicholas? Vela Aug/27/2015 26 Nicholas James
Patrick? Vela Aug/27/2015 24 Patrick Sullivan
Lewis? Vela Aug/27/2015 26 Even
Louis? Vela Aug/27/2015 21 Louis Frederick
Pick one per symbol: Florence and Genevieve Emily Amy Aug/27/2015 33 @Florence and Genevieve
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Hera (HEHR-a) as a nickname for Harriet? chankie Aug/27/2015 35 Bad.
Jared vs Jonah? FictionPrincess31415 Aug/27/2015 30 Jonah Damian Myers (Jo\\Joey)
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Favorite Girl Names? Person11 Aug/27/2015 48 Violet
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Do you like any of these for a girl? Bear Aug/27/2015 45 Charlotte