Marigold SarahinJune 7/23/2017 23 Marigold Frances
Winifred SarahinJune 7/23/2017 23 Winifred Ruby
Which names suits a Japanese American family that consists a father, mother and two sons harutosasamori 7/23/2017 15 Dad: Toshinori Midori, Mom: Eriko Midori, Sons: Reon Midori, Taiki Midori
Does the name Tony suit a Vietnamese American boy? harutosasamori 7/23/2017 19 Yes, it does 
What is a good name for a Japanese American young adult man who is a well known journalist working for National Geographic harutosasamori 7/23/2017 19 Kento
Does the name Kento suit a Japanese American boy? harutosasamori 7/23/2017 19 Yes, it does
What Asian ethnicity should a teenage boy named Kyle who is a shy but intelligent be? harutosasamori 7/23/2017 20 Japanese
Middle name for Glynis Bear 7/23/2017 22 Adele
Is having an Austen and a Holden in one book going to get too confusing? AmyChlad 7/23/2017 20 No.
U, V, W, Y and Z girl names Binni15 7/23/2017 30 Zelda
Alim or Alimjan? highexpectasians 7/22/2017 12 Alim
Carolina or Caterina? Kesces9 7/22/2017 27 Carolina (lee-nah)
Pick your faves! Vol. VI ToniV 7/22/2017 23 Even
Daphne 3941 7/22/2017 22 Daphne Aurelia
Cora 3941 7/22/2017 22 Even
Which Top 41-60 Japanese Male Names Do You Like? cutenose 7/22/2017 9 Even
Who will be the twin brother of Kimito? cutenose 7/22/2017 10 Hakaru
Which Name Suits A Worried, Hopeless Person? cutenose 7/22/2017 10 Mirei
Name this person, Japanese, female, 12 years old, is very hopeless, wants a happy life, likes to go on adventures and hates having strict parents cutenose 7/22/2017 9 Dansu
The parents names are Kaiki and Haruno, what will be there son's name? cutenose 7/22/2017 9 Kakeru
Rate the combination Nagisa Arakaki (Arakaki is the last name) lilolaf 7/22/2017 9 5 (I like it)
What name suits this person: Japanese, 23 years old, Female, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, is afraid of the dark, likes to eat Vietnamese food and likes to drink coffee. lilolaf 7/22/2017 9 Serika
Sibling of Norichika lilolaf 7/22/2017 9 Even
Takeru or Kakeru lilolaf 7/22/2017 9 Takeru
Rate Kazunori (kah-zuu-no-ṙee) lilolaf 7/22/2017 9 5 (I like it)
Maria, a 14 year old girl living out on the streets of Miami is of what descent? oleksandr 7/22/2017 20 Mexican
What's the ethnicity of a teenage mother whose children were conceived by rape? oleksandr 7/22/2017 11 Azerbaijani
Susanne Millicent Wordsmith 7/22/2017 17 I dislike it.
Which one is intelligent, witty and playful? whichone 7/22/2017 19 Elizabeth sounds wittier and more playful
good name for a African American rapper hailing from Minneapolis  oleksandr 7/22/2017 17 Javon