Interactive Polls

Favorite male Finnish name? Kinola Jul/24/2014 26 Aulis
Luke Daniel or Louis Philip? BBH Jul/24/2014 34 Luke Daniel
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Jul/24/2014 31 Beatrice Maud
Names for Girls avaname Jul/23/2014 37 Aria
Boy Names avaname Jul/23/2014 38 Theo
Some other names: Which do you prefer? Uniqueness16 Jul/23/2014 47 Johanna Meredith
Various "-el(l)a" names Wordsmith Jul/23/2014 38 Raffaella / Rafaela / Raphaela
Is ♂ Oleander at all usable as a middle name? Ottilie Jul/23/2014 34 Yes, I like it!
Rate "Marita" Ali Hassan Jul/23/2014 32 5
Do you like the name Mackenzie for a girl? SugarSwiirlz Jul/23/2014 42 No
Formal name(s) for the nn Wren (I know, but just work with me here) Bear Jul/23/2014 35 Lauren
_______ Miranda Wordsmith Jul/23/2014 31 Cicely Miranda
Pick all you like. amt8705 Jul/23/2014 29 Jade
_______ Amias (AY-mee-is) Wordsmith Jul/23/2014 21 Even
Pick all you like. amt8705 Jul/23/2014 25 Danielle
Pick all you like. amt8705 Jul/23/2014 32 Catherine
Cordelia Briar or Cordelia Echo? essie Jul/23/2014 28 Cordelia Briar
Formal name(s) for nn Polly Bear Jul/23/2014 34 Paulina
Formal name(s) for the nn Deenie Bear Jul/23/2014 27 Even
Formal name(s) for the nn Abbie / Abby (etc.) Bear Jul/23/2014 34 Abigail
Formal name(s) for the nn Coco Bear Jul/23/2014 27 Coralie
Cute Girl Names twins57 Jul/23/2014 31 Carlie Jean
Cute Boy Names twins57 Jul/23/2014 31 Even
Boy names? ddd Jul/23/2014 31 Andrew
Pick all you like hoppbird Jul/23/2014 27 Veronica Ivy (Onica)
Pick all you like (for girl) MISAKIYAN Jul/23/2014 39 Eleanore
Magdalene Ruth or Magdalene Eve? BBH Jul/23/2014 30 Magdalene Ruth
Elijah Thomas or Elias Henry? BBH Jul/23/2014 30 Elijah Thomas
Louise Madeleine or Lucy Rebecca? BBH Jul/23/2014 30 Louise Madeleine
Aaron Micah or Aaron Micaiah? BBH Jul/23/2014 29 Aaron Micah