Aaron Nathaniel or James Samuel? BBH Sep/11/2015 38 Aaron Nathaniel
Cecilia Anna or Virginia Alice? BBH Sep/11/2015 34 Cecilia Anna
Jacob Benjamin or Arthur Raphael? BBH Sep/11/2015 37 Jacob Benjamin
Esther Rebecca or Sibyl Louisa? BBH Sep/11/2015 33 Esther Rebecca
Gabriel Louis or Edmund Daniel? BBH Sep/11/2015 32 Even
Which is a better name for the female protagonist's best friend? Myrtle Loamsdown Sep/11/2015 33 Gillian
best names from this list (boys) celtic77 Sep/11/2015 39 Jack
best names from this list (girls#1) celtic77 Sep/11/2015 37 Lillian
best names from this list (girls#2) celtic77 Sep/11/2015 32 Heidi
Which is a better sounding heroine name? (for a character) Myrtle Loamsdown Sep/11/2015 29 Athena Rose
Which name for heroine? Eruchalu2015 Sep/11/2015 25 Thea Doval
Need a title for a story, about a rich boy who owns a nightclub and a poor foster girl who always finds herself in trouble. Nightclubs name is Black Narcissa, boy's name means Falcon Eruchalu2015 Sep/11/2015 17 Black Narcissa
Which randomly generated French/Arabic girls' combos do you like? grimscribe Sep/11/2015 29 Soraya Camille
How do You prefer to say Serena? AshleyJuliette Sep/11/2015 31 seh-REE-na / sah-REE-na
=> boy names that staRt with ~R~ AshleyJuliette Sep/11/2015 34 Roman
*giRl* names that staRt with ~R~ AshleyJuliette Sep/11/2015 35 Rebekah
Middle name for Ursula Bear Sep/11/2015 31 Charlotte
Would it be bad/conceited/weird to nominate and promote myself and my date for Homecoming King and Queen? sprinter007 Sep/11/2015 20 Hmm, it kinda can come off as a little conceited
Middle name for Maud Bear Sep/11/2015 32 Isobel / Isabel / Isabelle
Middle name for Blanche Bear Sep/11/2015 32 Eleanor / Elinor
WDYT of the name Otto ? maladies Sep/11/2015 33 Even
Gabriel or Rafael? waiting.for.spring Sep/11/2015 33 Gabriel
As far as bad boys go... which one Eruchalu2015 Sep/11/2015 34 Darius
Which variation? Eruchalu2015 Sep/11/2015 19 Shaheen
Female Combinations Francesca Sep/11/2015 29 Agatha Berenice
Male Combinations Francesca Sep/10/2015 24 Donovan Amos
Eliezer? Vela Sep/10/2015 19 Eliezer Lukas
Matthias? Vela Sep/10/2015 22 Matthias Joel
Barnaby? Vela Sep/10/2015 22 Barnaby Lewis
Asher? Vela Sep/10/2015 24 Asher Levi