Interactive Polls

Which? BBH Sep/12/2014 33 Mason Alexander
Which? BBH Sep/12/2014 29 Deborah Marion
Egidia Bear Sep/12/2014 24 Hate it
Which? BBH Sep/12/2014 32 Hildegard Susanna
Frederica Bear Sep/12/2014 32 Prefer Frieda / Frida / Freda on its own
Which? BBH Sep/12/2014 32 Francis Benedict
Which? BBH Sep/12/2014 28 Janet Althea
Which names do you like for twin girls? lizwashere72 Sep/12/2014 47 Even
Boy name of the Day SofiaSweden Sep/12/2014 32 Owen Gabriel
Girl name of the Day SofiaSweden Sep/12/2014 37 Olivia Grace
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Sep/12/2014 37 Miles Peter Alexander
Todd? SJayne Sep/11/2014 35 Dislike it
Pick one per symbol Babochka Sep/11/2014 41 #Charlotte
Best name? HarvenEliaj Sep/11/2014 27 Katerina Joyce
Evil French Surnames Pt. 5! gabbymac94 Sep/11/2014 19 Gagnon (gahn-yohn)
Evil Spanish surnames Pt. 4! gabbymac94 Sep/11/2014 18 Villeverde
Evil German surnames Pt. 4! gabbymac94 Sep/11/2014 17 Von Grimmelhausen
Evil Greek Surnames Pt. 4! gabbymac94 Sep/11/2014 18 Barberis
Evil English Surnames Pt. 4! There will be a final 2 gabbymac94 Sep/11/2014 21 Scriven
Do you like any of these girls names? Anna21 Sep/11/2014 43 Adelaide
Which of these combos do you like best or hate least? (boys) 3 Lady_Skywalker Sep/11/2014 24 Thomas Cornelius Monroe
Baby Girl Name MiguelPhoenix Sep/11/2014 36 Vivienne Rose (Viv-ee-AN)
Jane Coralie Piccadilly Sep/11/2014 26 Love it!
Which family middle name goes best with the first name Evan (we have a hyphenated last name and we want to use Wyant (another family name) as well....yes, it is crazy long... MiguelPhoenix Sep/11/2014 19 Evan Augustus Wyant Ray-Labraygo
Which Damien combo is best? georden Sep/11/2014 25 Damien Alister
Which Audra combo is best? georden Sep/11/2014 25 Even
Emma Hazel Piccadilly Sep/11/2014 25 Like it.
Aine geekygirl Sep/11/2014 17 I prefer it pronounced Anya
Ginevra Bear Sep/11/2014 32 Like it with the nn Ginnie / Ginny
Hedwig Bear Sep/11/2014 32 Even