Which of these two? BBH Dec/18/2014 39 Benjamin
Zenaide and Zenaida Joiya Dec/18/2014 30 Even
ZO!... Which boy's names do you like? Joiya Dec/18/2014 29 Lorenzo
Boy's name: Prosper Joiya Dec/18/2014 29 Dislike.
Melisande vs. Melusine vs. Millicent... Joiya Dec/18/2014 29 Melisande all the way!
Ludovica.. Joiya Dec/18/2014 23 Not my style.
S Unknown123 Dec/18/2014 40 Selene
Female R Names Unknown123 Dec/18/2014 43 Rhiannon
Q names Unknown123 Dec/18/2014 28 Quinn
Italian Names Felie Dec/18/2014 37 Emma
which name? AutumnInNewYork Dec/18/2014 26 Kate-Elizabeth Claire
which name? AutumnInNewYork Dec/18/2014 23 Kate-Elizabeth Claire
How do you feel about the name Autumn? AutumnInNewYork Dec/18/2014 33 like it
which name for my daughter? AutumnInNewYork Dec/18/2014 36 Alice Stella Maynard
My PNL Part 24: Last New Additions Ali Hassan Dec/18/2014 35 Even
If you had to choose only between these names for a daughter (No. 3)... BBH Dec/18/2014 44 Helena
My PNL Part 23: New additions Ali Hassan Dec/18/2014 30 Alice
Italian Name: Clara (F) Felie Dec/18/2014 28 Classic
Italian Name: Speranza (F spe-RAHN-tsah - HOPE) Felie Dec/18/2014 20 No
Baby Name Expert: French Felie Dec/18/2014 30 Coralie
Which is better? Ali Hassan Dec/18/2014 32 Even
Baby Name Expert: Spanish Felie Dec/18/2014 31 Camila
Which one of these boy names would you like for a girl in your crazy mind? m4yb3_daijirou Dec/18/2014 25 Blaise
Which Russian surname? Thatmazerunnerfan2.0 Dec/17/2014 25 Salvator Evan Abrankovich
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/17/2014 47 Andrea
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Dec/17/2014 58 Benjamin
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Dec/17/2014 56 Clara
French: A boy name to go with Isaac Malcolm, Noémie Susan, and Lea Jade Addicted2Crayola Dec/17/2014 25 Even
L names for girls Pick all you like. Emily Amy Dec/17/2014 38 Lara
Edgar BBH Dec/17/2014 27 Edgar Lewis