Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to FRITZ (43 ratings):

   12% variance:

BILLY   Good Name, Strong, Classic
171 ratings

IKE   Above Average Name, Strong, Simple, Informal
28 ratings

RUBE   Average Name, Simple, Strange
13 ratings

SHANE   Good Name, Strong, Simple
265 ratings

   15% variance:

CADELL   Average Name, Simple, Strong
23 ratings

EMMET   Above Average Name, Strong, Strange
46 ratings

ERNIE   Average Name, Simple, Strong, Informal
23 ratings

GUY   Average Name, Simple
118 ratings

HARRI   Average Name, Simple
16 ratings

IMAD   Average Name, Strong, Simple, Strange
14 ratings

JESSE   Good Name, Strong
321 ratings

KAJ (1)   Good Name, Strange, Informal
17 ratings

KAMAL (1)   Above Average Name, Strong, Classic
13 ratings

KAROL   Above Average Name, Simple, Classic, Strong
18 ratings

RENZO   Good Name, Strange, Strong, Informal
19 ratings

RIDLEY   Above Average Name, Strong, Strange
50 ratings

ROLAN   Above Average Name
16 ratings

RUSSEL   Average Name, Strong, Simple
22 ratings

SANJAY   Good Name, Strange, Strong
39 ratings

SETH (2)   Above Average Name, Strong, Strange
50 ratings

SOL (2)   Average Name, Strange, Classic
11 ratings

THEO   Good Name, Strange
97 ratings

WADE   Above Average Name, Strong, Simple
79 ratings