Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to GENIE (17 ratings):

   15% variance

LALLY   Bad Name, Informal
13 ratings

   18% variance

ABIAH   Bad Name, Simple
13 ratings

AUDIE   Average Name, Strange, Simple
24 ratings

DELL   Below Average Name, Simple
34 ratings

DIKLAH   Bad Name, Strange
17 ratings

FELIPA   Below Average Name, Comedic, Informal, Common, Rough, Strange
10 ratings

JOHNA   Below Average Name, Simple
13 ratings

LATANYA   Average Name
31 ratings

MARE   Above Average Name, Strange, Simple
10 ratings

   21% variance

ARZU   Average Name, Unintellectual, Urban, Devious
10 ratings

BABETTE   Average Name, Informal, Comedic, Strange
48 ratings

BABS   Below Average Name, Informal, Common, Simple
29 ratings

BLANCH   Bad Name
13 ratings

BRANDA   Below Average Name, Informal, Common
28 ratings

CHER   Average Name
27 ratings

CHRISTMAS   Below Average Name
48 ratings

COMFORT   Below Average Name, Strange
57 ratings

DRINA   Below Average Name, Informal, Common, Unintellectual
15 ratings

LALLIE   Average Name, Informal, Strange, Simple
11 ratings

SHERILL   Below Average Name, Mature
12 ratings

THANKFUL   Below Average Name, Strange
63 ratings

TIT   Below Average Name, Comedic, Unintellectual, Strange
53 ratings

TRISHA   Above Average Name, Simple
46 ratings

USCHI   Below Average Name, Informal, Strange
13 ratings

VI   Average Name, Simple, Informal
17 ratings

WYNNE (2)   Average Name, Simple, Strange, Urban
12 ratings

YAFFA   Average Name, Informal
15 ratings

YUTKE   Below Average Name, Comedic, Common, Informal
10 ratings

ZUZANNA   Average Name
22 ratings