Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to LEV (2) (18 ratings):

   15% variance

ARAM   Above Average Name, Classic, Serious, Strange, Strong
13 ratings

HEATH   Good Name, Strong
64 ratings

KUNO   Good Name, Strange, Strong
23 ratings

LEVI   Good Name, Strong
197 ratings

ØYVIND   Good Name, Strong, Classic, Strange
17 ratings

RAFE   Good Name, Strong, Strange
54 ratings

RUFUS   Good Name, Strong, Strange, Classic
99 ratings

   18% variance

AGNI   Average Name, Strong, Classic, Strange
25 ratings

BASTIAN   Good Name, Strong
33 ratings

BRIAN   Good Name, Strong, Wholesome, Simple
397 ratings

CONN   Above Average Name, Strong, Informal, Serious
16 ratings

DOYLE   Average Name, Strange, Strong, Classic
36 ratings

EMMET   Above Average Name, Strong, Strange
44 ratings

FLETCHER   Good Name, Strong, Wholesome, Strange
56 ratings

HARRY   Above Average Name, Strong, Simple, Classic
159 ratings

HARVEY   Good Name, Strong, Classic, Mature
79 ratings

JEPSON   Average Name, Strong, Strange, Mature, Simple
10 ratings

JOEL   Good Name, Strong, Wholesome
246 ratings

JUDE   Good Name, Strong, Classic
151 ratings

KARL   Good Name, Classic, Strong, Mature
109 ratings

KENTA   Good Name, Strong, Strange, Wholesome
14 ratings

KURT   Good Name, Strong, Strange
124 ratings

LEO   Good Name, Strong, Classic
220 ratings

LUKE   Good Name, Strong, Simple, Wholesome
392 ratings

MARCO   Good Name, Strong, Classic, Simple
113 ratings

MAREK   Above Average Name, Strong
39 ratings

MICHAËL   Average Name, Strong, Nerdy
28 ratings

NEIL   Good Name, Strong, Wholesome, Simple
179 ratings

NIKLAS   Average Name, Strong
20 ratings

OLEG   Above Average Name, Strong, Serious, Classic
30 ratings

OTTO   Above Average Name, Classic, Strong
79 ratings

OWEN   Above Average Name, Simple, Strong, Wholesome
59 ratings

RAFAŁ   Average Name, Serious, Strong, Classic, Simple
10 ratings

RAÚL   Above Average Name, Strong, Classic, Serious
17 ratings

RHYS   Good Name, Strong, Classic
195 ratings

ROSS   Good Name, Strong, Simple, Wholesome
145 ratings

SETH   Good Name, Simple, Strong
206 ratings

SILVIO   Above Average Name, Classic, Strong, Mature, Strange, Upperclass
16 ratings

TEMAN   Average Name, Strange, Strong
11 ratings

TOMAS   Good Name, Strong, Simple, Classic
37 ratings

VUK   Good Name, Strong, Serious, Classic
11 ratings