Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to MARIO (68 ratings):

   9% variance

MARCO   Good Name, Strong, Classic
94 ratings

   12% variance

LUIS   Good Name, Strong, Simple
109 ratings

   15% variance

ANAS   Average Name, Strong, Strange
25 ratings

CADELL   Average Name, Simple, Strong
18 ratings

GUIDO   Above Average Name, Strong, Strange
12 ratings

NOLAN   Good Name, Strong, Simple
123 ratings

TIAGO   Good Name, Strong
56 ratings

   18% variance

AESON   Above Average Name, Strange, Wholesome
22 ratings

ALEIXO   Average Name, Strange, Strong
11 ratings

AMIT   Average Name, Strange, Simple, Strong
11 ratings

ANDREI   Good Name, Classic, Simple
33 ratings

ANUJ   Above Average Name, Simple, Classic, Strange
15 ratings

ANUPAM   Average Name, Strange, Strong, Classic
13 ratings

BILLY   Good Name, Strong, Classic, Strange
153 ratings

BION   Average Name, Strange
20 ratings

BOOKER   Average Name, Simple, Strange, Strong
24 ratings

BRUNO   Good Name, Strong, Simple, Classic
95 ratings

CALVIN   Above Average Name, Strong
108 ratings

CURTIS   Above Average Name, Strong
75 ratings

DANE   Good Name, Strong, Simple
77 ratings

DEAN   Good Name, Strong
132 ratings

DEREK   Good Name, Strong
192 ratings

DERRICK   Above Average Name, Strong
34 ratings

DUNSTAN   Average Name, Classic, Simple, Strange
14 ratings

GUY   Average Name
103 ratings

HUGO   Good Name
165 ratings

JUDE   Good Name, Strong, Classic
140 ratings

KAROL   Above Average Name, Strong
12 ratings

KENRICK   Average Name, Simple, Strong, Wholesome
14 ratings

KOEN   Good Name, Strong, Simple
27 ratings

KUNO   Good Name, Strange, Strong
22 ratings

KURT   Good Name, Strong, Strange
116 ratings

LEOŠ   Average Name, Simple, Classic, Strange, Strong
15 ratings

LEROY   Average Name, Strong, Classic, Simple
44 ratings

MAREK   Good Name, Strong
36 ratings

MIGUEL   Good Name, Strong
93 ratings

MILES   Good Name, Strong, Simple
194 ratings

OMAR   Above Average Name, Strong
39 ratings

REID   Good Name, Strong, Simple
65 ratings

RODNEY   Above Average Name, Strong, Simple
82 ratings

SAMNANG   Average Name, Strange, Strong, Classic
11 ratings

THEO   Good Name, Simple, Strange, Strong
72 ratings

THIAGO   Good Name, Strong, Urban, Simple
23 ratings

TRENT   Good Name, Strong, Simple, Serious, Wholesome
72 ratings

WAYNE   Above Average Name, Strong, Simple, Wholesome
95 ratings

YURI   Good Name, Strange
30 ratings