Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to PERSEUS (34 ratings):

   12% variance

AMADEUS   Good Name, Classic, Upperclass, Formal
55 ratings

LEONARDO   Good Name, Classic, Formal, Strong
90 ratings

   15% variance

ALASTAIR   Good Name, Classic, Formal, Strong
66 ratings

ALEXANDRU   Average Name, Serious, Classic, Formal
20 ratings

CEDRIC   Good Name, Strong, Classic, Serious
77 ratings

CILLIAN   Good Name, Classic, Serious, Strange
68 ratings

CRISTÓBAL   Above Average Name, Classic, Strong, Complex
18 ratings

DEMETRIUS   Above Average Name, Formal, Strong, Upperclass
34 ratings

DIMITRIS   Good Name, Classic, Strong, Formal
16 ratings

EPHRAIM   Above Average Name, Classic, Serious, Wholesome
53 ratings

ETTORE   Above Average Name, Classic, Strong, Serious
10 ratings

EVERARD   Above Average Name, Classic, Strange, Strong
23 ratings

EZEKIEL   Good Name, Classic, Strong, Formal
105 ratings

FIGARO   Average Name, Classic, Formal, Strange
12 ratings

FIRDAUS   Above Average Name, Strange, Upperclass, Formal
22 ratings

FRANCESCO   Good Name, Strong, Classic, Wholesome
38 ratings

GIDEON   Above Average Name, Classic, Strong, Formal
89 ratings

GLYNDWR   Average Name, Strong, Strange, Complex
18 ratings

IMMANUEL   Above Average Name, Formal, Classic, Serious
23 ratings

JAPHETH   Above Average Name, Strong, Serious, Strange
17 ratings

KENELM   Above Average Name, Strange, Serious, Classic
14 ratings

LANCELOT   Average Name, Classic, Strong, Strange
44 ratings

LEANDER   Good Name, Classic, Formal, Strong
70 ratings

LEONIDAS   Good Name, Serious, Strong, Formal
53 ratings

LYSANDER   Good Name, Upperclass, Strange, Classic
49 ratings

MARIUS   Good Name, Classic, Strange, Upperclass
86 ratings

MATTHIAS   Good Name, Serious, Formal, Classic
130 ratings

MAXIMILLIAN   Good Name, Upperclass, Classic, Strange
47 ratings

PANAGIOTIS   Above Average Name, Formal, Strange, Complex
12 ratings

RAINIER   Above Average Name, Serious, Classic, Strong
16 ratings

SEBASTIAN   Good Name, Formal, Upperclass, Classic
322 ratings

SIGMUND   Above Average Name, Strong, Strange, Classic
24 ratings

VALENTIJN   Above Average Name, Strange, Strong, Classic
25 ratings

ZACHARIAH   Good Name, Classic, Strong, Formal
43 ratings