Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to ROFFE (9 ratings):

   21% variance:

BALDO   Bad Name, Simple, Rough, Strong
15 ratings

BUCK   Average Name, Informal, Strong, Rough
41 ratings

REDD   Below Average Name, Informal, Rough, Comedic
13 ratings

   24% variance:

CHUCK   Average Name, Common, Informal, Simple, Strong
32 ratings

DAWOOD   Below Average Name, Rough, Comedic, Strong
11 ratings

DICK (1)   Bad Name, Rough, Comedic, Informal
233 ratings

DONG   Average Name, Comedic, Rough, Simple
13 ratings

JAAP   Below Average Name, Informal, Rough, Common
13 ratings

JEB   Average Name, Simple, Informal, Common
30 ratings

JUDD   Average Name, Simple, Informal, Strong
38 ratings

MORT   Average Name, Strong, Mature, Rough, Simple
20 ratings

MOT   Bad Name, Rough, Common, Informal
10 ratings

NUDD   Bad Name, Simple, Informal, Comedic, Unintellectual
12 ratings

OBRAD   Below Average Name, Rough, Strong, Classic, Informal
12 ratings

PANCHO   Below Average Name, Informal, Comedic, Rough
10 ratings

RUSS   Average Name, Strong, Informal, Simple
21 ratings