Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to ROS (13 ratings):

   15% variance:

BERND   Average Name, Strong
15 ratings

BRAM   Good Name, Strong, Simple, Classic
27 ratings

FORD   Above Average Name, Strong, Simple
47 ratings

GRAY   Good Name, Strong, Simple, Strange
52 ratings

LIM   Average Name, Simple, Classic, Mature, Nerdy, Strong
10 ratings

LUIS   Good Name, Strong, Simple
131 ratings

MARCO   Good Name, Strong, Classic, Simple
129 ratings

NIELS (1)   Above Average Name, Simple, Mature, Classic, Strong
17 ratings

   18% variance:

ABDUL   Average Name, Strong
28 ratings

ALEC   Good Name, Strong
141 ratings

ALON   Above Average Name, Simple, Classic, Strange
18 ratings

ALPHA   Average Name, Strange, Strong
33 ratings

ALVIN   Above Average Name, Strong, Classic
69 ratings

ANDREI   Good Name, Classic, Strong, Simple
52 ratings

BILLY   Good Name, Strong, Classic
174 ratings

BLAKE   Good Name, Simple, Strong
400 ratings

BOOKER   Above Average Name, Simple, Strange, Strong
37 ratings

CADELL   Average Name, Simple, Strong
24 ratings

CARLITO   Average Name, Strong, Simple, Classic
11 ratings

CHENG   Average Name, Mature, Nerdy, Strong
14 ratings

DA   Below Average Name, Simple, Strange, Urban
18 ratings

DANE   Good Name, Strong
87 ratings

EDOARDO   Good Name, Strong, Nerdy, Simple
18 ratings

GROVER   Average Name, Classic, Simple
24 ratings

GUY   Average Name, Simple
120 ratings

KEN (2)   Above Average Name, Simple, Strong
20 ratings

LEO   Good Name, Strong, Classic
237 ratings

LEON   Good Name, Strong, Simple, Classic
152 ratings

MATTAN   Average Name, Strong, Simple
14 ratings

MERV   Below Average Name, Informal, Mature, Strange
19 ratings

NAVEED   Good Name, Strong, Strange
21 ratings

NOLAN   Good Name, Strong, Simple
143 ratings

RANDELL   Below Average Name, Simple, Urban, Mature, Serious, Strong
12 ratings

SERGE   Above Average Name, Strong, Classic, Serious
30 ratings

VIJAY   Above Average Name, Strange, Strong, Classic, Simple
22 ratings

WERNER   Above Average Name, Strong, Classic, Mature
27 ratings

YURI (1)   Good Name, Strange
40 ratings