Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to SALOMÉ (12 ratings):

   9% variance:

DOMITILA   Average Name, Classic, Complex, Strange
12 ratings

   15% variance:

BELINDA   Good Name, Refined, Natural, Wholesome
174 ratings

DIAMANDA   Above Average Name, Upperclass, Refined, Strange
16 ratings

ESMERALDA   Good Name, Strange, Formal, Complex
108 ratings

ESPERANZA   Good Name, Complex, Strange, Refined, Upperclass
61 ratings

GIORGIA   Above Average Name, Classic, Strange, Wholesome
16 ratings

JOSETTE   Good Name, Classic, Serious, Strange
57 ratings

MADALENA   Good Name, Refined, Classic, Wholesome
28 ratings

THURAYYA   Above Average Name, Complex, Strange, Classic
22 ratings

   18% variance:

AGNETHE   Average Name, Mature, Formal, Classic
16 ratings

ARETHA   Above Average Name, Formal, Strange, Strong
24 ratings

AREVIG   Average Name, Strange, Classic, Complex
11 ratings

ARLETTE   Good Name, Strange, Upperclass, Refined
52 ratings

AVIGAIL   Average Name, Classic, Natural, Strange, Upperclass
18 ratings

AYESHA   Good Name, Strange
40 ratings

BATHSHEBA   Average Name, Classic, Serious, Strange
25 ratings

BISERA   Above Average Name, Serious, Natural, Complex
22 ratings

BRIGITTE   Good Name, Classic, Refined, Upperclass
46 ratings

CARLOTTA   Above Average Name, Strange, Upperclass, Strong
31 ratings

CHARIS   Good Name, Refined, Wholesome, Natural
122 ratings

CONSOLATA   Average Name, Formal, Classic, Mature, Refined
12 ratings

DAMIANA   Good Name, Refined, Strange, Formal
16 ratings

DEIDRE   Above Average Name, Strange, Complex, Classic
44 ratings

EDYTA   Above Average Name, Formal, Classic, Mature, Wholesome
16 ratings

EYDÍS   Good Name, Serious, Strange, Upperclass
26 ratings

FIACHNA   Average Name, Classic, Strange, Complex
15 ratings

FRANCESCA   Good Name, Classic, Refined, Formal
210 ratings

GABRIELA   Good Name, Formal, Refined, Natural
103 ratings

GUNILLA   Average Name, Classic, Mature, Complex
14 ratings

GWENDOLEN   Good Name, Classic, Complex, Refined
90 ratings

HELLEN   Average Name, Serious, Strange, Upperclass
13 ratings

IMOGEN   Good Name, Refined, Wholesome
361 ratings

INDRANI   Above Average Name, Serious, Strange, Classic, Natural
14 ratings

ISOLDA   Average Name, Formal, Upperclass, Classic, Serious, Strange
33 ratings

JACQUELYN   Good Name, Refined, Formal, Upperclass
48 ratings

JOHANNA   Good Name, Classic, Formal, Wholesome
134 ratings

LORETTE   Above Average Name, Classic, Natural, Refined, Wholesome
22 ratings

MARILYN   Good Name, Refined, Formal, Wholesome
100 ratings

MYRNA   Above Average Name, Classic, Mature, Serious, Strange
32 ratings

NARCISA   Above Average Name, Classic, Strange, Strong
13 ratings

PERSEPHONE   Good Name, Complex, Refined, Classic
241 ratings

PUSHPA   Above Average Name, Strange, Classic, Upperclass, Wholesome
16 ratings

REBEKAH   Good Name, Wholesome, Formal, Classic
162 ratings

SAPPHIRA   Good Name, Strange, Refined, Upperclass
54 ratings

SOTIRIA   Above Average Name, Complex, Formal, Serious
11 ratings

TABASSUM   Good Name, Strange, Formal, Strong
25 ratings

TERPSICHORE   Average Name, Strange, Complex, Classic, Strong
15 ratings

TITANIA   Good Name, Strange, Complex, Upperclass
49 ratings

TOIRÉASA   Average Name, Complex, Refined, Upperclass
11 ratings

TZEITEL   Good Name, Classic, Strange, Refined
17 ratings

VALERIE   Good Name, Refined, Formal, Wholesome
209 ratings

VARTOUHI   Average Name, Strange, Classic, Refined
19 ratings

VASILIKI   Good Name, Strange, Serious, Classic
18 ratings

VÉRONIQUE   Good Name, Refined, Upperclass, Formal
22 ratings

YVETTE   Good Name, Classic, Refined, Formal
97 ratings

YVONNE   Good Name, Upperclass, Classic, Formal
139 ratings