Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to SINDY (28 ratings):

   12% variance:

HAILEE   Average Name, Youthful, Modern
49 ratings

JEWEL   Average Name
48 ratings

LINA (3)   Above Average Name, Delicate
11 ratings

NIKOLE   Above Average Name, Simple, Comedic, Informal, Modern
18 ratings

SILJE   Above Average Name, Youthful, Simple
22 ratings

TAMI   Above Average Name, Youthful, Modern, Informal
30 ratings

   15% variance:

ALLY (1)   Above Average Name, Informal, Youthful, Simple
65 ratings

ALYCE   Average Name
43 ratings

ASHLIE   Good Name, Modern, Youthful, Informal
44 ratings

BECCA   Above Average Name, Informal, Youthful, Modern
57 ratings

CAREEN   Below Average Name, Simple
21 ratings

CARLIE   Above Average Name, Youthful, Informal
27 ratings

CASSIE   Good Name, Youthful, Informal, Simple
104 ratings

HAILEY   Good Name, Youthful
170 ratings

HALLE (2)   Above Average Name, Youthful, Refined
31 ratings

HAYLIE   Average Name, Informal, Youthful, Simple
30 ratings

JANENE   Average Name, Informal
21 ratings

JAYLYN   Average Name, Youthful, Modern, Delicate
68 ratings

KATY   Good Name, Refined
73 ratings

KAYLEY   Good Name, Youthful, Informal, Refined
85 ratings

KRISTIE   Good Name, Modern, Youthful
39 ratings

LORRI   Average Name, Informal, Refined
17 ratings

MIMI   Average Name, Informal, Youthful, Simple
74 ratings

STACI   Above Average Name, Informal, Modern, Simple
44 ratings

STEPHANY   Average Name, Youthful, Informal, Refined
25 ratings

TACEY   Average Name, Informal, Youthful
35 ratings