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This is a list of submitted names in which the date added is more recent than 14 days ago.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
LONNIE   m & f   American
NANON   f   Japanese
CAMBALL   m & f   English
MANET   m   French
AABBEE   f   ???
BREAM   m   English
AMATI   m   Italian
ELANNA   f   English
NIVAL   m   English
ANVIL   m   English
TAAL   m   Hindi
ALROY   m   English
SOLANO   m   Spanish
SILOA   m   Biblical
HALMA   m   English
ALMAH   f   Hebrew
ALKY   m   English
FARDEL   m   English
NEALA   f   Irish
LANAE   f   English
LADEN   m   English
LABRET   f   French
ALAI   m   Tamil
KISAN   m   Indian
AKINS   m   Scottish
KILAH   f   English
AIRMED   m   English
ARANEID   f   Greek
DAIMEN   m   Greek
EILENA   f   English
EILANE   f   English
MEATH   m   English
ARAGON   m   Spanish
ANGORA   f   English
ONGAR   m   English
NAGOR   m   Indian
SAGEN   f   English
GENSA   f   English
AGNATE   f   Swedish
AIRES   m   Spanish
ERIDEN   m   English
RADIAN   m   English
DANIOS   m   Greek
ADON   m   Italian
ADLAR   m   English
DALAI   m   Tibetan
ADIZA   f   English
DAITYAS   f   Indian
ADITYAS   f   Indian
ANDIA   f   Spanish
DANEA   f   Greek
IDELA   f   English
ADELI   f   Arabic
CAER   m   English
BRILA   m   African
BLAE   m   English
BIAN   f   Japanese
KIHARU   m & f   Japanese
KOYIRO   m & f   Japanese
SHURI   f   Japanese
KULUKULU   m & f   ?
KARKA   f   Indian
JYNICE   f   English
JUH   m   Apache
JESTINE   f   French
JAWN   f   English
IBERIA   f   Spanish
HINDEY   f   English
HEPZI   f   English
GWENDI   f   English
GUSTY   f   English
GOMA   f   Swahili
GLAD   m   English
GATHA   f   Sanskrit
FLUTA   f   Dutch
FLOYCE   m   English
FLAIR   f   French
FIFINE   f   French
FEALTY   f   English
C'CEAL   f   English
ESTRA   f   Italian
ELBOA   f   Spanish
ELATA   f   Greek
DYS   f   English
PEEKO   m & f   Asian
DUAYNA   f   Irish
DOCILE   f   English
DIXIL   m   French
DAYAA   m   Arabic
DAHL   m   English
CRITTA   f   Italian
CRISPA   f   Spanish
CLYTE   m   French
CLETI   m   English
CAMEL   m   French
BROSY   m   English
BOBIJO   m   Spanish
BLOM   f   German
BINNEY   m   English
BEGGA   f   Belgian
BASTY   m   Turkish
BARBO   m   Spanish
ASIAN   f   English
ANOI   m   English
ANCELOT   m   French
AM   f   English
AG   f   English
FUEGO   m   Spanish
VIAJE   m   Spanish
ACAYA   f   Spanish
EIKEN   m   Japanese
AIHA   f   Japanese
NERU   f   Japanese
EARIN   f   Japanese
GARIA   f   Japanese
ADERA   f   Japanese
ADEA   f   Japanese
ABURA   f   Japanese
JEI   f   Japanese
GEIRU   m & f   Japanese
KENON   m   Japanese
KAYVON   m   Persian
IVRI   m   Hebrew
RAYA   f   Hebrew
SHOSHI   f   Hebrew
NATY   f & m   Hebrew (Modern)
SURIYANA   f   Tamil
AIRICA   f   English
YACOMES   m & f   Greek
PAZIT   f   Hebrew
KIRAN   f   Japanese
RIENA   f   Japanese
KONOA   f   Japanese
KIO   f & m   Japanese
KAEN   f   Japanese
JOCI   m   Hungarian
RAEVEENA   f   Hindi
UMAHOSHI   m & f   Japanese
ODEM   f   Hebrew
SHIA   f   Japanese
SHOHAM   f & m   Hebrew
KORIA   f   Japanese
TOKU   m   Japanese
IONA   f   Japanese
AADHYA   f   Hindi
AMAHA   f   Japanese
FUUNA   f   Japanese
MAINE   f   Japanese
MEINA   f   Japanese
EBINIMI   f & m   Ijaw
KENEKPOIYE   m & f   Ijaw
EBIDESE   f & m   Ijaw
WENIKADO   f & m   Ijaw
GESIYE   f & m   Ijaw
EBIBARATIMI   f & m   Ijaw
INIEKENIMI   f & m   Ijaw
ONDOUTUAPERE   f & m   Ijaw
EBIFINIDEI   f & m   Ijaw
YOZURU   f & m   Japanese
IDIEBIMO   f & m   Ijaw
OGONOEBI   m   Ijaw
IKUROMO   f & m   Ijaw
KOYOMI   m & f   Japanese
ENEIKEDI   f & m   Ijaw
IKIEMOYE   f & m   Ijaw
AYIBANUA   f & m   Ijaw
SELE   f & m   Ijaw
DERIFAGHA   f & m   Ijaw
TARIPEREDEI   m & f   Ijaw
OWEIYAI   m   Ijaw
TIMIDI   m   Ijaw
PY   f   Swedish
KINNIE   f   English
DAINA   f   Japanese
AYANDA   m & f   Zulu
RISHON   m & f   Hebrew
RAINE   f   Japanese
RAJAT   m   Indian
TENKO   f & m   Japanese
MIERU   f   Japanese
SUKEKIYO   f & m   Japanese
MUNEYUKI   f & m   Japanese
ARUNA   f   Japanese
AASU   f   Japanese
SWEN   m   German
TOSH   m   English
KEALAN   m   Irish
BILA   f   Hebrew
MUJA   f   Japanese
OKA   f   Japanese
LAO-DI   f   Chinese
THUSITHA   f & m   Sinhalese
NAIKI   f   Japanese
RAINO   f   Japanese
CHIGA   f & m   Japanese
AKERA   f   Scots
ZALYNA   f   French
AOILEANN   f   Irish
ARDY   m & f   Dutch (Rare)
REIHO   f & m   Japanese
REBI   f   Japanese
ARINO   f   Japanese
ARIMI   f   Japanese
YUIHO   f   Japanese
RORA   f   Japanese
ZOUA   f   Hmong
AIDA   f   Chinese
MAYHEW   m   English
AOYA   m   Japanese
AORI   f   Japanese
AON   f   Japanese
AIN   f   Japanese
NEOMI   f   Japanese
MIHIRO   f & m   Japanese
NIKKA   f   Japanese
RIASA   f   Japanese
HIBIO   m   Japanese
ARAYO   f   Japanese
HANEDA   m & f   Japanese
KURK   m   English
ROKKU   m   Japanese
RIASU   f   Japanese
MUKA   f   Japanese
WAKAE   f   Japanese
JIKAI   m   Japanese
CHIYA   f   Japanese
HOVIG   m   Armenian
MOTSI   m & f   Shona
SIMBISO   f   Shona
SARUDZAI   f   Shona
ONAI   f   Shona
GARIKAI   m   Shona
CHOKWADI   m   Shona
RUVHENEKO   m & f   Shona
TIRIVASHE   m & f   Shona
LENY   m & f   Hebrew (Modern)
UROSH   m   Various
KATORI   f & m   Japanese
TAKEYUKI   m & f   Japanese
CHIYUU   m & f   Japanese
OKINA   f   Japanese
OKADA   f   Japanese
NOREN   f   Japanese
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