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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
TA   f & m   African American (Rare)
Shortening of African American names starting with ta- (example Talisha for females and Tashaun for males).
TAAHIRA   f   Arabic
Variant of Tahira.
TAAJUK   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Tâjuk.
TAAL   m   Hindi
TAALE   f   Estonian
Estonian form of Tale.
TAALIDEEM   m   African
north african/arabic
TAALI-MBO   f & m   Dagbani
It means thank you so much
TAALKE   f   East Frisian
Diminutive of Tale.
TAALUAQ   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Tâluaĸ.
TAAMASH-YERDI   m   Caucasian Mythology
Means "lord of wonder". Taamash-Yerdi was the god of fate in Vainakh mythology who could grow in size when angered.
TAANI   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger spelling of Tâne.
TAANIA   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger spelling of Tânia.
TAANIALI   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger spelling of Tâniale.
TAANIALIK   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger spelling of Tânialik.
TAANIEL   m   Estonian
Estonian form of Daniel.
TAARA   f   American (Modern, Rare)
Respelling of Tara.
TAAT   m   Sanskrit
MEANING : to cause to jingle or rattle
TAATSI   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Taitse.
TAATSIANNGUAQ   m   Greenlandic
Variant of Taatsiaq with the endearing suffix -nnguaq.
TAATSIAQ   m   Greenlandic
Younger form of Taitsiaĸ.
TAB   f   English
Short for Tabitha.
TABANSI   m   African
African name that means "one who endures".
TABARE   m   Tupí
The name "Tabaré" means "independent". It's comun in Uruguay, and some parts of Argentina.
TABAREK   f & m   Arabic
TABARIK   f   Chechen
A notable bearer is Tabarik Kadyrova (2004-), the daughter of Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov.
TABBE   m   West Frisian, East Frisian
Variant form of Tibbe.
TABBITHA   f   English (Rare)
Rare spelling variant of Tabitha.
TABE   m   West Frisian
Variant form of Tibe.
TABEN   m   English (Modern)
Variant of Taban
TABER   m   American (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Taber.
TABETHA   f   English (Rare)
Variant of Tabitha.
TABI   f   English
TABIA   f   African
From the Swahili word for “talented.”
TABIANA   f   Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Possibly a corruption of Tabitha by way of blending it with the popular name suffix -ana.
TABITHIA   f   American (South, Rare)
Rare elaboration of Tabitha.
TABITHY   f   English (Rare)
Diminutive of Tabitha and Tabatha
TABITO   m   Japanese
From Japanese 旅 (tabi) "trip, travel" and 人 (to) meaning "person". Other kanji combinations can also make up this name.
TABITTA   f   Finnish
Finnish variant of Tabitha.
TABLO   f   Kurdish
TABORAH   f   English (American)
Famous bearer is Taborah Johnson (born March 21, 1953), also known as Tabby Johnson, a Canadian singer and actress.
Means "red tomahawk" in Lakota. From the Lakota čhaŋȟpí 'tomahawk' and lúta (lu'-tah) 'scarlet, to be red'.
TACCIANA   f   Belarusian (Rare)
Belarusian form of Tatiana. It is more often transliterated as Tatsiana.
TACE   f   Medieval English (Latinized)
Diminutive of Silence, being Latin for "to be silent." See also Tacey.
TACHA   f   Spanish
Spanish. A diminutive of Natacha or Anastacia. As a word by itself, not a name, Tacha could mean "stain," "chip" or "mark."
TACHANA   f   Mari
Mari variant of the feminine given name Tatiana.
TACHAT   m   Armenian
Primarily historical Armenian masculine name derived from the ancient Iranian name element *tačata- meaning "swift, strong", or from *Tačat-aspa, meaning "possessing swift horses".
TACHATUHI   f   Armenian
Feminine form of the Old Amerian name Tachat, formed by added the feminine suffix -uhi.
TÁCIA   f   Portuguese
Portuguese form of Tatia.
TACIA   f   Spanish
Spanish form of Tatia.
TACIANO   m   Spanish
Spanish form of Tatian.
TACIJAN   m   Croatian
Croatian form of Tatian.
TACİM   m   Turkish
TÁCIO   m   Portuguese
Portuguese form of Tatius.
TACIO   m   Spanish
Spanish form of TATIUS
TACIRA   f   Portuguese (Brazilian)
Tacira is a Brazilian indigenous name, of Tupi-Guarani origin, which probably means "cutting weapon".
TACITAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Tacitus.
TACJAN   m   Polish
Polish form of Tatian.
TACJANNA   f   Polish
Alternative Polish form of Tatiana, likely based on Belarusian Tacciana.
TACO   m   American (Rare), Dutch
American nickname can be related to the food or is found as a Dutch nickname for Thaddeus.
TACY   f   English (Puritan)
Derived from Latin tace meaning "be silent". It was in use from the 16th century, though it died out two centuries later.... [more]
TADAAKI   m   Japanese
From Japanese 惟 (tada) meaning "but; however; nevertheless", 維 (tada) meaning "to tie; to fasten; to tie up", 雅 (tada) meaning "elegant", 賢 (tada) meaning "intelligence", 公 (tada) meaning "public; communal", 江 (tada) meaning "creek, bay", 祥 (tada) meaning "happiness, good luck", 真 (tada) meaning "true, reality", 忠 (tada) meaning "loyalty", 直 (tada) meaning "straight" or 董 (tada) meaning "direct, supervise" combined with 輝 (aki) meaning "brightness; lustre; brilliance; radiance; splendour", 昭 (aki) meaning "shining", 明 (aki) meaning "tomorrow, bright", 秋 (aki) meaning "autumn", 哲 (aki) meaning "philosophy, clear", 照 (aki) meaning "illumination, shining", 敬 (aki) meaning "respect, honor, reverence", 晃 (aki) meaning "clear", 彰 (aki) meaning "obvious, clear", 章 (aki) meaning "chapter; section", 義 (aki) meaning "meaning; implication", 顕 (aki) meaning "manifest, display", 昌 (aki) meaning "good, prosper, 誠 (aki) meaning "sincerity", 旦 (aki) meaning "morning, dawn", 亮 (aki) meaning "clear, help" or 諒 (aki) meaning "excuse, forgive"... [more]
TADAHARU   m   Japanese
From Japanese 唯 (tada) meaning "just, only, simply" combined with 春 (haru) meaning "spring" or 治 (haru) meaning "govern, regulate, administer". Other kanji combinations are possible.
TADAIRAISHE   m & f   Shona (Anglicized, Rare)
Those who answered God's call/agreed or believed in God's word
TADAMASA   m   Japanese
From Japanese 侃 (tada) meaning "upright and strong" combined with 真 (masa) meaning "true, reality". Other kanji combinations are possible. ... [more]
TADAO   m   Japanese
It's Japanese origin meaning "satisfied".
TADAOMI   m   Japanese
From Japanese 忠 (tada) meaning "loyalty" combined with 臣 (omi) meaning "one who serves a lord; a vassal, subject". Other kanji combinations are also possible. ... [more]
TADAR   m   Khakas
Means "Tatar" in Khakas.
TADASE   m   Japanese
A popular Japanese boy name
TADASHI   m   Japanese
Means 'correct' in Japanese.
TADASHIA   f   African American (Anglicized, Rare)
Possibly a form of Dasha combined with the prefix ta.
TADASUKE   m   Japanese
From Japanese 忠 (tada) meaning "loyalty" combined with 相 (suke) meaning "nature, personality", 佐 (suke) meaning "aid, help", 輔 (suke) meaning "help", 介 (suke) meaning "shell, shellfish" or 助 (suke) meaning "assistance"... [more]
TADATOMO   m   Japanese
From Japanese 忠 (tada) meaning "loyalty" combined with 友 (tomo) meaning "friend". Other kanji combinations are possible.
TADD   m   English
Diminutive of names beginning in tadd- or tad-.... [more]
TADDEA   f   Italian (Rare)
Feminine form of Taddeo. ... [more]
TÄDDJAN   f   Sami (Skolt)
Sami Skolt form of Tanja.
TADE   m & f   Frisian (Rare)
Variant form of Tjade.
TADEA   f   Spanish (Rare)
Feminine form of Tadeo. ... [more]
TADEG   m   Breton
Breton masculine name derived from the elements tad meaning "father" or tadig, meaning "little father".
TADEJA   f   Slovene
Slovene feminine form of Tadej.
TADEOZ   m   Georgian
Modern Georgian form of Thaddaios (see Thaddeus).
TADEOZI   m   Georgian (Rare)
Georgian form of Thaddaios (see Thaddeus). This is an older form; the modern form is Tadeoz.
TADERFIT   f   Berber (Rare)
TADEUS   m   Slovak
Slovak form of Thaddeus, also a variant of Tadeusz.
TADGH   m   Irish
Variant of Tadhg.
TADHANA   f   Filipino
filipino word meaning "destiny"
TADIWANASHE   m & f   Shona
Zimbabwean mean God is proud of us
Means "God loves us".
TADJANA   f   Dutch (Rare)
Dutch variant spelling of Tatjana.
TADLA   f   Berber (Rare)
Tadla, which means ‘branches’.
TADO   m & f   Frisian (Rare)
Frisian variant form of Tade.
TADOU   m   Breton
Breton masculine given name, a variant form of Tadeg.
TADUKHIPA   f   Ancient Near Eastern
From Hurrian Tadu-Hepa, in which the second element is the name of the sun goddess Hepa (also transcribed Hebat, Heba, Kheba, Khepat or Hepatu). This was the name of a princess of the Mitanni kingdom in northern Mesopotamia, who married the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III at the very end of his reign and later became one of the wives of Akhenaten (when he took over his father's royal harem)... [more]
TADZIK   m   Polish
Pet form of Tadeusz.
TADZIO   m   Polish
Diminutive of Tadeusz. It was most notably used in Thomas Mann's novella "Death in Venice."
TAE   m & f   Chinese
Variant of Tai.
TAE   m   Korean
TAE   f & m   English
Diminutive of Taylor which makes it a variant of Tay.
TAE   f   Japanese
From Japanese 多 (ta) meaning "many, much" combined with 瑛 (e) meaning "crystal". Other kanji combinations are possible.... [more]
TAE-GEUN   m   Korean
From Sino-Korean 泰 "great, exalted, superior; big" and 根 "root; foundation"
TAE-HEE   f   Korean
TAE-HUI   m & f   Korean
Korean unisex name which can have several different meanings depending on the hanja chosen; 太 (tae) meaning "big, great" or 泰 (tae) meaning "great, superior, exhalted, big" and meaning "bright, glorious", or 泰 (tae) as before and meaning "hope".
TAE-HYEON   m & f   Korean
From Sino-Korean 泰 "great, exalted, superior" and 賢 "virtuous, worthy, good".
TAE-HYEONG   m   Korean
From Sino-Korean 泰 "great, exalted, superior; big" and 亨 "smoothly, progressing, no trouble".
TAE-HYUN   m   Korean
From Sino-Korean 太 (tae) meaning "too" or "most, utmost" or 泰 (tae) meaning "big, large, great" combined with 現 (hyeon) meaning "current, present, existing" or 賢 (hyeon) meaning "virtuous, good, wise"... [more]
TAE-IL   m   Korean
The name Tae-il(태일) can be written in "泰壹" , "泰肷" or many other ways in Hanja. Meaning various on how written in Hanja. People famous have the name such as: Jeon Tae-il(전태일) was a South Korean activist in protest of poor working conditions in South Korea later burning himself(1948-1970)... [more]
TAEJO   m   Korean
TAEKO   f   Japanese
From Japanese 妙 (tae) "strange, bizarre" and 子 (ko) "child".
TAEK-UN   m   Korean
From Sino-Korean 澤 "marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance; damp, moist; fertile" and 運 "luck, fortune; ship, transport".
TAEK-YEON   m   Korean
From Sino-Korean 澤 "grace, brilliance; fertile" and 演 "perform, put on; exercise".
TAEL   m   Popular Culture
From the fairy character from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is the brother of Tatl, the game's main fairy companion.
TAELEA   f   American (Modern, Rare)
Extremely rare variant of Taylee.
TAELEE   f   American (Modern, Rare)
Rare variant of Taylee.
TAELEY   m & f   American (Rare)
Extremely rare variant of Taylee.
TAELIE   f & m   American (Rare)
Rare variant of Taylee.
TAELOR   m & f   American (Modern, Rare)
Variation of Taylor.
TAELYR   m & f   American (Modern, Rare)
Respelling of Taylor.
TAE-MIN   m   Korean
From Sino-Korean 泰 "great, exalted, superior" and 民 "people, subjects, citizens". A famous bearer is South Korean singer Lee Tae-min (1993-).
TAENG   f & m   Thai
Unisex Thai name derived from the word แตง (taeng) meaning "melon".
TAERYN   f & m   American (Modern, Rare)
Respelling of Taryn.
TAESUK   m   Chinese
Taesuk, The special one, The one who gives, Devout leader.
TÆTÆRTUPP   m   Ossetian Mythology
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a character in Ossetian Mythology and the Caucasian Nart sagas. He is a close friend and favorite of God.
TAE-U   m   Korean
From Sino-Korean 泰 "great, exalted, superior; big" and 愚 "stupid, doltish, foolish".
TAE-YEON   m & f   Korean
From Sino-Korean 泰 "great, exalted" (tae), and 連 "join, connect; continuous; even" or 姸 "beautiful" (yeon). A famous bearer is South Korean singer Kim Tae-yeon (1989-).
TAEYEON   f & m   Korean
Means "calm". Taeyeon is also a popular singer in South Korea under groups Girls' Generation and TTS and has her own solo career.
TAE-YEONG   m & f   Korean
From Sino-Korean 泰 "great, exalted, superior" (tae) and 榮 "glory, honor; flourish, prosper", 映 "project; reflect light" or 英 "petal, flower, leaf; brave, a hero" (yeong).
TAFACHI   f   Amharic
Means "sweet" in Amharic.
TAFARA   m   Shona
We are happy
TAFFYTA   f   Popular Culture
A character in Wreck-It Ralph.
TAFRARA   f   Berber, Northern African
Means "aurora, dawn" in Kabyle (chiefly Algerian).
TAFSUT   f   Berber, Northern African
Means "spring, springtime" in Kabyle (chiefly Algerian).
TAFT   m   English
A surname. Famous bearer Presidant William Taft
TAFUMA   m   Shona
We are now rich, we are enriched
TAFV   f   Creek
Means "feather" in Creek.
TAFWYS   f   Welsh
Welsh name for the river Thames.
TAGA   f   Swedish (Archaic)
Feminine form of Tage.
TAGAN   m   Turkmen
Means trivet in Turkmen language.
TAGE   m   Swedish, Danish, Norwegian
Modern form of Taki, which is said to be derived from either Old Danish taka "to take" or taki "receiver; surety; guarantor".
TAGG   m   English
Short form of Taggart.
TAGGART   m   American (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Taggart.
TAGGERT   m   English
Variant of Taggart.
TAGHREED   f   Arabic
Arabic - The singing of Bulbul bird
TAGIR   m   Avar, Dagestani, Bashkir
Form of Tahir.
TAGUTSWA   m   African
Shona name meaning "We are pleased".
TAGWADIHI   m   Cherokee
Meaning, "Catawba killer."
TAGWANIBISAN   f   Algonquin
Means "rainbow" in Algonquin. From the Algonquin tagwanibìsan 'rainbow'.
TAGWERRAMT   f   Berber
It stands for ‘pious or holy’
TAGWIZULT   f   Berber
It means ‘brave’.
TAHAMA   m & f   Dagbani
It means 'Hope'
TAHAN   m   Biblical
Tahan was a son of Ephraim according to Numbers 26:35 and 1 Chronicles 7:25.
TAHANI   f   Arabic
Arabic name derived from the word تهاني (t·hāny), meaning "congratulations".
TAHAR   m   Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi variant of Tahir (chiefly Algerian).
TAHASH   m   Biblical
Perhaps means "porpoise" in Hebrew, indicating a kind of leather or skin. In the Bible, Tahash was the third son of Nahor by his concubine Reumah (Gen. 22:24).
TAHATAN   m   Sioux
Means "hawk, falcon" in Lakota. From čhetáŋ 'hawk, falcon'.
TAHER   m   Arabic (Egyptian), Arabic, Muslim
Variant of Tahir also used in Egypt.
TAHERE   f   Persian
Persian feminine form of Tahir. See also Táhirih.
TAHETON   m   Sioux
Variant of TAHATAN
TAHIA   f   Muslim, Arabic (Egyptian, Rare)
Possibly from Arabic تَحِيَّة (taḥiyya), a form of حَيَّا (ḥayyā) meaning "to greet" or "to keep alive".
TAHIEL   m & f   Mapuche, Spanish (Latin American, Modern, Rare), Popular Culture
Variant spelling of Taiel. The name is found mainly in Argentina. ... [more]
TAHIRAH   f   Arabic
Variant of Tahira.
TAHIRI   f   Popular Culture
Tahiri Veila appears in the Star Wars books as a Jedi Knight/Sith Apprentice after 22 ABY.
TAHIROU   m   Western African
Western African elaboration of Tahir.
TAHIRY   m & f   Malagasy
TAHIYA   f   Indian (Muslim, Rare), Muslim
Variant transcription of Tahia.
TAHIYAT   f   Arabic
Female name derived from the Arabic تحيات (tḩyāt) meaning "greetings".
TAHIYYA   f   Muslim (Rare)
Variant of Tahia.
TÄHKÄPÄÄ   f   Literature
The Finnish name for Rapunzel, the fairy tale character. The name is combination of the words tähkä, meaning "ear of grain" and pää, meaning "head". This name possibly refers to the colour of the protagonist's hair... [more]
TAHLAH   f   English (Australian)
Origin uncertain; may be a variant of Tahlia.
TAHLEYAH   f   African American (Modern)
Possibly a variant of Thalia (or Tahlia), the spelling perhaps influenced by that of the Oklahoma place name Tahlequah (of Native American origin; Cherokee: ᏓᎵᏆ).
TAHLIAH   f   English (Rare)
Variant of Tahlia.
TAHMAZ   m   Armenian (Rare)
Armenian form of Tahmasp.
TAHMINA   f   Afghani, Persian, Persian Mythology, Literature
Derived from Pahlavi tahm or Avestan takhma, both of which mean "brave, valiant" as well as "strong". Also compare Tahmasp and Tahmuras.... [more]
TAHMINEH   f   Persian, Persian Mythology, Literature
Variant form or transcription of Tahmina.
TAHMOH   m   Native American
Of unknown meaning. ... [more]
TAHNO   m   Popular Culture
A fictional character from the show "The Legend of Korra".
TAHPENES   f   Biblical
Allegedly the Hebraization of an Egyptian title which meant "the wife of the king" (from ta "the", hmt "woman, wife", pa "of the" and nsw "king"). Queen Tahpenes was a wife of Pharaoh, according to the Book of Kings in the Old Testament... [more]
TAHRA   f   ?
TAHSIN   m & f   Arabic
Means "to improve, beautify, excel".
TAHU   m   Maori (?)
TAH-WEE-NAH   f   Native American
Of unknown meaning and unknown tribe.
TAI   m & f   Japanese
This name can be used as 大 (tai, dai, oo-, -oo.ini, oo.kii) meaning "big, large", 泰 (tai) meaning "calm, easy, peace, peaceful, Thailand," 太 (ta, tai, futo.i, meaning "big around, plump, thick", 耐 (tai, ta.eru) meaning "enduring" or 諦 (tai, tei, akira.meru, tsumabiraka, makoto) meaning "abandon, give up."... [more]
TAI   m   Slovene
Variant of Taj.
TAIAN   m & f   Chinese (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Tai and An (1)
TAIANUI   m   Tahitian
Means "great respect", a combination of Tahitian taia "to respect, to fear" and nui "great, immense".
TAICHIROU   m   Japanese
From Japanese 太 (ta) "thick, big", 一 (ichi) "one" and 郎 (rou) "son".
TAICHUN   m & f   Chinese (Rare)
Combination of the names Tai and Chun
TAIDI   f   Estonian
Means "snow white."
TAÏEB   m   Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi form of Tayeb.
TAIEB   m   Arabic (Maghrebi)
Variant of Taïeb.
TAIEL   m & f   Mapuche, Spanish (Latin American)
From Mapuche tayül denoting a song by a shaman.... [more]
TAIGA   m & f   Japanese
This name combines 大 (tai, dai, oo.kii) meaning "big, large", 太 (ta, tai, futo.i, meaning "big around, plump, thick" or 泰 (tai) meaning "calm, easy, peace, peaceful, Thailand" with 河 (ka, kawa) meaning "river", 我 (ga, wa,, waga-, ware) meaning "ego, I, oneself, our, selfish", 芽 (ga, me) meaning "bud, germ, spear, sprout", 賀 (ga) meaning "congratulations, joy" or 雅 (ga, meaning "elegant, graceful, gracious, refined."... [more]
TAIGA   f & m   Finnish (Rare)
Means "taiga" in Finnish.
TAIGE   m   English (Rare)
Possibly a rare Anglicization of Tadhg.
TAIGO   m   Japanese
From Japanese 太 (tai) meaning "big, great" combined with 吾 (go) meaning "I, me". Other kanji combinations are possible.
TAIGUO   m & f   Chinese
Combination of the names Tai and Guo
TAIHA   f   English
TAIHEI   m   Japanese, Uncommon
Tai literally means "big" and shares the same kanji with "ta,dai,etc".And hei means "fence,wall","army,troop,etc." Other meanings of hei don't sound suitable for names. Taihei could mean,"Big Fence,Wall" or "Big Army/Troop"... [more]
TAIICHI   m   Japanese
From Japanese 耐 (tai) meaning "withstand" combined with 一 (ichi) meaning "one". Other kanji combinations are possible.... [more]
TAIICHIROU   m   Japanese
From Japanese 太 (tai) meaning "thick, big", 一 (ichi) meaning "one" combined with 郎 (rou) meaning "son". Other kanji combinations are possible.
TAIJA   f   Finnish
Finnish variant of Taina as well as a Finnish diminutive of Tarja and Taimi.
TAIJUAN   m   American (Rare)
Elaboration of Juan.
TAIKAI   m   Japanese
From Japanese 大 (tai) meaning "big, great" combined with 海 (kai) meaning "sea, ocean" or it can also come from Japanese 大海 (taikai) meaning "sea; ocean". Other kanji combinations are also possible... [more]
TAIKO   m & f   Japanese
Taiko are an expansive range of Japanese percussion instruments and is sometimes used as a given name in and outside of Japan. In Japanese, the term refers to any kind of drum, but outside Japan, it is used to refer to any of the various Japanese drums called wadaiko (和太鼓 "Japanese drums") and to the form of ensemble taiko drumming more specifically called kumi-daiko (組太鼓 "set of drums")... [more]
TAIKUU   m   Japanese
From Japanese 大 (tai) meaning "big, large" combined with 空 (kuu) meaning "sky". Other kanji combinations are possible.
TAILAN   f & m   Chinese
Combination of the names Tai and Lan
TAILEFHLAITH   f   Ancient Irish
Older form of Tuilelaith (see Talulla).
TAILER   m & f   English (Rare)
Rare variant of Tyler or Taylor.
TAILIE   f   American (Rare)
Likely a variant of Tayley.
TAILON   m   English
Rare variant of Talon.
TAILOR   m & f   American (Rare)
Respelling of Taylor.
TAIMAH   m   Native American
A diminutive of Te:wame:ha, a Meskwaki (Fox) name.... [more]
TAIMAR   m   Estonian, Finnish
Mostly used in Estonia and to a lesser degree in Finland as well, this masculine name is possibly of Germanic origin. I unfortunately don't know more about this name, but hopefully I will find out more about it in the future.
TAIMIJA   f   Latvian (Rare)
Latvian form of Taimi.
TAIMO   m   Estonian
Estonian male name, meaning ''plant'' (see Taimi).
TAIMURAZ   m   Ossetian
Variant transcription of Taymuraz.
TAÏNA   f   French
French form of Taina.... [more]
TAINA   f   Chinese (Modern)
Combination of the names Tai and Na
TAINÁ   f   Tupí
From Tupi tainá meaning "the star".
TAINARA   f   Tupí, Portuguese (Brazilian)
The name comes from the Tupí language, spoken by the native indigenous peoples of Brazil. It means "star" or "full of light", "illuminated".
TAINE   m   Maori
Taine Maori God of forest and light
TAINI   f   Maori (Rare)
This is the name of Taini Morrison who was a Maori arts performer in New Zealand.
TAIO   m   Spanish
TAIPA   m   Miwok, Native American
Derived from Miwok tapa "to spread wings, to flap", with the implied meaning "valley quail spreading wings as it alights".
TAIR   f   Hebrew
Means "(she) will light up" in Hebrew, making it relative to Yair.
TAIRA   m   Japanese
From Japanese 太 (tai, ta) meaning "thick, big", 泰 (tai) meaning "peaceful, calm", 大 (tai) meaning "big, great", 坦 (taira) meaning "flat, smooth", 田 (ta) meaning "rice paddy", 平 (taira) meaning "level; even; flat", 和 (taira) meaning "peace, harmony" or 萍 (taira) meaning "duckweed", 平 (i) meaning "level; even; flat" or 井 (i) meaning "well" combined with 良 (ra) meaning "good", 洋 (ra) meaning "ocean", 楽 (ra) meaning "comfort, music" or 等 (ra) meaning "rank, class, order"... [more]
TAIRO   m & f   Arabic
Arabic meaning little bird from the word "Ta'ir" meaning bird
TAISA   f   Russian
Form of Thaïs.
TAISCE   f   Irish (Modern, Rare)
Irish Gaelic.... [more]
TAISEI   m   Japanese
Famous bearer of this name is Taisei Makihara, a professional Japanese baseball player. He plays infielder for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks.
TAISHI   m   Japanese
From Japanese 太 (tai) meaning "big, great" combined with 史 (shi) meaning "history". Other kanji combinations are possible.... [more]
TAISIA   f   Romanian (Rare), Russian (Rare), Ukrainian (Rare)
Romanian form of Thais as well as a Russian and Ukrainian variant transcription of Taisiya.
TAISIJA   f   Latvian, Ukrainian
Cognate of Thais.
TAISUKE   m   Japanese
This name is used as 泰 (tai) "great, exalted, superior", "big" or "Thai, referring to Thailand" combined with 輔 (suke) meaning "cheek, cheekbone" or "assist". Other kanji combinations are also possible.
TAIT   m   Ancient Scandinavian
Possibly a short form of Teitur and/or derived from Old Norse teitr “cheerful, merry”.
TAIT   m   English (Rare)
Transferred usage of the surname or a spelling variant of Tate.
TAITEARII   m   Tahitian
Means "king of the sea", a combination of Tahitian tai meaning "sea" and te ari'i meaning "the king".
TAITO   m   Fijian, Samoan, Rotuman
A Polynesian/Melanesian version of Titus. Polynesian and Melanesian usage of the name came about with the introduction of the bible by white missionaries during the 1700's and 1800's. Some believe that it is an older Polynesian name though oral traditions (the ancient Pacific means of passing knowledge down through generations)do not hold any such links to ancient oral knowledge of the name Taito too far beyond the pre-colonial era... [more]
TAITO   m   Finnish
Means "skill, knowledge" in Finnish.
TAITO   m   Japanese
From Japanese 帯 (tai) meaning "band, belt", 戴 (tai) meaning "to respect; to esteem", 泰 (tai) meaning "peaceful, calm", 大 (tai) meaning "big, great" or 民 (tai) meaning "nation, peoples" combined with 人 (to) meaning "person", 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation, 登 (to) meaning "to go up; to climb; to mount; to rise", 翔 (to) meaning "soar, fly" or 愛 (to) meaning "love, affection"... [more]
TAITSE   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic short form of Taitsiaĸ.
TAITSI   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Taitse.
TAITSIAĸ   m   Greenlandic
From Greenlandic taatsiisaq or taatsiigaq meaning "the one whom one has held back to mention (name)", from a Greenlandic endearment term: "the fancied mention", carefully not mentioning the name, but expressing endearment nevertheless, because the child was named after a deceased relative, from Greenlandic atsiaq meaning "the one named after a deceased person" and from a hypocoristic word taa(nna)tsiaq meaning "the dear, sweet one".
TAITSIÁNGUAĸ   m   Greenlandic
Combination of Taitsiaĸ and the suffix -nnguaq "sweet, dear".
TAITSIANGUAQ   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Taitsiánguaĸ.
TAITSIAQ   m   Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Taitsiaĸ.
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