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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ZAAKI   m   Arabic
Means "one who increases in growth and goodness."
ZAARA   f   English (Rare)
Variant of Zara.
ZAAVAN   m   English, Biblical
Means "trembling". In the Bible, this is the name of a descendant of Seir.
ZABAD   m   Biblical
Zabad is the name of seven men in the Hebrew Bible. Zabad means "gift" or "endowment."
ZABANA   f   Persian
Means "flame (as of a candle)" in Persian.
ZABARI   m   Hebrew
ZABAVA   f   Slavic Mythology, Russian
means cheerful, funny in Old Slavic
ZABDI   m   Biblical
Zabdi, son of Zerah, of the Tribe of Judah, was the father of Carmi and the grandfather of Achan, according to Joshua 7:1. He was present at the Battle of Jericho.
ZABELA   f   Armenian
Variant of Zabel.
ZABIBE   f   Arabic
A famous bearer of this name is Zabibe, who was a queen of Qedar between 738 and 733 BC.
ZABIRA   f   Kazakh
ZABOU   f   French
Diminutive of Isabelle. Used by actress Zabou Breitman.
ZABRIEL   m   English (Modern, Rare)
Probably an invented name, possibly a variant of Sabriel or a blend of similar names such as Zane and Gabriel.
ZABRIELLA   f   American (Modern, Rare)
Feminine form of Zabriel.
ZABRINA   f   Various
Variant of Sabrina.
ZABUD   m   Biblical
Zabud, meaning “endowed.” The son of Nathan, a priest and friend of King Solomon, according to 1 Kings 4:5.
ZACARIES   m   Catalan (Rare)
Catalan form of Zechariah.
ZACARY   m   English (Modern)
Variant of Zachary.
ZACCARIA   m   Italian
Italian form of Zechariah.
ZACCHEO   m   Italian
Italian form of Zacchaeus.
ZACCUR   m   Biblical
Zaccur of the house of Reuben was the father of Shammua, a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River according to Numbers 13:4.
ZACHAR   m   Russian
Variant transcription of Zakhar.
ZACHARENIA   f   Greek
Greek feminine form of Zacharias.
ZACHAROULA   f   Greek
Greek feminine form of the masculine given name Zacharias.
ZACHÄUS   m   German
German form of Zacchaeus.
ZACHE   m   Romani (Caló)
Derived from Caló zaché "happy; blessed". Used as a Caló equivalent of Felix.
ZACHÉE   m   French
French form of Zacchaeus.
ZACHEÜS   m   Dutch
Dutch form of Zacchaeus.
ZACHEUSZ   m   Polish
Polish form of Zacchaeus.
ZACHIEJUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Zacchaeus.
ZACHRIS   m   Swedish
Swedish short form of Zacharias.
ZACKARIAH   m   English
Variant of Zachariah.
ZACKIE   m   English (Rare)
Diminutive of Zachary.
ZACKY   m   English
Diminutive of Zachary.
ZACNOSŁAW   m   Polish
Derived from Polish zacny "noble, respectable, upright" combined with Slavic slav "glory".
ZADA   f   Arabic, English (American)
Means "huntress, fortunate". Made it onto the United States Top 1000 from 1880 to 1889 and peaked at #648.
ZADDOCK   m   English (Rare)
(Anglicized) variant of Zadok. A bearer of the variant Zadock was Congressman Zadock Pratt (1790-1871), a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York.
ZADEN   m   Georgian Mythology
Variant transcription of Zadeni.
ZADENI   m   Georgian Mythology
Most likely derived from Persian یزدان (yazdân) meaning "god, divinity, angel". Zadeni (also transcribed as Zaden) was a pagan god of fruitfulness and the harvest in pre-Christian Georgian mythology.
ŽADGAILAS   m   Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with old Lithuanian gailas, which usually means "strong, potent" but has also been found to mean "sharp, jagged" as well as "angry, fierce, violent" and "miserable, sorrowful, remorseful"... [more]
ŽADGAILĖ   f   Lithuanian
Feminine form of Žadgailas.
ZADIE   f   English
Possibly a variant of Sadie. A known bearer of this name is British author Zadie Smith (1975-), who was born Sadie Smith.
ZADIG   m   Armenian
Armenian name from the word Զատիկ (zadig / zadik) meaning "Easter".
ZADKIËL   m   Dutch
Dutch form of Zadkiel.
ZADKIEL   m   Hebrew, Judeo-Christian Legend
Means "righteousness of God" in Hebrew. Rabbinic tradition considers him to be the Angel of Mercy, though some believe him to be the Angel of the Lord that prevented Abraham from killing his son Isaac.
ŽADMANTAS   m   Lithuanian
The first element of this name is derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise". The second element is either derived from Lithuanian mantus meaning "intelligent" (see Daumantas) or from Lithuanian manta meaning "property, estate" as well as "wealth, riches, fortune".
ŽADMANTĖ   f   Lithuanian
Feminine form of Žadmantas.
ŽADMINAS   m   Lithuanian (Rare)
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with the Lithuanian verb minėti meaning "to celebrate" as well as "to remember, to commemorate".
ŽADMINĖ   f   Lithuanian (Rare)
Feminine form of Žadminas.
ZADRIAN   m   American (Modern, Rare)
Created from the name Adrian by adding an initial letter Z.
ŽADVAINAS   m   Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with the old Lithuanian noun vaina meaning "cause, reason" as well as "fault".
ŽADVAINĖ   f   Lithuanian
Feminine form of Žadvainas.
ŽADVILAS   m   Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with Baltic vil meaning "hope" (see Viltautas).
ŽADVILĖ   f   Lithuanian
Feminine form of Žadvilas.
ŽADVYDAS   m   Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian verb žadėti meaning "to promise" combined with Baltic vyd meaning "to see" (see Vytautas). Also compare other names that end in -vydas, such as Alvydas and Tautvydas.
ŽADVYDĖ   f   Lithuanian
Feminine form of Žadvydas.
ZADZISAI   m & f   Shona
Zadzisai means "fulfil". THis name may be a reminder to fulfil a pledge or promise.
ZAEIM   m   Arabic
Means "leader" in Arabic.
ZAELYN   f & m   English (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Zaelynn.
ZAELYNN   f   English (Modern, Rare)
A recently created name, formed using the popular name suffix lyn.
ZAENAB   f   Muslim, Indonesian
Variant of Zaynab.
ZAER   m   Arabic
meaning revolution
ZAERLE   f   Yiddish, Medieval Jewish
German Yiddish diminutive of Sarah, first recorded between the late 1300s and early 1400s.
ZAFARULLAH   m   Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Means "victory of God" from Arabic ظَفَر (ẓafar) meaning "success, victory" combined with Allah.
ZAFFARANA   f   Arabic
Means "saffron" in Sicilian Arabic (from Arabic زعفران (za'farān), "saffron").
ZAFFIRA   f   Italian
Feminine form of Zaffiro.
ZAFFIRO   m   Italian
Means "sapphire", from the Latin sapphirus.
ZAFIR   m   Arabic
Variant of Zafar.
ZAFIRA   f   Arabic (Rare), Judeo-Arabic
Variant transcription of Sapphira.
ZAFIRIS   m & f   Greek
From the Greek word ζαφείρι ή σαπφειρός meaning sapphire.
ZAFIRO   f   Spanish (Modern)
Spanish feminine name derived from the word zafiro meaning "sapphire". This is a modern coinage.
ZAFRAN   m   Pakistani
it is named after the great zafran khan of queensbury school.
ZAFRINA   f   Muslim, Literature
Variant of Zafreen.... [more]
ZAFRINA   f   Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Current theories, however, link this name to Zeferina.
ZAFRIR   m   Hebrew
Variant of Tzafrir.
ZAFRIRA   f   Hebrew (Rare)
Feminine form of Zafrir.
ZAGA   f   Serbian, Croatian
Croatian and Serbian diminutive of the given name Zagorka.
ZAGIP   m   Tatar
Tatar masculine variant of the Arabic given name Sabiha.
ZAGIR   m   Tatar, Bashkir, Dagestani, Avar
Tatar, Bashkir, and Dagestani form of Zaahir (1).
ZAGORKA   f   Serbian (Rare), Croatian (Rare)
Croatian and Serbian feminine name derived from загорје (zagorye) meaning "up behind the mountains, plains", or else it designates an inhabitant of Hrvatsko Zagorje.
ZAGRÉE   m   French
French form of Zagreus.
ZAGREO   m   Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Zagreus.
ZAGREU   m   Catalan, Portuguese
Catalan and Portuguese form of Zagreus.
ZAGREUS   m   Greek Mythology
Possibly derived from Greek ζαγρεύς (zagreus), which was a term used to refer to a hunter that catches live animals. The term would technically mean "great hunter", as it was derived from the Greek prefix ζα (za) meaning "very" combined with Greek αγρεύς (agreus) meaning "hunter"... [more]
ZAHA   f   Hebrew
Feminine form of צַח (Tzach), which means "fresh, clear, pure, clean, innocent" in Hebrew (compare Zakiah, Zacchaeus).
ZAHARAH   f   Malay, English
Variant of Zara or Zahara.
ZAHARATUN   f   Malay
ZAHARIAS   m   Greek
Variant transcription of Zacharias.
ZAHARIJA   m   Croatian, Serbian
A form of Zachariah.
ZAHARIJE   m   Serbian (Rare)
Serbian form of ZECHARIAH. Famous bearers include Zaharije Orfelin (1726 - 1785), famous Serbian polymath, and Zaharije Trnavčević (1926-2016), journalist and politician.
ZAHARIN   m   Bulgarian (Rare)
Bulgarian masculine form of Zaharina.
ZAHARIRA   f   Hebrew (Rare)
Elaboration or variant of Zahara. Famous bearer is Zaharira Harifai, Israeli actress.
ZAHAROULA   f   Greek
Variant transcription of Zacharoula.
ZAHAVA   f   Hebrew
Zahava comes from the Hebrew word "Zahav" which means "gold."
ZAHAVAH   f   Hebrew (Rare)
Variant transcription of Zehava.
ZAHEEDA   f   Indian, South African, Muslim
Variant transcription of Zahida used in India and by South Africans of Indian descent.
ZAHEEN   m & f   Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
From Urdu ذہین (zahīn) meaning "intellectual, sagacious, clever".
ZAHHAK   m   Persian Mythology
Means "he who owns ten thousands of horses". Zahhak was an evil emperor in Persian Mythology who was revolted against by the blacksmith Kaveh.
ZAHIDÄ   f   Tatar
Tatar form of Zahida.
ZAHIRAH   f   Malaysian, Muslim
Malaysian variant of Zahira.
ZAHIR AL-DIN   m   Muslim (Archaic)
Means "helper of the faith", "defender of the faith" (referring to Islam) from the given name Zahir combined with Arabic الدين (ad-dīn) meaning "the faith, the religion".
ZAHIT   m   Tatar
Tatar form of Zahid.
ZAHLEE   f   English (Australian)
Variant of Zali.
ZAHLI   f   English (Australian)
Variant of Zali.
ZAHLIA   f   English (Australian)
Elaboration of Zali.
ZAHNYA   f   Swahili
ZƏHRA   f   Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Zahra.
ZAHRAA   f   Arabic, Muslim
Possibly from Arabic زُهْرَة (zuhra) "brilliance, light, brightness" (see Zahra).
ZAHREDDINE   m   Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare)
Maghrebi variant of Zahir al-Din (chiefly Algerian and Tunisian).
ZAHRIN   m & f   Malaysian
ZAHUR   m   Swahili
Means "flower" in Swahili.
ZAIANAB   f   Arabic
Variant of Zainab.
ZAIB   f   Afghani
ZAIBAA   f   Pakistani
Urdu form of Ziba.
ŽAIBAS   m   Lithuanian (Rare)
Derived from the Lithuanian noun žaibas meaning "lightning".
ZAIDE   f   Arabic
Variant of Zaida.
ZAIDEE   f   English (Rare)
Variant of Zadie.
ZAIDEN   m   English (Modern)
Variant of Zayden.
ZAÏG   f   Breton (Archaic), French (Rare)
Diminutive of Loeizaïg, the Breton form of Louise; meaning "illustrious in combat."
ZAIGA   f   Latvian
Latvian name derived from the word zaigot, meaning "to glisten". It was first recorded as a name in Latvia in the 1920s.
ZAIJIRŌ   m   Japanese
Japanese masculine name derived from 在 (zai) "be at, consist in", 二 (ji) "two" and #郎 (rou) "son".
ZAILEY   f   American (Modern)
An invented name made of the phonetic elements zay and lee.
ZAILYN   m & f   English (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Zaelynn.
ZAIM   m   Arabic, Bosnian, Albanian
From Arabic zaim ''leader''.
ZAINAH   f   Malaysian, Muslim
Malaysian variant of Zaina.
ZAINAL   m   Malay
Derived from Arabic زين ال (zayn al) meaning "beauty of the", ultimately from زَيْن (zayn) meaning "beautiful, handsome, nice".
ZAINE   m   English
Variant of Zane.
ZAINUDDIN   m   Indonesian, Malaysian, Malay
Indonesian and Malaysian form of Zayn ad-Din.
ZAÏR   m   Literature
Appears in medieval legends of the knight-errant Amadis, perhaps related to Zaïre or a place name mentioned in the Old Testament (2 Kings 8:21), Za'ir meaning "little".
ZAIRE   m   African American
I understand that the name Zaire is African. Origin: Zaire, Africa. ... [more]
ZAIRUŠKA   f   Czech
Diminutive of Zaira.
ZAIUS   m   Popular Culture
Character in the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes."
ŽAK   m   Slovene
Slovene variant of Jakob.
ZAKÆUS   m   Danish (Archaic)
Danish form of Zacchaeus.
ZAKAR   m   Armenian, Mordvin
Armenian and Mordvin form of Zakhar (see Zachariah).
ZAKARAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Zachary via its Biblical Greek form Zacharias.
ZAKARI   m   Basque (Modern)
Variant of Zakarias.
ZAKARÍA   m   Icelandic
Icelandic form of Zakaria.
ZAKARÍAS   m   Icelandic
Icelandic form of Zacharias.
ZAKARIÁS   m   Hungarian
Hungarian form of Zacharias.
ZAKARIAS   m   Swedish, Basque
Swedish variant and Basque form of Zacharias.
ZAKARIJA   m   Croatian
Croatian form of Zechariah.
ZAKARYA   m   Arabic (Maghrebi)
Variant of Zakaria (chiefly Maghrebi).
ZAKARYAN   m   Armenian
means "God has remembered". Diminutive of Zackary/Zachariah. Elaboration of Zakary and Ryan.
ZAKHEY   m   Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of Zacchaeus.
ZAKHIRA   f   Chechen, Karachay-Balkar, Tatar
Chechen, Balkar, and Tatar form of Zahira.
ZAKHITE   f   Chuvash
Chuvash form of Zahida.
ZÄKI   m   Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of Zaki.
ZAKIAH   m   American (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Zaccai.
ZAKIEYA   f   African American
Variant of Zakiyya.
ZAKIR   m   Bengali (Muslim), Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Azerbaijani, Bashkir
Derived from Arabic ذَاكَرَ (ḏākara) meaning "to memorise, to remember, to study".
ZÄKIRYÄN   m   Bashkir
Combination of Zakir and the suffix йән (yän), derived from Persian جان (jân) meaning "soul, vital, spirit".
ZAKIYAH   f   Indonesian, African American
Variant transcription of Zakiyya.
ZAKIYYAH   f   African American
Variant transcription of Zakiyya.
ZAKK   m   English (Modern, Rare)
Short form of Zachary.
ZAKKEUS   m   Unknown
Fictional character made by TNT Paradise comix.
ŽAKLĪNA   f   Latvian
Latvian form of Jacqueline.
ZAKRIS   m   Swedish (Rare, Archaic)
Swedish short form of Zakarias.
ZAKURO   f   Japanese
Japanese for "pomegranate". A famous bearer is Zakuro Fujiwara, a fictional character in the anime and manga series Tokyo Mew Mew.
ZAKUTU   f   Akkadian
Akkadian form of Naqi'a.
ZAKY   m   Malay, Arabic (Egyptian, Rare)
Malay and Egyptian variant of Zaki.
ZALA   f   Pashto
Means "shininess" in Pashto.
ZALÁN   m   Hungarian
It means "of Zala" in Slavic.
ZALBIKA   f   Chechen, Dagestani
Possibly from Arabic زَالَ (zāla) "to continue" or Persian زال (zâl) "albino" combined with Turkic bika meaning "lady, girl".
ZALDY   m   Filipino
1st one: comes from the slavic meaning "sea strength"... [more]
ZALEA   f   English (Modern)
A variant of Azalea or Zaylee
ZALEMA   m   Judeo-Spanish (Archaic), Judeo-Catalan, Medieval Jewish
Judeo-Spanish and Judeo-Catalan adaption of Salimah.
ZALENA   f   Malay
ZALIAH   f   English (Rare)
Short form of Azaliah.
ZALIM   m   Circassian
Circassian form of Zelim.
ZALIMA   f   Circassian, Dagestani
Feminine form of Zalim.
ZALIMKHAN   m   Dagestani, Circassian, Chechen
Dagestani and Circassian form as well as a Chechen variant of Zelimkhan.
ZALINA   f   Kazakh, Ossetian, Malay, Karachay-Balkar, Chechen
Most likely derived from Persian زر (zar) meaning "gold".
ZALMAI   m   Pashto
Means "young" in Pashto.
ZALMAY   m   Pashto
Variant transcription of Zalmai.
ZALMOXE   m   Mythology
A (or the) god of the Getae, a Thracian tribe living in today's Romania.
ZALPA   f   Chechen
Derived from Persian زلف‎ (zolf) meaning "curl, tress".
ZALYA   f   Russian (Rare)
Russian diminutive of Azaliya and Rozaliya.
ZALYNA   f   ?
Possibly a variant of Salina.
ZAMA   m   Theology
The first recorded bishop of Bologna, Italy. He was ordained by Pope St. Dionysius and entrusted with the founding of this illustrious see.
ZAMA   f   South African, Zulu
Means "try" in Zulu.
ZAMANBEK   m   Kazakh
Combination of Zaman and the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".
ZAMBDAS   m   Theology
Catholic saint. Bishop of Jerusalem. He was martyred during the persecutions under Emperor Diocletian. Zambdas is also listed as Bazas, and he is associated in tradition with the Theban Legion.
ZAMBRA   f   Spanish (Rare)
Zambra is an evolution of hispanic arabic zámra, which is an evolution itself of classic arabic zamr. Zambra, also known as the zambra mora, is a flamenco dance performed by the Romani people (gypsies) of Granada which is believed to have evolved from earlier Moorish dances and has some similarities to belly dancing... [more]
ZAMFIR   m   Romanian (Rare)
Origin: sapphire, in Romanian, “safir”; the sapphire, through its blue colour, symbolises hope, light heartedness and purity... [more]
ZAMFIRA   f   Romanian
Feminine form of Zamfir, perhaps also a Romanian variant of Zemfira.
ZA-MICHAEL   m   Theology
One of the nine saints to come to Abyssinia with Adimata (known as Yemata), Aragawi, Pantaleon, Garima, Likanos, Saham (known as Sehma), and Afae (known as Afe).
ZAMILAN   m   Mongolian
Means "the world" in Mongolian.
ZAMIN   m   Arabic
ZƏMINƏ   f   Azerbaijani
Derived from Persian زمین (zamin) meaning "earth, land, soil".
ZAMINAH   f   Various (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Zamina.
ZAMINDAR   f & m   Persian
"landowner", zamin, meaning "land" + dar, meaning "holder".
ZAMIR   m   Hebrew
Means "nightingale" in Hebrew.
ZAMIR   m   Albanian (Rare)
Means "good voice" or "sweet voice" from Albanian meaning "voice" and mirë "good".
ZAMIR   m   Arabic, Urdu
Means "mind, heart, secret, conscience" derived from Arabic ضَمِير (ḍamīr) "conscience".
ZAMIRA   f   Albanian
Feminine form of Zamir.
ZAMIRA   f   Chechen, Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik
Feminine form of Zamir.
ZAMIRAH   f   English (American, Rare), Arabic
Variant spelling of Zamira.
ZAMOLXE   m   Mythology
Variant of Zalmoxe.
ZAMORA   f   Spanish
ZAMRAN   m   Arabic
Meaning : Leader.... [more]
ZAMUDIN   m   Circassian
Means "strong faith", derived from Arabic صَمَد (ṣamad) meaning "eternal, everlasting" or "strong" combined with دِين (dīn) meaning "religion, faith".... [more]
ZAMZAM   f   Muslim
From the name of the Zamzam Well located in Mecca. According to Islamic tradition, the well was created by Allah for Hajar and her son Ismail while they were lost in the desert and searching for water... [more]
ZAMZIYA   f   Kazakh
Possibly from Arabic شمسي (šamsiyy) meaning "solar".
ZAN   m & f   English (Rare)
Variant of Xan.
ŽANA   f   Lithuanian (Modern)
Modern Lithuanian form of Jeanne.
ZANA   f   Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian
Short form of Suzana.... [more]
ZANA   f   Persian
Means "woman" in Persian.
ZANA   f   Albanian
Derived from the Albanian zanë, meaning "fairy".
ZANA   m   Kurdish
Derived from Kurdish zanyar meaning "scholar".
ZANAIA   f   American (Modern, Rare)
Modern creation of unknown origin, although it might have been inspired by Zaniah.
ZANAZAN   f   Armenian (Rare, Archaic)
Means "different, various" in Armenian.
ZAND   m   Persian
ZANDA   f   Latvian
ZANDAR   m   English (Modern, Rare), Popular Culture
Variant of Xander. This is the name of a character in the G.I. Joe franchise.
ZANDE   m   Venetian (Archaic)
Variant of Gianni.
ZANDIE   m & f   English (American, Rare)
Variant of Zandy.
ZANDILE   f   Ndebele, African
The meaning of this name is 'They have multiplied'. It is often given to the second born child and after.... [more]
ZANDRE   m & f   Afrikaans
ZANDY   f & m   English (American)
Variant of Sandy.
ZANEL   f   English (Modern)
Modern form of Chanel
ZANELE   f   South African, Zulu
Zulu name meaning 'they are enough (whether just girls, or children in total)'.
ZANERA   f   Persian
Means "intelligent", "sensible", "wise".
ŽANETA   f   Lithuanian, Czech
Lithuanian and Czech cognate form of Janet.
ŻANETA   f   Polish
Cognate of Janet.
ZANETA   f   Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Diminutive of Giovanna (via Gianeta).
ŽANETE   f   Latvian
Latvian form of Jeannette.
ZANETTA   f   Venetian (Archaic)
Venetian diminutive of Giovanna. This was name borne by Maria Giovanna "Zanetta" Farussi (1707-1776), mother of the famous adventurer Giacomo Casanova.
ZANGIEF   m   Popular Culture, Russian (Anglicized)
Anglicized spelling of the Russified form of the Ossetian surname Зæнджиаты (Zændžiaty). It is derived from the Persian word zangi meaning "dark-skinned" or a "Negro". This name was made popular by the Russian wrestler from the Street Fighter series, who took his namesake from the Soviet wrestler Victor Zangiev.
ZANI   m   Hebrew
Hebrew, Meaning gift from God
ZANIA   f   English (Rare)
Variant of Zaniah.
ZANIAH   f   English (Rare), Astronomy (Archaic)
The medieval name for a star in the constellation Virgo whose name is presumably derived from Arabic zawiyah "corner" (although there has been some debate that this word might actually mean harlot).
ZANIRA   f   Various
ŽANIS   m   Latvian
Variant of Jānis.
ŽANNA   f   Latvian (Modern)
From French Jeanne.
ZANNA   f   Swedish
Variant of Sanna.
ZANNI   m   Italian, Venetian
A Venetian form of Gianni. Zanni or Zani is a comic figure in the 'Commedia dell'arte', which is the origin of the English word zany.
ZANNIE   f   English
Pet name or abreviation of Suzanna.
ZANOAH   f & m   Biblical
Means "cast off, rejected", possibly from a root meaning "stink". The name of two towns in the Bible, as well as one person.
ZANOBI   m   Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan variant of Zenobio. Saint Zenobius of Florence (known in Italian as San Zanobi/Zenobio) (337–417) is venerated as the first bishop of the city.
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