African American Submitted Names

These names are a subset of American names used more often by African Americans. See also about African-American names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABBAfAfrican American
Short form of Abena. This was used by early slaves in the American south.
ABIOLAf & mAfrican, African American (Modern), Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "born in honor" in Yoruba.
ACHONTE'fAfrican American (Modern)
Variation of Ashanti. Also, perhaps an English corruption of the French word enchanté, which means "enchanted, delighted."
ADANTEmAfrican American
A combination of the prefix A- and the name Dante.
ADANYAfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Adanna used in the United States.
ADARIUSmAfrican American (Modern)
Combination of the prefix a and Darius.
ADARYLLmAfrican American
An invented name, a combination of the name prefix A- and Daryl... [more]
ADASHIAfAfrican American
Created with the popular a prefix and diminutive Dasha.
A'DESTINmAfrican American (Modern)
Combination of the prefix a with Destin.
ADNISmAfrican American
Meaning unknown. It is the name of American rapper Jay-Z's father, about whom he wrote a song.
ADNISAmAfrican American
Feminine form of Adnis.
ADRIANANDIOUSmAfrican American
African american elaborated form of Adrian.
AERIONmAfrican American
Probably derived from Greek aēr "air". May also be an elaboration of Aaron.
AINSWORTHmEnglish, African American
Transferred use of the surname Ainsworth.
AKAYSHAfAfrican American (Rare)
Possibly a phonetic spelling of Acacia.
AKEISHAfAfrican American
Combination of the prefix a and KEISHA.
AKISHAfAfrican American
Combination of the prefix a and Kisha.
AKYRAfAfrican American
Combination of the prefix a- with Kyra.
ALAETRAfAfrican American
Perhaps an Anglicized variant of Elettra.
ALGERIAfAfrican American (Modern)
From the name of the African country.
ALLERIAHfAfrican American
My mom said that it comes from the name of a fairytale called Allerleirauh meaning "All-Kinds-of-Fur".
AL'TARIQmAfrican American
Combination of the prefix Al- and the name Tariq.
AMAREm & fAfrican American (Modern)
Variant of Amari. Spelling may have influence from the Latin word amāre, meaning "to love".
AMARIm & fYoruba, African American, African, Western African
A noted bearer was a Damel of Cayor, Amari Ngoné Ndella, who ruled from 1790 AD to 1809 AD. The Kingdom of Cayor was one of the largest of most powerful kingdoms in what was is now Senegal, existing from 1549 AD to 1879 AD.
AMARIONmAfrican American (Modern)
Probably from Amari with the popular suffix ion attached.
AMIRACLEfAfrican American
Combination of the suffix a and Miracle.
AMISHAfIndian, Indonesian, African American (Modern)
Hindi name meaning "truthful".... [more]
AMIYAm & fIndian, African American
Possibly derived from the Sanskrit word amaya (अमाय) meaning "free from deceit, guileless". May also be a variant of AMAYA.... [more]
AMORAEfAfrican American (Modern)
From the Latin word "Amor" which means to love
ANASIAfEnglish, African American
Diminutive of ANASTASIA or a feminine form of ANAS
ANAZIAfAfrican American (Modern), Nigerian
Originally a Nigerian surname of unknown meaning.
ANFERNEEmAfrican American
Variant of Anthony. This name was popularized by American basketball player Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway (b. 1971).
ANIRAYfAfrican American
This name is a mix between the names Raymond and Aniko. It is a name that was made in New Orleans, Louisiana it may also have some french origin. It has been linked to the name Annie-Ray many of time but does not sound exactly like that.
ANNIQUAfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Elaboration of Anna, formed from the popular name suffix qua- (see also Annika, Anika, Shaniqua and Janiqua).
ANTOINIECEfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Feminine form of Antoine using the fashionable suffix -iece.
ANTOINIQUEfAfrican American (Rare)
Feminization of Antoine by using the fashionable suffix -ique
ANTRELmAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
A modern invented name of unknown meaning.
ANTWANETTAfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Latinization of Antwanette. This is borne by a young female basketball player Antwanetta Boswell. Also, see Antoinetta.
AQUANETTAfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Contemporary created name, from the colour "Aqua," a greenish-blue. Borne by American actress Acquanetta (1921-2004) whose real name was Mildred Davenport, author Aquanetta Gordon and fictional character Aquanette Walker from the Cheetah Girls series (1999-2006).
AQUINTISmAfrican American
Meaning unknown.
ARCHIAfEnglish (American, Rare), African American (Rare)
Derived from the surname of Archia, which is by far the most prevalent in the United States and as such might possibly be a relatively new surname. Its meaning is currently unknown, but it is possible that it is derived from the masculine given name Archie.... [more]
ARDISf & mScottish, English, African American
The feminine name Ardis is a simplification of the Nordic name Arndís.... [more]
ARKINYAfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
A recently created name, possibly created with the name Kinya.
ARLANDUSmAfrican American
Possibly a quasi-Latinization of Roland via variants like Orlando.
ARMANIm & fAfrican American (Modern)
From the traditionally Italian surname meaning "son of Armano". Popularized as a given name because of the high-end fashion company Armani Exchange, founded by Italian clothing designer Giorgio Armani.
ARMARIAfAfrican American (Rare, ?)
Perhaps an invented name based on similar-sounding names such as Armani and Amari.
ARTRICEfAfrican American
Perhaps intended to be a feminine form of Arthur, using the name suffix trice (from names such as Patrice).
ASHANAEfAfrican American (Modern)
Combination of the prefix a with Shanae.
ASIANIQUEfAfrican American
Combination of Asia and the suffix -ique.
ATIANAfAfrican American
Deconstruction of Tatiana or elaboration of Tiana.
ATOIAfAfrican American (Rare)
"wonderful creature"
ATTALLAHm & fArabic, African American (Rare)
Attallah is one of the daughters of Activist Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz.
AUNDRAfEnglish (Modern), African American
Possibly a blend of Audra and Andra. This name has been used regularly in the United States since the 1950s.
AUNJANUEfAfrican American (Rare)
Possibly from a corruption of French ingénue meaning "an innocent, wholesome girl", perhaps influenced by names such as Anjanette. This is borne by American actress Aunjanue Ellis (1969-).
AUTHERINEfAfrican American
Autherine Lucy was the first African-American student admitted to a white school in Alabama when she entered the University of Alabama in 1956. Her name is even more unique than the usual feminization of Arthur, Arthurine-- but could refer back to the word author.
AVANDREmAfrican American
Created name with the prefix av and the name Andre.
AVASHANTEmAfrican American
Combination of the prefix av and Ashante.
AVIANCEfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Adoption of the name of the Aviance perfume introduced by Prince Matchabelli in 1975.... [more]
AVONIAfEnglish (Rare), African American
The meaning of this name is uncertain at this time. Its best known bearer was American actress Avonia Jones (1839-1867), whose parents may possibly have named her after the village of Avonia (in Pennsylvania, USA), or after the genus of plants of the same name... [more]
AZEALIAfAfrican American (Rare), English (American, Rare)
Most likely a variant of Azelia, possibly influenced by the word zeal. This name is borne by American rapper Azealia Banks (1991-).
AZURAYfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Apparently a misspelling of Azuree, the name of a perfume by the designer Estée Lauder.
BARKEVIOUSmAfrican American (Rare)
A modern invented name of unknown meaning.... [more]
BENAHfAfrican American
Short form of Abena. This was used by early slaves in the American south. Attested in the 1730's in South Carolina. It was frequently misanalyzed as Venus.
BENEBAfAfrican American
English corruption of Abena. This was used by early slaves in the American south. Attested in the 1730's in South Carolina.
BENICAfFilipino, African American
Feminine variant of Benjamin or Ben.
BEYONIAfAfrican American (Rare)
Meaning is beautiful and brave combine.
BLESSENCEfAfrican American
The combination of Blessed with Essence.
BRIASIAfAfrican American
Combination of the popular prefix bri with Asia.
BRILLIANTmEnglish (African, Rare), African American (Modern, Rare)
Possibly from the English word brilliant meaning "(of light or color) very bright and radiant".
CABmAfrican American (Rare)
Short form of Cabell. A notable bearer is jazz musician and band leader Cabell "Cab" Calloway III (1907-1994).
CAMARIONmAfrican American (Modern)
Variant of Kamarion. This name can also be a modern elaboration of Cameron in some instances.
CAMISHAfAfrican American
A West African tribe name.
CARLETTAfAfrican American (Modern)
Elaborated form of Carla, apparently in imitation of Italian Carlotta and perhaps influenced by Scarlett. 'Form of Caroletta in modern American usage, especially among black American families.'
CASHMEREf & mAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
From the English word.
CEANDRAfAfrican American
Created with the prefix ce and the feminization of Andre.
CHABLISfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
It is a type of French wine that sounds feminine.
CHAKAYAfAfrican American
Combination of Chaka and Kaya.
CHAKKAfAfrican American (Rare)
Chakka appeared on the hit television show 'Maury' at least seven times to test a total of eleven men for her three children Mustafa, Mary, and Mylove. One notable man, Corey, tested positive for Mary and Mylove, but negatively for Mustafa... [more]
CHANDORAfAfrican American
Likely an invented name, combining the name element Chan with DORA.
CHANDREfAfrican American
Variation of Shandra, an elaboration of Sandra.
CHANÉfAfrican American
CHANÉ was a dialect of the Terena language, an extinct language of Argentina and Bolivia. It belonged to the Maipurean language family. There is very few data on this language. In Argentina it was spoken in Salta Province.
CHANTESSYfAfrican American
Possibly the feminine version of Channing combined with the name Tess.
CHARCANDRICKmAfrican American
Charcandrick West- running back for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.
CHARLANDRAfAfrican American (Rare)
Combination of Charlene and the popular suffix andra.
CHARLIZAfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Presumably, an elaboration of Charlize. (See also Charlisa).
CHATHAYfAfrican American
Likely an invented name.
CHAUNTASIAfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Probably a combination of Chanté with the suffix tasia (from names such as Anastasia or Fantasia).
CHEKESHAfAfrican American (Modern)
Combination of popular prefix cha with Keisha.
CHENIQUEfAfrican American
Perhaps a variant of Shaniqua.
CHILONDf & mAfrican American
Likely an invented name.
CHIMEREmAfrican American
This is a French name, but the meaning of it is unknown.... [more]
CHIQUITAfEnglish (American, Modern, Rare), African American
Means "little girl" in Spanish, from the Spanish chica "girl" combined with the diminutive suffix ita.... [more]
CLAIREECEfLiterature, African American (Rare)
Variant of Clarice. This is the given name of Claireece Precious Jones in the book 'Push' and the movie 'Precious'.
CLASTERFAIRmAmerican (South), African American
This name is found in generations of families. Clusters of the name can be found in Louisiana, in particular, but remains rare. It is said to be terminology to refer to royal members, similar to King or Duke would be used.
CLEAVONmAfrican American (Rare)
Meaning "cliff". Adaptation from names containing the element cleav with the suffix -on.
CLEOTHAfAfrican American
Cleotha Staples (1934-) was a member of the Staple Singers musical group, best known for their 1970s hits "I'll Take You There", "Respect Yourself" and "Let's Do It Again".
COFFEYmAfrican American (Rare)
Possibly a form of Cuff. This is borne by American country and western singer-songwriter Coffey Anderson (1978-).
CORDEROmSpanish (Latin American), African American
From Spanish cordero "lamb", perhaps via the Spanish surname Cordero (originally denoting either a shepherd or someone thought to resemble a lamb).
CORINTHIAfEnglish (Rare), African American
From Corinth, the ancient Greek city-state. In the New Testament there are two epistles to the Corinthians written by Saint Paul. This is the name of "Miss Corrie" Hogganbeck in 'The Reivers' (1962) by William Faulkner.
CORLETTAfAfrican American (Anglicized, Modern, Rare, Archaic)
To be successful, victorious, a winner, triumphant
CORONDAfAfrican American
Likely an invented name, possibly a combination of Cora and Ronda.
CUBBENAHmAfrican American
English corruption of Kwabena. This was used by early slaves in the American south. Attested in the 1730's in South Carolina.
CUDJOEmAfrican American
Anglicization of Kwadwo. This was used by early slaves in the American south. Attested in the 1730's in South Carolina.
CUFFmAfrican American (Archaic)
Anglicized form of Kofi. According to George Rippey Stewart in 'American Given Names' (1979): "It was a common name for a black during the slave period, but died out in the late nineteenth century."
CYMPHONIQUEfAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Symphony using the suffix -ique (e.g., from Monique). Cymphonique Miller is a famous bearer.
DAEKWONmAfrican American
Apparently a variant of Dejuan.
DAJANEEKfAfrican American (Modern)
Probably a combination of the popular name prefix Da and Janeka.
DAJUANmAfrican American (Modern, Rare)
A combination of the popular prefix Da and Juan.
DALANDAfWestern African, African American
Fulani female given name meaning "creative"
DAMAHLIfAfrican American
Combination of the prefix da and Mahli.
DAMARImAfrican American
Combination of the popular prefix Da- and Amari.
DAMARIONmAfrican American
Likely an invented name, a combination of the popular name prefix Da- and MARION.
DAMARIUSm & fAfrican American (Modern)
Either a combination of the popular name prefix Da and Marius, or an altered form of Damaris.