Balinese Submitted Names

Balinese names are used on the island of Bali, a part of Indonesia. See also about Indonesian names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AYU f Indonesian, Javanese, Balinese
Means "beautiful, pretty" in Javanese.
BALIK m & f Balinese
According to Balinese birth order, this name is added on to the first, second, third, and fourth born names to create alternate names according to birth order. This would create Wayan Balik (fifth born), Made Balik (sixth born), Nyoman Balik (seventh born), and Ketut Balik (eighth born) respectively... [more]
DEWA m Indonesian, Balinese
Means "god, deity" in Indonesian, derived from Sanskrit देव (devá) (see Deva).
GEDE m Indonesian, Balinese
Traditionally given to the first born son.
KHRISNA m Indonesian, Balinese
Indonesian form of Krishna.
LUH f Indonesian, Balinese
Means "female, woman" in Balinese. It is traditionally given to the firstborn daughter in Balinese custom.
MAHADEWI f Indonesian, Balinese
Balinese form of Mahadevi.
MAN m & f Balinese
Diminutive of Nyoman.
NENGAH m & f Indonesian, Balinese
Means "middle, central" in Balinese, traditionally given to the second or third-born child in certain regions of Bali.
NGURAH m Indonesian, Balinese
Traditionally given to the second-born child in Balinese custom.
SURIANA f & m Malay, Indonesian, Balinese
Derived from Malay suria or Indonesian surya meaning "sun". In Bali, it is used as a masculine name, though it is feminine in other regions of Indonesia and in Malaysia.
TUT m & f Balinese
Diminutive of Ketut.
YAN m & f Balinese
Diminutive of Wayan.