Bemba Submitted Names

Bemba names are used by the Bemba people of Zambia.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
BUKATA m & f Bemba
Means "God's glory" in Bemba.
CHILUFYA m & f Bemba
Means "the one who is lost" in Bemba.
CHUMA m & f Bemba
Means "wealth" in Bemba.
KANGWA m & f Southern African, Bemba
Means 'healing tree" in Bemba.
KASOMO m Bemba
Means "leader, flag-bearer" in Bemba.
KASUBA m Bemba
Means "sun" in Bemba.
KAYOKWA m Southern African, Bemba
Means "sugar, sweet" in Bemba.
MAPALO m & f Bemba
Means "God's blessings" in Bemba.
MOOMBA f Bemba (?)
Variant of MUMBA.
MUMBA m & f Bemba
Means "inside the house" in Bemba.
MUSONDA m & f Bemba
Means "the taster" in Bemba.
Means “I am thankful” or "thank you" in Bemba, a Zambian language.
NSOFWA f & m Bemba
Nsofwa is a Bemba name originating from a landlocked /landlinked country Zambia, located in the southern end of the African Continent. The name comes from a Bemba name for 'Elephant,' 'Nsofu' one of the largest land mammals known to man... [more]
NTANDA m & f Southern African, Bemba
Means "star" in Bemba.
Means "He (God) is merciful" in Bemba.
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