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Caribbean names are used on the islands of the Caribbean Sea.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AGWÉ m Haitian Creole, Mythology
Haitian name meaning "spirit of the sea". In Vodou, and especially in Haiti, Agwé (also spelt Goue, Agoueh, or Agive), is a loa who rules over the sea, fish, and aquatic plants, as well as the patron loa of fishermen and sailors.
AITHEL m Antillean Creole (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Eithel.
AJANI m & f Jamaican Patois, Yoruba
Means "one (we) fought to have" in Yoruba.
ALPHARITA f Caribbean
This name is best known for being the name of the Cuban-Jamaican singer Rita Marley (b. 1946), who was born as Alpharita Constantia Anderson. She is the widow of the Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley (1945-1981)... [more]
ANASTAGIA f Haitian Creole, Italian (Archaic)
Italian variant and Haitian Creole form of Anastasia. A famous bearer of this name is Anastagia Pierre (1988-) who is a Bahamian-Haitian-American beauty queen, model, spokesperson, and television host, elected as Miss Bahamas Universe 2011.
ANDRETTI m Caribbean (Rare), South American (Rare)
Likely a transferred use of the surname Andretti. This is borne by Bahamian sprinter Andretti Bain (1985-).
ARISMENDI m Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Caribbean)
Transferred from the Basque surname meaning "mountain of oaks" from aris "oak" and mendi "mountain".
ARTHLYN f Jamaican Patois (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Possibly intended as a feminization of Arthur.
ASAFA m Jamaican Patois
Possibly a variant of Asaf.
ASEFI f Haitian Creole
Means "Enough Girls" in Haitian Creole. Usually given after having many daughters, in hopes the next child will be a boy.
ASELHOMME m Haitian Creole
Means "Enough Men" in Haitian Creole. Usually given after having many sons, in hopes the next child will be a girl.
ASNAGE m Haitian Creole
A famous bearer of this name is Asnage Castelly (1978-) a Haitian-American wrestler who competed for Haiti at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
AYANNA f Eastern African, African American (Modern), Jamaican Patois
Possibly means "flower" in Amharic.
BELCALIS f Caribbean (Rare)
Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar (born October 11, 1992), known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter and television personality.
CATIRA f Spanish (Caribbean)
Means "blonde" in the Cumanagota dialect, a Carib language most common to the native peoples of Venezuela. It is now a name and slang for a blonde-haired person in Venezuela.
CEDELLA f Caribbean, Jamaican Patois
This name is best known for being the name of Cedella Booker (1926-2008), the mother of the Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley (1945-1981). Her full name at birth was Sidilla Editha Malcolm. Given how similar the name Sidilla is to her later name Cedella, it is possible that Cedella is a variant spelling or form of Sidilla... [more]
CELDIEU m Haitian Creole
Litelly means 'it is God, he is God'. One of the children in 2006 book 'Ad Haiti si nasce ultimi' by Alessandro Corallo.
CLAVIA f Caribbean
Feminine form of Clavius.
CORALYS f Spanish (Caribbean, Rare)
Combination of Cora and -lys.
DACHECA f Caribbean
Allegedly used in Haiti.
DANIELYS f Spanish (Caribbean)
Combination of Daniela and -lys.
DAYANA f Spanish (Latin American), Haitian Creole
Probably an Hispanic variant of Diana, reflecting the English pronunciation, though it coincides with a botanical name belonging to more than one South American orchid, which derives from the surname of English botanist John Day (1824-88)... [more]
DENEAN f English, Caribbean
Perhaps a blend of Denise and Jeannine.
DIEUFELY f Haitian Creole
Means "God Made Her" in Haitian Creole
DIEUSON m Haitian Creole
A name originating from Haiti
DJIMY m Haitian Creole (Rare)
Haitian variant of Jimmy.
DORESTIN m Haitian Creole
One of the children in 2006 book 'Ad Haiti si nasce ultimi' by Alessandro Corallo.
EDMONIA f English, Haitian Creole
Feminine form of Edmond.
EITHEL m Antillean Creole (Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Meaning uncertain. Also compare the similar-looking name Eitel.
ESTÈ f Haitian Creole (Rare)
Haitian Creole form of Esther.
EULETTE f English (Rare), Jamaican Patois (Rare)
Likely an elaboration of Eula by way of adding the French diminutive suffix -ette.
EVETT f American (Rare), Jamaican Patois (Rare), Medieval English
Medieval diminutive of Eve and precursor of modern Yvette. See also Evette.
FANDOR m Caribbean (Rare)
Rare French-Caribbean name.
FIRLINE f Haitian Creole (Rare)
Meaning: "Daughter of the deliverer"... [more]
FITZGERALD m English (American, Rare), Haitian Creole
Transferred use of the surname Fitzgerald. This was the middle name of President John F. Kennedy.
FLÈ f Haitian Creole
From flè meaning "flower" and is a Haitian Creole form of Fleur.
FLORIBETH f Spanish (Caribbean)
Combination of Flora or any other name beginning with the element Flor- and Beth.... [more]
GALIEL m Spanish (Caribbean, ?)
The name (Galiel) comes from the name (Gamaliel) wich is Jewish
GERARDSON m Haitian Creole
Variant of Gerard, influenced by the spelling of Jackson, Nelson, Wilson and other names ending in -son.
GILLAIN f Jamaican Patois
Possibly a misspelling of Gillian, a famous bearer of this name is Gillain Berry who is a Jamaican-Aruban model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Aruba 2010 on December 4, 2010 and represented her country in Miss Universe 2011 and Miss World 2011.
GUERDY m & f Haitian Creole
French phonetic spelling of Gerdi.... [more]
IREAL f & m French (Caribbean)
it comes from the Caribbean name Irie
IRIE m & f Jamaican Patois, African American
Irie is used in the music and culture of Jamaica. The meaning is to have no worries or be at peace with everything around you. You hear the saying feeling Irie in many Regea songs.
IVERINE f Jamaican Patois (Modern, Rare), Norwegian (Archaic)
Feminine form of Iver or a combination of Ivar and Rina.
IZARAK m Haitian Creole
Haitian Creole form of Isaac.
JAHNI m Caribbean, English
Masculine form of Jahnese.
JAHSEH m Jamaican Patois (Rare)
The name of the deceased rapper XXXTentacion
JAHSHARA f Jamaican Patois (Modern, Rare)
Religiously, Jah has been a signifier of God. In Sumerian mythology, Shara is a minor god of war. And in Hebrew, it is a verb meaning "she sings". Together, the name means that she endures the good and the bad and is able to keep positive through to the end.
JALEVINA f Caribbean
This girl is smart and witty. She can be funny but sometimes serious, she is nice and kind to most people but do not cross her. She is attractive but she doesn't see her own beautiful. She is most likely insecure and she looks for love but truly doesn't know the real meaning.
JANIEL m Spanish (Caribbean, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of Yaniel (in the Spanish Caribbean) and the Portuguese form of Yaniel (in Brazil). A known bearer of this name is Janiel Simon (b. 1981), an Antiguan soccer player.
JAROLIN f Spanish (Caribbean)
Feminine form of Jarol.
JARRIN m & f Caribbean, English
Variant of Jaron.
JEANELLY f Spanish (Caribbean)
Composed of the English name “Jean” and the ending “elly”.
JENIEL m Spanish (Caribbean, Rare)
Combination of Jesús with any name ending in -iel, such as Daniel and Gabriel. However, in some cases, this name can also be a variant spelling of Yeniel. Also compare Jenuel.
JENNIFLORE f Haitian Creole
Probably a combination of the names Jenny or Jennifer and Flora.
JENUEL m Spanish (Caribbean, Rare)
Combination of Jesús with any name ending in -uel, such as Manuel and Miguel. However, in some cases, this name can also be a variant spelling of Yenuel. Also compare Jeniel.
JESIEL m Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian)
Combination of Jesús with any name ending in -iel, such as Daniel and Gabriel. However, in some cases, this name can also be a variant spelling of Yesiel. Also compare Jesuel.
JÉSULA f Haitian Creole
Means "Jesus is Here" in Haitian Creole
JEVAUN m Jamaican Patois
Jamaican form of Evan.
JOCELERME m Haitian Creole
Maybe a blend of José and Guilherme.
JONIEL m Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian), Filipino
Combination of José or Josué with any name ending in -iel, such as Daniel and Gabriel. Also compare Jonuel.
JONUEL m Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American)
Combination of José or Josué with any name ending in -uel, such as Manuel and Miguel. Also compare Joniel. A known bearer of this name was the Venezuelan writer and philosopher José Manuel Briceño Guerrero (1929-2014), who published his books under the pseudonym Jonuel Brigue.
JORGINO m Spanish (Caribbean), Portuguese (Brazilian)
Elaborated form of Jorge or a variant of Jorginho.
JOSIEANN f English, Caribbean
Feminine name with the combination of Josie and Ann.
JOVENEL m Haitian Creole
Probably a Haitian form of Juvenal.
KEMBA f & m African, Caribbean
Means "peel" in Swahili and "full of faith" in a Central African language.... [more]
KENNIESHA f English (American), Jamaican Patois
Possibly a feminization of Kenny.
KESHORN m Caribbean (Rare)
Probably a variant of Keshawn and Keshaun.
KETTLY f Haitian Creole
Of unknown meaning.... [more]
KRISTOFFERSON m Filipino, Caribbean
Kristofferson meaning Christopher's son.... [more]
LABOY m Spanish (Caribbean, Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Laboy.
LALONDE m Trinidadian Creole
Transferred use of the surname Lalonde.
LARIMAR f Spanish (Caribbean)
From the name for a rare turquoise-blue variety of pectolite mineral, discovered around 1916 in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican who discovered the stone named it after his daughter Larissa, and the word mar, the Spanish word for sea.
LÉGER m French, Haitian Creole
French form of Leudagar. Saint Léger, Bishop of Autun was a 7th-century Frankish martyr.
LENWORTH m Jamaican Patois
Transferred use of the surname Lenworth.
LINES f Spanish (Caribbean)
Probably a contraction of l'Ines (Spanish definite article la + Ines)
MACKENSIA f Haitian Creole, English (Modern)
Elaboration of Mackenzie with the suffix -ia.
MACKINSON m Bahamian Creole
Transferred use of the surname Mackinson.
MAFFI f Haitian Creole
From the french phrase "mon filles" meaning "my girl".
MAILINI f Jamaican Patois, Indian
It Means Beautiful, Warrior, Star.... [more]
MANOUCHKA f Haitian Creole, French (African, Rare), French (Rare)
French form of Manushka. (Cf. Manouschka, Manoushka.) A known bearer is Gabonese filmmaker Manouchka Kelly Labouba.
MARXLENIN f Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American)
A revolutionary name used in Cuba formed from the surname of the German philosopher Karl Marx and from the name of the Russian revolutionist Vladimir Lenin.
MATHELINE f French (Rare), Caribbean (Rare), Haitian Creole
Traditionally found in the Poitou-Charentes region of France, this name is of debated origin and meaning. Current theories include a derivation of Mathilde and a feminine form of the archaic masculine name Mathelin (which itself survives only as a surname today)... [more]
MAUDRITH f Papiamento (?), Caribbean
Found on Curaçao at least twice, this name may be Papiamento in origin - it may also be made up by creative parents, or have been inspired by a word or name from a different language. The exact etymology is difficult to tell with a name that is so obscure, so for the time being, one can only speculate about its origins.
MEMMALATEL m Jamaican Patois
The given name of the reggae percussionist Mr. Mojo Morgan.