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These names are used by Hebrew speakers. See also about Jewish names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Diminutive of Esther.
Diminutive of Esther.
Hebrew form of Ebenezer.
EYLAMm & fHebrew (Rare)
The name of one of the biblical Noah's grandsons. It means "one who is eternal".
EYNAVf & mHebrew
Variant of the names Enav and Einav.
Short form of Ezekiel.
Means "my helper" in Hebrew. In the Bible Ezri was an overseer during King David's reign.
A Hebrew name meaning "God is my help".
Diminutive of Gad.
Variant transcription of Guy.
Modern Hebrew name meaning "my wave" - see Gal
GALORm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name Gal (1) means "wave" and the name Or means "light".
Variant of Galia.
GAVIm & fHebrew
Short form of Gavriel or Gavrielle.
GAVRAf & mBulgarian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian
Possibly a short form of Gavriila in the case of women, and for men it could be a pet form for Gavriil and Gavril.
Means "manly / my man" in Hebrew, also a diminutive for Gavriel
GAVRIELAfGreek, Hebrew
Hebrew feminine form of Gabriel. It is rarely used as Greek female form of Gavriil.
GAVRIELLAfJewish, Greek, Hebrew
Feminine form of Gavriel.
Hebrew form of Gaia.
GAYLORm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare), American
Variant of Galor or from an English occupational surname meaning "jailer".
GEFENf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
From Hebrew: גֶּפֶן, ''grapevine''.... [more]
Variant transcription of Gefen.
Gerusha as a girls' name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Gerusha is "sent away" or "stranger" it is also the original form of Jerusa
GESHEMf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare), Biblical Hebrew
The Hebrew word גֶּשֶׁם (géshem) means "rain".... [more]
GESHERf & mHebrew
Means "bridge" in Hebrew.
Means "tide" in Hebrew.
GEVAm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Place name in Israel, meaning ''hill''.
Variant of Gilah.
Means "blossom; love of life" in Hebrew.
GILLm & fHebrew (Modern)
Variant of Gil (3), used as a unisex name.
GILLIf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Gili, or a combination of the names Gil (3) and Li (2), means "my joy", "my happiness" in Hebrew.
GILLYf & mHebrew (Modern)
Modern form of Gili.
GILORm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name Gil (3) means "joy, happiness" and the name Or means "light".
GILYf & mHebrew
Variant of Gili.
Means "proselyte, convert to Judaism" in Aramaic. Simon bar Giora was a Jewish military leader in the First Jewish-Roman War (66-73 CE) whose father may have been a Gentile converted to Judaism.
From the name of the Golan Heights, a region (currently) in the north of Israel. Originally used as a place name in the Bible.... [more]
GOMEm & fHebrew (Rare)
Means "papyrus" in Hebrew.
Means "defender" in Hebrew.
GONIm & fHebrew
Possibly taken from the word gavan (גוון) which means "tone" or "shade (of a color)" in Hebrew.
GURmHebrew (Rare)
Means "cub" or "puppy" in Hebrew.
Means "valley" in Hebrew. The word is featured in Psalm 23:4 of the Old Testament (translated as "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort me").
GVIRAfHebrew (Rare)
Modern Hebrew name meaning "lady, mistress" (identical to the biblical title גְּבִירָה (gebirah), which suggested female royal power, and ultimately relates to the first element in Gabriel).
Variant of Hadar.
Means "alive" or "living" in Hebrew.
HALLELf & mHebrew
Variant of Hillel.
Meaning, "God graciously gave."
Hebrew. This is a traditional, though seldom-used, Jewish name. It means "God is gracious". Ultimately, it derives from the same Hebrew root as John and Anne.
HANIfHebrew (Modern)
Hebrew modern diminutive of Channah or Hannah.
HANUKKAHm & fHebrew
From the Jewish holiday celebrated in December, Hanukkah. It is used to celebrate how God made one day of oil last eight.
HAVIVAfHebrew, Spanish
Spanish variant of Aviva.
Variant of Chaya.
HEDIm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "my echo" in Hebrew. (see Hed)
Modern variant of HEPHZIBAH
HEICHALf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "hall", "shrine" or "temple" in Hebrew, it's quite rare name in Israel.
HERZLmHebrew (Rare), Yiddish (Rare)
Herzl is originally a Yiddish given name. Currently it is both given and surname for both Hebrew-speaking and Yiddish-speaking Jews. The most famous Herzl is Benyamin Ze'ev "Theodor" Herzl, a Hungarian journalist who founded Modern Zionism.
HILIfHebrew (Modern)
Means "she is mine" in Hebrew, from the word Hi (pronuced "hee") means "she" and the name Li (2) means "my.." / "mine" , it's sometimes used as a diminutive of Hila
Diminutive or variant of Hila.
Feminine form of Hillel.
HODf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "glory, splendor" in Hebrew, making it relative to Hadar.
Variant of Hodiyah. Means "splendor of Yahweh" from the Hebrew hod "glory, splendor" and ya "God".
Variant latinisation of Hodiyah.
HOFf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "beach, shore" in Hebrew.
HOFITfHebrew (Modern)
Feminine form of Hof.
HOSHENf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Hoshen is the priestly breastplate, who was a sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest of the Israelites. 12 different precious stones were placed in it against the twelve tribes and it was placed on the chest of the High Priest... [more]
Diminutive of Hosea.
IALDABAOTHmGnosticism, Hebrew, Phoenician Mythology
The first archon of darkness. In Hebrew, cabala, and Gnostic lore, Iadalbaoth is the demiourgos, occupying a position immediately below the "unknown Father". In Phoenician Mythology, he is one of the 7 elohim, creators of the visible universe... [more]
IARDENm & fHebrew (Rare)
Variant of Yarden.
IDINAfEnglish, Hebrew
Possibly related to Adina.... [more]
Means "ground" or "soil" in Hebrew.
Variant transcription of Idit.
Hebrew form of Iddo.
IECHONIASmHebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Hellenized form of the Hebrew given name יְכָנְיָה‎ (Yekonyahu), which is a variant (or altered) form of Jehoiachin.
Means "splendor of beauty" in Hebrew.
ILAIm & fHebrew
Means "high" or "supreme", from Aramaic origin. (variant of Ilay)
ILANIf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Diminutive of Ilana and Ilan.
ILAYm & fHebrew
Means "high" or "supreme", from Aramaic origin.
ILILfHebrew (Modern, Rare)
The Israeli poet Shaul Tchernichovsky wrote a love song where he calls his lover by the name he invented: Ilil.
IMANUELm & fHebrew
Modern Hebrew form of Emmanuel.
IMRIm & fHebrew
The name Imri is a biblical name, Imri was the father of Zachor who was one of the builders of the renewed wall of Jerusalem, it is mentioned in the book Nehemiah chapter 3, verse 2. ... [more]
IOSAPHIASmHebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Yosiphyah (see Josiphiah), as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
IRADmHebrew, Biblical
In the Old Testament, Irad is the grandson of Cain.
Variant of Irit.
Feminine form of Israel.
ITANm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "phleum" in Hebrew, the phleum is a type of grain that looks like a herb or grass. In the Jerusalem Talmud in "Tractate Kala'im", it is mentioned as a grain that can be grown together with wheat without being considered as a hybrid.... [more]
Means "God with me" in Hebrew, from a combination of Itai and El.
IUVALm & fHebrew (Rare)
Variant of Yuval.
Masculine form of Ivriya.
IVRIAfHebrew (Rare)
Variant transcription of Ivriya.
IVRIYAf & mHebrew
An offspring of Eber, Shem's grandson; Jewish, Israelite.
IYARf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Iyar is the eighth month in the jewish calendar. The name was brought from the Babylonian exile and originates from the Akkadian word for "light". His name is in the Bible "Yerach Ziv", means "bright moon"... [more]
Means "a stream" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Jabal was the son of Lamech and Adah, and brother to Jubal. He was "the father of those who live in tents and raise livestock."
JAHmBiblical, Hebrew
Short form of Yahweh, consists of the ending of Hallelujah.
Directed by God
JANNAEUSmHebrew (Latinized)
Variant spelling of Iannaeus, which is in turn a latinized form of Iannaios. This name was borne by Alexander Jannaeus, a Judean king from the 1st century BC.
Means "to flow down; descend".
JARENmHebrew, English
To sing or talk out loud
JEBADIAHmEnglish, Hebrew, Biblical
Common among the Amish. Meaning "Beloved of the lord", the biblical term is a "blessing".
JEHUDIJAHfBiblical, Hebrew
Means "Jewess" in Hebrew, thus making this name the feminine form of Jehudi. In the bible, this was the name of one of the wives of Jered.
Variant of Jemima.
JEMUELmBiblical, Hebrew
Variant form of Nemuel (due to changing phonology over time, the 'n' got corrupted into a 'j'). This is the name of the eldest son of Simeon in the Old Testament.
JEPHUNNEHmHebrew, Biblical
Meaning "for whom a way is prepared." The father of Caleb, and a son of Jether, an Asherite, in the Bible.
JERACHMIELmJewish, Hebrew
From the Hebrew יְרַחְמִיאֵל (Yerachmiel) meaning "God shall have mercy".
JERAHmBiblical, Hebrew
A Biblical name meaning "moon", "month" and "sweet smelling".... [more]
means "City of Palm Trees" , "fragrant" , and "moon"... [more]
JERIELmBiblical, Hebrew
Means "taught by God" in Hebrew (see also Jeriah). In the bible, this was the name of a chief of Issachar.
JEROHAMm & fHebrew, Biblical Hebrew
Meaning "cherished" or "one who finds mercy."
JESHUAmBiblical, Hebrew
The name means "he will save" and is a form of the Biblical Hebrew name Yehoshua (Joshua). The Late Biblical Hebrew spellings for earlier names often contracted the theophoric element Yeho-.
Combination of Josiah and Jesse. Meaning "Yahweh gives."
JESIMIELmBiblical, Hebrew
Apparently means "God establishes" in Hebrew. In the bible, this was the name of a Simeonite.
Hebrew name meaning ravine or valley.
Joachin means "God will give".... [more]
JOAHmBiblical, Hebrew
Means "God is his brother" in Hebrew. There are four men named Joah in the Bible.
JOKANAANmLiterature, Hebrew
Oscar Wilde's rendering of Yehochanan, (John being the Anglicized version) for John the Baptist in his play SALOMÉ. Unlike most depictions of John the Baptist, he is young and clean shaven, with black hair, white skin and red lips... [more]
JOPHIELmHebrew (Hellenized), Judeo-Christian Legend, Theology
Derived from Hebrew yofiel, which apparently means "beauty of God" in Hebrew. According to Christian lore, Jophiel was the angel who drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.
JOSANNAfHebrew, English
Means "Jehovah increases" in Hebrew. Also used as a combination of the names Josephine and Anna or Ana.
"he will be praised"
KADANf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Hebrew word for the grape hyacinth plant (genus Muscari); sometimes used as a name in modern times.
Variant of Cohen.
KAIm & fHebrew (Modern)
Modern Hebrew acronym for "The Holiness of The Land of Israel" (Hebrew: קדושת ארץ ישראל).
KAITZm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "summer" in Hebrew.
From the Hebrew name for a type of flower, known as the anemone or windflower in English. It is ultimately related to the word כַּלָּה (kala) "bride".
In Hebrew, Kama is a kind of a grain that ripened before harvesting.
KARINfHebrew (Modern)
Popular girls name in Israel, it may be the Hebrew form of Katherine or variant of Keren.
KARMELf & mHebrew
Original Hebrew form of Carmel.
KATRIELm & fHebrew, English (Modern, Rare)
Means "the crowned Lord" (or possibly "crown of God") in Hebrew. From the Hebrew keter (כֶּתֶר) "crown" and el (אֵל) "god".
Strictly feminine variant of Katriel.
KEFIRAfHebrew (?), English (Rare)
Claimed to be a feminine variant of Kfir, though it coincides with a Hebrew word meaning "heresy, denial of God".
KENIf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Derived from Hebrew קניין (kiniyan) meaning "property", it can also means "my nest", another variant can be Keny.
KENYm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Possibly taken from the Hebrew word kiniyan means "property", it can also means "my nest".
KEREMm & fHebrew (Rare)
Means "vineyard" in Hebrew.
KEREN-ORfHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Keren and Or
In the Bible, it was the name of a brook where Elijah was hidden (I Kings 17:3-7)
KESSEMf & mHebrew (Modern)
Means "magic" in Hebrew.
Variant of Keziah.
KIMf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
From Aramaic origin, derived from the Hebrew word קיים (kayam) which means "exists".
KINARm & fHebrew (Modern)
It may come from the Hebrew word כינור (kinor) means "violin" in Hebrew.
KIVIf & mHebrew
Means "protected" in Hebrew.
Derived from Hebrew כּוֹכַב ‎(kokhav) "star". It is a cognate of Kochab.
Variant of Kochava.
Means "voice" in Hebrew.
KOLAIAHmBiblical, Hebrew
From the Hebrew name קוֹלָיָה (Qolayah) meaning "voice of Yahweh" from קוֹל (qol) "sound, voice" and Yah. This was the name of two biblical Israelites, one of whom was the father of Ahab and 'a false prophet and a lecherous man'.
KORALfHebrew (Modern)
Hebrew form of Coral.
KORENm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "shining, bright" in Hebrew. It is also used as a surname.
KSHANTINEYAHfHebrew, African
Is a hebrew name meaning the most beautiful child. It also means most loved with The ending YAH abbreviation of Yahweh this name means God is alway with this child.
Short form of Yekutiel.
LACHANf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "melody", "tune", "strain" in Hebrew.
Means "for her and for me" in Hebrew.
Lanuel means 'our god' or 'god to us'
LAOMAfHebrew, Jewish
Meaning: for the Nation, in Hebrew.... [more]
LAORf & mHebrew (Rare)
Means "for the light" or "to light" in Hebrew, it's not a variant of Lior.
Hebrew form of Laban.
Feminine form of Lazarus.
LEEm & fHebrew (Modern)
Modern variant of Li (2).
LEELACHfHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Rare variant of Lilach. It's also means "from me to you", from the name Li (2) means "to me" and the female word lach means "to you".
LEEORm & fHebrew
Variant of Lior.
"Flame, tongue of fire." The name is commonly given symbolically to girls born on Hanukkah or Lag b'Omer.
Diminutive of Lemuel.
Feminine form of Lemuel.
LENIf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Modern Hebrew acronym for "God gave to me" (Hebrew: לי נתן אלוהים), Li (2) means "to me", natan is a Hebrew word (and a name) means "(he) gave", the letter i (or y) is a part of the name of God, another variant can be Leny.
LENYm & fHebrew (Modern)
Modern Hebrew acronym for "God gave to me" (Hebrew: לי נתן האל), Li (2) means "to me" / "for me" / "mine", Natan or Nathan means "he gave", the letter y is part of the name of God.
LEORm & fHebrew (Rare), English
Variant of Lior influenced by the spelling of the names Leo or Leon.
LEORAfJewish, English, Hebrew
Anglicized variant of Liora.... [more]
LESHEMm & fHebrew (Rare)
Means "opal" in Hebrew.
LEVANAfJewish, Hebrew
Modern transcription of the Hebrew name LEBANAH, which is the feminine form of לָבָן laván, "white," now a poetic word for "moon." As a modern name, Levana is given to girls, though Lebanah belonged to a male character in the Old Testament.
Variant transcription of Levana.
This name has some meanings: the first is feminine form of Levi (written: לויה), and the second is feminine form of Lavi (written: לביאה).
LEVYmEnglish, Hebrew
Variant of Levi.
LEVYAfHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name Lev (2) means "heart" with the letters ya (יה) (which are part of the name of God) means "Heart of God" in Hebrew.
LIADm & fHebrew (Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Ad , the word Ad in Hebrew means "forever". and when you add the word Li it's means "forever mine"
LIAMm & fHebrew (Modern)
Means "my people" or "my nation" from Hebrew לִי (li, see Li (2) and עָם (am) "people, nation". It is also a modern Hebrew acronym for "לא ידע עמי מלחמה" which means "my nation didn't know war".
Hebrew acronym for "God gave me a baby-girl"... [more]
Combination of the name Li (2) means "to me" / "mine" and the word av means "father" in Hebrew. Usually masculine, rare as feminine. the meaning of this name is "my father" / "I have a father".
LIBARf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Li (2) and Bar.
LIBATfHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Bat means "my girl, my daughter" in Hebrew.
Variant of Libi.
LIBIELf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name Libi which means "my heart" and El, reference to God.
LICHENf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Chen (2) means "my beauty" or "my grace" in Hebrew.
LIDANm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name Li (2) means "to me" and the name Dan (1) means "(he) judges". usually masculine, rare as feminine.
LIDARf & mHebrew
Combination of the name Li (2) means "to me" / "mine" and the name Dar means "(mother of) pearl" / "nacre".
LIDORm & fHebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Dor means "my generation" in Hebrew.
LIDORIf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Variant of the name Lidor, or a combination of the names Li (2) and Dori.
LIELf & mHebrew (Modern)
Means "for God" or "I have (a) God" in Hebrew". ... [more]
LIELIf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Eli (2) or a variant of the name Liel which means "My God" in Hebrew.
Combination of the name Li (2) means "to me" / "mine" and the word em, which is relative to the word ima that means "mother", usually feminine, rare as masculine. The meaning of this name is "my mother" / "I have a mother".
LIGADm & fHebrew (Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Gad means "my fortune" / "my luck" in Hebrew, its quite rare name in Israel.
LIGALf & mHebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Gal (1) means "my wave" in Hebrew.
LIHAIm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Hai possibly means "my existence" in Hebrew. The name Hai means "alive / living" in Hebrew.
Variant of Lihi.
LIHENf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Hen means "my beauty" / "my grace" in Hebrew.
Variant of Lihi.
LIHODf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Hod means "my splendor" or "my glory" in Hebrew.
Means "he is mine" in Hebrew.
LILAfHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Layla or a combination of Hebrew Li (2) means "to me" and la means "to her".
LILITfArmenian, Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare), Hebrew, Literature
Form of Lilith. In Armenia this name has come into use in recent years because of the poem "Lilit" (1921) written by the Armenian poet Avetik Isahakyan (1875-1957), which is based on the myth of Lilith.
Combination of the names Li (2) and Mor means "my myrrh" in Hebrew.
LINESSfHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Ness means "my miracle" in Hebrew.
LINOAMf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Noam means "my pleasantness" in Hebrew.
LINORfHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Nor.
Combination of the names Li (2) and Noy meaning "my beauty" in Hebrew.
LINOYAfHebrew (Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Noya or a variant of the name Linoy.
LIONm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and On means "my potency; my strength" in Hebrew.
LIORIf & mHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Ori or a variant of the name Lior which means "my light" in Hebrew.
LIOZm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Oz (2) means "my strength" or "my power" in Hebrew.
LIPAZf & mHebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Paz (2) means "my gold" in Hebrew.
LIRf & mHebrew
Popular name in Israel, or a diminutive for names like Liron , Liram , Liran and more names starting with "Lir"
LIRAHNmHebrew (Modern)
It’s the pronounciation to Liron... phonetics!! Same meaning as liron
LIRAMm & fHebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Ram (1) means "my loftiness" in Hebrew. usually masculine, rare as feminine.
LIRANm & fVarious (Modern), Hebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Ran , Ran in Hebrew means "(he) sang". it is also used as a variant of Liron which means "my song; my joy" in Hebrew.
LIRANIf & mHebrew (Rare)
Variant of the name Liran, or a combination of the names Li (2) and Rani (2).
LIRAZf & mHebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Raz means "my secret" in Hebrew. Generally feminine, as a masculine name it's quite rare.
Means "lyrical" in Hebrew.
LIROIm & fHebrew (Modern)
Variant of Liroy.
LIROMf & mHebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Rom , it is also used as a variant of the name Liram
Strictly feminine form of Liron.
LIRONIf & mHebrew (Rare)
Variant of the name Liron, or a combination of the names Li (2) and Roni (1).
LIROYm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Variant of the name Leroy which means "the king", or a combination of the names Li (2) and Roy.... [more]
LISHAIm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Shai means "my gift" in Hebrew, also variant of Lishay which is more common spelling.
LISHAYm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Shay (2) means "my gift" in Hebrew.
LITAVf & mHebrew (Rare)
Combination of the name Li (2) means "to me" / "mine" and the name Tav means "musical note", it's quite rare name in Israel.
Variant of Levana.
LIYAMm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name Li (2) means "to me" / "mine" with the name Yam means "sea" in Hebrew.
LIZANKAfRussian, Hebrew
Diminutive of Yelizaveta. It is the equivalent of Lizziekins. It can also mean "God is my perfection" in Hebrew.
LOTANm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Place name in Israel, derived from the name Lot (1), which means "hidden" or "covering, veil" in Hebrew. Lotan ben Seir was a descendant of the tribe of the Seir tribe, descendants of Esau, who settled in the northern region.
LOTEMf & mHebrew
Means "cistus" in Hebrew. The cistus is a type of mountain flower that grows mainly in northern Israel, also known as rockrose.
LUZf & mHebrew (Rare)
Means "hazelnut" in Hebrew. It is another name for the town of Bethel in the Bible.
LYRONmEnglish (Modern, Rare), Hebrew (Rare)
Spelling variant of the Hebrew name Liron.
Magal is a name of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Magal is "scythe".
Means "praise of God" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Mahalalel was the great-great-grandson of Adam and great-great-great-grandfather of Noah. His father was Kenan and his son was Jared.
MAHERSHALALHASHBAZmBiblical, Hebrew, English (Puritan)
From the Hebrew name מַהֵר שָׁלָל חָשׁ בַּז (Maher-shalal-hash-baz) which is variously interpreted as meaning "quick to plunder and swift to spoil" or "he has made haste to the plunder!" It is a prophetic name or title which occurs in Isaiah 8:1 in the Old Testament and is a reference to the impending plunder of Samaria and Damascus by the king of Assyria.... [more]
MAIf & mHebrew (Modern)
Popular name in Israel (mostly for girls), it is came from the name of the month of May (the fifth).
Variant transcription of Meital.
MAKIAHf & mHebrew, English
Variant of Micaiah.
Variant transcription of Malachi.
MALCHIELmBiblical, Hebrew
Means "my king is God" in Hebrew, derived from Hebrew malákh "to rule" combined with el "God". In other words, this name is a cognate of Elimelech. A known bearer of this name was Malchiel Gruenwald (1881-1958), an Israeli hotelier who became publicly known in 1953, when he accused an Israeli government employee of having been involved in the Holocaust.
MANORm & fHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Manor.
MARGALfJewish, Hebrew
Short form of Margalit, it appears in the works of Avraham ibn Ezra (12th century).
Hebrew. The name of famous British writer Marghanita Laski, whose father, a lawyer and Zionist leader, named her after the scarlet pimpernel flower he had seen growing in the land of Israel.
"Causing Joy" or "One who creates joy"
MAROMf & mHebrew (Rare)
Means "sky" or "height" in Hebrew.
Feminine of Moshe... [more]
Means "gift" in Hebrew, also feminine form of Matan.
MATANELmHebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Matan and El, also variant of Netanel.
MATARf & mHebrew, Arabic
Means "rain" in Hebrew and Arabic.
means "gift of Yahweh"
MATHOUSALAmHebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Form of Methuselah used in the Greek Bible.
MATIfJewish, Hebrew, Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish
Pet form of Mathilde, Matilda or Matel, often used among chassidim or in Israel.