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Indian names are used in India and in Indian communities throughout the world. See also about Indian names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
HIREN m Indian
Sanskrit name which has been translated as either “lord genius” or “lord of gemstones and pearls”.
HIRVA f Indian, Marathi, Sanskrit
marati-the color green... [more]
HITESH m Indian
Indian origin (Gujarat state)
HITLER m South American, Indonesian, Indian, Filipino
From the German surname Hitler. Despite the strong negative connotations of the name Hitler, it is used as a given name in South America, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
HOMI f Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Gujarati, Indian, Marathi, Nepali, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada
MEANING - fire, clarified butter, water
HOMINI f Sanskrit, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Indian, Sinhalese, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil
MEANING - offerer of oblations, one who presents obalations
HORA f Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi
"horoscope", "horoscopy", "hour" ,a branch of traditional Indian astrology dealing with finer points of predective methods"
HRIKESH m Indian
If you have this name you're a big mon.
HRISHTI f Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Hinduism, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali, Bengali
MEANING : delight, joy, pride... [more]
HRITHIK m Indian
Shortened form of Hrithikhesh, meaning "from the heart".
Variant of Hrithikhesh.
"Hrithikesh" can also be named as "Hrithikhesh" if you would want the name to suit numerology. Meaning of the name "Hrithikesh" is "Winner of Every heart"
HUFRIYA f Indian (Parsi)
Persian Origin... [more]
HUMAYUN m Bengali (Muslim), Urdu
Derived from Persian همایون (homâyun) meaning "blessed, sacred, fortunate". This was the nickname of Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad, a 16th-century Mughal emperor.
IDA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali
MEANING - speech, Goddess of speech ( Saraswati), earth, heaven, refreshment, food, vital spirit, offering ... [more]
IDI f Indian
Name - Idi , Idy इदि ... [more]
IFFAT f Arabic, Urdu, Bengali (Muslim)
From Arabic عَفَا (ʿafā) meaning "to forgive, to excuse". A notable bearer was Iffat Al-Thunayan (1916–2000), a queen of Saudi Arabia and the wife of King Faisal Al Saud (1906–1975).
IFTIKHAR m Urdu, Punjabi
Derived from Persian افتخار (eftekhâr) meaning "honour, pride, glory".
IHIT m Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Gujarati, Nepali, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Mauritian, Fijian, Indian ( Sikh ), Assamese
MEANING - sought, wished, desired, attempted, desire, request
Meaning Young chap
ILAYATA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian
MEANING : to keep still, to become quiet ... [more]
ILESHI f Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : wife of king (queen)... [more]
ILIYAS m Kazakh, Indian (Muslim)
Kazakh and Indian form of Ilyas.
ILU f Indian
Probably a variant of Ila.
ILYAZ m Turkish (Rare), Indian (Muslim, Rare)
Turkish and Indian form of Ilyas.
INANI f Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian
Name: Inani/Inaani इनानी- Vatapattri plant (वटपत्त्री का पौधा), energetic, mighty... [more]
Means "sea-feather" or "feather from the sea"
INDATI f Indian
Name - Indati इन्दति ... [more]
INDER m Indian
Variant of Indra.
Combination of Indira and Jitendra.
INDRO m Indian
Indian God of Fire
calm(like the moon).... [more]
Means "brave, courageous".
INGIT m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hinduism, Nepali, Bengali, Assamese, Indian ( Sikh)
MEANING - sign, secret aim, indication, movement, gesture, change of voice
INIKA f Hindi, Indian
Possibly a variant of the Indian name Anika.
INJANA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian
Name: Injana इञ्जना / इंजना... [more]
INQUILAAB m Indian, Hindi, Urdu
A famous bearer of this name is Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan (born Inquilaab Srivastava; 1942-). The name was inspired by the Hindi-Urdu phrase "Inquilab Zindabad!", meaning "Long Live The Revolution!".
INSIYA f Arabic (Rare), Urdu (Rare), Hindi (Rare), Persian (Rare)
Means "humanity", from Arabic انسن (ʾinsān) "human".
INTISAR f & m Arabic, Urdu
Means "victory, triumph, revenge" in Arabic.
IPE m Malayalam
Malayalam form of Hebrew Yosef or English Joseph
IQRA f Urdu, Punjabi
Derived from Arabic اقرأ (iqraʾ) meaning "read, recite".
IRAJ m Indian
MEANING- { "son of wind-god", a Name of lord Hanuman}. Here ईर means air, wind-god + ज means born... [more]
IRAVATI f Sanskrit, Indian (Rare), Marathi (Rare)
Derived from Sanskrit इरावती (irāvatī) meaning "granting drink or refreshment". This is also the name of a figure in Hinduism and Buddhism and the name of a river in Myanmar (Irrawaddy).
IRESHI f Indian
MEANING : wife of king (queen)... [more]
IRFANA f Arabic, Bosnian, Indian (Muslim)
A feminine form of Irfan.
IRITA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Nepali, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali
Name- Irita (Eerita ) ईरिता... [more]
IRSHAD m Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Arabic إِرْشَاد (ʾiršād) meaning "guidance", through Persian ارشاد (eršâd).
ISHAN m Indian, Hindi, Sinhalese, Marathi, Bengali
Derived from Sanskrit ईश् (īś) meaning "master, lord". This is an epithet of the Hindu god Shiva (1).
ISHANA f Indian
Feminine form of Ishan.
ISHANK m Hindi
god or piece of god
ISHAQ m Arabic, Urdu
Arabic form of Isaac.
ISHASHA f Indian (Anglicized, Modern)
■Name - Ishasha ( Eeshasha) ईषाशा... [more]
ISHASHIS m Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu
Name - Ishashis ईशाशिस्... [more]
ISHAY m Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Tamil, Indian, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Nepali, Assamese
Means "refresh, strengthen, animate" in Sanskrit.
ISHESH m Indian (Rare)
From Sanskrit ईश (īśa) meaning "husband, lord" combined with itself.
ISHMAIL m Indian
Indian form of Ishmael.
ISHT m Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, American, Assamese, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Nepali, Indian ( Sikh ), Sinhalese, Gujarati
MEANING - wished, desired, loved, worshipped, respected, sacrificing, lover, husband
ISHTA f Sanskrit, Tamil, Hinduism, Telugu, Hindi, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Nepali, Sinhalese
MEANING - desired, loved, worshipped, respected, sacrificed
From Persian اشتیاق (eshtiâq) meaning "longing, desire".
ISHWARI f & m Indian, Marathi, Nepali
Variant of Ishvari.
ITI f Indian
end. in hindi it means anth
ITTAPAT m Indian, Tamil
Hindu, Sanskrit Origins form india
ITTY m Malayalam
Malayalam form of Isaac, some are of the opinion that it may have also been derived from Stephan
IYAKUB m Bengali
Bengali form of Jacob or James.
IYAT f Sanskrit, Indian
MEANING : so large, so much, only so large
IYATTA f Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi
MEANING : the state of being, of such extent, quantity, fixed measure or quantity, so much
IYEL m Sanskrit, Indian
MEANING : to come, to cast, to become quiet ... [more]
IYUSHI f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian
MEANING : one who has obtained, gone
JAAJYI f Indian
Means "queen" in Sanskrit.
JAAMI f Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali
MEANING : a virtuous or respectable woman, Sister, daughter -in-law. ( It is name of an apsara)
JAANU m Indian
Means "the light of the world" in Telugu.
its a name of lord shiva
JAGATH m Indian
Means "world".
JAGJEET m Indian (Sikh)
Variant transcription of Jagjit.
JAGMEET m Indian (Sikh), Punjabi
From Sanskrit जगत् (jagat) meaning "world, universe" combined with मित्र (mitrá) meaning "friend, companion, associate".
JAHANARA f Persian, Indian (Muslim), Bengali (Muslim)
Means "one who adorns the world", from Persian جهان (jahân) meaning "world, universe" combined with آرا (ârâ) meaning "arranging, decorating". This was borne by Jahanara Begum Sahib (1614-1681), a Mughal princess and the First Lady of the Mughal Empire.
this means...ganga...the river ganges...its a synonym for ganga
Jahmead comes from the Hindi words ja, which means going, and meed, which means hope. It is an uncommon name, mostly used in the middle east, especially India. The first instance of this name dates back to the early 19th century.
JAIDEEP m & f Indian (Sikh)
Derived from Sanskrit जय (jayá) meaning "victory, triumph" and दीप (dīpa) meaning "lamp, light".
JAINA f Literature, English, Indian
The name of the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars expanded universe.
JAISAL m Indian
Possibly has origins from Hindi or Sanskrit.
JAJYI f Indian
☺ Name - Jajyi जज्ञि... [more]
JALAJA f Telugu
Means "water born" or "born in/of water" in Telugu.
JALEEL m Arabic, Indian (Muslim), Urdu, African American
Variant transcription of Jalil.
JAMALUDDIN m Indonesian, Malay, Urdu
Indonesian, Malay, and Urdu form of Jamal ad-Din.
JAMI f Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Sinhalese, Telugu, Assamese, Odia
MEANING : a virtuous or respectable woman, Sister, daughter -in-law. ( It is name of an Apsara)
JANAK m Indian
Father of Sita Devi, wife of Lord Ram of the Indian epic Ramayana. Means "Father" in the sense of a patron(?)
JANAKA m Indian
Sanskrit ... [more]
JANAKI f & m Indian
Meaning uncertain. This is an epithet of the Hindu heroine Sita, daughter of King Janaka.
JANAVI f Indian
the beauty of the water
JANNAT f Arabic, Indian
Jannat is the Islamic concept of Paradise from the root ج ن‎ (j-n-n), related to “covering” and “protecting”, sense of a paradise being borrowed from Classical Syriac ܓܰܢܬܳܐ‎ (gannəṯā) or more likely Middle Persian.
JANU f & m Indian
JANVI f Hindi
It means daughter.
JAPNEET f & m Indian (Sikh)
The spelling of JUP is used indian prayers.
JASBIR f & m Punjabi
a wonder life born in november. dont judge they sometimes always say.
JASH m Indian
Indian Name
JASLEEN f Punjabi, Indian (Sikh)
Allegedly means "absorbed in praise; absorbed in singing God's praises; engrossed in the fame of God".
JASMINDER f Indian (Sikh), Indian
It's Hindu name meaning "flower queen". In Punjabi meaning "Lord's glory". Other form is Jesminder.
JASPREET m & f Indian (Sikh)
Derived from Sanskrit यशस् (yashas) meaning "fame, praise, glory" combined with प्रीति (prīti) meaning “pleasure, joy, satisfaction”.
JASWANT m Indian (Sikh), Punjabi
From Sanskrit यशस् (yashas) "fame, praise, glory" and a second element with an unknown meaning.
JAT m Indian
Name - Jat जट... [more]
JATAYU m Sanskrit, Malayalam, Hinduism, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati
MEANING - Bdellium, having entangled hair, long-lived
Meaning unknown at this moment in time.
JATIK m Indian
Name - Jatik जटिक... [more]
JATIL m Indian
Name - Jatil जटिल... [more]
JATILA f Indian
Name - Jatila जटिला... [more]
JATILI f Indian
Name - Jatili (Jatily) जटिली ... [more]
JATIN m Indian
MEANING - "one having twisted lock of hair", ascetic ,Lord Shiva, white-fruited wavy leaf fig tree Ficus Infectoria - Bot. , elephant of 6o years old, pratuda bird
JAWAD m Arabic, Urdu, Persian
Either from Arabic جَوَاد (jawād) meaning "generous" or جَوَاد (jawād) meaning "steed, horse".
JAYAN f & m Literature (Rare), Indian
From Malayalam, which means Winner... [more]
JAYASHREE f Indian, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi
Variant transcription of Jayashri.
JAYASRI f Indian, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali
Variant transcription of Jayashri.
JEEVAN f & m Punjabi
"Life" or "bringer of life"
JEEYAR m Indian
only one aryan family who are priests and nature lovers who are still living in india.... [more]
Tamil form of Jagdishwar.
JERIN m Indian (Christian)
Variation of Biblical Hebrew name Jeremiah
It's origin of Indian. A famous bearer is fictional character Jesminder Bhamra.
JHALA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil
MEANING : sun-heat, girl, cricket (insect)... [more]
JHALARI f Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati
MEANING : a sort of drum, curl... [more]
JHALI f Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Nepali, Indian
MEANING :Areca-nut
JHALL m Sanskrit, Indian, Nepali, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : a prize-fighter, a cudgel player... [more]
JHALLAK m Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : cymbals... [more]
JHALLIKA f Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Hinduism, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu, Nepali
MEANING : light, sunshine, cloth used for applying colour or perfumes... [more]
JHANSI f Indian
Means "life like". It is the name of a historic city in India.
JHELUM m Pakistani, Indus, Urdu
The word Jhelum is reportedly derived from the words Jal(pure water) and Ham (snow). The name thus refers to the waters of a river (flowing besides the city) which have their origins in the snow-capped Himalayas.
JIA f Hindi, Urdu
Means "Heart, Spirit, Soul".
JIGNESH m Gujarati
Possibly means "intellectual curiosity" or "curious man" in Gujarati.
JIHAAN m Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Nepali, Tamil
MEANING - flying ( like an arrow ), bounding forward (like a horse )... [more]
JIHAN m Sanskrit, Indian
Name - Jihan जिहान ... [more]
JIHANA f Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, Hinduism, Malayalam, Indian, Tamil
MEANING - flying ( like an arrow ), bounding forward (like a horse ). It is feminine of Sanskrit word/ name Jihan, Jihaan... [more]
JIJYASA f Indian
Name - Jijyasa जिज्ञासा ... [more]
JIJYASU m Indian
Name - Jijyasu जिज्ञासु ... [more]
JINI f Indian
MEANING - Victorious lady, truimphant woman... [more]
JIVA m & f Indian
Means "life", "soul", "alive". Derived from Sanskrit.
JIYA f Indian
Hindi word "jiya" means Living or lived.
JIYAN m & f Hindi, Kurdish, Iranian, Uzbek
From Kurdish jiyan meaning "life".
JONITA f Indian
An Indian name. A famous bearer is Jonita Gandhi, who is an Indo-Canadian singer. Her songs received appreciations in 2011, and were attracted to music composers of Bollywood.
JORVISH m Indian
pleasure to live
JOSE m Indian (Christian)
Abbreviation for Joseph among south indian christians
JOSH m Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali
MEANING - pleasure, satisfaction, enthusiasm
JOSHANA f Indian (Rare)
Derived from Sanskrit जोषण (jośana) meaning "approval, satisfaction, liking".
JOSHNA f Indian
Alternate latinisation of Joshana
JOY m Bengali
Bengali transcription of Jaya.
JOYDEEP m Indian, Bengali
Derived from Sanskrit जय (jayá) meaning "conquest, victory, triumph" combined with दीप (dīpa) meaning "light, lamp".
JOYSHREE f Indian, Bengali, Assamese
Bengali and Assamese transcription of Jayashri.
JUHI f Indian
Means "jasmine" in Sanskrit.
JUHY f Hindi (Rare)
Variant transcription of Juhi.
JUMI f & m Bengali
Translates to Jasmine
JUVAN m Indian (Christian)
Derived from Juan, which has its origin in John, which means "God is gracious". The name can also mean "Junior to Evan".
JYĀKOB m Bengali
Bengali form of James.
JYAN m Indian
Name - Jyan / Jyaan ज्ञान ... [more]
JYANAD m Indian
Name - Jyanad ज्ञानद... [more]
JYANADA f Indian
Means "giving knowledge" in Hindi.
Name - Jyanavat ज्ञानवत्... [more]
Name - Jyandatt / Jyanadatt ज्ञानदत्त... [more]
JYANESH m Indian
Name - Jyanesh ज्ञानेश... [more]
JYANI m Indian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Sinhalese, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese
MEANING - knowing, wise, intellectual, learned... [more]
JYOTA f Indian (Sikh)
Light of god it guides you through the dangers and confusions of life
KABIR m Arabic, Indian
Means "great, powerful, leader" in Arabic.
KADARU m Indian, Telugu
This is an Indian and Telugu masculine name. Kadaru Nagabhushanam or K. B. Nagabhushanam (1902 – 18 October 1976) was a Telugu and Tamil film director and producer in the 1940s to 1960s. He was also the husband of Pasupuleti Kannamba.
KAINAAT f Arabic, Urdu
Means "universe" in Arabic and Urdu.
KAISHAV m Indian
Variant of Keshav.
KAJ m Sanskrit, Hinduism, Indian, Hindi
Meaning - "born from water "; "aquatic "; "lotus"... [more]
KAJA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi
Meaning - "born from water "; "aquatic "; "lotus"... [more]
KAJOL f Hindi, Sanskrit
Variant of Kajal. Indian film actress Kajol Mukherjee, known mononymously as Kajol, is a famous bearer.
KALAIVANI f Indian, Tamil
Another name of the Hindu goddess Saraswati.
KALINDA f English (Modern), Indian
An Indian name which allegedly means "sun".
KALINDI f Indian, Hinduism
Sanskrit name meaning "sun".... [more]
Feminine Indian name meaning "one who destroys or puts an end to any quarrels".
KALLY f & m English (Rare), Indian
Variant of Kali or Callie.
KALOTY m Indian (Sikh)
DAILY AJIT... [more]
KAMAAL m Indian
Variant spelling of Kamal.
KAMALJEET m & f Indian (Sikh)
Variant transcription of Kamaljit.
KAMALJIT m & f Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit कमल (kamala) meaning "lotus" or "pale-red, rose-coloured" combined with जिति (jiti) "victory, conquering".
KAMRAN m Persian, Urdu, Punjabi, Azerbaijani
Means "successful, prosperous, fortunate" in Persian.
KANADA m Indian
A notable bearer is a Hindu philosopher that founded the Vaisheshika school of thought around the 6th C. BCE. He is known for a theory of atomism.
KANAKA f Indian
From Sanskrit kanaka meaning "gold".
KANAN f & m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian
Means "forest, grove" in Sanskrit.