Iranian Submitted Names

Iranian names are used in the country of Iran in southwestern Asia. See also about Iranian names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ANOUSHEH f & m Persian, Iranian
Means "eternal life, immortality, goodness and happiness". Famous bearer is Anousheh Ansari, the first Iranian in space.
ELNAZ f Persian, Iranian
Elnaz is a Turkish-Persian name for girls that means “love of the people” and “beloved of the people”. It is made up of the Turkish word El (“people”, “tribe”) and the Persian naz (“love”, “beauty”, etc.).
FARKHONDEH f Persian, Iranian
From Persian فرخنده (farxonde) meaning "lucky, fortunate, blessed".
JIYAN m & f Hindi, Kurdish, Iranian, Uzbek
From Kurdish jiyan meaning "life".
JORJIK m Armenian (Expatriate, ?), Iranian (?)
Possibly a form of George, borne by Iranians of Armenian ethnicity.
LIANA f Iranian
It has Persian-Iranian origin and it means : Glowing lady
MAHNOUSH f Iranian (Rare)
Derived from Persian Mah "moon" combined with Persian noush, which has several possible meanings. One of them is "sweet, lovely", while an other is "to drink, to seek." Yet another possible meaning is "destiny."
MALAHAT f Azerbaijani (Rare), Iranian (Rare)
Azeri feminine name meaning "charm, beauty, grace", from the word məlahət.
MEDISA f Bosnian (Rare), Iranian (Rare)
Probably derived from Media, a historical region in northwestern Iran, originally inhabited by the Medes.
PARESH m & f Iranian
Transferred use of the surname Paresh.
SABRE m African, Muslim, Northern African, Iranian, Arabic (Egyptian)
African, Islamic name for boys meaning patient, sharp and enduring.
TURANDOKHT f Iranian (Rare), Literature
Means "daughter of Turan", composed of Persian توران (Tūrān), a region of Central Asia that was part of the Persian Empire, allegedly meaning "land of Tur" (said to have been named for the legendary Persian prince Tur, a son of King Fereydoun who reigned around 750 BC), and دخت (dokht) "daughter".... [more]
VASHAN m Iranian
Means "Mighty King", Vashan is an uncommon but rare name. "sincere, loyal" and "dependable"; however, "quite unpredictable" and "overly possessive."
ZOEM f Iranian
Transferred use of the surname Zoem.