Medieval Scottish Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Scottish peoples.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABIGALL f Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scottish form of Abigail.
AITHBHREAC f Scottish Gaelic, Medieval Scottish
Aithbhreac was the given name of the author of the earliest extant poetry in Scottish Gaelic by a poetess. Aithbhreac Inghean Coirceadal (1430-80) wrote a famous poem to eulogise her late husband.
ALESONNE f Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots variant of Alison.
ALLISSAID f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Scots phonetic variant of Gaelic Ealasaid found in the early 16th century.
ANGNES f Medieval German, Medieval Scottish, Scots (Archaic)
Medieval southern German variant of Agnes reflecting the southern German pronunciation. It is also a Scots variant of Agnes which was recorded in the late Middle Ages.
BEIGIS f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Diminutive of Margaret (compare English Peggy).
BURUNILD f Medieval Scottish
A medieval Scottish form of Brunhild.
DERVORGILLA f Medieval Scottish
Latinization of the Gaelic name Derbforgaill. A notable bearer of this name is Dervorguilla of Galloway, mother of John I of Scotland.
ELSPAITH f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots variant of Elspeth.
FORBFLAITH f Medieval Irish, Medieval Scottish
Gaelic name which meant "overlordship" and "overlord, ruler, sovereign", derived from Old Irish fír "true" and flaith "ruler; sovereignty" (compare Gormlaith, Órfhlaith, Talulla)... [more]
GELIS f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots name of uncertain origin and meaning. Theories include a Scots form of Gelgéis and a Scots form of Gilia.
GOSPATRIC m Medieval Scottish
Means "servant of Saint Patrick", derived from a Cumbric element meaning "servant" (cognate with Old Breton uuas, guas "servant" and Middle Welsh gwas "servant, vassal") combined with the name of the saint Patrick... [more]
GRUOCH f Medieval Scottish, History
Meaning unknown. This was the name of the wife of King Macbeth of Scotland. She was immortalized as Lady Macbeth in the Shakespeare play Macbeth, though the facts about her are few.
HENDRIE m Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots cognate of Henry.
HEXTILDA f Medieval Scottish (Latinized)
Latinized form of an Old English name, the deuterotheme of which is hild "battle, war" (cf. Hilda, Hildr). The prototheme is disputed, but may be Old English hīehst, hēhst "highest, greatest, most illustrious".... [more]
ISBELL f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish, American (Rare)
Variant of Isbel, which in the case of the Scots name is an approach at a phonetic spelling of Gaelic Iseabail.
JENNET f English (Archaic), Medieval English, Medieval Scottish, Scottish (Archaic)
Variant of Janet found in medieval documents from England, Scotland and Ireland.
JOHNNE m Medieval Scottish
Medieval variant of John.
JONET f Scottish (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Obsolete Scottish variant of Janet.
KATREINE f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Scots phonetic variant of Gaelic Caitrina.
MADE f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots form of Maude.
MALISE m Medieval Scottish (Anglicized), Medieval Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Máel Ísu or Maol Íosa meaning "disciple of Jesus".
MARGRET f Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Faroese, English, German, Dutch, Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish, Alsatian
Variant of Margaret, Margreta, Margareta as well as a modern Icelandic and Faroese form of Margrét as well as a German and Alsatian contracted form of Margarete.
MERRAID f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Scots phonetic variant of Gaelic Mairead.
RINALDE f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Scots form of Raghnaid via the variant Raonaild.
SUANACH m & f Medieval Irish, Medieval Scottish
Perhaps derived from Old Irish súanach "sleepy, drowsy, slothful, comfortable, at ease", itself from súan "sleep".... [more]