Polynesian Submitted Names

These names are used on the various Polynesian islands of the Pacific.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Hawaiian form of Aaron.
Means "hurricane" in Polynesian.
Means "hot" in Polynesian.
The god Eitumatupua climbed down from the sky on a great tree, and took a worm descendant, Ilaheva, as his wife. Returning to the sky, the god left the woman and her child, Ahoeitu, on the Earth.
Means "storm" in Polynesian.
Means "thunder" in Polynesian.
Means "sky alter" in Hawaiian, from the elements ahu, meaning "alter" and lani, meaning "sky, heaven".
Derived from Tahitian ahu meaning "clothes, tapa cloth" and mere meaning "parental grief, grief of a parent".
Tahitian feminine name derived from ahu meaning "clothes, tapa cloth" and tiare meaning "flower".
AHUURAf & mTahitian
Means "red dress" from the Tahitian phrase ʻahu ʻura ariʻi o te toʻo ao te rā meaning "royal red robe of the sunset".
Means "loving" in Hawaiian.... [more]
Means "chief" in Hawaiian.
AIMATAm & fTahitian
Combination of Tahitian ai "in possession of" and mata, derived from the word Matamua meaning "eldest sibling". This name was traditionally given to the firstborn child of a family.
AINALANIfHawaiian (?)
Means "heavenly land" in Hawaiian, from the elements aina "land", and lani "sky, heaven".
AINANANIfHawaiian (?)
Means "beautiful land" in Hawaiian, from the elements aina, meaning "land" and nani, meaning "beauty".
Means "he laughs" in Polynesian.
AISImTongan, English (Australian)
Means "ice" in Tongan.
'AKA'AKAm & fHawaiian
Means "laugh" or "to laugh" in Hawaiian.
AKAITIf & mCook Islands Maori
Derived from causative prefix aka- and iti meaning "little, small."
AKEAKAMAImHawaiian (Rare)
Meaning "yearning for wisdom," "philosophy," or "lover (ake) of wisdom (akamai)".
AKELAf & mHawaiian
Hawaiian form of Adele or Asher.
Means "leader" in Hawaiian.
ALAMEAfHawaiian (Rare)
From Hawaiian ʻalamea meaning "precious".
Meaning 'orange tree' or 'orange fruit.'
Means "orange", referring both to the fruit, the tree, and the color.
Diminutive of Alapaʻinuiakauaua, a king of Hawaiʻi island in ancient Hawaii.
King of Hawai'i island in ancient Hawai'i.
ALAULAfHawaiian (Rare), English (Modern, Rare)
Means "light of the early dawn" or "sunset glow" in Hawaiian, literally "flaming road" from Hawaiian ala "path, road" and ula "flame".
ALEALANIf & mHawaiian (Rare)
Means "the sweet voice of the heavens", from the Hawaiian 'ale'a, meaning "sweet voiced" and lani, meaning "heaven, sky, royal, majesty".
ALEKONAfHawaiian (?), American (Modern, Rare)
Hypothetical Hawaiian form of Alison.
ALI'If & mHawaiian
Means "chief, royal" in Hawaiian.
ALIʻIKOAmHawaiian (Rare)
This name means "brave king" or "warrior king" from aliʻi which means "chief, officer, ruler, monarch, peer, headman, aristocrat, king, commander" and koa meaning "soldier, warrior, fighter."
Said to mean both "distant chief" and "high chief" in Hawaiian.
Hawaiian form of Alex.
ALOHAf & mHawaiian (Rare), American
Short form of Kealoha and other Hawaiian names containing aloha meaning "love" or otherwise derived directly from the word.
ʻALOHIf & mHawaiian
Means "shine, shining" in Hawaiian. Is a diminutive of Alohilani, Alohilohi, and Ke'alohi.
ʻALOHILANIfHawaiian (Rare)
Means "heavenly brightness" from Hawaiian alohi "shine" and lani "heaven, sky". In Hawaiian myth this was the name of a heavenly land.
Hawaiian form of Aurora.
Maori form of Amelia.
AMOEfHawaiian, Chinese (Cantonese)
Hawaiian form of the Cantonese Amoy (Ah Mooi), meaning "younger sister.'
Hawaiian form of Andrea or Andria.
ANALEʻAfHawaiian, History
Meaning uncertain. It was borne by Hawaiian chiefess Analeʻa Keohokālole (1816-1869), the mother of Queen Liliʻuokalani.
Name from the Hawaiian word ʻānela meaning “angel”. Can also be interpreted as an equivalent of the English given name Angela.
Means "to fall" in Maori.
Means "masculine, manly".
ĀNUENUEf & mHawaiian
Means "rainbow" in Hawaiian.
Means "cool, soft fragrance" from Hawaiian anu "coolness" and hea "mist".
AOLANIfHawaiian (Rare)
Derived from Hawaiian ao "cloud" and lani "sky, heaven".
Hawaiian form of Abigail.
Maori form of Abigail.
ARAITIm & fCook Islands Maori
Derived from aka meaning "sin, fault" and iti meaning "little, small."
Maori form of Adam.
Means "peaceful king" or "king of peace" from Tahitian ariʻi meaning "noble, aristocrat, king" combined with hau "concord, peace".
Means "respected king" in Tahitian; a combination of ari'i meaning "king" and taia meaning "respect, fear".
Means "white king"; a combination of Tahitian ari'i "white" and téa "white, light, pale".
Means "face king"; a combination of aro "face, forehead, sight" and ari'i "king".
Atea is a deity in several Polynesian cultures.
Maori form of Anthony.
Maori form of Anthony.
ʻAUKAImHawaiian (Rare)
Means "seafarer" in Hawaiian, derived from the elements ʻau "travel" and kai "sea".
Means "messenger of a chief" in Hawaiian.
Means "dainty, neat" in Hawaiian.
BALf & mIndian, Polynesian
Short form of names with "Bal" as prefix.
from the polynesian island historical mythology. Burat is the almighty phallic symbolic god of fertility
Means "top of a sail" in Palauan.
Means "thunder" in Palauan.
'EHUKAImHawaiian (Rare)
Means "seaspray" in Hawaiian.
Hawaiian form of Eleanor.
Allegedly the Maori form of Emily.
Hawaiian form of Enoch or Enos.
Maori form of Ethan.
Maori form of Ezra.
Means "Rūrutu" (an island in the Austral archipelago) in Tahitian, derived from Eteroa, the former name of the island.
Tahitian form of Ezechiel (see Ezekiel).
Means "heavenly Eve", from Ewa, the Hawaiian form of Eve, combined with Hawaiian lani "heaven, sky".
Means "screwpine" (also called pandanus; a type of plant and fruit) in Tahitian.
FETIAfPolynesian, Tahitian
Means "star" in Tahitian.
Tongan meaning "love love", to indicate "greatly loved". A famous namesake is Tongan-born international rugby league footballer Fuifui Moimoi.
HA'AHEOf & mHawaiian
Means "cherished with pride" in Hawaiian.
Maori form of Simon.
Maori form of Zechariah.
Maori form of Jacob.
Means "breath of heaven" in Hawaiian.
Means "house of the sun" in Hawaiian. Its usage was likely inspired by the crater of the same name in Maui.
Hawaiian form of Holly.
Means "fond remembrance" in Hawaiian.
Means "peering; place from which to peer, place to peer at, lookout" in Hawaiian.
Maori form of Samuel.
Maori form of Samuel.
HANAfHawaiian (Rare)
Means "work" in Hawaiian.
HANALEIf & mHawaiian
Means "crescent bay" from Hawaiian hana "bay" and lei. It is sometimes used as the Hawaiian form of Henry.
Means "glorious" in Hawaiian.
Maori form of Charlotte.
Maori form of Harriet.
HAUMANAVAm & fTahitian
Combination of Tahitian hau meaning "peace" and manava meaning "welcome".
HAUNUImMaori, Polynesian, Tahitian
Combination of Tahitian hau meaning "peace, reign" and nui meaning "great".
HAU'OLIm & fHawaiian
Means "happiness" in Hawaiian.
Derived from Proto-Polynesian Sawaiki meaning "Ra'iātea", referring to the island of which the Polynesian peoples originated from. Today, Ra'iātea is the second largest island in French Polynesia.
Possibly taken from hāwea, the name of a mythical drum brought from Tahiti.
is a nickname from samoa
The usage of the name is likely inspired by Queen Emma Healani of Hawaii.
Means "to lie in a cloudless sky"; from Tahitian heepuenui.
HEIARIIm & fTahitian
Means "crown king, royal crown" in Tahitian; derived from ari'i meaning "king".
HEIATAm & fTahitian
Means "cloud crown" in Tahitian; a combination of ata "cloud" and hei "crown".
Combination of Tahitian hei meaning "crown" and Hawaiian lani meaning "sky, heaven, royal, majesty".
HEIMANAf & mTahitian
From Polynesian meaning "powerful crown moving the sky".
HEIMANUf & mTahitian
Means "bird crown" or "crown of the bird"; a combination of hei "crown" and manu "bird".
Means "crown of the ocean"; a combination of hei "crown" and moana "ocean".
Tahitian form of Henri (see Henry).
Means either "crown of feathers" or "crown of fire" depending on the pronunciation.
HEKILIm & fHawaiian
Means "thunder" in Hawaiian. Apparently in the past, Herman was sometimes used as its Anglicized form.
Maori form of Henry.
Maori form of Jane.
HEREHAUm & fTahitian
Means "love of peace" in Tahitian; a combination of here "love" and hau "peace".
Maori form of Jeremiah.
Means "power of love" in Tahitian.
Means "bird of love"; a combination of here "love" and manu "bird".
Maori form of Selwyn.
HIAPOm & fHawaiian
Means "first born" in Hawaiian.
HIʻIAKAfHawaiian, Polynesian Mythology
Derived from Hawaiian hiʻi meaning "hold, carry" and aka "essence, embryo". This was the name of a Hawaiian goddess, the favorite sister of Pele.
HIʻILANIf & mHawaiian
Means "held in the arms of heaven" from Hawaiian hiʻi "carry in the arms" and lani "heaven, sky".
HIʻILEIfHawaiian (Modern, Rare)
Means "child carried in the arms" from Hawaiian hiʻi "carry in the arms" and lei "wreath" (by extension "child", carried on the shoulders like a lei).
HILINA'Im & fHawaiian
Means "trust" in Hawaiian.
Maori form of Simeon.
HINAf & mHawaiian (Rare), Tahitian
Meaning "grey, prostrate."
HĪNANOm & fHawaiian (Rare), Tahitian
This name means either "(male) pandanus flower" or "(male) pandanus blossom."
Means "great white granddaughter admired by goddesses" in Tahitian.
HIROmPolynesian Mythology, Tahitian
Meaning unknown. Hiro was a demigod in Polynesian mythology.
Maori form of Sylvester.
HIWAHIWAfHawaiian (Modern, Rare)
Means "precious" in Hawaiian.
Maori form of Joan and Joanna.
Maori form of John.
HOKUf & mHawaiian
Possibly derived from Hawaiian hoku "night of the full moon".
HOKULE'Af & mHawaiian, Astronomy
Hōkūleʻa is Hawaiian for “Star of Gladness” or “Clear Star”. The western name of this star is Arcturus. Hōkūleʻa is the brightest in the northern hemisphere and it is Hawaii’s zenith star... [more]
HŌKŪOKALANIf & mHawaiian
Means "star of the heavens" in Hawaiian.
Maori form of John.
HŌNOREm & fMaori
New Zealand Maori.... [more]
Meaning "proud."
HO'ONANIm & fHawaiian
Meaning "adornment."
Means "ascent" in Hawaiian.
Maori form of George.
HUALANIf & mHawaiian
Meaning "heavenly fruit."
Meaning "mischievious."
HUKUPAPAf & mMaori (Rare)
Means "frost" in Maori.
HURIATAf & mMaori
Maori name meaning "Turn Morning" "Dawn" Or "Daylight". Huri means to 'turn' or 'change' and Ata means 'Morining'.
Maori form of Isaiah.
Maori form of Isaac.
Maori form of Isabel and Isabella.
ILIHIAfHawaiian (Rare)
From the word referring to reverence, meaning "stricken with awe."
ILIMAm & fHawaiian
Flower of O'ahu... [more]
INAm & fPolynesian, Chamorro
Derived from Chamarro ina "to illuminate, to light up."
Hawaiian form of Ingrid.
ININAfPolynesian, Chamorro
Means "glimmer, a faint intermittent light", from the word ininä; ina.
Hawaiian form of Joseph.
Means "exalted hawk" in Hawaiian.
Samoan form of Joseph.
Maori form of Elizabeth.
ISAfPolynesian, Chamorro
A female Chamorro name, either derived from the noun isa meaning "rainbow", or possibly derived from the verb meaning "to flatter" or the transitive verb meaning "to rise, to haul up".
Hawaiian form of Justin.
This name means "heavenly frigate bird" or "heavenly man-of-war bird" from 'iwa meaning "frigate bird, man-of-war bird" and lani meaning "sky, heaven, heavenly, spiritual."
KAʻANĀʻANĀf & mHawaiian (Archaic)
Hawaiian feminine name derived from ka meaning "the" and ʻanāʻanā meaning "black magic". This name is rarely used in modern times.
KAʻAUKAIm & fHawaiian
Hawaiian unisex name meaning "the seafarer".
KAʻEHUm & fHawaiian
Hawaiian name with the combination of ka "the" and ʻehu "sea spray; reddish hair".
KAʻENAf & mHawaiian
Combination of ka "the" and ʻena "heat". Also a short form of compound names beginning thus.
From the word meaning "full of knowledge" or "zealous."
KAHALAOMĀPUANAfPolynesian Mythology, Hawaiian (Rare)
A minor goddess, the fifth Maile sister. Combintion of ka "the", hala "pandanus", o "of" and māpuana "wafted fragrance".
Meaning "Home."
The house decorated with Lehua blossoms.
KAHANANUIm & fHawaiian
Meaning "the great work, the hard job". From Hawaiian ka "the", hana "work" and nui "big".
This name means "heavenly name" or "greet the sky" from kāhea meaning "to call, cry out, invoke, greet, name" and lani meaning "sky, heaven, heavenly, spiritual, royal, exalted, noble, aristocratic."
KAHEKILIm & fHawaiian (Rare)
Means "the thunder" in Hawaiian, from ka "the" (a definite article) and hekili "thunder". It's also used for females, though it's unclear if the etymology for Kahekili, as a feminine name, is different to the meaning given here or not.... [more]
KAHELEf & mHawaiian
This name means "the walk" or "the moving" from ka, which is a definite article, and hele meaning "to go, come, walk, going, moving."
KAHELEHAmHawaiian, Polynesian Mythology
A legendary chief from native Hawaiian mythology.
KAHIAUm & fHawaiian (Rare)
From a rarely used word that refers to an action of giving generously with a heart and not expecting something in return.
KAHILIf & mHawaiian, Popular Culture
From the name of Hawaiian feathered regalia used to symbolize the ali'i (nobility). It also coincides with the Hawaiian name of several plants, such as the crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica), the kahili ginger (Hedychium gardnerarium), and the red silky oak (Grevillea banksii)... [more]
KAHĪNANOm & fHawaiian (Rare)
This name means "the (male) pandanus flower" from ka, which is a definite article, and hīnano meaning "male pandanus blossom."
KAHŌKŪf & mHawaiian (Rare)
This name means "the star" from ka, which is a definite article, and hōkū meaning "star."
Meaning "heavenly star."
KAHUEm & fHawaiian
This name means "the gourd" or "the water calabash" from ka, which is a definite article, and hue meaning "gourd, water calabash."
KAHULAf & mHawaiian
Hawaiian name with the combination of ka meaning "the" + hula meaning "dance".
KAIEAm & fHawaiian
This name means "rising sea" from kai meaning "sea, sea water" and ea meaning "to rise, go up, raise."
Name of character Kaikaina Grif, in Rooster Teeth Productions "Red vs Blue". She's the sister of main character Dexter Grif, and is called 'sister' throughout her appearances.
This name means "clear sea" from kai meaning "sea, sea water" and kea meaning "white, clear."
This name means "sea warrior" from kai meaning "sea, sea water" and koa meaning "soldier, warrior, fighter."
From the Hawaiian kai meaning "sea" and lani meaning "sky, heavens"
This name means "joyful sea" or "sea of joy" from kai meaning "sea, sea water" and leʻa meaning "joy, pleasure, happiness."
KAILIf & mHawaiian, Chinese
From the Polynesian/Hawaiian origin, Kaili is the name of a Hawaiian deity, Kukailimoku. In Chinese, the name means "beautiful" and "victorious".
This name means "the search for prosperity" or "the one who seeks to prosper" from ka, which is a definite article, ʻimi meaning "to look, hunt, search, seek" and pono meaning "goodness, morality, excellence, well-being, prosperity."
This name means "sea wave" from kai meaining "sea, sea water" and nalu meaning "wave, surf."
KAINANIfHawaiian (Rare)
This name means "beautiful sea," "glorious sea" or "sea of splendour" from kai which means "sea, sea water" and nani which means "beauty, glory, splendour."
KAINOAm & fHawaiian
This name can mean "sea of freedom," which would derive from kai meaning "sea, sea water" and noa meaning "freedom," or "the namesake," which would derive from ka, which is a definite article, and inoa meaning "name(sake)."
This name means "the sacred sky," "the sacred heaven," "the sacred, heavenly one" or "the royal, sacred one" from ka, which is a definite article, ʻiu which means "lofty, sacred, revered, consecrated" and lani which means "sky, heaven, heavenly, spiritual, royal, exalted, noble, aristocratic."... [more]
KAIWIm & fHawaiian
Hawaiian unisex name meaning "the bone", a symbol of life and old age.
Hawaiian form of Sadie.
KALAESAKEMIfHawaiian, Japanese
Hawaiian\Japanese... [more]
KALAʻIm & fHawaiian
This name means "the peace," "the stillness" or "the tranquillity" from ka, which is a definite article, and laʻi meaning "calm, stillness, peace, tranquillity."
Hawaiian form of Charlotte.
Hawaiian form of Claire.
KALAMAm & fHawaiian
This name means "the endemic ebony (diospyros)" or "the torch" from ka, which is a definite article, and lama meaning "torch, endemic ebony (diospyros)."... [more]
Hawaiian form of Carmen.
Means "The heavens; the sky". A form of Kalani.
In ancient Hawaii, used to describe heavenly abundance. Literal meaning: "the leaf of the heavens" from Hawaiian ka "the" lau "leaf" o "of" ka "the" and lani "heaven, sky, royal, majesty".
KALAWAIʻAm & fHawaiian
From Hawaiian ka "the" and lawaiʻa "fisherman".
KALEHUAf & mHawaiian
This name means "the ʻōhiʻa (flower)" from ka, which is a definite article, and lehua, which refers to the flower of the ʻōhiʻa tree but also the tree itself.
KALEIm & fHawaiian
Means "the garland" in Hawaiian, from the Hawaiian words ka "the" and lei "garland".
KALEIKAUMAKAm & fHawaiian (Modern, Rare)
Hawaiian name elements meaning ka “the”, lei “lei”, kau “place”, maka “eye” meaning "the beloved child to be looked upon with love and pride".
Means "the garland of the heavens" in Hawaiian.
KALEOIKAIKAm & fHawaiian
Means "the mighty voice" in Hawaiian.
Means "the mighty voice of heaven" in Hawaiian
KALEOLANIm & fHawaiian
Means "the heavenly voice" from Hawaiian ka "the" and leo "sound, voice" (see Kaleo) combined with lani "heaven, sky".
Means "the flower wreath, the beloved" in Hawaiian.
KALIKOf & mHawaiian (Rare)
This name means "the leaf bud" or "the newly opened leaf" from ka, which is a definite article, and liko meaning "leaf bud, newly opened leaf."
A Hawaiian feminine name derived from the name of a species of native violet.
Hawaiian form of Chloe.
KALOLAINAfHawaiian, Fijian
Transcription of Caroline.
From the word meaning "strength, energy, firmness of resolution, fixedness of purpose."
From the word meaning "wonderful, astonishing, marvelous."
KAMAILEf & mHawaiian
This name means "the maile" from ka, which is a definite article, and maile, a type of vine native to Hawaii that is used mainly to make leis.
KAMAKAf & mHawaiian
Derived from Hawaiian ka "the" and maka meaning "eye", "bud" or "beloved one, child", also a short form of compound given names beginning thus. This name was popular in Hawaii from 1900-1939.
This name means "the gift" or "the reward" from ka, which is a definite article, and makana meaning "gift, present, reward, award, donation, prize."
KAMAKANIm & fHawaiian
This name means "the wind" from ka, which is a definite article, and makani meaning "wind, breeze."
KAMALEIf & mHawaiian
This name means "lei child" or "lei person" from kama meaning "child, person" and lei meaning "lei, garland, wreath."
This name means "the one" from ka, which is a definite article, and mea, which refers to a thing, person, matter or object.
Popular name in Hawaii from 1940-1969.... [more]
Means "The quiet one". Kamehameha the great (Full name: Kalani Paiʻea Wohi o Kaleikini Kealiʻikui Kamehameha o ʻIolani i Kaiwikapu kauʻi Ka Liholiho Kūnuiākea) was the founder and first King of the Kingdom of Hawaii.
Hawaiian form of Samuel.
This name means "the conqueror" from ka, which is a definite article, and naʻi meaning "conqueror."
Means "Kana's flower" from Kana, a Maui demigod + lei, flower; or "beautiful flower" from Kanani, the beauty + lei, flower.
KANALOAmHawaiian, Polynesian Mythology
The god of the ocean in Hawaiian mythology.
Hawaiian form of Daniel.
Hawaiian form of Janice.
KANOAm & fHawaiian
This name means "the free one" from ka, which is a definite article, and noa meaning "freedom."
This name means "the heavenly mist" or "the spiritual mist" from ka, which is a definite article, noe meaning "mist, fog, vapour, rain spray" and lani meaning "sky, heaven, heavenly, spiritual, royal, exalted, noble, aristocratic."
Kaona is a Hawaiian word referring to the hidden meaning of a word or phrase
Of Marquesan origin.
Hawaiian form of Gabriel.
Maori form of Christian.
Means "red ochre" in Maori. Also a loan word from English, meaning "caramel".
Maori form of Caroline.
KAUANNEfGuarani, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Finnish
The name Kauanne is the feminine form of Kauan, which means "hawk", in tupi-guarani. There's an hypothesis that says the name "Kauanne" derives from the Finish name "Kauan", meaning "long".... [more]
KAʻUHANEf & mHawaiian
Derived from Hawaiian ka meaning "the" and 'uhane meaning "soul, spirit".
KAUHANEf & mHawaiian (Archaic)
Old orthography form of Kaʻuhane.
KAWAIm & fHawaiian
This name means "the water" from ka, which is a definite article, and wai meaning "water."
KAWAIOLAf & mHawaiian
Means "the water of life" from Hawaiian ka "the" combined with wai "(fresh) water" and ola "life" (compare Waiola).
KAWENAf & mHawaiian
This name means "the glow" or "the glowing one" from ka, which is a definite article, and wena meaning "glow."
Vernacular form of Dāvida, the form of David used in the Hawaiian Bible. This was the Hawaiian pronunciation of the name of King David Kalākaua (1836-1891), the last reigning king of Hawaiʻi.
Hawaiian form of Jack.
KE'ALAm & fHawaiian
Popular name in Hawaii in 1940-1969.... [more]
Hawaiian form of Caroline.