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[Opinions] How do you pronounce...?
Theodosia and Sophronia?I've been saying Theodosia as "the-uh-DOH-zha" with "zh" being the French "j" sound pretty much. But I've been wondering if maybe it isn't "theo-DOH-see-uh" or "theo-DOH-shuh." Or maybe something else?Sophronia = suh-FROHN-yuh /suh-FRONE-yuh to me, but I could see it being suh-FRON-yuh / suh-FRON-ee-uh, SOFE-RONE-ee-uh, etc.So what is the proper pronunciation?-----------------------------------------
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I say it the same way Hamilton musical does. Before that, I said it as theo-DOH-see-ah. I think that's mostly because I write a character named Feodosia (She's Russian so....) and Feodosia is pronounced fee-oh-DOH-syah.
I hate to be that guy (I'm lying), but if you're unfamiliar with the music of Hamilton, Leslie Odom Jr sings the name at the beginning of both of these songs: < -- This one is even called Dear Theodosia. < -- And he says it twice toward the beginning of this one.
I know a lady named Sophronia. She pronounces it suh-FRO-nee-ah.
If I didn't know her, I would probably have assumed it was suh-FRAHN-nee-ah and I still like that pronunciation better honestly.

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I say thee-o-DO-si-a and so-FRO-ni-a.
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Same as you.
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I would say Thee-oh-DOH-see-uh. I always thought that was correct, until everyone else seemed to be saying it Thee-oh-DO-zha, which I definitely don't like as much and didn't even consider being a pronunciation, so I took it off my maybe list. Sophronia I say Suh-FRONE-EE-uh, but I don't know if that's right.
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SameI'd pronounce both as you do. I think it's another UK/US thing - e.g. Americans tend to say Casha for Cassia, rather than CASS ee uh.
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They are both greek in origin, which makes me feel like the ee-ah would be pronounced and not smushed.
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I say Theodosia the way that you do.I say Sophronia suh-FRON-ee-uh.I can't say that I've ever heard anyone say either name, so I don't know what other pronunciations may be used or which is most common. This site doesn't give any pronunciations. It's never occurred to me that the way I say them may not be proper---but maybe it isn't.
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