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[Opinions] How to pronounce these names..
ZephyrineIolantheIantheCassie...girlfriend to Cameron and mum to Hayley Anne, Skye Louise, Nathan James and Blake Robert
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ie-AN-theeAt least, that's how I would pronounce them upon viewing them. Considering the last two names are Greek, they'd most likely be ie-oh and ie-an instead of yo, ee-an or ee-oh.After some research, Ianthe seems to be officially pronounced as ie-an-thee. ( is from iole, which is pronounced ih-o-lee. This makes it sound like a soft yo-lee.
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To add to the other postsIolanthe can also be eye-oh-LAN-thee and
Ianthe can be YAN-theeHard 'th' as Myosotis said below
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tseh-fee-REE-ne or tseh-fee-REENyo-LANN-teYANN-te
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Zelhyrine: ZEH-fur-een
Iolanthe: Yo-LAN-thee
Ianthe: Ee-ANN-theeTh like in thumb or three.
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