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[Facts] Alternate pronunciation/spelling of Annamaria?
Whenever I see the name "Annamaria" I automatically pronounce it in my head as Anna-MARH-ee-ah with the stress or emphasis on the "MAR,"much like "Stellmaria" from the His Dark Materials series (Stell-MARH-ee-a). I think I got this strange pronunciation from the movie, because I loved how it sounded, even though I was aware of the name Annamaria long before it came out). I was just wondering if there was an alternate spelling I could use to reflect this pronunciation over the standard Anna + Maria that most people would assume, as I don't want to confuse or overcomplicate the fantasy story I'm writing with explanations. Also, it seems like it might be a separate name, anyway? I'm not aware of any languages or cultures who would pronounce it this way. I've been trying to play around with alternate spellings, but I'd like to hear from others to see how they would expect such a name to be written out without being too trendy or pretentious.
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Perhaps Annamária or Anamária?Maria / Marya is pronounced with an emphasis on the first syllable in some languages (Russian, for example), so I wouldn't be surprised if in some languages "Anna Maria" (or its equivalent) would have the pronunciation you want.
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It's wrong about Russian pronunciation. Maria/ Mariya is pronounced with an emphasis on the second syllable. You can check it in the database. Marya is an archaic form of Maria, it has two syllables (MAHR-ya). They will not help you to get Anna-MARH-ee-ah.

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Thank you. I appreciate the clarification on the Russian pronunciation of Maria.
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Thanks for the suggestion! I wasn't familiar with this pronunciation of Maria in other languages, like Russian or Hungarian (my working knowledge is mainly only languages in the Romance family), but this definitely helps with what I was looking for! Especially knowing that having the accent on the first syllable actually exists as a version of this name without having to ruin it. Annamaria is such a beautiful name already, and I like that it has slightly different cultural variations to it.
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